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A dive into historical topics from an elevated perspective. New episodes will be out every Wednesday. Find us on our socials:@Historicallyhi on Twitter @historicallyhighpod on Instagram. Don't forget to like, rate, subscribe, and let your friends know what they are missing.


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A dive into historical topics from an elevated perspective. New episodes will be out every Wednesday. Find us on our socials:@Historicallyhi on Twitter @historicallyhighpod on Instagram. Don't forget to like, rate, subscribe, and let your friends know what they are missing.



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Walt Disney

Disney...a name that can stir emotions, excite the senses, and bring memories flooding back from anyones childhood. Walter Elias Disney was a man from humble beginnings who, through his love for animation, storytelling, and sheer determination, created an entertainment empire that spans the globe. Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable symbols in the modern world. "I'm going to Disneyland" is what every Super Bowl MVP shouts after winning the game. And today the Mouse House has become more than Walt could have ever dreamed. But how did this whole thing start? How did Mickey come about? How did Walt and his team of animators revolutionize animation and the movie making industry forever. Tune in and find out. Sponsor Mini Museum https://shop.minimuseum.com/?utm_source=podcast&utm_campaign=historicallyhigh Walt Disney Carpet Specimen https://shop.minimuseum.com/products/disneyland-cranberry-room-carpet?utm_source=podcast&utm_campaign=historicallyhigh


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The History of Scotland Part 2

After ol Robert Bruce takes a dirt nap, Scottish Independence is threatened before his body's even cold. The English wolves are at the door yet again. We'll fine out what happens when all of that Scottish/English martial mingling results in the King of Scotland being the next closest relative when the Monarch of England dies? Who was Mary, Queen of Scots? A dude named Bonnie Prince Charlie throws his hat in the rulership ring. And we finally get to talk about that most beautiful of all Scottish exports, the game of Golf. Join us as we put a bow on our two part class on the History of Scotland.


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The History of Scotland Part 1

There's something about Scotland that holds a special place in our hearts here at the Institute of Higher Learning. The Highlands, the moors, the lochs, the rolling hills, the accent, scotch whiskey, the people who date back more than 8,000 yrs before Britain's recorded history. A land constantly trying to fight for its independence against pretty much one enemy to the south (England). Scotland's history is so vast and rich we need two episodes to attempt to do it justice.


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Charles Manson and The Family

Charles Manson was a monster. Spending over half of his first 32 years on the planet in an institution did not reform him. If anything it made him what he was. A smooth talking con man who used his influence over impressionable young people leading to horrifying results. Oh and he sucked at the guitar. Activated by a drastic misinterpretation of The Beatles message, Charles tried to start what he called "Helter Skelter", the race war. We don't know how many victims the Mason Family had, but we do know the Tate-LaBianca murders weren't the only ones. Join us as we get Historically High on Charles Manson.


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Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird

Some things are bigger than sports. Every once in awhile that phrase is used to describe an event that means more than the score on the board. The relationship Larry Bird and Magic Johnson share with history is one of those things. Sure we will talk about their stellar achievements on the court, but there is so much more to Magic vs Bird. Michigan State vs Indiana State, Los Angeles vs Boston, Lakers vs Celtics, black vs white, introvert vs extrovert, Hollywood vs. French Lick. What ended up stronger than any rivalry was friendship. Join us as we get Historically High on Magic vs. Larry.


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The Italian-American Mafia

The Italian American Mafia was born out of the Castellamarese War. The Mafia was very much a thing in the United States prior to the war. The difference was the leadership. Old Sicilian Mafia men were called Mustache Petes. These were the guys in charge before the war. They were actually the guys that went to war. The generation of mobsters that grew up in America saw the world of organized crime differently. The new guard ended up whacking the old guard after the war, and the Italian American Mafia was born. Join us as we get Historically High on the Beginning of the Italian American Mafia


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World War 2: The Pacific Theater

World War 2 earned its World War moniker more so that its predecessor. It was truly a globe spanning series of events. The European Theater was condensed due to the geography of where it mostly occurred, The Pacific Theater was a whole different beast. Fought in a manner no war had ever been fought, over vast distances of ocean, countless islands, and through deadly jungles. The war in the Pacific showed the mighty battleship was no longer king of the seas, aircraft carriers were the future. It showed what the true industrial might of the USA was. It introduced an enemy so fanatical toward its Emperor they would make suicidal charges or crash their planes in the hopes of killing the enemy. And it proved true the famous quote by Admiral Yamamoto, just prior to Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."


