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A podcast dedicated to keep the fire burning on skateboarding history, heritage and preservation.




A podcast dedicated to keep the fire burning on skateboarding history, heritage and preservation.




UPDATE - Automobilen: The Forgotten Skateboarding Monument Trailer Released!

Link to the trailer Link to book a seat at the premier in Malmö! Link to our pilot episode on the Automobilen Snakerun "Nestled in a thicket along the old E6 outside Falkenberg Sweden lies a peculiar sight – an abandoned concrete skatepark, which over the years seems to have lost its former luster. However, this is no ordinary park; it is actually one of the world's oldest. This concrete oasis has aged like a living book, where truths dance with untruths, hidden in its concrete cracks. Its existence is not merely a local curiosity but rather a vivid portrayal of a time when skateboard culture was taking its first tentative steps. Among these enchanted souls is the skateboarder John Magnusson. Upon learning that a new residential area plan is being devised, potentially delivering the final blow to the skatepark, he takes matters into his own hands in a desperate attempt to save this unique piece of history. With images and archives emerging for the first time, Automobilen takes us on a road trip to the "Las Vegas of Halland, Sweden" in the 70s, a place that was anything but abandoned. Stories from both past and present are woven around the big question: What really constitutes cultural heritage?" Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S02 E11 - Conversation with Iain Borden & Patrick Sean Quinn - Skateboarding Podcast

Recently I caught up with two academics, Iain Borden professor of architecture and urban culture and Patrick Sean Quinn who is an archeologist. Both Iain and Patrick have been involved in skateboarding heritage, in particular the research and preservation of second wave skateparks from the late 1970's to early 1980's. I wanted the to get their opinion of the Automobilen Snakerun, focusing on why this skatepark is an important structure to preserve. We also dive into a range of different skateparks, including Rom, Carslbad, Bro Bowl and much more. Be sure to check out Iain and Patrick's latest article on 1970's skateparks that should be protected along with his largest research paper. Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S2 E10 - Lake Tahoe Floating Ramp / The Brooklyn Banks - Skateboarding Podcast

During 2014 the Lake Tahoe floating ramp, was created as part of The Dream 365 project, working with Visit California and Bob Burnquist to showcase different stories to boost tourism in California. What ended up being created was a 8ft tall wooden bank ramp, accompanied by a smaller 5ft secondary half-pipe. Both wooden ramps rested on top of a 35 ft long floating platform. Article, including all images and videos Part2 The Brooklyn Banks . Starting in the late 1980’s this spot provided one of the only skateable banked areas in the city. The Brooklyn Banks is the unofficial name for the area under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Now this place for decades has been an extremely popular spot for skateboarders and is one of the more famous skate spots in the world. Article, including all images and videos Other links Save The Brooklyn Banks Gotham Park Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S2 E9 - Cascade Skatepark / Charnwood Bowl - Skateboarding Podcast

Cascade skatepark, is located off Route 40 in Catonsville, Baltimore County. The remanence of parts of this skatepark still remain, yet today it is hidden amongst bush, dirt and scrap. A very cool spot that was once a huge part of skateboarding history in Baltimore. Article, images and video can be found here The Charnwood Bowl is regarded as Australia’s second oldest skatepark. Lucky enough this skate park still exists today, even though it is a bit rough around the edges it is very rideable. The story of this park begins in 1979 and it seems like it’s always been a bit of a controversial place that has been scrutinised from the very beginning. Article, images and video can be found here Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


Update on Season 2 - Skateboarding Podcast

Hi guys, just a quick update to let you know that we have launched a new website As we have been diving into a lot of research about skate spots during our 1st Season we decided to launch a site and put all of our research into article form. This way we can also collect all the images and videos that we have been able to gather on these skate spots. So please take a look and let us know what you think! In regards to Season 2, we are looking to release the first episode over the next coming weeks! Don't miss out on it's release, if you have not already done so please follow our podcast on any of the streaming services that you use. Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E8 - Skatepark Arenys de Munt / Speed World - Skateboarding Podcast

Skatepark Arenys de Munt The first skatepark to be built in Spain was in the mountain region of Arenys de Munt. Skatepark Arenys was buried by the owners in 1984, leaving no trace. During 2010 an excavation mission was undertaken to find the buy skatepark which was successfully excavated over a two year period and the park was reopened on March 7th 2012. Link to photos and videos here Speed World Speed World, in Coos Bay Oregon was the first concrete park to be built in the state of Oregon. Constructed during 1977 it was a horseshoe bowl that had 6' vert sections. It was unfortunately buried in either the late 70's or early 80's. This park still resides on the property today buried and lost for its recognition to skateboarding history. Links to photos and videos here Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E7 - Chinese Peak Skatepark - Skateboarding Podcast

Chinese Peak, located in Pocatello, Idaho was completed during the summer of 1978. It is a 4 section skatepark that still exists on a piece of private land in a very rural part of the world, that is surrounded by the high mountain ranges. The surroundings are very desolate and the fact that a place like this exists in this part of the world is quite mind blowing. This place closed it gates in 1983 and that park has been left intact and unused for decades. Apologies to any Boise locals, I got a crash course in its proper pronunciation after this episode was released! Also a slight correction, Chinese Peak summit had its name changed in 2001 not 2017 All images we talk about can be found here Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E6 - Jurrasic Skatepark Mikasa / PARCUR Chapultepec Mexico City - Skateboarding Podcast

