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Have you ever learned something cool and wondered "Hey, why haven't they made this into a movie yet?" Well, so have we! This podcast that delves deep into the facts of history in search of interesting and fun topics. Then we take those topics and go over how they would make interesting movies.

Have you ever learned something cool and wondered "Hey, why haven't they made this into a movie yet?" Well, so have we! This podcast that delves deep into the facts of history in search of interesting and fun topics. Then we take those topics and go over how they would make interesting movies.
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Have you ever learned something cool and wondered "Hey, why haven't they made this into a movie yet?" Well, so have we! This podcast that delves deep into the facts of history in search of interesting and fun topics. Then we take those topics and go over how they would make interesting movies.




Criminal Feminism: How Sophie Lyons became the Princess of Crime

Part 2 of our Queens of Crime series, Today we talk about how Sophie Lyons lightened the purses of people in New York in the late 1800s. It is a surprisingly romantic and sympathetic tale of harrowing crime sprees and the love the blossomed from it. Or maybe she was just a sociopath. Who knows. Give it a go, and watch your pockets.


This kindly old lady taught children how to steal: Frederika Mandelbaum, Queen of Crime

We're Back! After a few months Hiatus, the podcast is finally back. New Location, same ol' amateur crap you listen too! Today's show is about a little known crime lord of the New York City streets in the 1800s. Frederika Mandelbaum was her name, and she provided food, shelter, and a place for orphans to unload their stolen goods. She even had a school dedicated to teaching children how to steal. Sounds like a grandmother everyone would want!


Why does Daryl Davis have all those KKK robes?!

In a remarkable story about understanding and culture, Daryl Davis brings men out of the Klu Klux Klan with the power of friendship. Follow on twitter: @hownotamovie1 email: Music by Bensound


Radical Priest: How Father Dan Berrigan ended up on the FBI Most Wanted List

So today's podcast is about on of the icons of the Peace Movement, Father Dan Berrigan. Father Dan was a Catholic priest who specialized in Peaceful Protests. You might call him a PRIESTful Protester. Does that scan? Alex just laughed at it so it must be funny. Just came up with that on the fly. Should I change the title of the episode now? Anyway, He was a Radical. And not radical in the 90s doing-kick-awesome-moves-on-a-skateboard sense, the 60s Radical, and ended up on the FBI most wanted...


Bank Robbing 101: What Public Enemies got right... and wrong

So Alex and I are comparing the historical accuracy and inaccuracies of Michal Mann's Public Enemies, in which Johnny Depp plays the dashing John Dillinger, notorious bank robber of the 1930s. You know every bank robbery movie? Well, John Dillinger did it better. Listen and find out what the movie got right and wrong! Follow on twitter! @hownotamoive1 Music can be found here:


How to become the most decorated Roman Legionaire: The Sperius Lingustinus story

This week we discuss Sperius Lingustinus. What, you never heard of Sperius Lingustinus? He's ONLY the most decorated Roman Soldier in history. You need to brush up on your Ancient Mediterranean Imperial History. Give it a listen! Contact here: and here: Music this week by Ross Bugden Link: Follow Ross here:


Extreme Mechanics 101: Building a motorcycle in the Saraha

You crashed your car in the middle of the desert miles from help of any kind. What do you do? If your answer was "Build a motorcycle out of the car I crashed" Then you are correct! Listen and find out how Emile Leray was able to do just that in the middle of the Northern Sahara. Be sure to like and subscribe on iTunes, or you know, where ever you listen to podcasts. Also, why not give us a review on iTunes. It'll really help us out. Music this week is "Desert Stings" by Russ Makiwicz...


What Harry Potter movie would you want to make?

Ever think about what movie you would want to make if you were handed the Harry Potter franchise? Well, Alex and I discuss what movies we would make if we worked at Warner Bros. If you have any thoughts about what movies you would make about Harry and the Gang, let us know at and @hownotamovie1 on twitter Be sure to like and subscribe on whatever podcast app you listen to! Music:


How Mr. Rogers saved the Neighborhood

Alex is back! Fresh off his trip down under, Alex joins me in the Courtroom to discuss Fred Rogers and his magnificent testimony to Congress in 1969. Funding for PBS was about to be cut by one of the stingiest men in Congress and it was up to everyone's favorite neighbor to save the station. Listen to find out how that went, though I'm guessing you can figure it out on your own, given PBS is still around. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher or where ever you get your podcasts, write...


Sorry Guys, no show this week...

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? No show, its been a busy month for me. But starting next week I have summer break, so I'll be able to upload on a regular basis! And a website, if things go well for me.


How to survive a volcanic explotions while on the side od said volcano

Sorry, Its been a while since I've posted a show. Its the end of the school year, so lots of work to be done. But the summer is coming, which means I have some major shows I'm researching! Today we have a story of survival and heroism is impossible circumstances. It is the story of the Galeris Eruption of 1993 and the Science expedition that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or would that be Right place at the wrong time? I mean, they were studying the volcano, so they...


History vs Movie: Ok, we get it 300, Spartans had amazing abs.

Today I'm trying out my new idea for a special segment/show called History vs Movie, taking movies "Based on a True Story" and comparing them to the actual historical accounts. Today is an easy one where I go over the movie 300 and the history surrounding it. Give it a listen and let me know what you think! @hownotamovie1


Remember kids, Stealing Uranium is a bad idea for a Get Rich Quick Sceme

Down on your luck? Got bills to pay? Have a low sense of morality and a love of dangerous and life threatening materials? Why not try stealing uranium from a nuclear power plant and ransoming it back to the plant! Really, don't do that. Why not listen to this podcast instead? It won't get you thrown in jail. Remember to like and subscribe to the podcast on whatever podcast app you have. All the cool kids are doing it.


A Rogue Nazi Scientist? What do you think this is, a bad spy movie?

The enemy of my enemy... is still my enemy but at least they can help me out for a bit. That was the attitude the Israelis had when they asked an ex-Nazi intelligence officer to help them out in the early 60s. In an adventure that reads more like a spy novel than a history book, Otto Skorzeny teamed up with the Mossad to stop a threat that would shift the balance of power in the Middle East. (Totally feel like I'm writing a blurb on the back of a spy thriller right now) Special thanks to Dan...


If you were given the Star Trek Franchise, what movie/show would you make?

Today's show is a different from the usual format. I am joined by my good friend Travis and the two of us discuss Star Trek and what plot lines would make good Star Trek movies and TV Shows. Its a fun, interesting discussion that gets really nerdy at times. If you're not a Star Trek fan, there is still lots to enjoy here, so give it a listen! Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @hownotamovie1 Like, subscribe, and leave a review on iTunes, SoundCloud, or any of the podcast apps available. I hear...


Beating Witchcraft charges by only using Logic and Reason: The Johannes Kepler Story.

Got legal troubles? Has your neighbor ever accuse you of consorting with the Dark Prince himself? Are you on trial for witchcraft and are afraid of being burned at the stake? Well fear no more! Here are Johannes Kepler and Kepler, we use logic and reason to dismiss the hysteria and fear that have gotten so many people killed over the years. Call us today! So yea, apparently Kepler, famous mathematician, was able to get his mother cleared of Witchcraft charges. That was not an easy task in...


Landing a spaceship with just a wristwatch and a Sharpie: The Gordo Cooper Story

You ever wonder what would happen if your spaceship shut down mid-flight? Well, neither did NASA. Luckily they had Gordo Cooper, Self proclaimed best pilot in the world, at the helm. And boy he did NOT disappoint! Check it out!


And Starring Max Hardberger as Himself!

Today on the show I interview the one and only Max Hardberger, Part time pirate and total badass. Last week on the show we talked about his exploits in the dangerous world of Cargo Ship repossession, and he was kind enough to call in for an interview! I recommend listening to the previous episode first, just to familiarize yourself with his fascinating ordeals of this high seas adventurer.


How to steal a Cargo Ship or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love Maritime Law

I am not going to lie, this is a podcast about the most badass guy you'll ever hear about. F.Max Hardberger is a man who has made a living stealing cargo ships. H literally sneaks into harbors and commandeers these ships and sails them out under the cover of darkness. Don't believe me? Give it a listen!


The Dunk Heard round the world: Bracket Buster Baby!

Wanna know the story of one of the most thrilling basketball games ever played? Its time for March Madness and I thought it would be fun to talk about a real life underdog story that would make a fantastic movie. Enjoy!