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Moving Pictures

When filmmaker D.W. Griffith released Birth of a Nation in 1905, the revolutionary film changed the way America thought about the movies, and in many respects launched the modern film industry. But lesser known is the role Birth of a Nation had in the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan. Long eradicated, the Klan was relaunched alongside the film and rode its wave to grow to millions of members. Pictures, sources, credits and more are at


Fire and Bones

The short-lived period of Reconstruction in the former Confederacy was met with defiance, violence, and a growing sense of chaos and danger — and that powder keg exploded on Easter Sunday in 1873, when the residents of tiny Colfax, Louisiana went to war with each other. This is the little-known story of bloody battle that happened years after the end of the war. Want to get the pictures and other extra content that go with each episode? Sign up for Episode Extras at...


Kindly Reply

After emancipation decimated the labor supply of a Nashville-area plantation, its struggling master offers a former slave the chance to return. The response he received is one for the history books. Get the episode extras for this episode at, where you can also sign up to have the episode and the extras sent to your in-box each time.


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