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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.

We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.
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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.








One Hundred and Four: The Wildman of China - Near Human Apetelligence

This week we go over the legend of the Wildman of China, or the Yeren, often thought to be a cousin to the North American Sasquatch. We chronicle it's legendary origins, admiring the monolith of Chinese Myth as we pass it by, and explore some of the accounts of it's salacious activities in years gone by, before turning our focus to the modern day. From Communist Party Secretaries to Peasant Cowherds, we tell the stories that have come out of the 20th century that cement the reality of the...


One Hundred and Three: The Witchy Wolves of the Omer Plains - Melting Pot of Legend

This week we highlight a story from the recent release by friend of the show, Linda S. Godfrey. The book is titled 'I Know What I Saw: Modern-Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban Legend and Ancient Lore' and our subject this week is just one of dozens of excellent stories that are catalogued within it. The Witchy Wolves of the Omer Plain are one part national tragedy, one part spirit guardian, and 100 percent regional folklore at its finest. However, there very well may be more than...


One Hundred and Two: A Not Alone Retrospective

Today we look back, reminiscing as friends and partners, over the first 100 episodes of this ridiculous podcast. We field a few questions, and go on a whole lot of tangents. Thanks for 101 excellent episodes. Here's looking to 101 more.


One Hundred and One: Lunar Tales II - Shoot for the Stars and Miss and Die in the Vacuum of Space

This week we conclude our two partner on Lunar Conspiracy with some of the most notable theories we've ever covered on the show. From attempting to open a channel of communication with a long dead God, to keeping the entirety of humankind under the thumb of our scaly overlords, and so much more, we present a veritable buffet of madness, in honor of that great big, lie in the sky, Moon. We hope you'll enjoy. Don't forget to submit your questions for our Q&A to in...


One Hundred: Lunar Tales I - Stanley Kubrick, Director of Reality w/ Brian Hastie

WE DID IT! We make it to episode number 100! Who would have guessed it? Not us. Not us. That's for darn sure. Thank you so much for everyone who has listened! This week we're kicking off our Lunar Tales episodes with a critical, some may say exhaustive, look at the theory that Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing. We examine the narrative of the faking, and then the revelation, to the world, that Kubrick tried to tell us all but we were too foolish to see. We'll point out waaaaay too many...


Ninety-Nine: Jason Special X - The Piri Reis Map and other Cartographical Adventures!

This week Jason, for the tenth time, takes command of the show to educate us all about the highly controversial document known as the Piri Reis map. This piece of cartography, which was produced in the 16th century, has been purported to show the coastline of Antartica as it would have appear without its ice cap, millions of years ago. This has lead to a number of speculations, regarding advanced civilizations surviving apocalypse level events and global ice ages, as well as a transmission...


Ninety-Eight: The Golem - Mudman, There's No Need To Feel Down!

This week we dive back into one of Sam's favorite subjects, Jewish mysticism, by way of one of its most fascinating and unique phenomena, The Golem. The clay man, who serves as the supernatural protector of the downtrodden Jews throughout the Diaspora, has long captivated the imagination of the public. We trace it's lineage through the Hebrew Bible, to the Talmud, and then examine it under the peculiar light of the dark ages and renaissance practices of Kabbalah. By the time we're done, we...


Ninety-Seven: Borley Rectory II - Harry Price and the Restless Rectory

This week we wrap up our two-parter on Borley Rectory by examining the ongoing relationship between it and the grand-daddy of all Ghost Hunters, Harry Price! We start by diving into Price's long and impressive history of debunking suspicious spirits, slandering the good name of one of England's best known novelists along the way, then we turn our attention back to that blasted manor house, Borley Rectory. By examining Price's examination, and then the blowback that followed, and finally the...


Ninety-Six: The Borley Rectory I - The Most Haunted House in England

This week we explore the history behind the most haunted house in all of England in our first episode on the historic Borley Rectory! From the 11th century building recorded on the site in the Domesday Book, to the stories of haunting that accompanied the generations of Priests who lived in the manor house throughout the 20th century, we'll be exploring the whole story of Monks, Nuns, Headless Horsemen, Disappearing and Reappearing Objects, and Psychic Writing in this location that has over...


Ninety-Five: Olgoi-Khorkhoi - Wriggling, Writhing, and a Lot of Other Terrible Words

Today we look at one of the grosser and more unsettling phenomena we've ever turned our gaze towards, the Mongolian Death Worm! Often described as having the appearance of a long intestine overflowing with blood, whose movements are almost always characterized by 'writhing' or 'wriggling', it's no wonder we almost couldn't make it through this one. We'll take you on a grand adventure through time in the Gobi Desert, that funhouse of horrors deep in Mongolia. We'll explore the most important...


