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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.

We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.
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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.








Seventy-Nine: Jason Special VIII - Corrupted Files

This week, Sam becomes the very thing he swore to destroy as he irrationally and angrily denies the Mandela Effect. Also, we learn what Deja Vu ACTUALLY is and have a brief discussion on Parallel Universes and why they probably can't be used to explain away everything. Also, special guest star: Caitie Fredrickson telling us her own Mandela Effect story which we refuse to believe. We hope you'll enjoy.


Seventy-Eight: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies II - CHECK OUT ALL THESE DOGS ZEEHAS. THEY’RE GOOD BOYS ZEEHAS. GOOD BOYS.

This week we finish up our two parter of the first part on the gulf breeze UFO sightings with our good friend Rob from Our Strange Skies. Join us as we watch Ed Walters descend further into madness, as he continues to dodge the worst abduction attempts we’ve ever seen. We hope you’ll enjoy!


Seventy-Seven: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies I - They Call Me Zeehas

This week we dive into one of the most insane and also most compelling accounts of alien contact to grace the modern age. Beyond a simple light in the sky, or even a full blown extra-terrestrial kidnapping, Ed and Frances Walters experienced, over the course of years, repeated contact with what must be acknowledged as just the worst the Aliens had to offer. Bungled abductions, photographic confirmation, and a grand total of over 20 different encounters with the same entities have turned the...


Episode Seventy-Six: The Jinn II - Arabian Nights, Arabian Fights

This week we conclude our series on the Jinn of legend by examining stories of their interactions with humans throughout the ages. Starting in classical Arabia, winding our way through the war on terror, and finally ending our journey at an oasis, a haunted outpost in the unforgiving heat of the desert, we will examine how the stories of the Jinn have in some ways changed with the times, and how in other ways they have, terrifyingly, stayed the same. We hope you’ll enjoy


Seventy-Five: The Jinn I - For My First Wish...

This week we explore the lore and legend associated with one of the most unique magical beings of all time, the Jinn, or Genie as many of us know it as. We will explore it's origin in pre-islamic arabia, its codification as truth in the Quran, and it's transformation into the big, blue, vessel for Robin William's soul that we know it to be today. We hope you'll enjoy!


Seventy-Four: The Dark Watchers - The Mountains of Madness

This week we cover an obscure bit of Californian Folklore, the Dark Watchers. Listen as Sam asks Jason if he's familiar with all sorts of Californian things, and the two of them bond over the atrocities of John Steinbeck, while trying to get to the bottom of stories that have to do with human shadows, unaccompanied by humans, living in the mountains of Big Sur. We hope you'll enjoy!


Seventy-Three: Project Pegasus II - The Leap Home (To Mars)

This week in the thrilling conclusion to our series on Project Pegasus, wrapping up our second 'Conspiracy Jason Just Doesn't Get', we examine the good lawyer/future president's claim that he and Barack Obama have more in common than the presidency. The red planet has often found itself at the center of crazy conspiracy theories worth their weight in untraceable, sequentially numbered bills, and this is no exception. Join us as we explore the TRUTH ABOUT MARS


Seventy-Two: Project Pegasus I - Does Andy Have Your Vote?

This week we reprise the wickedly popular format, Conspiracies Jason Just Doesn't Get! This time, we take too close of a look at Project Pegasus, the top secret time travel project built upon the work of Nikola Tesla and Father Ernetti, developed by DARPA in order to give the United States a leg up in the time-space age which began in 1970\. We'll explore stories of presidential conspiracy, assassination, and shoe mischief! We hope you enjoy!


Seventy-One: The Chronovisor - Father Time

This week we focus on one of the most enduring, albeit it improbable, of all modern myths, that of Father Ernetti and the Chronovisor! Join us as we dive into the rich tapestry of mystery which surrounds the supposed invention of a device that can be used for a variety of purposes, from removing the faith in faith-based religious systems, to enforcing universal dictatorships which could enslave us all at the drop of a hat. We'll cover the story, the evidence, and the major players in this...


