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The GI resistance in Vietnam, part 2

Concluding part of our two-part episode on the GI resistance to the Vietnam war, in conversation with Jerry Lembcke, a Vietnam army veteran, now sociologist and author. Most further reading is linked to in the show notes of part 1. Support our work by backing us on patreon and get exclusive audio and other benefits: This article gives a good general overview of the GI resistance movement:...


E10: The GI resistance in Vietnam, part 1

During the later years of the Vietnam war, a little-known but powerful rebellion developed within the ranks of the US forces. In this two-part episode, we talk about the GI resistance to the war with Jerry Lembcke, a Vietnam army veteran, now sociologist and author, and Bart, a navy veteran about their experiences. This article gives a good general overview of the GI resistance movement: Listen to part 2 on 6 August, and...


E9 preview: The Industrial Workers of the World in the US, 1918-1950s

Preview of our latest episode, on the little-known later period of the IWW's history. We head to Chicago, historic home of the union, to find out about this time, when the IWW continued to play an important role in organising workers in Cleveland, Detroit, Nevada and amongst Finnish communities in Minnesota. Get the full episode now through our patreon, here: This episode will be made available publicly later in the year.


E8 preview: The Vietnam war strike wave

Preview of the first episode in our series about the Vietnam war, available exclusively for our patreon supporters for the time being. We talk to historian and author of Strike! Jeremy Brecher about the strike wave which swept the United States during the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 70s. Listen to it and support us here:


WCH E7: The West Virginia mine wars, 1902-1922

In this episode we head to Matewan, West Virginia to speak with Catherine Moore and others from the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum, as well as some striking West Virginia teachers about the conflicts, and how they are remembered today. If you appreciate this podcast please support us on patreon, and get exclusive early access to episodes, bonus audio and other benefits here: This is a short overview of the mine wars:...


WCH E6: The early Industrial Workers of the World in the US, 1905-1918

Episode about the early history of the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union in the United States, 1905-1918. In conversation with Peter Cole, coeditor of the new book Wobblies of the World: a Global History of the IWW. Please support our work, get access to bonus material, early access to podcasts and more benefits on patreon: This is our playlist of early IWW music:...


WCH4: Anti-Nazi youth movements in World War II

An interview with historian Nick Heath about anti-Nazi youth cultural movements in fascist Europe before and during World War II. In particular we look at the German Edelweiss Pirates and Swing Kids, the French Zazous and the Austrian Schlurfs. This is a playlist of tracks curated by Nick which these groups listened to at the time: Support this podcast on patreon here: MORE...


WCH E3: The Angry Brigade, part 2

Second of our two-part interview with John Barker, Angry Brigade prisoner, covering the arrests, the sensational trial, his time in prison and the political situation upon his release in the late 1970s. Support this podcast and get early access to episodes and other benefits on patreon: Check out John’s website and buy his books here: And check out John Barker’s radical London playlist, a collection of tracks which...


WCH E1: The Grunwick strike, 1976

Firstly apologies for the audio quality of this episode. We are learning as we go, and the quality is better in later episodes so please do bear with us! Support the WCH podcast on patreon here: FOOTNOTES For a short video history of the Grunwick strike see here on our YouTube channel: This is an interesting article with more information about the strike which was written while it was ongoing:...


WCH E0: Introduction to the Working Class History podcast

A short introduction to the WCH podcast and what we're about. Support the WCH podcast on patreon here: More information about WCH on our website: Edited by Tyler Hill of the Gods & Ghosts podcast: Our theme tune is Bella Ciao, thanks for permission to use it from Dischi del Sole. You can purchase it here: