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I'm Cullen Burke and this is Cauldron! Every two weeks I'll cover the important battles in history and then hash out listener theories and thoughts on how the world would look if the outcome were different.

I'm Cullen Burke and this is Cauldron! Every two weeks I'll cover the important battles in history and then hash out listener theories and thoughts on how the world would look if the outcome were different.
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I'm Cullen Burke and this is Cauldron! Every two weeks I'll cover the important battles in history and then hash out listener theories and thoughts on how the world would look if the outcome were different.






The Virgin Warlord - The Siege of Orleans 1429

The 100 Years War was a seesaw clash between the French and English thrones. The first third of the war saw great victories won by the English, at Sluys and Crecy the English forces smashed their continental enemies. After a one-sided peace treaty was declared, the Channel separated foes settled into an uneasy Cold War. With the advent of the Black Death, both sides suffered massive losses to their populations and a shift in the makeup of society. Farmers and land workers tried to find...


Caesar Lacks Control - The Battle of Thapsus 46 BC

Thapsus was a rare battle in that it showed Caesar not as the consummate warlord but as a general that at times had no control over his own army. The action was joined after one of his wings charged the enemy of their own volition and unable to call his men back, Caesar was forced to order an all-out attack. Again at the end of the battle, we see another instance of Caesar having no power over his men when the enemy army collapsed a large number attempted to surrender. In many cases, the...


The Island of Uncommon Valor - the Battle of Iwo Jima - 1945

The war in the Pacific had decidedly turned in favor of the Allies by the fall of 1944. The Battle of Leyte Gulf had effectively destroyed the fighting power of the Japanese Navy and had forced Japan into an impossible tight defensive stance. As the Allied bombing of the Japanese home islands became more and more intense more and more airfields needed to be taken and held. The Allied High Command knew that the desolate lunar Volcano Islands would be a tough nut to crack, but the location...


The Man Made Mountain - The Siege of Cusco 1536-1537

This episode was a lot of fun to research and dive into, my lack of knowledge of the Inca and the conquistadores as a whole made the dive in really interesting. By the 1530's the conquest of the so-called new world and the age of discovery were both well underway. The wave upon wave of Spanish and Portuguese adventurers that had been crossing the Atlantic in search of wealth and fame had for decades brought the Christian god and death to the people of Central and South America. From the...


The Bombing of Dresden - Justified or War Crime?

In this battlecast I dive into one of World War Two's most debated controversies. In the last days of the war, an Allied bombing run hit the city of Dresden and caused massive damage. The fires that raged consumed large portions of the city and destroyed much of Dresden's cultural history. The strategic value of the attack and the number of dead is to this day, still hotly contested. Without passing judgment​ (because I'd be a real arrogant ass to think I was qualified to do so!) I try to...


The Winter March - The Raid on Deerfield Mass 1704

In 1704 a combined French/Native American raid on the village of Deerfield Massachusetts set the colonial world on edge. The surprise attack in the predawn light was vicious and violent. People and livestock murdered or taken. Homes looted and torched. Lives ruined or ended. For many, the Deerfield Raid was the end, for those taken it was only the beginning. The saga of the captives and the "Redeemed" became the viral story of its day.


Field Marshal Erwin Rommel - The Great Commanders Series

A quick look at the man behind Axis success in North Africa 1941-1942. Maybe the only Nazi general to come out of the war with his reputation intact, this episode does a flyby on the life of Erwin Rommel.


Pax Portugal - The Battle of Diu Part 2

The conclusion to our coverage of the battle of Diu. Enjoy!


Pax Portugal - The Battle of Diu Part 1

Hello again and thanks for listening! Today we have a very cool little story about the spice trade, Portuguese exploration, Ottoman galleys and the fight for early global trade. To hear what sources I used and get a sneak peek into next week’s episode stick around until the end. Access it can be argued is one of the most consistent reasons for conflicts around the world and throughout history. Japan wanted access to raw materials in its lead up to WWII, Russia has always wanted access to a...


Alexander's Big Day Out - The Battle of Chaeronea

This time around we head way way back to the Ancient World. On a field in Greece (of course) Philip of Macedon defeated a coalition of Thebans and Athenians, finally asserting himself as the most powerful ruler in the land. His young son Alexander began his military career on the same field and the world would never be the same. From the Sacred Band to the sarissa and everything in between, strap in because we cover a lot in this episode!