Skatepark Mikasa, Japan Located in Mikasa on the island of Hokkaido Japan there is the jurassic park of skateparks, it is nestled in between high lush mountains, in a really raw and untouched part of the world. This park is fucking gnarly, we have included an arial shot from Google Maps below. We have never seen anything like this to be honest. Images and videos can be found here PARCUR Chapultepec, Mexico City Touchdown in Mexico City and we will be looking at a modern skate park that was completed last year called PARCUR Chapultepec. Located in the third quadrant of the Chapultepec Park. Now don’t let the fact that this place was finished last year fool you into thinking that it holds minimal history, as the surrounding area is home to a very interesting story that goes back a few decades starting in 1979. Images and video can be found here Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E5 - Jungle Skatepark Malaysia / Tony Alva Mystery - Skateboarding Podcast

Jungle Skatepark Malaysia The lost jungle skatepark of Malaysia. In the forests of Shah Alam lies a lost skatepark called Bukit Cerakah. Built in late 1989 and completed in 1990, this park was the first concrete park built in Malaysia. All images and videos can be found here Tony Alva Mystery We have a bit of a skate mystery to tell you about today and this involves Tony Alva and the story begins during 1978 as he undertook his first European tour. Confusion Skateboarding Article Tony Alva Mystery Video on The Skateboarding Crucible Banana Bowl Video on The Skateboarding Crucible Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E4 - The Tea-Bowls / Log Flume U-Pipe - Skateboarding Podcast

The Tea Bowls, Santa Barbara California. Local skateboarding legend Tom Sims, discovers two reservoirs on a 340 acre private property called the Tea Gardens. This set a course that would influence a new era in vertical skateboarding. Once Tom and his crew cleaned up the bowls and tested the layout it became a thriving hub for skateboarding activity during the 70s and 80s. All images and videos can be found here Part 2 Rännan is a log flume built in 1959 located just outside Umeå Sweden. A 500 metre u-pipe that stretches along the treetops further than the eye can see. Originally 6 kilometres in length it was built with aluminium sheeting which was later replaced with galvanised steel. Confusion Skateboarding Magazine issue 33 Palen YouTube channel Rännan Instagram account Videos Heja Sverige Tour Video Sour Files - Transworld P-Rullen 2006 Lightbox Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E3 - Clube 12 Brazil / Oldenzaal Snakerun - Skateboarding Podcast

Clube 12 or the “Jurerè Track” is Located in Florianópolis Brazil. Inspired by Skatercross skatepark in LA, this spot was chosen for its steep downhill run and rock structure. This place was a truly historic skate park for the history of skateboarding in Brazil. All images and videos can be found here Part 2 Oldenzaal is one of the oldest snake runs in Europe. Located in the Netherlands it was built in 1978 on the stunning surrounds of Het Hulsbeek Park. The snakerun is close to 133 metres in length and is still used frequently to this day. Article 1 Article 2 Monument project Please subscribe to The skateboarding Crucible on YouTube Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E2 - Wet Willys / Rooler Gab - Skateboarding Podcast

Wet Willy's waterslide located in Fenton MO, opened in the summer of 1978. Built on a 40-foot hill and made entirely out of concrete, it had three winding, twisting 500-foot slides. Abandoned during the late 90's it became adopted by skateboarders. Wet Willys featured on our YouTube channel Other videos to check out: Skating Wet Willys 1 Skating Wet Willys 2 Crazy Hydra Slide Part 2. An abandoned skate utopia, located in the south of France, stands the remanence of one of the most unique and bizarre skate spots. Rooler Gab, the only skatepark to have installed a ski lift to transport skaters from top to bottom. The downhill run was 1.2km in length with ten banked turns. Leading down to a 3000 square meter flat space that was once equipped with mini-spines and small tables. All images and videos can be found here Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -



Welcome to the Skateboarding History Podcast, brought to you by The skateboarding Crucible! A podcast for skate enthusiasts and history lovers. Join us as we dive into some of the more obscure, forgotten skate spots and skateparks throughout history. Some of those that still exist today and others that are extinct. So sit down, chill out, grab coffee and we hope you enjoy. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more information at The skateboarding Crucible. Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -


S1 E1 - Falkenberg Snakerun Sweden - Skateboarding Podcast

Our first episode sheds light on the Automobilen Snakerun, Swedens first commercial skatepark. This episode is a recount of stumbling upon this mysterious park and outlines its lucrative history as it matches up with some of the oldest parks still existing today. For decades its slipped under the radar and been left to rot on the beautiful Swedish countryside, completely out of sight. All images and videos can be found here A special thanks to the following people for helping out with sending over great material and also tracking down the image of TA. Pål Kalle Ericksson - Tracking down the photo of TA Mattias Wiberg - Providing photos Anders Löwander - Providing photos William Hörmarker - Providing photos Anders Almseger - Providing photos Johan Hillnäs - Filling in the blanks on some of its build history. Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group -