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Ep. 123: A Brief History of Gambling

Dr. David Schwartz Interviews *From His Bio* Dr. David G. Schwartz directs the Center for Gaming Research and teaches history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, writes articles and books, and only occasionally pines for his days working as Mr. Peanut on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. His research interests include gambling and casinos, Las […] The post Ep. 123: A Brief History of Gambling appeared first on .


Ep. 122: The Transcontinental Railroad

Phil Sexton Interviews: The building of The Transcontinental Railroad really parallels the settlement of the west. It wasn’t long after its completion that the U.S. took its modern form of 48 contiguous states. The Telegraph, another Western innovation, was built right along side the railroad so that progress could be communicated back East. From the […] The post Ep. 122: The Transcontinental Railroad appeared first on .


Ep. 121: Are We Living In A Simulated Universe?

ARE WE LIVING IN A VIRTUAL REALITY SIMULATION? For years Hollywood has experimented with the concept of living in an extremely realistic simulated world, and with Virtual Reality advancing in leaps and bounds, it may soon become difficult to distinguish between our reality, and a fabricated VR world. What if we are already living in […] The post Ep. 121: Are We Living In A Simulated Universe? appeared first on .


Ep. 120: Out Of Body Experiences

Tom Campbell Interviews I have been fascinated with Out Of Body Experiences for a long time. I even read the classic work on the subject: Robert Monroe’s ‘Journey’s Out Of The Body’. While researching Tom Campbell for an interview on his work proving we live in a virtual reality simulation, I stumbled across his past […] The post Ep. 120: Out Of Body Experiences appeared first on .


*Bonus* The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What do Vanilla Ice, Chuck Lorre, Venus de Milo, Leatherhead, and Brian Henson have in common? They are all vital to the history of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Learn the connections in my bonus ep with the mysterious Farago. The post *Bonus* The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared first on .


Ep. 119: The History of Comic Art

Andrew Farago Interviews: As you well know, I am a big fan of anything comic related, so of course it was inevitable that I would cross paths with the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum: Andrew Farago. We didn’t just talk comic books, but two of my other favorites: cartoons and comic strips. Specifically we […] The post Ep. 119: The History of Comic Art appeared first on .


Ep. 118: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Captain Charles Moore Interviews Ever since first hearing about the Great Pacific Patch, an island of garbage 3x the size of Texas sitting in the pacific Ocean, I was fascinated. How could something like be accumulated, and what was being done to fix the problem? The answer to the first question is extraordinarily complex, and […] The post Ep. 118: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch appeared first on .


*Bonus* Spotting Psychic Scams

*BONUS EPISODE* – Spotting Psychic Scams Known as “The Street Smart Psychic”, Lisa knows how to spot a fake fortune teller. Listen as she gives some great tips on how to get a great psychic reading, while steering clear of the phonies. Also, learn how her first psychic reading involved the gift of a spaghetti […] The post *Bonus* Spotting Psychic Scams appeared first on .


Ep. 117: The Mystical Art Of Tattooing

Lisa Barretta Interviews: I have always been intrigued by tattoos. While not having any myself, I do appreciate the outward artistic expression. I never really thought of them as more then large, persona, permanent pieces of art. That is, until I talked to Lisa Barretta. She puts forth a paradigm that every aspect of a […] The post Ep. 117: The Mystical Art Of Tattooing appeared first on .


*Bonus* The Forlorn Hope

*BONUS EPISODE* – The Forlorn Hope Every concept has an origin story. Dubbed ‘The Forlorn Hope’, the first attempt at a rescue spawned two of the darkest and most infamous ones of the entire ordeal known as The Donner Party: Cannibalism and Murder. Listen as we discuss the treacherous events that lead this insidious course […] The post *Bonus* The Forlorn Hope appeared first on .


