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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.

We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.
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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.








Sixty-Two: The Goblin of Zaragoza - Stovetop Roleplaying Game

This week, Sam blindsides Jason with a story almost too good to be true. It's got heavy police involvement and documentation. It's got the makings of a great hoax, but has never officially been solved. It's got a displaced family, a ruined home, and, most importantly, it's got a talking stove. We hope you'll enjoy. Make sure you check out Into The Portal! You can head to to learn more about this episode


Sixty-One: The Goatmen - Burn! That! Bridge!

This week we explore three of the most well known and terrifying legends of half-man half-goat monsters plaguing these United States. From the woods of Maryland, to the Bridges of Kentucky, we examine the urban legends and supernatural hauntings that have given rise to this terrifying brand of hybrid. Ghosts, Mad Scientists, Devil Worshipers and more await. We hope you’ll enjoy!


Sixty: The Mystery of Clapham Wood - How to Make Friends and Sacrifice People

This week we take you through the Mystery of Clapham Wood, starting with the UFO sightings that propelled it to fame within the paranormal sphere, to the alleged human sacrifices that took place at the bequests of Hecate, Ancient Goddess of Witchcraft. Fair warning, some dogs die in this one. We're sorry for that.


Fifty-Nine: The Horrors of Leap Castle - Come for the Ghosts, Stay for the Pie

This week we explore Ireland’s most haunted castle and the inhuman horrors that dwell within! Leap Castle has been established on a foundation of blood since before the first stone of its walls were laid, and with the unparalleled amount of straight up murder that took place in and beneath the fortress, it is no wonder why it got such an abundance of ghosts, as well as a creature so chillingly described that if it’s even halfway real, makes me no longer wish to live on this planet anymore....


Fifty-Eight: Vampires...Again? - New World, New Bloodsuckers

This week, the first time something like this has ever happened, Sam responds to Jason's most recent special. Bringing stories of Vampires in the New World, we focus in on the fine details hidden within Jason's broad strokes, doing our best to compliment each other and create for you a vibrant painting of a vampire coming to suck your blood. We'll explore love and loss in New England, and serial killers in the swamplands of New Orleans. We hope you'll enjoy!


Fifty-Seven: Jason Special VI - Blood (And the Vampires Who Love It)

This week Jason returns for his sixth special, this time taking us through the wild world of Blood and the monsters that drink it. From ancient Mesopotamian demons to cute little bats vomiting blood into each others mouths, he covers it all with glee and childlike wonder. But we won't hold that against him. We hope you'll enjoy this HYPNOTIZING episode!


Fifty-Six: Tales of Spontaneous Human Combustion - Old Lady Fireball

This week, with our glorious return from a two week break, Sam and Jason bring you another in their Tales of... series. This time, we are looking at Tales of individuals who become engulfed in flame with little or no warning, leaving behind little to no explanation as to how and why this happened. From ancient knights to modern day old men, we'll take you through the most enduring stories of this phenomena. Don't forget to head to to support this...


Forty-One: The Murder of Charles Walton Pt. 2 - Higgins? Is That You?

Join us tonight as we conclude our two part series on the Witchcraft Murder of Lower Quinton, the death of Charlie Walton. We’ll switch from setting the scene into the act of investigating the brutal murder itself, take you through the suspects, the evidence, and the ‘lore’ surrounding the homicide, before finally passing judgement. We hope you’ll enjoy the episode. For more information on this episode you can go to


Forty: The Murder of Charles Walton, Pt. 1 - A Charming Little Village. With A Secret

Join us tonight as for our first episode in a two part series on the Witchcraft murder of 1945. On a sleepy day in the village of Lower Quinton in Warwickshire a body was found, brutally murdered. As the investigators started their search, they realized that not only were things not adding up to produce a suspect, what they were producing was something even more alarming. Witches


Thirty-Nine: Jason Special #4 - The Last Dragon (Messed Us Up)

This week, Sam sits idly by and allows Jason to explore the world outside of his cage, and host his fourth ever JASON SPECIAL! Science and Sorcery, Logic and Lizards, Math and Magic combine to bring you a thorough debunking of the very IDEA of Dragons. Not only are all these poets and storytellers from the Middle Ages and ancient world terrible liars, but they also don’t understand how physics works, and Jason is here to clear all that up for them. We hope you’ll enjoy! You can head to...


