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The Political History of the United States

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A podcast exploring the history and evolution of the political systems of the United States

A podcast exploring the history and evolution of the political systems of the United States
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A podcast exploring the history and evolution of the political systems of the United States




1.7 Jamestown Beginnings

After spending our first 6 episodes bouncing around Europe, it is finally time to move the party across the Atlantic. This week we head into the first of several episodes looking at that first colony in Jamestown. We are going to spend this week with our focus on who the first settlers were, and why they decided to make Jamestown their new home. We are also going to take a fun little detour this week and check out the often totally forgotten Popham colony, which was founded just a few months...


1.6 Return to America

This week we are going to conclude our 6 part look at Europe on the eve of the formation of the English colonies. Specifically, our focus in this episode is going to be on heading back across the Atlantic and catching up on what the European powers are doing just prior to 1607. We are going to check in on the exploration of North America, the creation of Spanish Florida, as well as the English attempt at colonization in Roanoke.


1.5 The Economy

So far on our survey of 16th century Europe we have spent time looking at the political situation as well as the developing religious changes. This week our attention goes to the changing economy. During the 16th century, we see the economy continue through a long period of modernization. The feudal economy is giving way to early capitalistic systems, as the age of mercantilism is ushered in.


1.4 The Reformation

Throughout the course of this podcast, few topics are going to remain more closely tied to the politics of the United States than religion. Religion is going to be a driving force behind so much of American politics, that often you cannot easily separate the two from each other. This week we are going to continue our survey of Europe in the 16 century by looking at the Reformation. The Reformation is going to change the religious landscape in Europe and will ultimately have a major impact on...


1.3 - The Anglo-Spanish War

This week we look at the events of the Anglo-Spanish war, specifically in respect to the battle of the Spanish Armada. The Battle of the Spanish Armada is portrayed as a being a turning point in English history and is often pointed to as being the victory that allowed the English to establish their North American colonies. The truth, however, is far more complicated. This episode is going to explore that famous battle and look at the long-ranging consequences that came out of the English...


1.2 - A Survey of 16th Century European Politics

This week we take a quick survey of the conditions in Europe during the 16 century. As the middle ages give way to the early modern period, a changing political environment spread throughout the continent. We will place our focus specifically on England during this era and will explore the reigns of both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. These two monarchs help create a modern England, and their decisions lay the groundwork for the English North American colonies of the 17 century.


1.1 The Age of Discovery

Welcome to the Political History of the United States and our very first episode! Before we can jump into the action and start looking at 1607 Jamestown, we need to take some time to better understand the lead up to the English colonies in North America. In light of that, we are going to begin our story in 1492 exploring the Age of Discovery. By taking a quick survey of the Age of Discovery this week, we will be able to better understand the people who traveled to the New World and their...


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Welcome to the Political History of the United States. Please enjoy this short introduction to what I am going to be doing here, and then come back on October 21, 2018, when I will officially launch the podcast.