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Uncovering news and discoveries in the archaeology, history, and sacred texts of the ancient Near East.

Uncovering news and discoveries in the archaeology, history, and sacred texts of the ancient Near East.
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Uncovering news and discoveries in the archaeology, history, and sacred texts of the ancient Near East.






#6 - Part 2: Getting Your Kicks on Ancient Roman Road 66

We continue our journey down the ancient Roman Roads of Asia Minor. Learn how Roman engineers constructed their highways, and hear our comments from the field as we drive and hike along a stretch of the ancient road near Assos in modern Turkey. We'll also follow along with a team of archaeologists as they use a drone to map a section of the ancient road to assist scholars.


#5 - Getting Your Kicks on Ancient Roman Road 66

In Part 1 of 2 we discover how ancient Romans built an empire-wide network of roads and way stations. In this episode we examine the historical background of the world's longest-lasting highway system extending from Britain to Egypt.


Ep. 4 - How Ancient Myths Make Marvelous Movies

Tellers of stories in the ancient world did not see their tales as untrue. rather, ancient myths reflect the beliefs and values of their cultures. Join Dr. Dave as he unravels the meaning and purpose of ancient myths, and discover how the structure of these ancient stories still drives the block-buster hits that come from Hollywood today.


Ep. 3 - A New Twist to Humanity's Oldest Story: The Epic of Gilgamesh

In 2011 a new tablet relating to the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh came to light in Iraq. The story adds important details to the oldest literary tale in human history, a story that dates back over 4000 years. Journey into ancient Mesopotamia and meet Gilgamesh, King of Uruk as he encounters a hairy wild man named Enkidu who becomes his closest friend and companion. Follow the pair into the Cedar Forest where civilization confronts the pristine wilderness. Hear what the ancients said about the...


Ep. 2 - Climbing Closer to God: The Stylite Monks of Ancient Cilicia

Episode 2 - The fifth century of the Byzantine Period witnessed a new movement near Antioch in Syria that included Christian ascetics who sought to isolate themselves atop stop pillars. Beginning with Simeon Stylites the movement spread northward into Asia Minor. Isolation became ever harder as the faithful, even the Roman Emperor himself, sought the monks' advice and wisdom. I speak with Dr. Daniel Browning, Jr. regarding his recent research across the area of Rough Cilicia in Turkey as...


Ep. 1 - Signing Your Signature in the Ancient World

Episode 1 - Dig into the archaeology and history of the ancient Near East with archaeologist David Maltsberger and examine two new discoveries from Jerusalem's City of David. Sifting through the ruins on Babylon's destruction of the city in 586 BCE, we'll uncover the dirt on two small inscriptions that reveal how all sorts of business and personal documents were sealed and authenticated in the days of the kings of Judah. Check us out at