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The Come Up Show Podcast catches up with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, as well as the most promising up-and-comers, for in-depth interviews.

The Come Up Show Podcast catches up with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, as well as the most promising up-and-comers, for in-depth interviews.
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Toronto, ON


The Come Up Show Podcast catches up with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, as well as the most promising up-and-comers, for in-depth interviews.




The Best of 2018- Part 2

Part 2 of the Best of 2018…..I hope you checked out Part 1, we’re getting a lot of love for it. Part 2, we’re discussing topics such as race, exploring fear and taking chances, going all in, putting your own money up and so much more Part 2 features Lou Phelps, Mahalia, Khadijah Lopez, Tim North, August Rigo, Shad, Odario Williams, K.Forest, Just John, G Milla, Michie Mee, Maestro Fresh Wes, Quake Matthews, Devontee, JD Era, Gavin Sheppard. Subscribe to The Come Up Show Podcast on your...


The Best of 2018- Part 1

I love the best of podcasts because it’s a great recap that gives you a look into the exciting conversations we’ve had. Some you may have missed, some you may want to hear again. When I look at the guests we’ve had in 2018, I realized it’s REALLY Canadian. Over 90% of our guests are from Toronto, and that’s because I want to capture this time in history. I want to get into the state of mind of our artists. The cool thing about that is while Toronto is our number 1 audience, we have more...


JD Era: Don’t be afraid to put up your own bread

After a four year hiatus, 2018 marks the year that JD Era announces his return to the music scene with his new label imprint (Up North Records) and his highly anticipated forthcoming new album "Back From The Dead." We talked about his origins, what he learned from the Raekwon & Ice H20 deal and why you shouldn’t be afraid to put up your own bread. Subscribe to The Come Up Show Podcast on your favourite platform: Show us love and leave us a review:...


Devontée on how he dealt with depression and mixing his album "Head Gone" at Kevin Durant's house

My special guest today, is artist, producer, songwriter Devontee. He’s born and raised in Toronto, who coined the term (WOE) which stands for Working on Excellence. He recently released his album “Head Gone” and in our conversation, we talk low points like losing relationships in the recording journey of this album to high points like getting the opportunity to mix and master his album at NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s house. Subscribe to The Come Up Show Podcast on your favourite platform:...


August Rigo: There are so many artists that are artists for the wrong reasons

I am honoured to present our guest, August Rigo. He is a songwriter, a recording artist, and a producer. He has written songs for Kehlani, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, One Direction, and Musiq Soulchild. This is the second time he is on The Come Up Show podcast if you’ve don’t have any background on August. I strongly recommend you listen to it as we talk about depression, struggles and his come up. In this interview we talk about managing his own record label SummerChild Records, the...


Gavin Sheppard on The Remix Project and classic Toronto music history!

Gavin Sheppard is the Founder of Public Records, a record label in partnership with Universal Music Canada. He also the co-Founder of Quiet As Kept, which is a management company and agency. One of the most important roles, he is Co-Founder of The Remix Project, which is an incubator and has played an important part in the careers of many of the artists and creatives in Toronto like Jessie Reyez, Wundagurl, Rich Kidd, HustleGRL, We talked about his history coming up in Toronto, and so much...


Shad on exploring fear in "A Short Story About A War"

My special guest today is the host of the award-winning documentary, Hip Hop Evolution, a Juno award winner, and my GUY! He goes by the name of Shad, and if you know the history between us, you know we go way back. I’m honored we are able to catch up to talk about his sixth studio album “A Short Story About a War.” It’s an album where he is exploring fear, conflict, and so much more. Without further ado Shad on The Come Up Show Podcast. Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a brand...


Odario on how extreme emotions contribute to great music

Odario Williams is a Guyanese-born entertainer, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He lives in Toronto and is the lead vocalist for the award-winning hip-hop collective Grand Analog. As an entertainer, Odario wears many hats, describing himself mainly as a storyteller. We talked about the grimiest moments of touring….why the best music comes from two extremes when you really happy or really depressed...and so much more! Come out to the concert on Friday, November 16, 2018 Grand Analog w/ HMLT...


Mahalia on the value of travel, being a mixed woman & more

My special guest is all the way from across the pond, in the UK. She goes by the name of Mahalia, she’s been creating music since she was 8 years old and was signed to a major record label at age thirteen. In our interview she talked about the value of travel, and being of mixed race, how she dealt with being one of the few black girls in a small town, then moving to a larger city and being considered "too white". Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a brand new interview with a...


Lou Phelps on new album, being KAYTRANADA's brother & more

Lou Phelps is an artist from Montreal, he started making music in 2011 with his brother KAYTRANADA, forming a future-rap group called The Celestics. He developed a reputation for danceable electro rap. In 2017, Lou released 001: Experiments, his debut project which racked up over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, and earned a nomination from JUNO Awards for Rap Recording of the Year. He’s got a new record out now! 002 / LOVE ME via Last Gang Records .We talked about the naysayers he’s faced...