Ninety-Four: Jason Special IX - A Fairy Frustrating Jason Special

This week, Jason wrestles the microphone back for another of his excellent specials. The target of his scientific ire this time? Fairies. These ancient, ill-defined, intentionally vague creatures which seem to have somehow slipped into the modern world with alarming ease, sneaking in through our childhood and then hiding in the dark places, across the threshold of civilization, where the wild things lurk. Then Sam waxes a little too poetic about the interconnectedness of all things, Jason...


Ninety-Three: The Gulf Breeze Abductions with Rob from Our Strange Skies III - Alien Ahab Gets His White Walters Whale

IT. IS. FINISHED. Join Sam and Jason with special guest Rob (our very good friend and mortal enemy, respectively) as we wrap up the nightmare that is, was, and will forever be Edward Walters and the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings. We begin with Ed surrendering himself to be abducted, finally decided that if you can't shoot the spacecraft out of the sky, or shout expletives loud enough for it to hear you, ya might as well join them. Jason gives us a lesson on Manipulating Photographs, and Sam...


Ninety-Two: Project MKULTRA II - Six Jason Bournes vs. One Ancient Druid! Fight!

This week we wrap up our series on MKUltra by taking a closer look at some of the less confirmable aspects of it, as well as examining why it ended up being shuttered. However, as we navigate stories of witches and psychics, warlocks and warlords, killing machines and hypnotic assassins, it's important that we ask ourselves one last question: Is Ultra over and done with? Or has it just, yet again, changed its name and gone underground, waiting to be exposed as the unbelievable stories of...


Introducing: Extraterrestrial

This is a special occurrence for listeners of Not Alone, a special sneak preview at Parcast Network's new podcast 'Extraterrestrial'. Check it out! It's shaping up to be a great show and we think you'll really enjoy it. You can listen to the full episode at or by subscribing wherein great podcasts are found!


Ninety-One: Project MKULTRA I - Your Mom Knows You're On Acid Right Now

This week we begin our deep dive into one of the most shocking and controversial things the United States government has ever been PROVEN to do. Project MKULTRA has become a by-word for conspiracy, cover-up, and fun times LSD testing that only sometimes ends up inadvertently banishing you to the NIGHTMARE REALM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. While the significance of ULTRA has been downplayed over the last 5 decades, Sam and Jason are here to remind you that people are the absolute worst...


Ninety: The Case of the Cursed Bread - Jason Finally Gets to Talk About Carbs

This week Jason finally gets to talk to us all about the dangers of eating bread as Sam walks us through 10 days in 1951 when a small village in Southern France lost its collective mind. Join us as we explore tales of people shifting into monsters, grown men believing they were dragonflies, and dogs attacking the invisible. The entire town of Pont-Saint-Esprit found itself beset by visions of serpents and devils, fire and death, hell itself, and when it did, it may or may not have provided...


Eighty-Nine: Tales of Bleak Mid-Winter - Santa, Saints, and Spectres

This week we round out 2018 on the podcast with an in-depth examination of the not so Christian origins of Christmas by Jason and an attempt to revive the lost art of telling Ghost Stories round Christmas Time by Sam. We've so loved having this year with you all, and cannot wait to see what the next one brings. We hope you've enjoyed it as much has we have.


Eighty-Eight: Aliens and the Cold War V - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel III

This is it. After all we've gone through, after all we've done, it arrives here. The incredible story of Orfeo Angelucci, the most surprising of all accounts, a truly unique tale which takes us not only far into space and the future of mankind, but also shines a light on our civilizations long forgotten past and origins in places and times much different than our fragile, corrupted planet earth. Here we will see the clearest example of the space brothers, our elder siblings in space-time,...


Eighty-Seven: Aliens and the Cold War IV - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel II

This week we continue our look into the ET Contactees with an episode all about one of the most influential members of its exclusive group, a man without whom the public perception of UFOs and those who study them may be drastically different. George Van Tassel changed the world in his own way on a hot desert night back in 1953, molding the future and providing fundamental ideas and practices not only to ufology, but to a whole group of other people as well. He stands as one of the prophets...


Eighty-Six: Aliens and the Cold War III - The Extra-Terrestrial Gospel I

Hello! Welcome to Part 3a of our series on the effects that ufology had on the Cold War, and that the Cold War had on ufology. This week we look at some of the first ufologists, members of an exclusive group known as Contactees, mere mortal men who were gifted the ability to save the planet, if only the planet would listen to them. Like the prophets of old, they have been rejected, reviled and mocked by the very people they came to save, and even now their messages cannot even be repeated...