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A fun and freewheeling look at the many events big and small, famed and forgotten from a single calendar year

A fun and freewheeling look at the many events big and small, famed and forgotten from a single calendar year


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A fun and freewheeling look at the many events big and small, famed and forgotten from a single calendar year




1967 Episode 3 - The Easter Sunday Elysian Park Love-In

The counterculture brought all their flutes and vegetables to the park on March 26th, 1967, and the Love-In commenced! It Happened One Year plunges you into the midst of this glorious, groovy event as Sarah & Joe talk flower & incense based protest circa the Summer of Love, and then spiral it out to the Be-Ins of the time, the simultaneous Central Park event of Easter '67, more aggressive protests to come, and whether or not The Monkees joined in with the fun and frivolity. Attention is paid...


1967 Episode 2 - The White House Wedding of Lynda Bird Johnson

A large portion of American society has never gotten to experience the cultural mania of a wedding being held in the home of the president, but in the late '60s and early '70s, this joint was a hotbed of matrimonial hullabaloo. Sarah & Joe captain a journey through time as they explore the history of White House nuptials, stretching back multiple centuries, while focusing on the union of Lyndon Johnson's daughter Lynda Bird to Marine Corps officer and future governor and senator from...


Season Two Begins! 1967 Episode 1 - The Great Potato Dumpling War

Welcome back, IHOY Heads! It's a new year in season two as Sarah & Joe do their level best to tackle the landmark lovefest that was 1967! Kicking things off is the famed (and forgotten?) tale of Munich artist Helmut Winter, a man who would not take it anymore as a hundred NATO planes flew over his neighborhood each and every day, and took matters into his own hands in a hilariously creative way. Witness the valiant efforts that affected real change for his community! Be there as the It...


BONUS: The 2000 Presidential Election

There have been some questions about It Happened One Year's freeform, under-researched trial episodes - well, fear not, as this last Bonus Episode before Season Two begins stays mostly on subject and features actual concrete opinions! Recorded in February of 2021 (which is handy to know, given references in the discussion), Sarah & Joe go full Marvel What If...? on the world in their recollections and breakdown of the nail-biter 2000 Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. What would've...


BONUS: The Fall of the Roman Empire

While still debating which year would be covered by Season Two of It Happened One Year, Sarah & Joe took a mighty swing at 476 A.D., with decidedly mixed results! Sure, the Roman Empire finally collapsed for good, but the hosts have a hard time even staying on that momentous event, getting distracted by the secular naming convention for years, the fifth century Pope Simplicius, Joe Biden's State of the Union Address, and how calendars worked before the birth of Christ. Be thankful that 476...


Coming Soon - IHOY Season Two!

We're doing it again! Sarah & Joe are rolling out another season of events big and small, famed and forgotten! It's a new year from the history books to explore and a massive new slate of topics across politics, sports, world events, literature, movies, television, innovations, oddball human interest, pet judging contests, mundane weather, and so much more!


BONUS: The Hundred Years’ War

It's another ancient archive recording this week, as It Happened One Year unearths this test episode from pre-season one - Sarah & Joe's quick hack through all 116 years of the Hundred Years' War! Listen as they dispute this clearly inaccurate naming convention! Watch in horror as they speculate about the leaders of the countries, the countries involved, the relevance of the Crusades, and whether or not the Americas were somehow tangentially involved in the conflict! There are even a handful...


BONUS: The Johnstown Flood of 1889

As season two continues under construction, It Happened One Year is again making with the bonus oddities - this week, Sarah & Joe kick around what they know of the Johnstown Flood of 1889, thus the abbreviated running time! Listen as the discussion quickly ranges between what people might've kept in their basements in the late 19th century to a frustrating argument with the Alexa over Jack the Ripper facts.


It Happened Another Year - 1987’s Baby Jessica

Bonus episode! From deep in the vault comes this bizarro rarity - a pre-It Happened One Year "episode," before the show had recorded a single minute of actual content. Listen in as the married hosts try to determine if they have any sort of podcast chemistry, while kicking around the legendary tale of that stumbling baby who fell down a well. Plenty of questions are raised about the famous event, and about wells in general, as Sarah & Joe worked to develop the show that would ultimately...


Episode 52 - The Great Trivia Showdown Season Finale!

Finally, 1994 is coming to an end! Sarah & Joe's grand pandemic era experiment in nostalgia wraps up this week, with this wholly trivial fifty-second episode! Listen in to that most riveting of podcast adventures - the hosts battling it out for knowledge supremacy, with all questions pertaining to the broad podcast topic they've revisited week after week for the past year. Past episodes are discussed, missed subject opportunities discovered, and hints for the future of It Happened One Year...


