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Every episode we provide you three stories: two of which are true and one is false. Can you find the line between fact and fiction? Find out every Wednesday!

Every episode we provide you three stories: two of which are true and one is false. Can you find the line between fact and fiction? Find out every Wednesday!


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Every episode we provide you three stories: two of which are true and one is false. Can you find the line between fact and fiction? Find out every Wednesday!




What Goes Bump In The Night - Urban Legends

Welcome to Half Halloween, it's like Halloween...we'll you get it. In our first spooky episode of this new holiday, we talk about urban legends. From things that go bump in the dark, to that chill that runs up your spine, we find the truth behind these creepy encounters, we'll sort of. In this episode: celebrities visit a small town, post-mortem, a unusual fright is found at a local haunted house, and an costumed attacker protects his small corner of the...


A Pirates Life for Me - Pirates

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! Alex and Will explore the true history of pirates and talk about some of the greats! Did pirates bury their treasure? What is a buccaneer? Why was the rum always gone? Find out in this episode!!! *****************Spoilers Below************************* Captain Kidd's Lost Treasure: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/captain-kidds-treasure-has-been-discovered-deep-180955214/ The Prositutes of the Caribbean: Written by William Acker Libertalia:...


Checking In

Hi everyone! Were sorry it's been so long, between sickness, business and life. It's been really hard to produce new content and get to sit down. We'll be back next week with a brand new episode, we promise! Check us out on social media and tell a friend. Thank you for the patience, we'll see you next week! Instragram: @AHintofFictionPodcast Twitter: @hintoffiction Facebook: @hintoffictionpodcast


Trials Of the Millenia - Trials

Alex and Will put you on trial, and talk about the most curious, oddest and downright strangest trials in human history. We ask the hard hitting questions to open these cases right up. "Can you handle the truth?!" We hope so as you enjoy our episode on trials! A women exposes herself for a innocent verdict, a pope goes on trial posthumously and a man finds a loophole which allows him to go free on several guilty charges. **************************Spoiler...


Dancing in the Streets Until you Die - Medical Mysteries

In this episode, we dive into the mysteries of the medical field. Stories of things that seem unlikely, and conditions that can't be true. Mostly things that make Will uncomfortable and intrigue Alex. In this episode, a fear of finding yourself in a brand new place becomes real, medical examinations lead to the belief in extraterrestrials and dance parties are taken to far as people can’t stop and begin to die of exhaustion. *************************Spoilers...


Watch out for Sea Monsters - Christmas Traditions

In this episode, Alex and Will enjoy a little egg nog, sit down by the fire and discuss some of the more unusual Christmas traditions. This is a mini-episode, so instead of doing 3 stories, we decide to do 6 smaller stories, 4 being true and 2 being false! In this episode, Christmas gets Outlawed, An Australian holiday sea monster, lucky spider webs in Christmas Trees, the 13 Santas of Iceland, WW2 Christmas Gifts, and a special stranger greets a small town!


A Hint of Fiction - Superman gets Jealous - DC Comics

In this weeks episode Will and Alex delve deep into the history of DC Comics to find stories that boggle the mind and fictions that keep you guessing. From Batman to Flash and beyond, you can find all sorts of DC goodies in this episode We discuss three true stories from DC Comics: a cross promotion allows an unlikely hero to save the day, a stoic protector almost destroys the people he swore to protect and the Caped Crusader is accused of being a witch by The Man of...


Just the Facts

In this episode William and Alex take a break from storytelling to talk to you our fans! We answer questions about the show, things that have been bugging you and your thirst for answers! We have the facts and we give them to you! We also talk about the exciting new news we have coming for the show. What is it? Well you'll have to take a listen and see! Don't forget to check out our social media for specific dates and information!


The Reality Stone of Podcasts - Marvel Comics

This week William and Alexandria talk about one of Will's favorite pastimes, Marvel Comics and all form of comic book enjoyment. While trying to keep Will on track was hard this week, we tell three stories from the comic realm hoping to find the fiction within Marvel's fiction. In today's episode, an unlikely band of lunar heroes team up, a tech savvy suit wearer creates an armor that has a deadly crush on him, and a real life comic incident changes the face of Marvel movies...


Just the Fiction

In this mini-sode, we decide to skip the fact and head right into the fiction. That's right, this episode is one fiction story, played out by your loveable hosts William and Alexandria. The Right Girl Written by: William Acker & Alexandria Bivens Performed by: William Acker and Alexandria Bivens


The Ones that Got Away - Unsolved Murders

In our spooky scary Halloween episode, Alex and Will discuss several cases of serial killers who were never caught. These deranged individuals preyed on small and large town alike, but were never brought to justice. Today we deal with three stories of serial killers who were never caught, a monster straight out of a horror film terrorizes a small Texas town, an unusual set of victims may suggest a killer of vampiric nature and a seemingly harmless family sets up shop and destroys the...


Operation BirdSeed - Heists

When we think of heists the idea of intricate pieces of a puzzle working together to steal something valuable or rare often come to mind, romanticized by movies like The Italian Job or Oceans 11. The truth behind real life heists are never as glamorous or sophisticated, or are they? In today’s episode, an act of terrorism almost destroys one of Earth’s survival plans, an expedition goes in search of an elusive bird for massive profits and two thieves escape a museum and are never heard...


A Dose of Awwww

Animals and humans have always had a symbiotic relationship. From loving companions, to help with work or protection, animals have been used in a myriad of ways! Today we discuss three stories of unique and wonderful animals from the course of history. In this episode: a stray who becomes a war hero, an unusual presidential pet graces the White House and a 4 legged friend helps others under extreme situations. One of these stories is not true, can you figure out which...


Why are Step-Mothers so Mean in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales reach out from our childhood and touch our hearts through nostalgia, mystery and wonder. We may know these stories from old childhood books, stories told by our parents, or even the Wonderful World of Disney. While these stories may bring happiness to our hearts, the truth behind many of these stories are cold, heartless and even sometimes murderous. In this episode,the origins of a sleeping princess are buried in Norse mythology, a hairy child is forced to live in a cage and...


Gaming for Gold - Video Games

In this episode, Alex and Will discuss one of their favorite topics video games. A man creates a game console add on to help with an affliction that affects thousands, a real life hunt for treasure is embedded in a game series, and a psychological experiment goes horribly wrong. One of these stories isn't true. Can you figure out which one? ********************Spoiler Ahead********************** GlucoBoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iO_0nKk7vk&t= Swordquest:...


A Lord and A Legend Walk Into a Brothel - Colonial American

In today's episode Alexandria and William talk about three subjects from Colonial America. A man who self appoints himself a lord, a women and her brothel who helps turn the tides of the American Revolution and the true story of an american legend. One of these stories isn't true, can you find the line between fact and fantasy. *************************Spoilers Ahead****************** Lord Timothy Dexter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Dexter A Pickle to Know Ones:...


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Welcome to A Hint of Fiction! A show where we toe the line between fact and fantasy. Every week we provide three tales, stories of the mysterious, the surprising and the downright weird. But there's a catch. One of these stories isn't true, a work of pure fiction. Can you tell the difference between truth and tale? Check us out every Wednesday at hintoffiction.com Google, Itunes or wherever you get your podcasts Twitter: https://twitter.com/HintofFiction Facebook:...