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Housing and community development's evolvement rests on the shoulders of women and men who have played a strong role in developing affordable housing and communities throughout the country. Their stories provide a human historical perspective on our cities and the housing within our cities.

Housing and community development's evolvement rests on the shoulders of women and men who have played a strong role in developing affordable housing and communities throughout the country. Their stories provide a human historical perspective on our cities and the housing within our cities.


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Housing and community development's evolvement rests on the shoulders of women and men who have played a strong role in developing affordable housing and communities throughout the country. Their stories provide a human historical perspective on our cities and the housing within our cities.








Ep. 66 - Al Dellibovi: HUD Reform in the 1980's

Meet Alfred Dellibovi, President and CEO of the Federal Home Bank of New York and a nationally recognized authority on banking, the lending industry, housing, and public finance. He was United States Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1989 until 1992 under Jack Kemp, having been appointed by President George H. W. Bush. In his podcast he tells us why the HUD Reform in the 1980's was necessary and what was done to “clean it up.” He gives us insight into his role at HUD, as...


Ep. 65 - Lynne Sagalyn: Demystifying the Politics and Planning of Cities

Lynne Sagalyn, an expert in real estate development and finance, gives us the theory and thinking behind how and why cities exist as they do today. She has been an educator and scholar for over 40 years. She built an innovative and rigorous program of graduate studies in commercial real estate finance and investment strategy at Columbia business school. She explains how cities are built and redeveloped and endeavors to demystify the politics and planning process surrounding large scale...


Ep. 64 - Antonio Santaella: International Flamenco Maestro

Antonio Santaella, a very famous flamenco dancer referred to as the international flamenco maestro whose culture influence qualifies him to be a Fellow of the American Academy of Housing and Communities. He started his long journey to Puerto Rico from Granada, Spain his birthplace and coming of age. He was discovered at a show in Paris by the famous Laura Toledo, who later invited him to join her company for a nationwide tour of the United States, which lasted for two years. Remember the BIC...


Ep. 63 - Robert Rozen: The Birth of the Tax Credit Program

Robert Rozen, referred to as Bobby, worked for many years in the U.S. Senate and was involved in the establishment of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program which is the primary means of financing affordable housing today. In the 30 years since enactment, nearly 3 million housing units have been built with LIHTC equity, 3.1 million jobs have been created and an industry has grown around it. But to understand how the LIHTC passed, it’s important to go back to the political climate of the...


Ep. 62 - Amy Glassman: Is Fair Housing Fair?

Is fair housing fair? What is disparate impact and how can housing authorities and landlords determine the application of it? What is reasonable accommodation? How is HUD conducting market testing to determine racial discrimination? Amy M. Glassman is a partner with Ballard Spahr, a law firm with more than 650 attorneys and 15 offices. Amy has had extensive experience with HUD regulatory and statutory compliance issues including disparate impact. She assists clients on matters such as...


Ep. 61 - William Kelly: Co-creation Model to Bring Social Change

Referred to as Bill Kelly, he is the developer of a co-creation model to bring social change to affordable housing. He was a special assistant and executive assistant to the secretary of HUD Carla Hills from 1975 to 1977. He was only 30 years old at the time but he and Carla clicked in style and substance. When he left HUD, he joined the law firm of Latham and Watkins where he worked for 25 years as a partner. He had experience with the United States supreme court as a law clerk in his early...


Ep. 60 - Sarah Rosen Wartell: Elevate the Debate

Sarah Rosen Wartell: Elevate the Debate Ep. 60 - Sarah Rosen Wartell has articulated a strategy for Urban: elevate the debate. She is the public policy executive and housing markets expert who serves as president of the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan social and economic research and policy organization whose more than 550 researchers, experts, and other staff believe in the power of evidence to improve lives and strengthen communities. In 2012, Sarah Rosen Wartell became the third president...


Ep. 59 - Muriel Tillinghast: Desegregation Activism on the Front Lines

Meet Muriel Tillinghast, a human rights activist from the 1960’s to today! She takes us on a long but fascinating journey from the initial civil rights activities in the 1960’s through an extensive career in revenue generation and oversight to mediation and negotiation to educational teaching and administration. She describes her experiences in NAG and SNCC in both desegregation and tenant rights. She tells us about her advocacy work in AIDs, immigration, medical experimentation,...


Ep. 58 - Norman McLoughlin: Creative Real Estate Financing Podcast

Norm McLoughlin is a master of creative real estate financing in the public sector. Whether it is tax exempt bonds, tax credit, or federal, state or local funds, Norm has experience in all of them! As President of the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies or Director of the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority, Norm has created thousands of jobs and added millions of dollars to the tax rolls. He explains the differences in financing and developing much-needed...