Episode 51 - The In Memoriam Segment 1994 *Cue Music and Applause*

In the second-to-last episode of this It Happened One Year season, Sarah & Joe take a look back at the rest of the celebrities we lost way back in the landmark year of 1994. The major figures of politics, literature, sports, film & television, crime, music, and more are given that classic IHOY send off. Hey, what takes place on an awards show before they reach their grand finale? Gotta give a nod to the dear departed! Richard Nixon, Jackie Kennedy, Kurt Cobain, Burt Lancaster, Wilma Rudolph,...


Episode 50 - Now You’re Playing With Power! Super Power!

It Happened One Year's landmark fiftieth episode delves into one of the show's little-covered corners of 1994 entertainment - video games, specifically the blockbuster titles from the Super Nintendo, with cameos by the Sega Genesis, and a few long forgotten products from both. Sarah & Joe cover their respective paths of console enjoyment in the early '90s, touching on the top selling games of the year - including Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid - and the wildly creative by necessity...


Episode 49 - Jack Nicholson’s Wolf Man Extravaganza

Love is in the air this Valentine's Day, and what is more romantic than the Jack Nicholson/Michelle Pfeiffer cult (?) classic monster melee Wolf?! It's another Dealer's Choice - the first one in a while - and the result brings us straight to the full moon doorstep of horror, suspense, lust, and highbrow literary society circa 1994! Sarah & Joe discuss werewolf films of the era (which this film only basically fits into), making difficult comparisons with An American Werewolf in London and...


Episode 48 -The Great Motion Picture Yearbook - 1994 Edition

It's time to take a look at the good, the lucrative, and the flops coming from the motion picture industry in 1994, in this cinematic forty-eighth episode! Sarah & Joe's lengthy trip around the film universe covers the biggest box office grossers, the proliferation of unsuccessful sequels & remakes versus the gangbusters industry of today, the Oscar winners and nominees, and the movies they feel stand the test of time and are all-time classics. Dozens of films get a glance, from your Hoop...


Episode 47 - Gillooly & Kaelin

Two of the absolute icons of 1994 are featured in this legendary forty-seventh episode of It Happened One Year! Tonya Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and Nicole Simpson's ex-house guest Kato Kaelin had lives of varying success and public interest prior to the events of '94, but afterward they would become household names forever, and for very different reasons. The tribulations of the Gillooly/Harding union are explored, up to and including The Crime of the First Half of the Year,...


Episode 46 - The India Plague of 1994, or How We Spent Our 23 Month Coronavirus Quarantine

This super-sized forty-sixth episode is legitimately way too much - everyone involved would agree. But in order to cover (briefly) the events of the plague on the sub-continent in 1994 and (more expansively) everything personally connected to the COVID pandemic of 2020, 2021, 2022, and so on requires a whole bundle of time! Sarah & Joe take us on a rollercoaster of emotion, swinging from discussions about all the breads and pastries made over the past two years to passionate worry about the...


Episode 45 - The Day the Blobs Fell From the Sky!

It's a special brand of sci-fi suspense this week, as this gelatinous forty-fifth episode tackles the eerie, inexplicable events in Oakville, Washington from August of 1994! Sarah & Joe attempt to concoct theories as to what caused pellets of goo to rain down in unholy terror on the unsuspecting residents of this small northwest town, causing some to fall ill and causing some Fidos and Meow-Meows to go off to that big PetSmart in the sky! Along the way, the hosts try to relate these bizarre...


Episode 44 - The Lost Comedians of 1994

While an especially bad year for celebrity deaths, 1994 was particularly devastating on the field of comedy, taking a big group of super talented folks from us, and many at far too young an age. Sarah & Joe, in typical fashion befitting longtime death pool participants, focus on the positives, and try to celebrate the joy brought to us all from these major figures in the field. Batman TV actor Cesar Romero, stand-up legend Bill Hicks, beloved star John Candy, SNL trailblazer Danitra Vance,...


Episode 43 - Ernst Stavro Kojak

It may be a new year for the world, but it's still 1994 around these parts! Sarah & Joe take a quick look at the life and times of famed actor and pitchman Telly Savalas, who left behind quite the body of interesting work 28 years ago! Almost certainly best remembered for his massive hit detective show of the 1970's Kojak, Savalas' lengthy career before and after is explored, through discussions of his one-shot as James Bond nemesis Blofeld in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, landing the...


Episode 42 - A Baseball Humbug

It is the eve of the Major League Baseball strike - August 11th, 1994 - and acting commissioner Bud Selig sits alone in his offices, as solitary as an oyster. With the work stoppage looming and the season in jeopardy, he is visited by the ghost of former commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti, warning him that the only chance of averting this crisis comes in the form of three spirits, who hope to inform him about the past, present, and future of the state of baseball... The biggest It Happened...