Ep. 116: The Donner Party

Michael Wallis Interviews While the name “The Donner Party” sounds like a good time, it definitely was not. It is a macabre tale from the Wild West that *Spoiler Alert* famously ends in cannibalism. But that is only 5% of the story. Bestselling author Michael Wallis tells the twisted tale of this ill-fated and terribly […] The post Ep. 116: The Donner Party appeared first on .


*Bonus* Modern Poisonings

*BONUS EPISODE – Modern Poisonings* Using poison to gain power and quiet dissidents did not end with the Renaissance. While trying to avoid becoming victims ourselves, we discuss how Vladimir Putin has turned Russia into the modern day center of political poisonings. The post *Bonus* Modern Poisonings appeared first on .


Ep. 115: The History of Poisons

Eleanor Herman Interviews Since the dawn of time, man has clamored for sex and power, hellbent on eliminating of all rivals in this pursuit. Since most cannot be killed outright, the murderous minded had to find more clandestine methods of eradication. The best poisons have to be administered secretly, remain undetected, and appear to be […] The post Ep. 115: The History of Poisons appeared first on .


Ep. 114: The Robocalypse

Our Second Interview: The Robocalypse! It seems like machine intelligence is advancing at an exponential rate. The convergence of advanced artificial intelligence with highly skilled robots is inevitable, and imminent. How will this affect the human race? Where does virtual reality fit into this scenario? Linda and I discuss the ramifications of a robot-filled future, […] The post Ep. 114: The Robocalypse appeared first on .


*Bonus* The Creatures of Kcymaerxthaere

*BONUS EPISODE* After discussing this world, it makes sense to explore all the creatures that inhabit it. We discuss plants that feed on sound, a deer like animal with seven legs, some poisonous, others nutritious, as well as the difference between biologically & culturally aquatic. The post *Bonus* The Creatures of Kcymaerxthaere appeared first on .


Ep. 113: The Parallel Universe of Kcymaerxthaere

Eames Demetrios is an artist and filmmaker, who is best known as the creator of a parallel universe called Kcymaerxthaere. So what is this K word? It is the name of a fictional world that mirrors our own, with its own geography, flora, fauna, cultural identity, languages, and history. Looking to create an interactive story […] The post Ep. 113: The Parallel Universe of Kcymaerxthaere appeared first on .


Ep. 112: The Mystical Life of Jack Parsons

Talk about serendipity: Right after talking with George Pendle about Jack Parsons, “Mystical” Mitch was in town, and chatted with me about the occult side of Parsons. We even did the interview at Manly P. Hall’s University for Philosophical Research! We discussed Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, symbolic tattoos, and even the event in Mitch’s […] The post Ep. 112: The Mystical Life of Jack Parsons appeared first on .


*Bonus* Airport Carpeting and Clown Prohibition

*BONUS EPISODE* Much like Jack Parsons and myself, George Pendle is a man of many eclectic tastes. It turns out, he wrote an article on barbed wire! We discuss that, as well as his obsession with airport carpeting, and the alternative history of clown prohibition! The post *Bonus* Airport Carpeting and Clown Prohibition appeared first on .


Ep. 111: The Mysterious Life of Jack Parsons

The Life of Marvel “Jack” Whiteside Parsons is an incredible one. He is the true Godfather of rocket science, for without his drive, imagination and reckless behavior, we might never have gotten to the moon. Well that’s not entirely true, since we did import a bunch of Nazi scientists during Project Paperclip who were vital […] The post Ep. 111: The Mysterious Life of Jack Parsons appeared first on .


*Bonus* How Barbed Wire Brought a University to DeKalb

*BONUS EPISODE* Steve hangs out to talk about how these Barbed Wire Barons put aside their differences, and combine their influence & resources to bring a major university to DeKalb Illinois. If that wasn’t enough, we also talk about how Governor John Altgeld thought public building were so unpleasing to the eye that they were […] The post *Bonus* How Barbed Wire Brought a University to DeKalb appeared first on .