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l'Arte Dell Armi, is a Bolognese podcast where we discuss the intricacies of the Bolognese tradition with the practitioners, translators, authors and teachers working to bring the art back to life. HEMA WMA Bologna Marozzo Manciolino dall'Agocchie Anonimo


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l'Arte Dell Armi, is a Bolognese podcast where we discuss the intricacies of the Bolognese tradition with the practitioners, translators, authors and teachers working to bring the art back to life. HEMA WMA Bologna Marozzo Manciolino dall'Agocchie Anonimo




Liam H. Clark: A Journey to Stasbourg

In this episode of l'Arte Dell Armi, Stephen and Joshua go on a journey across the Alps to visit the Bolognese master Giacomo da Basel--err, Joachim Meyer. We're going to Strasbourg with our brilliant tour guide Liam H. Clark. Have you ever wondered how Fechtshule worked, what other fencing masters were active during Meyer's lifetime or the differences between Marxbruder and Freifechter then this is the episode for you! Evergreen Historical Fencing SubstackLiams Source Documents


Niccolò Menozzi: The Spadone Project

Do you like big swords? Yea, we know. We all do! Well, if you do, you're probably familiar with The Spadone Project, it's phenomenal, how could you not be? Now meet the man behind the curtain, Niccolò Menozzi! In this episode Stephen and Joshua sit down with Niccolo to tackle the tropes and the misnomers of the two handed sword. We dive deep into the historical use of the weapon on the battlefield and in duels, and discover all of the intricacies that differentiate these beautiful weapons. Check out and support Niccolò's work here: https://thespadoneproject.com/


Jean Chandler: Guilds

Jean Chandler is one of the most dedicated researchers HEMA has to offer. He's absolutely brilliant! He's also a pretty incredible human being. If you want to learn more about guilds, Renaissance commerce, and martial traditions, this is the episode for you! Check out Jean's website here: https://jeanhenrichandler.com/


Dr. Guy Windsor: Teaching, and a survey of Vadi and Fiore

This episode marks l'Arte dell Armi's 20,000th download!!! We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you our listeners for engaging with this podcast! We greatly appreciate you, and look forward to bringing you more content in the future! Stay saucy my friends! We had the honor of sitting down and talking to Dr. Guy Windsor. This lively discussion highlights teaching, developing teachers, teaching hacks, running a school as a business, before transitioning into Fiore, Vadi, Capoferro and beyond. It was a truly insightful conversation and we're looking forward to having Guy on the podcast again in the near future, we still have so much to discuss. Note that Joshua had to take care of his son through the first part of the episode but managed to pop-in for the second half. You can find all of Guys work at: https://swordschool.com/ Take virtual classes with Guy at: https://swordschool.teachable.com/ Find his books at: https://swordschool.shop/


Jack Gassmann: Martial Culture, Context and Crossbows

Jack Gassmann is both an accomplished academic and historical fencer, a true jack-of-all-trades, he's lived a life full of historical exploration in about every capacity you can possibly imagine, including stunts and film. Stephen and I sat down with Jack and tried to understand what it might've been like to lead crossbowmen on horseback. You won't want to miss this! Stay tuned to the end for a special 20%-off offer on Jack's new table top game, Forces of Virtue! https://masterstrokegames.com/


Bolognese Foundations Part 4: Tactics

To attack or not to attack, that is the question! It would seem there are many different ways to approach the tactics of Bolognese fencing, but is that because of the varied approaches of different authors, or is there a hidden consensus? Martin, Stephen and Joshua discuss measure, tempo, the nature of the guards, provocations, and so much more in this episode of l'Arte Dell Armi!


Maestro Wars Episode 4: Rogue Son

Pope Julius II has turned his covetous eye toward Ferrara. Meanwhile the French under Bayard and his d'Este allies prepare the way in hope of resisting the Pope's forces and his new league of allies, the Holy League. The French army has a few aces up their sleeves in the Bentivoglio and a young, daring captain, named Gaston di Foix, nicknamed the Thunderbolt. Part 1: Back in Bologa, 1:22 Part 2: The Warrior Pope, 7:38 Part 3: Guido Rangoni's Little Adventure, 15:26 Part 4 and Part 5: Too Close to the Sun, 22:03 Part 6: Showdown in Bologna 31:03 Part 7: Guido's Star on the Rise 42:41 Part 9: Hugo Pepoli and the Exiles of Bologna, 50:18 Part 10: The Lady from Sex, 55:10 Part 11: The Siege of Bologna, 60:18 Part 12: Revolt in Brescia, 69:08 Part 13: Torre del Magnago, 73:00


Bolognese Foundations Part 3: Footwork

Put on your blue suede shoes, it's time for some Dardi Dancing! In this episode of Bolognese Foundations Stephen, Martin, and I discuss footwork!