Quake Matthews on quitting his job to pursue music and "Drinking Games"

My special guest today is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, my guy Quake Matthews, this is his fifth appearance on The Come Up Show since 2012 we’ve been supporting him through the radio show, written interviews….Last time I caught up with Quake, he quit his job working at a bank to pursue music full time and he’s been able to sustain it. We also talk about how he did a show sober without a drink, his brand new EP titled “Drinking Games” and so much more. Hosted by: Adulis "Chedo"...


Tim North on "Fuck Luck", rebranding and songwriting placements

My special guest on this weeks edition of The Come Up Show podcast is Tim North. Recently, while I was listening to Spotify, it automatically played this song called “Fuck Luck”. I pulled up my phone and saw the artist name, Tim North which I didn’t recognize. After reading the artist bio on Spotify, I found out he was from Toronto which further piqued my interest. I went down the rabbit hole and found his Instagram and realized who it was, Tim! We go way back and I knew him by his...


Our Mac Miller interview when he was only 18 years old

As you may know Mac Miller died on September 7th, 2018. It was and still is a shock to his fans and the hip-hop community at large. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news and thought someone was playing a joke on me. If you didn’t know The Come Up Show has interviewed Mac Miller three separate times now and i’m going to share with you our first ever interview with him when he was only 18 years old. This was when the Smokers Club Tour came into town in 2010 at the Opera House in...


Just John: Run at your own pace

My special guest goes by Just John, he’s an musician, raised in Scarborough and currently based in Toronto. He is also the founding member of the art collective, Blank Canvas. We talked about his upbringing that has influenced him to be the man he is today from being raised with discipline to becoming a dancer. We also talked about how self care is investing in yourself...why we need more black led art organizations. and what Toronto should be doing with all this attention we’re...


Hezi shares top 3 cereals, touring with Clairmont the Second, and ambitions

Hezi is a young artist from Toronto, Ontario. If you follow Clairmont the second, you most likely have seen Hezi in his music videos and Hezi is usually one of the few features on Clairmont’s album. I’ve also been paying attention Hezi own releases, shows and we talk about his experience at 2017 Juno’s in Vancouver, what his ambitions are and so much more. Acoustic Conversation series takes an in-depth look at the development of the hip hop scene in Toronto and combines live performance....


Maestro Fresh Wes: Toronto was a true underdog with an inferiority complex

He’s the godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop; he’s an artist, author, motivational speaker, and actor. I’m humbled to have Maestro Fresh Wes on The Come Up Show Podcast. In our conversation, we spoke about how Toronto had a hard time accepting success, how the city grew up in an era of being a true underdog and the inferiority complex we had to New York and so much more. Maestro is going to be speaking more about his journey in detail Sunday, September 9th at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection...


K. Forest on overthinking, working with Travis Scott, and taking risks

This week we talked to rising Toronto R&B artist K. Forest. He's been releasing tracks since 2015, and a year later he was the top Toronto artist on the scene. His song Guidance, with nearly a million plays on Soundcloud, inspired Travis Scott to do his own cover and put it on his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Forest has an upcoming Canadian tour lined up this fall, make sure you get your tickets! In this interview, we talked about how Travis Scott heard of him, why he continues to...


G Milla- I make music because it’s a release

G Milla is an artist from Toronto we’ve been supporting for a while on The Come Up Show. We talked about his project with Teddy Fantum "Hard to Kill" how he goes into “the vault of pain” when it comes to song writing and so much more. Acoustic Conversation series takes an in-depth look at the development of the hip hop scene in Toronto and combines live performance. Next event is Sept 9 with Maestro Fresh Wes. There’s also a photo exhibit happening at McMichael that goes until October. It...


Michie Mee: Hip-Hop is maturing and it’s about time

Our special guest today is an artist, actress, and a pioneer. Michie Mee was the first Canadian MC to sign with a major American Label. She called into our radio show and talked to our host Michael aka Kiv to talk about what it was like a woman in hip-hop, being outcasted for mixing dancehall and Hip-Hop and so much more. The reason Michie called in was to promote an acoustic conversation that happened at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection north of Toronto. The series takes an in-depth...


Khadijah Lopez: Toronto has so much hidden talent. It's actually stressful.

You know when you discover a new artist and you’re all excited to share the music with your friends? That is how I feel about Khadijah Lopez, a Toronto artist who has a very promising future. The song I currently have on repeat is “alluvit” from her EP "Paradigm". In our conversation, we talked about how most creatives take things personally, how she changed her perspective on being ready before her big shot and why it’s actually stressful that Toronto has so much hidden talent. Hosted by:...