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Ep. 136: The Hangover Cure

The Hangover Cure Since the dawn of time, and the discovery of alcohol, Man has been is search of a cure for the hangover. Finally that man has arrived, and his name is Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall. In his latest book ‘Hungover’, Shaughnessy analyzes the effects of alcohol on the human body, then chronicles his adventures trying […]


Ep. 135: The Future of the DeLorean

Stephen Wynne Interviews: Stephen Wynne is the CEO of DeLorean Motor Company, a business you probably thought went bankrupt in 1983. Technically it did, and Stephen, a life-long DMC-12 advocate, went from servicing DeLoreans in the early 80’s to owning the entire stock of more than 3.5 million new DeLorean parts today. It was an […]


*Bonus* The Decline of the DeLorean

*Bonus Episode* – The Decline of the DeLorean What goes up, must come down, and DeLorean Motor Cars was no exception. Listen as Barrie recounts his story in the waning days of the company, from firebombings, car crashes, to harsh winters, and a sagging economy. All of these factors, as well as a surprise cocaine […]


Ep. 134: The Rise of the DeLorean

Barrie Wills Interviews: When most people think of The DeLorean, they immediately think of the time machine from Back to the Future. In reality that car (called the DMC-12), was the center of an amazing story albeit having nothing to do with time travel. It was the vision of John Z. DeLorean to build an […]


Ep. 133: The Planet’s Premiere Pet P.I.

Tom Watkins Interviews If you are an animal person, there is nothing worse than your pet running away. When this happens, who would you call? Sherlock Holmes? Batman? Both are amazing detectives, yet nether one of them are real. You are in luck because The Planet’s Premiere Pet P.I. Tom Watkin’s is real, and he […]


*Bonus* Weird License Plate Stories

In this bonus episode, Jeff and I discuss a superstition that almost lead to a riot in 1928 Massachusetts, a three state battle over the right to use the phrase “First In Flight” on their license plates, and a story of vanity plates gone wrong.


Ep. 132: The Legacy of License Plates

Jeff Minard Interviews: License plates are probably the one thing we stare at for hours a week, and never give them any thought. Occasionally you may see a funny vanity plate and chuckle to yourself, but other than that, they are pretty transparent. Well it turns out, the history of license plates is pretty incredible. […]


Ep. 131: The World’s Friendliest Psychopath

Dr. James Fallon Interviews: We are taught that psychopaths are dangerous individuals who should be avoided at all costs. This is probably good advice. Dr. James Fallon is a neuroscientist at UC Irvine who has been studying the brains of killers for over a decade…including his own. Dr. Fallon is a psychopath by definition, although […]


*Bonus* Beating Casino Heat

As we discussed, card counting is perfectly legal, but that doesn’t mean that casinos allow it. As a matter of fact, they actively prohibit it. When they start to figure out what you are up to, they will start to pay close attention to you. This is called “heat”, and you want to avoid it […]


Ep. 130: Professional Card Counting

Josh Axelrad Interviews: Casinos invest a lot of money in creating games you think you can win, but in reality the odds are such that you have absolutely no chance at beating them. That is, of course, unless you can count cards. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t counting cards, then you are […]


Ep. 129: The History of Chicken

Emelyn Rude Interviews: Today, we give little thought to just how common it is to find chicken on our plates at meal time. In truth, the cultural popularity of this fantastic fowl is an amazing journey that starts all the way back in the Roman Empire. A true under-bird story, chicken had to overcome the […]


Ep. 128: Electrifying Antique Cars

Michael Bream Interviews: I LOVE antique cars, but I also love the environment. I thought I would have to choose one or the other, but thanks to Michael Bream “The Dream” of EV West, I don’t have to. What does EV West do? They electrify antique cars. What does that mean? They pull out the […]


Ep. 127: The Mother Road – Route 66

The Mother Road – Route 66 Everybody loves to travel, and the United States has one of the most comprehensive interstate systems on any country. You can get on a road anywhere on the continent and end up almost anywhere else. The whole concept of interstate travel can be credited to one singular stretch of […]


Ep. 126: Paleocontact

Erich von Daniken Interviews: Ever since the 1968 publication of the highly influential book ‘Chariots of the Gods?’, Erich von Daniken has championed the concept of paleocontact: the belief that ancient human cultures were visited, and therefore influenced by, extraterrestrial beings. This is an extraordinary concept, although I am not sure where I fall. Luckily […]


*Bonus* Game of Thrones Game Theory

Dr. John Donaldson Interviews The Simpsons has always intrigued me for several reasons. First of all, it is way smarter than people thought a cartoon could be. Secondly, it was the first television show that had really perfected the Easter Egg: Hidden jokes, messages, and meaning. One such layer is complex philosophical thought, which makes […]


Ep. 125: Philosophy of The Simpsons

Dr. John Donaldson Interviews The Simpsons has always intrigued me for several reasons. First of all, it is way smarter than people thought a cartoon could be. Secondly, it was the first television show that had really perfected the Easter Egg: Hidden jokes, messages, and meaning. One such layer is complex philosophical thought, which makes […]


*Bonus* Mysterious Tales from the Navajo Nation

*BONUS* This interview wouldn’t be complete without a conversation with John’s partner Stan Milford. Stan has had some truly mind-boggling experiences, including a haunting where coins appeared out of thin air, a ghost throwing a butcher knife into a cantaloupe, and a UFO case involving the abduction of 8 puppies!


Ep. 124: Paranormal Cases from the Navajo Nation

One of the problems with paranormal stories is a lack of evidence and credibility. That is where the Paranormal Rangers excel. Federal Rangers on the Navajo Nation, John Dover and Stan Milford are assigned the most inexplicable cases that come through the station, meticulously investigating each one with an objective scrutiny that is unheard of […]


*Bonus* The Legacy of Las Vegas

Even though gambling is hardwired into our DNA, and it is a global phenomenon, few would question that Las Vegas is the Casino Capital of the world. As such, it has quite an interesting history, from the days of silver prospecting, to the modern days on online sports betting. Listen as Dr. Schwartz and I […]


Ep. 123: A Brief History of Gambling

Dr. David Schwartz Interviews *From His Bio* Dr. David G. Schwartz directs the Center for Gaming Research and teaches history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, writes articles and books, and only occasionally pines for his days working as Mr. Peanut on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. His research interests include gambling and casinos, Las […]