The End of the Beginning - 2nd Battle of El Alamein: Part 2

In this battlecast we cover the events leading up to (and the battle itself obviously lol) the 2nd El Alamein. The desert, Rommel, and Monty (not to mention a whole lot of tank talk) all play key roles in the titanic fight in the sands. Sacrifice, persistence, and ferocity are the watchwords with witch the British 8th Army won the day and showed the Allies that even Hitler’s finest general could be beaten. We also talk about the modern historical controversy as to how important the battle...


The End of the Beginning - 2nd Battle of El Alamein: Part 1

The desert, Rommel, and Monty (not to mention a whole lot of tank talk) all play key roles in the titanic fight in the sands.


Byzantium Back On Top… For Now - The Battle of Nineveh

In this Quick Hit I cover the victory of the Byzantine army under Heraclius over Persian Sassanid forces. On a plain not far from the rubble of the ancient Assyrian City of Nineveh, Byzantine cataphracts used superior numbers and generalship to bring an end to a decades long war with their eastern enemy. The end of the centuries long conflict known as the Roman-Persian Wars left a power vacuum in the Middle East and it would not be long before that vacuum was filled. An exhausted Byzantium...


The Battle of Arsuf

In this episode Angelo the Armorer and I shoot the shit about one of the greatest battles of the Crusades. We cover the various weapons and methods of fighting used by the Saracens and Franks, as well as doing a deep dive into the historical context of the time period. Clocking in at just a tick over an hour, this was a lot of fun to record and at times we get fairly nerdy so be prepared! Thanks for listening and next up will be the Combat of the 30 sometime later this week.


The Battle of Trafalgar - The Nelson Touch

In this episode we cover what many believe to be the single most lopsided naval victory ever -the Battle of Trafalgar! From heroic Nelson in his final battle, the desperate struggle to stop Napoleon from conquering the globe, to the destructive power of the ship of the line we cover it all. Thanks to David Hilowitz and to JerryBryant and Starboard Mess for the music!


The Battle of Saratoga - Greg and Cullen Nerd OUT

This episode we have Dr. Greg Jackson of the History That Doesn’t Suck podcast on to chat about the most significant and maybe most decisive battle of the American Revolution, the battle of Saratoga. Its long and nerdy but we had fun chatting (please forgive the awkward talk over parts) but I think we found a decent rhythm. Greg has some great facts and interesting stories about this wild battle in the woods of New York. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to rate/review on iTunes!


The Siege of Masada - Rome Conquers Impossible

The siege of Masada saw some truly amazing feats of Roman engineering, logistical organization, and deadly dedication. For the trapped Jewish Sicarri inside the city this was to be their final act of defiance in a failed revolt. A battering ram, siege tower, and a still standing agger all played a role in the capturing of a city most thought impregnable. Thanks to Tri-Tachyon for the song!


An English Snowfall in the French Summer - The Battle of Crecy

At the battle of Crecy the longbow takes center stage for the first time in a decisive fashion. We all also cover the effectiveness of Genoese crossbowmen, the last ride of the Blind King John, and the making of the Black Prince. Thanks to melhaks for the artwork and stay tuned next week when we cover the Meuse-Argonne Offensive!


Defeat in Victory - The battle of Cannae

The brilliant general Hannibal Barca uses an incredible command of tactics to defeat a Roman Army twice his size. By utterly destroying an army of 80,000 Hannibal believed he could bring Rome to her knees. With the amount of blood spilt on this southern Italian plain, it's shocking that the defeat at Cannae didn't break Rome but in fact Cannae made Rome stronger. Thanks for listening and don't forget to check out the Patreon!


"Who Dares Wins" The Raid on Entebbe

In this battlecast we cover the daring 1976 hostage rescue at the Entebbe Airport. In Israel's long history dealing with terrorism this hour long hostage rescue may just be it's shinning moment. Flawless execution and precise timing combined to save the lives over 100 hostages. Only losing one man, the team leader Yoni Netanyahu, Israel's crack rescue team became the model for all nation's on how to deal with terrorism. Get stuck in!