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Every week, Steven and Dave talk your ear off in the best way possible about events in history that most people don't know, don't understand, or just simply get wrong.

Every week, Steven and Dave talk your ear off in the best way possible about events in history that most people don't know, don't understand, or just simply get wrong.
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Every week, Steven and Dave talk your ear off in the best way possible about events in history that most people don't know, don't understand, or just simply get wrong.




Ep. 28: Military Technology Disparities Between Two Armies

Hey everyone welcome back to our most under-powered episode yet! This week we are talking about battles on which there is a huge disparity between the weaponry of the two armies. We explain how this can sometime lead to victory but more often than not can just lead to defeat. We hope you enjoy! Just a quick heads up, there will not be an episode for the next two weeks because Steven will be out of the country. We really hate that we have to do this, but unfortunately we did not have time...


Ep. 20: Historical Misconceptions Round Two

Hey guys welcome back to a new episode of Bad History! This week we are tackling some more historicalmisconceptions and writing the wrongs of history. Yeah, we know we said we were going to be talking about failed colonies, but we decided not to, for….reasons. We’ll just chalk it up to it being April 1st. Anyway, this week we are putting to bed two very different historical myths and talking about how they actually went down. We hope you enjoy! If you want to reach out to us you can find...

Completely Off Topic Monday Episode 2

Join Steven and Dave for Completely Off Topic Monday. This week the boys will discuss why you should study history in college and what types of jobs you can pursue with your shiny new history degree. Spoiler Alert: It’s the best liberal arts degree! And now for something completely different! It’s Completely Off Topic Mondays! A new series that Steven and Dave have created to talk candidly about the world of history and historical studies. It’s not a regular episode of Bad History, it’s...


Bad History Ep. 11: What did Rome Ever do for You? w/ Guest Kat Tuttle

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Bad History! We are finally back to our regular schedule and we could not be happier about it. This week is a very special week for Bad History because we have our first every guest! We have been teasing it for a while but we finally made it happen. Our guest this week is Kat Tuttle, a PhD student studying Classics at Indiana University. We discuss all things Rome in this episode, specifically things that they have given to us. This was a lot of...


Bad History, Ep. 8: 1815, a Year in Review!

We are finally back for a new episode of Bad History! We are so sorry for missing the previous week, but we were both super busy with the holidays. But we think this episode more than makes up for that missed week! This week, we do our year in review. But not for 2015; oh no. Instead, we are doing a year in review of 1815! That’s right; are you curious about what the hell happened 200 years ago? Well we’re about to tell you on this very special episode of Bad History!


Bad History, History Hangouts Ep.2: WWII

We’re back for another very special episode of Bad History: History Hangouts! On the second episode of History Hangouts, we discuss World War II and everything that went into and came out of it. We also focus on the American home-front during war time, a topic not covered as widely in high schools and colleges. We had a blast recording this episode and we think that it will be a blast to listen to. We hope you enjoy!

Bad History: Update

Hey everyone! We wanted to release a short little update episode about what is going on in the world of Bad History. We will be back to our normal episodes in a few days.

Bad History Ep. 4: Hatcast

Well we’re back again for another week of exciting history stories and maybe some laughs thrown in. This week we tell stories about popes, two in particular. We talk about everything from excommunication to sacking ancient cities. Also, we talk about hats.

Bad History Episode 2 Romancing The Family Stone, The Most Important Military Leaders

On this week’s episode of Bad History we debate who in fact was the greatest military leader of all time. It gets pretty real (sort of). Key talking points: - Guillermo del Toro vs. Everyone Else - COPS - Good scrolls - The Concubine Corp - Dog the Bounty Hunter is a racist - You never invade Russia

Bad History Episode 1: Gather Around the Fireplace

Thanks for joining us for the first ever episode of Bad History! This show is focuses on teaching history events in history that most people really don’t understand. This week we each talk about one of our favorite events from history. Key talking points: - How to sit around a fireplace - Army of Darkness -The legend Bruce Willis - Little brother Italy - The Middle Ages: The most messed up time period in history

Bad History Episode 0: The Intro

Bad History Episode 0: The Intro by Bad History Podcast