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The Wright Brothers

If Howard Hughes is the Father of Modern Aviation. The Wright Brothers are the Granddaddies of Human Flight. Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright developed an obsession with the defiance of gravity from a young age, when their father brought home a toy helicopter. As they grew up they decided to take a run at the newly exploded bicycle boom, giving them a source of funding for their real passion. Flight, and not just run down the side of a hill with a glider and coast for a couple hundred feet flight, that had been done before, but powered, controlled, sustainable flight. Basically what we think of when someone mentions flight now. What followed over the next few years involved the Wrights searching the United States for the perfect location, consistent wind, more forgiving land area (for the inevitable falls back to earth that would occur). The boys from Ohio would make bicycles during spring and summer, and then it was off to Kitty Hawk, SC for the fall and winter to test their theories and that years newest version of their Wright Flyer. This went on and on for years until they cleared each hurdle, controlled gliding, how to power this new creation, steering, and eventually bringing it all together to show humanity that man was meant to sore above the earth. Tune in to hear the whole story.


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Greek Mythology

There was a time when religion was cool. Like when jacked dudes threw lightning and women wielded armor and spears in the heavens and under the waves. When the sun traveled across the sky being pulled by a golden chariot. When people believed in the Gods of Olympus. Greek Mythology has it all, Deities, Drama, Scandal, Affairs, like a lot of affairs, mostly by one guy, and he just so happens to be the main guy Zeus. But before he was trying to nail all of Greece he was the child of the Titan Cronos, who ate all his kids. Then there's the story of Cronus himself. The legends and stories of Greek Mythology may sounds familiar because they've been borrowed from and adapted throughout history innumerable times, but like all things there is an origin story. Tune in here to see how it all got started. Disclaimer: Zeus sexually assaults a lot of people, we discuss it, kind of a big part of his narrative, just letting you all know.


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Pablo Escobar

To put it plainly Pablo Escobar lived a crazy life. Not many people can say they survived a civil war to go on to create one of the most vicious yet successful drug cartels in history. He beat the odds of a bad upbringing and became one of the richest people in the world. From putting down a guerilla group who made their money by abducting the family members of narcos, to becoming a member of the Colombian government, to literally going to war with the Colombian government, El Patron craved control. Get ready for another crazy narcos episode as we get Historically High on Pablo Escobar


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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

It probably strange to think of a time when the security of the President of the United States wasn't a top priority. That time would be right around five days after the Civil War ended with the surrender of Robert E Lee and his confederate forces. It should have been a time of rebuilding and healing as a nation, but a man named John Wilkes Booth (you may have heard of him) took it upon himself (maybe?) to avenge the defeat of the south by killing the man who lead the Union to victory. The plot to kill Abraham Lincoln is much more complex than anything they taught us in grade school. Lincoln was just the centerpiece of a plan to destabilize the government by killing multiple political figures all at the same time. Join us as we dive deep into the murder of The Man that Saved the Union.


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World War 1: Part Two

As World War 1 rages on in Europe, new players have entered the game on both sides. Trench Warfare is still at a stalemate in Northern France but elsewhere the fighting is fierce and deadly as new weapons are unveiled on the battlefield. A new comer to the world stage in the form of the United States begins flexing its might and ends the war on the winning side. Empires begin to topple as countries are taken out of the war until only Germany stands alone against the Allied Powers.


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World War 1: Part One

The Great War. The War to End All Wars. The scope of the First World War was so large it was almost unbelievable to think any conflict could surpass the destruction it wrought not just upon Europe, but many other countries as well. The Great War was the first time classic war strategy met advancements in technology designed to inflict maximum casualties. Basically fighting like you would when the enemy had muskets when they now had machine guns. It was where trench warfare become infamous with the horrors that occurred in No Man's Land. Entire landscapes destroyed by the thousands of artillery shells fired. Empires that stood for centuries were ended by the war. Air Combat saw its birth here, tank warfare had its introduction. It was truly a conflict that shaped our future but unfortunately did not teach us any lessons except how to kill each other more effectively.