Thirty-Eight: The Dover Demon - The Kids Aren’t Alright

This week we explore one of the most anomalous creatures to ever grace the history of modern folklore, The Dover Demon. The demon, which has been described as the David S. Pumpkins of its time due to the way it is ‘its own thing’ resembles no known or mythological creature or phenomena like unto it. We’ll be going through the witnesses stories and the physical evidence that makes this one of the most compelling cases to ever occur on our strange planet. You can head to...


Thirty-Seven: Listener Stories 1 - It’s Imperative to Stare

Tonight we explore for the very first time, a collection of stories sent in by listeners just like you. In fact, some of them might be you. We explore a mix of prerecorded and written tales, sure to chill the blood and cause even the most skeptical amongst us to scratch their heads in bewilderment. We hope you’ll enjoy the episode. We know we did.


Thirty-Six: Point Pleasant, West Virginia Pt. 2 - It’s Not An Owl

This week we conclude our series on Point Pleasant West Virginia and John Keel with one of our longest episodes yet. Two and a half hours of paranormal goodness. We cover the Real Men in Black, more Mothman sightings, the Contactee Phenomena, localized tragedy, theories, arguments, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy the episode. Head over to for more information about this episode.


Thirty-Five: Point Pleasant, West Virginia Pt. 1 - Keel and Mothman and Aliens, OH MY!

This week we attempt to cover one of the most well known phenomena of all time, the Mothman of Point Pleasant. However, if you ask anyone with any knowledge of this case, it is not one that exists in a vacuum. Therefore, this is not an episode on the Mothman. This is a series on Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the years 1966 to 1967, when flying silver spheres were sighted frequently, monsters roamed the sky and earth, and one man was determined to put it all together. We hope you enjoy,...


Thirty-Four: The Black Monk of Pontefract - Knock Knock, Who’s There?

This week we cover our first ever specific haunting experience, and it only took 8 months. We’re more than happy to bring you one of the most convincing and authentic cases of poltergeist activity, that of the Black Monk of Pontefract. We explore the relationship between the Pritchard Family and the specter that shared their home with them for 9 months between August of 1968 and May of 1969. From the harmless knocking and rapping that haunted the home for days on end, to the physical...


Thirty-Three: Skinwalker Ranch, Pt. 3 - All About That BAASS

This week we conclude our series on Skinwalker Ranch by focusing on the most conspiratorial side of the ranch and its inhabitants. We’re going to take you through the death of NIDS and the birth of its shadowy replacement BAASS, the true purpose and outcomes of Bigelows investments on the Ranch, as well as some of the amazing work that has been done by Ryan Skinner bringing the conspiracy behind this ranch to light. We’ll explore the idea that the government is involved on the ranch, that...


Thirty-Two: Skinwalker Ranch, Pt. 2 - Scientists vs. Portals! FIGHT!

This week we are continuing our Skinwalker Ranch series, focusing specifically on the arrival of the National Institue for Discovery Science and their mysterious benefactor, Robert Bigelow. We will explore the supposed evidence, the problems Jason has with how PhD level scientists do their job, and the first tidings of the undercurrent of conspiracy that run deep under the ground of Skinwalker Ranch. We hope you’ll enjoy. Head to Http:// for more...


Thirty-One: Skinwalker Ranch Pt. 1 - Spooksville, Population: Limitless

Join us tonight for our first in a multi-part series on possibly the most active paranormal hotspot in the world, and Sam’s preferred final resting place, Skinwalker Ranch. We will dive deep into the laundry list of supernatural phenomena that calls the ranch home, from UFOs to invisible predators, to poltergeist activity, flesh and blood monsters and more. In this first episode we will be focusing on the story of the family of Terry and Gwen Sherman, a well-meaning group whose hunt for a...


Thirty: The Philadelphia Experiment w/ The What If? Podcast - Time Boat

Tonight we bring you another collaboration, this one with our good friends over at the What If? Podcast! We'll be exploring the modern myth of the Philadelphia Experiment, the story of ship that travelled in time and space. We take you through the story, the explanations, the evidence, the probable hoax and the world-changing potential of the Unified Field Theory as explained by some guys who don't know a single thing about science. We hope you'll enjoy the episode!


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