Bolognese Foundations: Part 2, Guards (with Martin Höppner)

En garde! In the first installment we learned how to travel between point A and point B, in this episode we'll talk about what those points are, what they mean, and what they're good at. The Cuts and thrusts take you between different guards, but all of your actions will begin and end in guards, so let's learn what those guards are all about. For those following at home, check out this written supplement: Bolognese Foundations: Part Two - by Joshua Wiest (substack.com) And if you like the channel, and want to help us out, become a supporter on Patreon: The Art of Arms | Patreon


Bill Grandy: A Complete Perspective

Bill Grandy has done it all, and been really good at all of it too; he has one of the most complete perspectives of anyone I've had the pleasure of talking to on this podcast. So, what did we talk about? A little bit of everything! Armor, wrestling, messer, sidesword, rapier, push of pike, you name it, we probably covered it in this miraculous episode.


Bolognese Foundations: Part 1, Cuts and Thrusts (with Martin Höppner)

So, you've heard about the magical powers of the Bolognese Sauce, and you want to get cooking, but when you open up the books all you see is a bunch of really odd Italian words mixed up in sentances with weird grammer and sometime illogical phrasing. You really want to read the text's of Marozzo, Manciolino, dall'Agocchie and the Anonimo, but you don't know how to get started, or maybe you have started but you need some resources to help you memorize a lot of the terminology. This is the podcast for you! Hey, you too, longtime practitioner, it never hurts to revist the foundational material! Martin Höppner was kind enough to join us for this series, which is good because he proposed the idea way back when the podcast was getting started. Check us out on Patreon: patreon.com/TheArtofArms And sign up for our newsletter on Substack so you never miss a blog post, or podcast, and you'll get all of our podcast notes sent to your email (No paid subscription required): https://theartofarms.substack.com/


Michael Chidester: Bellafortis

Kats, poisonous gas, trebuchets, armored vehicles covered in spikes, and magic--lots of magic; Konrad Kyeser's Bellafortis is an imaginative book that inspired the likes of Hans Talhoffer, and perhaps even Leonardo da Vinci. It's full of recreations of some of history's most obscure innovations, but these oddities weren't left to print, they were brought to life on the Renaissance and Medieval battlefields, and that's what we wanted to explore in this episode of l'Arte Dell Armi. To do so, we sat down with Michael Chidester to learn more about who Konrad Keyser was, and more about his fascinating work, Bellafortis. Images of Bellafortis: https://www.loc.gov/item/2021668178 To read Michaels work on Bellafortis, there is a free PDF download here: https://www.academia.edu/68328696/The_Bellifortis_of_Konrad_Kyeser_of_Eichst%C3%A4tt Check out HEMA Bookshelf here: https://www.hemabookshelf.com/ Join Michael's Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/michaelchidester Adendum: The siege where Alexander the Great supposedly used divers with diving bells was the siege of Tyre.


Jess Finley: Sword in Armor

Lucio Malvezzi, Tadeo del Volpe and Fra Leonardo Prato all prefer to go to battle with the Stucco, or the Estoc, or the Tuck. We wanted to learn more about fighting with a sword in armor, so we turned to the expert, Jess Finely!!! The Book we discuss in the podcast with the wedding throwdown is, On the Practice or Art of Dancing, by Barbara Sparti. Follow Jess on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/jessfinley Check out here sword school here: Ritterkunst


Dr. Patrick Bratton: Renaissance Naval Warfare

Dr. Patrick Bratton is an accomplished fencer, and a professor at the United States Army War College. Naturally, we discussed fencing, fencing strategy, before digging deep into the battle of Polesella, and the grand strategy of the Venetian Empire. This was an amazing conversation that could've gone on for 3 or 4 more hours, you've gotta check it out, we'll definitely have him back very soon! Check out Dr. Bratton's school here: https://www.saladellaspada.com/ Check out Dr. Bratton's lecture on Mahan here: https://youtu.be/y-tshVIAeIM


Episode 3.2: The Siege

Episode III.ii The Siege Guido Rangoni is in Padua surrounded by the largest army assembled in Italy since the Roman Empire. Among the enemy ranks are the crown of German aristocracy, the flower of French Chivalry, an assortment of famed Italian Condottiere, and a core of cutthroat mercenaries comprised of Landsknechts and Gascons; totaling almost 40,000 men. Defending Padua are the remnants of the Venetian army, just over 10,000 men, led by the same Condottiere captain that refused to engage the French at Agnadello, Niccolo di Pitigliano, and a washed up merchant turned politician named Adrea Gritti. The story of the siege of Padua is brimming with untold feats of heroism, it’s marked with stories of valor and cunning ferocity. The rosters of the French and German knights that came to take part in the siege was a veritable who’s–who of the aristocratic profession, virtually every great knight on the continent stood before the walls of the city. Yet Padua isn’t known as a great triumph of Chivalric honor, no it’s the final resting place of the logos, ethos and pathos that comprised the tradition. If you ever wondered how the principles of Knightly virtue died, tune in to this heart pounding episode of l’Arte Dell Armi and find out. The Siege Thud - Thud - Thud Purlepaus, Weckauf, und Haupstück Der Leo pounded. Thud - Thud - Thud Crossbow bolts caremed off armor in the breach. Thud - Thud- Thud Hoofbeats thundered in the outskirts of the city. Thud - Thud - Thud Snapped the flags of ten thousand great houses. Thud - Thud - Thud Marched the feet of the defenders on the ramparts. Thud- Thud -Thud Beat the worried hand of a mother on her infants back. Thud - Thud - Thud Bounced the heel of an elderly man worried about his shop. Thud - Thud - Thud Beat the hearts those who watched the siege unfold. Thud - Thud - Thud In the Mud Mud Mud of Padua the flower of Chivalry wilted and died.


Mike Prendergast: Pietro Monte’s Collectanea

We've reached the year 1509 in our timeline of Maestro Wars, and as a consequence of focus and time we had to mark the battle of Agnadello as a footnote in our story. That said, Agnadello is more than just a significant Venetian defeat to the historical fencing community, it marks the death of one of it's greatest authors, Pietro Monte. Pietro Monte was one of the greatest swordsman of his age, the personal tutor of one of Italy's greatest knights, a friend of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, and the ideal Renaissance Courtier. It's that or the Collectanea is a book full of some guys tricks... Stephen and I sit down with Mike Prendergast to find out, and settle some scores. Mike is a longtime HEMA and SCA practitioner, he's also a Pietro Monte expert, and probably one of the nicest human beings I've ever had the pleasure to meet--until you put a rapier in his hand. Mike has competed across the globe in longsword, sword and buckler and Rapier, and found success wherever he's traveled. Join us as we travel back to Milan, Florence and the battlefield of Agnadello to learn more about the the legendary Pietro Monte! Visit Mike's website for a free PDF of his Monte translation here: mikeprendergast.ie Find out more about Mike's fencing group here: https://www.facebook.com/HCombatAcademy


Jen Landels and Devon Boorman: Cavalry Tactics

Continuing with our system specific highlights that help us answer questions about the historical narrative we’re researching in the Maestro Wars series, we brought on Jen Landels (the preeminent instructor of mounted combat in North America) and Devon Boorman to talk to us about Cavalry tactics. Ever wondered what it was like to fight from horseback with a lance, sword, mace, or crossbow? This is the episode for you! Academie Cavallo: https://academiecavallo.ca/ Academie Duello: https://www.academieduello.com/ Find More at: https://duello.tv/ And Devons Blog here: https://pathofthesword.com/


Puck Curtis: Destreza

Maestro Puck Curtis joined us to talk about Destreza. We kept running into accounts of Italian troops fighting against their Spanish allies, and we thought it would be fun to get a feel for what that might look like. Who better to ask than Puck Curtis? In this episode of l'Arte dell Armi we compare Italian and Spanish fencing styles, explore the incredibly fascinating life of Caranzza, and ask the all important question, why Manciolino?


Maestro Wars Episode 3.1: Revenge of the Pontiff

Episode III.i Revenge of the Pontiff The Bentivoglio’s plans to take back Bologna have been thwarted. Now with new excommunications orders leveled against them, this time including our hero Guido Rangoni, and fresh bounties on their heads, they have no choice but to lay low, and wait out the coming storm. All in Italy is not serene; however, the Popes ire has turned from the Bentivoglio and Bologna, to Venice. At the city of Cambrai delegates from the European world gather at the Pope’s behest. Rumors of a great war are beginning to spread, inspiring every zealot, cut-throat, and champion yearning to make a name for themselves to arms. Meanwhile, Ugo Pepoli has won a sterling reputation for himself with his valiant efforts to stop the Bentivoglio, but with glory comes envy, and the man whose gaze has fallen upon Ugo is the most cunning of adversaries, the Cardinal Alidosi.


Devon Boorman: Spears, Polearms, and Armor

Wrapping up our November deep-dive on Polearms with a pleasant holiday bow is the venerable Devon Boorman. Devon provides us with his perspective on the various Bolognese polearms systems, Partisan, Spiedo, Ronca, Poleaxe in armor. This is a real treat; we hope you enjoy! For more amazing content from Devon Boorman Checkout: www.pathofthesword.com or https://duello.tv/