Ep. 57 - Joseph Shuldiner: Engage the Residents

Can you imagine managing a 500K+ subsidized housing unit program with 10,238 employees? How about 9.375 units plus 58,000 families in the Section 8 program? Joseph Shuldiner is the only executive director in the country to manage three behemoth housing authorities! He was HUD’s Assistant Secretary of Public and Indian Housing, and he was a turnaround agent for the Chicago Housing Authority. Hear what it is like to manage enormous government agencies – and thousands of staff members. All...


Ep. 56 - David Stevens: Close the Diversity Gap in Housing Podcast

David Stevens believes in a better and diverse America, a country where the economic gap is less wide and both the majority and the minority have safe affordable places to call home. The only way to do that is to close the diversity gap in housing. He believes in the creation of inclusive policies that give access to each group. David knows what he’s talking about. David Stevens is President and CEO, Emeritus, of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).


Ep. 55 - Bryan Greene: Racial Bias in Housing

Bryan Greene knows what discrimination looks like, especially in housing. But how do we end racial bias in housing so that housing is equally available to everyone? Bryan handled many discrimination cases while he managed HUD’s fair housing policy and practices. He lets us know what the current impediments are to prevent discrimination today in both rental and sales housing. His chapter two takes him to the National Association of Realtors with a mission to educate and promote fair housing...


Ep. 53 - Mark Willis: Revival of Cities

Mark Willis’s life work is about stabilizing and revitalizing cities, with a strong focus on New York City, but creating theory and systems which would work throughout the country. He feels it is crucial to bridge between theory and practice when it comes to providing affordable housing and community development. He discusses the need for inclusion and equality when reviving neighborhoods in legacy cities. Find out how the affordable housing sector is reinventing New York by transforming...


Ep. 54 - James Stockard: Housing Is a Right, Not a Privilege

“It’s time to ensure that no American has to worry about where they and their families will sleep tonight.” James Stockard, referred to as Jim, feels affordable housing should be a right, not a privilege. He links the lack of affordable housing to social justice. He defines the inadequacy of affordable housing in the United States as directly tying into racial and class biases. Jim has been involved in housing on many levels. In 2019, he delivered a lecture in Glasgow for the UN Economic...


Ep. 52 - David Smith: Part 2 The Affordable Housing Guru Reveals the Future

Walk through a detector into a commercial building and be safe! Retrofit your house and be safe! Install an app that will let you know when someone with COVID is within your range. David Smith, the affordable housing guru, reveals what the future can look like. He has come up with a healthy secure housing concept that supports healthy living after the COVID-19 reopening. He has created concepts that explain the essentiality of housing and establishing health-secure environments, especially...


Ep. 51 - Gerald Benoit: The Guru of Housing Vouchers

Meet Gerald Benoit, referred to as Jerry, one of the icons from the 1970s and a member of the Academy of Housing and Communities. He started out by directing a Section 23 Leased Housing program for the department of HUD where he kept moving up to become a special assistant to the office of public housing. He then became deputy director of the office of Indian housing. His biggest role, however, was director of the existing housing division where he oversaw the national implementation and...


Ep. 50 - DeeDee Strum: Making her Mark as a Black Woman in Community Development

Meet DeLois Strum, referred to as DeeDee, a 40+ year entrepreneur, a public speaker, an affordable housing advocate, and is currently involved in offshore wind as a renewable source of energy. DeeDee has worked in the housing & community development industry as both a housing professional and volunteer at the national level where she previously chaired the national Section 8 Committee of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. She previously worked in the public...


Ep. 49 - Carla Hills: Former U.S. Trade Ambassador and HUD Secretary

What would it be like to be responsible for negotiating a trade agreement with China or Japan or any other world country? Imagine yourself about to take a high-level job with the Federal government when the news came on about the Saturday Night Massacre. Carla Hills takes us on a journey through her very interesting life, working directly with several United States Presidents. Carla A. Hills is a high-profile, powerful woman, having been U.S. Trade Ambassador under President Bush Senior and...


Ep. 48 - Bruno Fulda: A French Global Change Agent

Bruno Fulda is a Frenchman who is determined to bring real change on a global scale. He believes in regulated capitalism’s interface with climate change and why fighting poverty and inequality are some of the most important issues today. He discusses how sustainable development will address some of the global major problems. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Housing which he got interested in after meeting the founder Mr. Kent Watkins. Bruno is a Member of the High Council for...


Ep. 47 - Judith Hermanson: Smart City. Just City.

Judith Hermanson, President and CEO of IHC Global, brings a Smart City. Just City initiative to increase inclusiveness and equity in cities across the globe. The Smart City. Just City. Initiative will develop and advance a policy framework that uses smart city techniques to attain a just city vision of an equitable, inclusive, and participatory urban reality. Having worked in 50+ countries, she knows the challenges ahead but is convinced it can and must be done.