Seventy: The Ariel School Incident - Hot for Teacher (So Long as that Teacher is also an Alien)

This week we cover one of the most convincing, corroborated accounts of an Extra-Terrestrial Encounter that the world has to offer. 62 witnesses, all claiming to see the same thing at the same time, verified to be telling the truth, as best they could, by one of the foremost psychoanalysts of the late 20th century. Stories of ecological doom, technological Armageddon, and specific references to other lesser known alien abductee and contactee symptoms and shared trauma. And whaddya know?...


Sixty-Nine: The Witches and Wonders in the Mexican Skies - Bruja!

This week we explore the insane world of UFHs, Unidentified Flying Humanoids, and literal real life witches in the skies over Mexico. One of the most well documented paranormal phenomena, dozens of videos and photo evidence have been documented to show everything from little strange dots to full blown winged, supernatural beings, fluttering about in the sky. From there, we move forward to examine the eyewitness accounts and trace evidence cases of real-life witches menacing members of law...


Sixty-Eight: The Ghosts of Scotland II - Auld Reikie

This week we finish up our series on Scotland and its many beautiful and terrifying elements of the macabre. We focus on Witchcraft in Scotland, the infamous body-snatchers William Burke and William Hare, and the most treacherous poltergeist to haunt the earth. We hope you'll enjoy!


Sixty-Seven: The Ghosts of Scotland I - The White Lady of St. Andrews

This week we cover the first of two big ghost stories Sam "researched" on his vacation to Scotland, this first being the White Lady of St. Andrews and her Chamber of Corpses. Join us as we marvel as the mundane things the British do, and discover the saga of the most undeniably beautiful ghost in the world.


Sixty-Six: Tales of the Skinwalker - Coyote Ugly

This week we return to a topic touched on in earlier episodes, one that gives Sam the absolute spooks and Jason a bad case of sleep paralysis. The folklore surrounding the Skinwalker, the evil entity of First Nations belief, is as chilling as it is resilient. To this day, stories of Skinwalker Encounters come in fresh, and Sam and Jason are going to do your best to teach you some things to be on the lookout when wandering alone at night.


Sixty-Five: Jason Special VII - Spiritualism: I AM HOUDINI AND YOU ARE A FRAUD

Jason is back this week with one of his best specials yet. This week he digs into the phenomena of Spiritualism, specifically its historic roots and how we came to form our negative culture perception of it, as well as it's toolkit, Seances and Ouija Boards. As always, he explains there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and moves us from the Fox Sisters of the 19th century through to the present day. He also introduces one of the show's new catchphrases. We hope you enjoy!


Sixty-Four: The Toynbee Tiles II - YOU MUST MAKE + GLUE TILES!

This week we conclude our series on the Toynbee Tiles focusing on a search for the Toynbee Tiler. As we explore characters with names like Railroad Joe, and the Birdman, men with no voice boxes, and entire associations advocating for Jupiterian Resurrection, we bring in a team of researchers whose unveiling of the Tiler is as good a drama as life could ever provide.



We have failed you. There will not be an episode of Not Alone this week, and we're sorry. In response, here is an apology and like 30 other great podcasts you can use to fill your time this week and every other week as well. You can find links to every show mentioned here over at



This week we examine one of the most perplexing and enduring mysteries of the modern day. The convoluted story of the Toynbee Tiles mix fantasy, science-fiction, religion, organized crime, and the promise of eternal life to create one big pie of crazy. It is a gift that keeps on giving. In part one, we tell a brief story of the appearance of the tiles all over the world, and decode the message found within. Next week we’ll be working to unveil the identity of the tiler. We hope you’ll enjoy!...


Sixty-Two: The Goblin of Zaragoza - Stovetop Roleplaying Game

This week, Sam blindsides Jason with a story almost too good to be true. It's got heavy police involvement and documentation. It's got the makings of a great hoax, but has never officially been solved. It's got a displaced family, a ruined home, and, most importantly, it's got a talking stove. We hope you'll enjoy. Make sure you check out Into The Portal! You can head to to learn more about this episode


Sixty-One: The Goatmen - Burn! That! Bridge!

This week we explore three of the most well known and terrifying legends of half-man half-goat monsters plaguing these United States. From the woods of Maryland, to the Bridges of Kentucky, we examine the urban legends and supernatural hauntings that have given rise to this terrifying brand of hybrid. Ghosts, Mad Scientists, Devil Worshipers and more await. We hope you’ll enjoy!