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Some of the greatest stories buried in the folds of history...until now. A podcast that uncovers the lifetimes and achievements of prolific warlords from ancient and medieval times. Going beyond the mainstream historical figures that everyone is familiar with, providing a thorough account of lesser known warriors and leaders that were titans during their respective ages. If you would like to support my work directly, you can kindly do so here: www.patreon.com/warlordsofhistory




Some of the greatest stories buried in the folds of history...until now. A podcast that uncovers the lifetimes and achievements of prolific warlords from ancient and medieval times. Going beyond the mainstream historical figures that everyone is familiar with, providing a thorough account of lesser known warriors and leaders that were titans during their respective ages. If you would like to support my work directly, you can kindly do so here: www.patreon.com/warlordsofhistory






Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 7/7 (Descent into Madness)

In the series finale, with Nader Shah poised to continue the dominant run of his Afsharid Iranian Empire, a failed assassination marks the tipping point for his complete mental unravelling. As Nader maliciously lashes out at all around him while pillaging his people to fuel an incessant pace of warfare. Igniting rebellions throughout his realms that he stomps out with excessive brutality and the unhinged Shah heaping more atrocities upon the Iranian populace. Leading to his assassination in...


Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 6/7 (A King of Kings)

Having just secured the Iranian crown, Nader Shah begins disrupting the religious bedrock of his nation, while draining its resources to feed his fearsome military machine. Crushing all internal unrest and recapturing Iran's lost domains, before looking abroad. Winning a series of dazzling battlefield victories to overwhelm the Mughal Empire and then smash the Khanates of Central Asia in 1740. Brining Nader to the apex of his power as an unstoppable King of Kings, but under the shadow of his...


Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 5/7 (Perseverance and Unassailable Power)

Recently named as Regent of the Iranian Empire, Nader sets out on the war path to reclaim Iran's lost domains, only to be handed a devastating defeat by the Ottomans. A dire setback that threatens to cast him into oblivion, forcing Nader to show a tremendous force of will to quickly rebuild his broken army. Before returning to the field to avenge the loss, crush his domestic rivals and then deliver an incredible victory at the Battle of Yeghevard. Bringing the Ottoman Empire to its knees and...


Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 4/7 (The One Favored by God)

Newly rooted as savior of the Safavid Iranian Empire and source of power behind the throne of Shah Tahmasp, Nader begins seeding the notion that his ascendancy is Divinely influenced. Strengthened by his spectacular lightening campaign waged against the Ottoman Empire, before racing across Persia to stamp out a dangerous rebellion. This however, giving Tahmasp the breathing space to attempt emerging out from Nader's shadow, in launching a foolhardy expedition that ends in disaster. A...

Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 3/7 (Servant of the Shah)

Despite breathing life in the bid to restore Shah Tahmasp II to the throne in Persia, Nader is soon caught up in the petty intrigues of his unstable King. Resulting in Nader launching a military coup to firmly take control of the Safavid army. Modernizing and reshaping it into a ferociously effective force. Then embarking on campaign in 1729, displaying sheer strategic and tactical military brilliance to win a series of astonishing victories to dislodge the Afghan Hotaks from their...


Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 2/7 (From Soldier to Warlord to General)

Under the shadow of a crumbling Safavid Iranian Empire, torn apart by rebellions, foreign heavyweights and destined to fall to the Afghan Hotak dynasty in 1722, Nader is pulled into the chaotic maelstrom. Emerging from the rubble as a rogue warlord within Khorasan until a renegade Safavid prince (Tahmasp II) appears in the region, looking to regain the empire. Nader entering his service and quickly proving himself indispensable to the Iranian Shah in exile, headlined by Nader's engineering...


Nader (Nadir) Shah - Part 1/7 (Harsh Realities of a Crumbling Empire)

In this episode we begin uncovering the lifetime of Nader Shah (1688 - 1747), the last of the Great Asiatic Military Conquerors. A brilliant battlefield commander who reversed the fortunes of 18th century Iran, salvaging it from the teeth of internal and external foes. Beginning as the unlikely story of an insignificant and poverty stricken youth, hardened by his chaotic environment. Struggling to survive within the crumbling Safavid Iranian Empire, its foundation now rotting due to a series...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 7/7 (The Macedonian Hegemony of Greece)

In the series finale exploring the lifetime and dazzling achievements of King Philip II of Macedon, Philip leads his unstoppable army to win scintillating victories against both familiar and new Balkan foes. Before stumbling heavily, failed sieges on Greek cities that reignites war with the Athenians, under whom a formidable Greek coalition is formed. The prelude to Philip's crowning achievement, his astonishing victory at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE, asserting Macedon as the...


