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A podcast hosted by Dr Tom Thorpe on all aspects of the Great War from the UK's leading First World War history society The Western Front Association (

A podcast hosted by Dr Tom Thorpe on all aspects of the Great War from the UK's leading First World War history society The Western Front Association (


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A podcast hosted by Dr Tom Thorpe on all aspects of the Great War from the UK's leading First World War history society The Western Front Association (




Ep271 – Children and childhood in WW1 – Dr Viv Newman

Author and historian Dr Viv Newman about her research into children and childhood during the Great War. She explores how the war affect children across Europe, how some children became combatants and what impact the war had on children in the 1920s and 1930s. Viv is a social historian with a particular interest in children […]


Ep270 – Gas Warfare during WW1 – Rocky Salmon

WFA European Officer Rocky Salmon talks about gas warfare during the Great War. Rocky talks about the types of chemical agents used, their efficacy and tactics used by combatant forces to deploy gas. He also talks about the effectiveness of counter measures, such as gas masks. Finally, he concludes with an analysis of the legacy […]


Ep269 – The Netherlands during WW1 – Pauline Onderwater

PhD student Pauline Onderwater talks about her doctoral research into the Netherlands during the Great War. In the interview, she talks about how the war affected the daily lives of Dutch citizens and how the country navigated neutrality between the Central Powers and the Entente. She also considers the social, political and economic impact of […]


Ep268 – Richard Aldington and the Great War – Dr Viv Whelpton

Dr Viv Whelpton talks about the life and service of Great War poet Richard Aldington. Aldington (1892-1962) was an English writer and poet who is best known for a semi-autobiographical novel the Death of a Hero, published in 1929. Viv was formerly a teacher and is now a Great War historian and author. She has […]


Ep267 – Morale in the BEF on the Western Front, 1917-8 – Dr Alex Mayhew

Dr Alex Mayhew, a historian of the cultural, military, and social history of war and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, talks about his research into the morale of the British soldier in the final 18 months of the Great War. He and the host, talk about their respective perspectives on morale and motivation […]


Ep266 – The US 103rd Regiment in WW1 – Jonathan Bratten

Jonathan Bratten talks about his history of the US 103rd Regiment during the Great War. The 103rd was a National Guard unit drawn from New England and saw action with the American Expeditionary Force in the US 26th Division. His book is titled To the Last Man: A National Guard Regiment in the Great War, […]


Ep265 – The Indian Army in WW1 – Dr Andrew Jarboe

Historian and teacher Dr Andrew T. Jarboe talks about his recent book Indian Soldiers in World War I: Race and Representation in an Imperial War, published by University of Nebraska Press in 2021. In this interview, Andrew argues that Indian soldiers contributed decisively to the British Empire’s final victory in the war. He suggests that […]


Ep264 – 1917, The Darkest Year – Dr Spencer Jones

Dr Spencer Jones talks about The Darkest Year, a collection of essays he edited on the British Army fighting on the Western Front in 1917 during the Great War. The volume covers a wide range of subjects including grand strategy, tactical development and training, maintenance of morale and the importance of intelligence gathering. It also […]


Ep263 – The German colonies in WW1 – Prof Matt Fitzpatrick

Historian Professor Matt Fitzpatrick, Professor in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University in Australia, talks about his research into the fate of two Imperial German colonial possessions, German Cameroon and German Samoa, in the opening months of the Great War. He discusses why Germany acquired them, how Germany administered them […]


Ep262 – WW1 Officers facing disgrace in 1920s courtrooms – Dr Frances Hurd

Historian Dr Frances Hurd talks about her research into officers who fall foul of the law in the 1920s. She examines three officers who found themselves in the courts after the war. Charles Reid Wodehouse appeared in court on various charges, including passing dud cheques, impersonation, staying in fashionable hotels and restaurants under a false […]


Ep261a – In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War – Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy

In this special podcast, I talk to historian and photographer Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy about the launch of his book In the Centennial Footsteps of the Great War. The two-volume book chronicles and explains the historical events of the Great War through photos taken by the author one hundred years later, between 2014 and 2021, in each and every theatre […]


Ep261 – Teaching the Great War Kingham Hill School – Donna Saxby & Gareth Williams

History teacher Gareth Williams and librarian Donna Saxby from Kingham Hill School in Oxfordshire, talk about how they teach the Great War to their pupils. They outline how they encourage pupils to research former pupils from the school who served in the Great War using primary documents. They also have a regular programme of battlefield […]


Ep260 – Subterranean operations in WW1 – Dr Matt Leonard

Historian and modern conflict archaeologist Dr Matt Leonard talks about subterranean operations in WW1. Matt discusses how the extent, scope and nature of below ground activities, their purpose and tactical and strategic impact. He is a member of the Durand Group and he continues to conduct regular archaeological and anthropological research in France and Belgium, […]


Ep259 – The Boy Scouts during the War – Dr Craig Armstrong

Historian Craig Armstrong talks about his recent book The Boy Scouts in the Great War that looks at the movement during the First World War. The Boy Scouts Association was just seven years old when war broke out in 1914. With its members brought up with a strong ethos of duty and loyalty, it was […]


Ep258 – Dissent and indiscipline in the Indian Army during WW1 – Dr Adam Prime

Dr Adam Prime talks about his research into dissent and indiscipline in the Indian Army during the Great War. Adam outlines the number of incidents of dissent, ill-discipline and mutiny by Indian Army units, the reasons for this discontent and the actions taken by the military authorities to manage the problem. Adam is an independent […]


Ep257 – Visiting the battlefields in France and Belgium – Tom Strickland

Author, teacher and historian Tom Strickland talks about his recent book, Following in the Footsteps of Heroes, which is a new guide to the battlefield sites of France and Belgium. Tom talks about the book, its target audience and some of the sites he covers. This book is published by Sabrestorm Publishing. Tom is a […]


Ep256 – Fighting at the Battle of the Isonzo on your computer – Jos Hoebe

Jos Hoebe, talks about the new Great War computer game Isonzo, that he helped develop with Netherlands game developers Game Drive. Isonzo is the third Great War game he has worked on, the other two being Tannenberg and Verdun. Isonzo is a first person shooter game set on the Italian Front as Italy clashes with […]


Ep255 – Association Football on the Home Front – Dr Alexander Jackson

Dr Alexander Jackson talks about his recent book Football’s Great War, Association Football on the English Home Front. Alex talks about the so-called ‘anti-football debate’ that took place in 1914/5 and how amateur and professional players, clubs and the Football Association responded to this debate. He also talks about how football clubs, local amateur leagues […]


Ep254 – 1919 Peace Day Mugs & Medals – Giles Penman

Historical researcher Giles Penman, studying at the University of Warwick, talks about his research into the use of Roman and Ancient Greek imagery on the 1919 Peace Day mugs and medals. To celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, that ended the Great War, a Peace Day was held in the UK […]


Ep253 – The Kaiser during the Great War – Prof Matt Fitzpatrick

Historian Professor Matt Fitzpatrick, Professor in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University in Australia, talks about his research into the role of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany during the Great War. Wilhelm II was c controversial figure and Matt discusses his life, his political and military role during the Great war […]