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The History of Constantinople

What if I told you Rome wasn't always "Rome". After a guy named Constantine won a little civil war within the Roman Empire, he decided Rome was past its prime what with the insane corruption and all. So he set up shop in what would become one of the greatest cities in history, Constantinople. Located on the coast of the Bosphorus Straits with control of one of the richest trade routes in the known world, the only thing that rivaled the landmarks of the city were its defenses, designed to defend the crown jewel of the Roman Empire for what would end up being around 1000 years, and this place was attacked a lot.


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The British Monarchy: Beginnings

When you hear the term Royals, or Queen, our minds tend to take us to the British Monarchy or British national treasure musical group Queen . One of if not the longest standing monarchies still technically in power. The current Royal Family, The House of Windsor can trace its lineage back to 1066, the time of William the Conqueror, the first widely recognized Monarch of England. That almost 1000 years ago. So how the hell does one family stay in power that long. Well long story short there's been a lot of them, so many in fact we're only covering the first dozen or so, but there's some real shitbags in there for your listening pleasure.


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The Rock. No, not the 10x heavyweight champion Scorpion King star. Alcatraz Island is located 1.5 miles from San Francisco in the bay. It started it's life as a military installation on the west coast. After that it became a military jail. Then a federal prison. This 29 year stretch is where the legend of Alcatraz was born. From daring escapes to famous inmates, the island captured our minds through literature and film. After the prison was closed it became a place for protest. Nowadays it is a very popular tourist spot. Shake your cuffs and get ready to get Historically High on Alcatraz


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Hannibal Barca or much like Cher and Bono, is known by just Hannibal, was a Carthaginian General who decided to dedicate his life to destroying Rome. Also much like Cher changed the music game, Hannibal did the same for warfare. The man was a tactical genius and came the closest to bringing down the Roman Empire since it began 520+ years earlier. He had the balls to march his army, a ragtag group of killers from multiple countries, including War Elephants, yes it's a thing and we discuss it in depth, across the Alps in order to attack the soft unprotected rear of Italy. Mi Scusi. He was so successful Rome had to change the entire way it fought just to try and stop him. Why are you still reading this, click the button and let's get started.


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The Zodiac Killer

The Bay Area in the late 1960's was a wild place to be. Free love that flooded the streets was replaced with fear. Murder has never been uncommon in a big city. Unsolved murders weren't rare either. The terror started when a man called into the local police department to report a murder and then take the credit. The Zodiac Killer as he would come to be known, took the lives of 5 people. Writing letters, sending ciphers, and leaving notes at crime scenes spread fear around the area. As the murders he took credit for stopped, his letters continued. Then one day the Zodiac seems to have disappeared. Listen in as we get Historically High while solving the Zodiac Killer mystery.


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S.O.E. - The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

I feel like I should only need to post the purpose of the Special Operations Executive to sell you on this episode so here you go "Espionage, Sabotage, and Reconnaissance in German occupied Europe during WW2. But I'll also leave you with what Churchill told the guy in charge of this "Ministry" when it was formed "Now go and set Europe ablaze." Plus there's a great looking new movie coming out about these men and women (yeah, some of the greatest spies were women what of it) by Guy Ritchie.


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The Pinkertons

If you've ever seen The Wild Bunch, 3:10 to Yuma, or played Red Dead Redemption series of games you're probably familiar with The Pinkertons. Created by a Scottish immigrant in the 1850's, In the beginning The Pinkerton Detective Agency did everything from spy on the confederacy during the civil war to protecting Abe Lincoln on the train ride to his inauguration. Later they made their name stopping outlaw gangs from robbing trains (i.e. Jesse James, The Wild Bunch). And even later they gave into greed and began infiltrating trade unions and were used as strike breakers against those trying to fight for their fair share and acceptable working conditions. Yeah these guys went from Heroes to Zeroes and we're covering the whole fall.