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Aunt Jemima and Monetizing Mammy

We connect with Dr. Kimberly Wallace Sanders to discuss "Aunt Jemima and Monetizing Mammy.” This is part 3 in our 4-part series on the Mammy caricature. For a visual companion to this episode and links to episode resources, visit Follow us on Twitter and FB at: @createtension and Instagram @createtensionig. Until next time, #createtension. Creative Tension can be found wherever you find your favorite podcasts: Apple Podcast: Stitcher:...


The Mammification of a Nation

We connect with Dr. Kimberly Wallace Sanders to discuss the “Mammification of a Nation.” Thanks to the Duke Univ. Behind the Veil Project, we also hear 1st hand accounts from women who worked as domestics during Jim Crow. This is part 2 in our 4-part series on the Mammy caricature.


Bonus Ep. - Oprah, #MeToo and Jim Crow Sexual Violence

During Oprah Winfrey’s speech as the recipient of the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes, she mentioned the horrific rape and lack of justice for the late Recy Taylor. Oprah placed the legacy of Jim Crow sexual violence into the #metoo movement and while many applauded her inclusion, so women found it troubling. With the help of the Duke University Behind the Veil Oral History project, we look at Jim Crow sexual violence against African American women. For a visual...


Ep. 7 - The Myth of the Merry Black Mammy

Dr. Kimberly Wallace Sanders, Emory Professor and author of Mammy: A Century of Race, Gender and Southern Memory and Skin Deep. Spirit Strong: Critical Essays on the Black Female Body in American Culture helps us begin our 4-part look into the Black Mammy Caricature. Dr. Wallace Sanders provides insight into the history and characteristics of the Mammy caricature. She also explores the relationship between the Mammy caricature and the American classic, Uncle Tom's Cabin. We'll also take a...


Ep. 6 - Exploring Black Caricatures and Stereotypes

Dr. Kimberly Wallace Sanders, Emory Professor and author of "Mammy: A Century of Race, Gender and Southern Memory” helps us begin our exploration into the long and sordid history of Black caricatures and stereotypes. We'll also listen to first person accounts of how Jim Crow's racial etiquette "rules" and customs helped to further segregationists ideals. Creative Tension is also made possible thru the cooperation of the John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American...


Major Announcement - is HERE!!

The Creative Tension website is HERE!! is the perfect companion to the Creative Tension podcast. It adds a wonderful visual partner to our audio experience. We’ve also launched our social media platforms: These additions are incredibly timely because after the Thanksgiving break, we’re embarking on a series of episodes focused on Black Caricatures. We’re going to examine: Mammie,...


Ep. 5 The Talk: The Fellas’ Perspective

“The Talk: The Fellas’ Perspective: As African American men, how do we live with the legacy of racial etiquette?” I sat down with Dr. Gregory Ellison, Rev. Marvin Bailey and Min. Tavares Stephens to talk about the place of racial etiquette in our current lives and how that legacy has been passed on from generation to...


Ep. 4 - Roundtable on P&G's "The Talk" and Racial Etiquette - The Jim Crow Years

I have a cathartic and insightful roundtable discussion with guests Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell and Rev. Dr. Dominique A. Robinson to discuss P&G’s commercial “The Talk” and the legacy of racial etiquette. P&G Commercial “The Talk” - Special Guests: Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell:Co-Founder of the church plant, The Breakthrough Fellowship and the Founder of the Ellipses Experience for Women and Teen Girls -; Rev. Dr....


Ep. 3 - The Jim Crow Years: Jim Crow's Gift...The Talk

Inspired by the Proctor and Gamble commercial, “The Talk,” we explore the tradition in the African-American community, its roots in Jim Crow segregation and how the past continues to inform the present. Special Thanks to: P&G Commercial “The Talk” - - Twitter: RevERobinson You can listen to Creative Tension at: Apple Podcast: - Stitcher: - Google Play: -...


Ep. 2: - The Jim Crow Years: Confederate Monuments: Heritage, History or Hate?

Confederate Monuments: Are they heritage, history or hate? We get guidance from Dr. Nichole Phillips, Dr. William Cossen and Sara Patenaude. #jimcrow #confederate Special Thanks to: - Twitter: RevERobinson


Ep. 1 - The Jim Crow Years: Beautiful Statues and Monuments?

Are Confederate Monuments and Statues Beautiful or sites of terror? The Charlottesville tragedy has forced us to re-examine their place in modern culture. Elliott Robinson explores the reasons for the Civil War and whether these monuments and statues can be separated from their cause. - Twitter: RevERobinson - FB: RevElliottRobinson


Introducing Creative Tension: The Jim Crow Years

The true story of America is complex and messy, but it must be told. Pleasant or not. Rev. Elliott S. Robinson, JD, MDiv will take us on a journey through "The Jim Crow Years." The first full episode airs on Sept. 5th. Subscribe today!!