Interview with Professor Barry Strauss (Ancient Military Leadership and Attributes for Greatness)

In this episode, Professor Strauss, a leading expert on ancient military history and best selling author, joins the podcast as a featured guest. We explore the attributes and motivations that define those that reach the upper echelons as the most effective military leaders in antiquity. Before going deeper into one of the greatest, Octavian, the future Augustus and first Roman Emperor. Discussing his spectacular rise in the face of a formidable opposing duo, Mark Antony and Cleopatra. All of...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 6/7 (Recognition and Respect)

With Thermopylae blocked to his passage, Philip II of Macedon leads his forces north, asserting dominance over friend and foe alike. Triggering the powerful Chalcidian League to flip their allegiance to Athens and attempt a daring invasion into Macedon while Philip is abroad. Who unleashes a clever diversion and an overwhelming counterattack to decisively end the threat, firmly entrenching Macedon as a major power in Greece. A status galvanized in 346 BCE through masterful deception and...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 5/7 (Wielding the Strength of the Gods)

Continuing a spectacular run of military successes, King Philip II of Macedon leads his army to erase Methone off the map, the last Athenian city near Macedonia's domains. Allowing Philip to focus on the expansion of his kingdom, including a campaign into Greece that abruptly ends with a humbling defeat against Phocis. Forcing Philip to retreat and leverage the strength of the gods, returning to win a stunning victory at the Battle of Crocus Field in 352 BCE. Gaining control of northern...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 4/7 (Gold Mines of Opportunity)

Showing glimpses of bold aggression under its newly named King, Philip II, Macedon's neighbours grow increasingly unsettled. Anticipating a backlash yet unwilling to compromise on remaking his kingdom into a dominant power, Philip begins securing alliances, while struggling under the weight of a Macedonian economy still in tatters, unable to finance the expansion of his menacing but relatively small army. Causing Philip to embark on an audacious path, pouncing on the city of Amphipolis and...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 3/7 (The Rise of Macedon Begins)

Having guided Macedon from the edge of collapse, Philip II establishes an uneasy peace with the surrounding nations of classical Greece and the Balkans. Using this short reprieve to continue the reinvention of the Macedonian army and begin repairing the internal divides that had long plagued his kingdom. Then striking back out against his enemies during his 2nd year in power. In 358 BCE, first taking on the Paeonians, followed by a defining test against King Bardylis of the Dardanians and...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 2/7 (Pulling Macedon out of the Abyss)

While held hostage in the city of Thebes, Philip II of Macedon is afforded a top tier military education, profoundly impacting the astute young man. This happening as the Kingdom of Macedon wrestles with internal court intrigues and murder, before facing a renewed wave of foreign incursions that ends in disaster and the death of the reigning king. Having returned to this homeland, Philip is elected as the interim leader in 359 BCE, using diplomatic guile and cunning to save the realm for the...


Philip II of Macedon - Part 1/7 (A Kingdom Lost in Struggle)

In this episode we begin exploring the path blazed by Philip II of Macedon (382 - 336 BCE). A military and diplomatic genius who ushered in the Rise of Macedon, bringing Greece to its knees and that laid the foundation for the conquest to the Achaemenid Persian Empire. In order to appreciate how truly unbelievable this ascendancy was, we backtrack deep into the tumultuous history of the Macedonian Kingdom in the lead up to Philip's youth, to understand the depths of his starting point, a...


Sweyn Forkbeard - Part 4/4 (The First Viking King of England)

In episode 11, the final covering the Danish Viking King Sweyn Forkbeard, we follow along as he relentlessly wages his war of attrition against Aethelred 'the Unready' of England. A 10 year marathon, steadily draining their economic and military power, sapping their morale and will to put up a viable resistance. Culminating in a full scale invasion in July 1013, that by the end of that year, would have him ascend to the throne as the first Viking King of England. We then review Forkbeard's...


Sweyn Forkbeard - Part 3/4 (Carving a path to the English throne)

By the turn of the first millennium, peace has taken hold in Scandinavia. However, not all people of Nordic ancestry are free from the threat of violence, as the English King Aethelred "the Unready" unleashes a genocidal scourge upon those settled on his lands on November 13, 1002, known as the St. Brice's Day Massacre. We walk through the events leading to this day of infamy, before following the terrifying retribution led by the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard, who will take something far more...


Sweyn Forkbeard - Part 2/4 (Luck Accompanies Wisdom, King of Norway)

After having wrestled the Danish crown from his father's cold hands in 986, Sweyn Forkbeard goes off raiding in England in the pursuit of riches to finance his future endeavours, leaving behind numerous enemies that collude to usurp his kingdom while he is abroad. Left in a desperate situation, the winds of fortune soon change for Forkbeard, fueling an unbelievable resurgence that sees him regain Denmark, add Norway to his domains and establish himself as the preeminent monarch in all of...


Sweyn Forkbeard - Part 1/4 (Fatherslayer, King of Denmark)

We begin exploring the path forged by Sweyn Forkbeard. The son of King Harald Bluetooth, growing up in a time of great instability during the late 10th century. Newly unified, Denmark remains marked with factionalism and external influences, including the onset of conversion to Christianity. Underneath all of this, a deeply strained relationship with his father that eventually boils over into civil war, seeing Forkbeard pry the Danish Kingdom from Bluetooth's hands. If you would like to...


Viriathus - Part 2/2 (The Lusitanian ’War of Fire’ against the Roman Republic)

Viriathus (Viriato), the newly raised general of the Lusitanian resistance, unleashes the War of Fire (147-139 BCE) upon the Roman Republic, seeing unparalleled successes in the bid to free his people from the powerful grasp of their would be conquerors. Viriathus convinces other Hispanian tribes to rise up in defiance and extensively uses Guerrilla style tactics to achieve dazzling victories and make Lusitania the graveyard of numerous Legions. The Romans finally resort to treachery to end...