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A journey through the 5000 years of history documented by one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.

A journey through the 5000 years of history documented by one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.
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A journey through the 5000 years of history documented by one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.




#163 - S. Song 6: Filial Impiety

Back in Song China, we have a tale of two emperors: one who is devoted utterly to his father, and the other who's...well... not. Time Period Covered: 1165-1194 CE Major Historical Figures: Retired Emperor Gaozong [r. 1127-1162, as retired emperor 1162-1187] Emperor Xiaozong [r. 1162-1189, as retired emperor 1189-1194] Emperor Guangzong [r. 1189-1194] Empress Dowager Wu [1115-1197] Empress Li [1144-1200]


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#162 - Mongol 4: The Great Khan

Temujin Khan crushes his enemies, sees them driven before him, and hears the lamentations of their women!!! Time Period Covered: ca. 1202-1206 CE Major Historical Figures: Borjigin/Mongol: Temujin (Genghis Khan) Khasar, Temujin's Brother Börte - Temujin's 1st Wife Yesugen - Temujin's 2nd Wife Yesui - Temujin's 3rd Wife Jochi, Temujin's first son(?) Jirkho’adai (Jebe the Arrow) Khubilai Jelme Subedei Jadaran: Jamukha (Gurkhan) - Temujin's anda/nemesis Kereyid: To'oril (Ong...


#161 - Mongol 3: The Anda, The Arrow, & The Airag

Temujin will enlist the aid of his recently-sworn father, To'oril AKA Ong Khan of the Kereyid to rescue his stolen wife, Börte. But his successful rescue of his beloved will only mark the beginning of his remarkable journey from isolated herder, to powerful khan of the steppes. Unfortunately, one of the sacrifices he'll be forced to make along the path to power will be that most-sacred: his sworn brotherhood with Jamukha, who will transform from Anda to Nemesis for Temujin. Time Period...


#160 - Mongol 2: The Black Sable

In spite of difficulties, Ho'elun and her family endeavor to persevere. Temüjin discovers the power of friendship, and the clarity of purpose that comes with true love <3.


#159 - Mongol 1: The Blood Clot

High in the wildlands of the Khentii Mountains, a tribe of hunters and scavengers comes into possession of a young and captured bride. Ripped out of her old life, she and the family her new husband create at the edge of the world will have to find a way to survive. Time Period Covered: ca. 1158~1170 CE


#158 - S. Song 5: A Changing of the Guard

Both Song and Jin have a new set of emperors at the helm... it will mean war... and peace... but the riptides of history will ensure that, whatever the outcome of this conflict, very little will remain the same for much longer. Time Period Covered: ~1140-1162 CE


#157 - S. Song 4: Peace at What Cost?

Emperor Gaozong really, *really* wants his dad's coffin. Qin Hui really, *really* wants to give the Jurchen whatever they ask for. The Jurchen really, *really* want the Mongol khan to stop tweaking their emperor's beard. Time Period Covered: 1135-1160 CE Major Works Cited: Allsen, Thomas. “Chapter 4: The rise of the Mongolian empire and Mongolian rule in north China” in Vol. 6, Alien Regimes and Border States. Franke, Herbert. “Chapter 3: The Chin Dynasty” in Vol. 6, Alien Regimes...


#156 - S. Song 3: Yue Fei, Pt. 2 - The Long-Legged Treachery

General Yue Fei will reach career highs as he strikes back against Jurchen aggression with remarkable success. He'll drive his enemies so fast and hard, that he'll drive the Jin Dynasty close to its breaking point. But on the precipice of victory, ministerial machinations back in Hangzhou will spell the undoing of him and his life's work...


#155 - S. Song: Yue Fei, Pt. 1-The Flying Fury

In this first of a two-part look into the life and legend of this epic Chinese hero, we chronicle Yue Fei's early life and education, his induction into the military to serve his nation with utmost loyalty, his meteoric rise through the ranks, and his stalwart resolve in facing the greatest crisis his country his known in centuries, all while garnering a cult-like following of soldiers, and the panicked attention of the imperial court. Time Period Covered: 1103-1137 CE Major Works...


#154 - S. Song 1: Song of the South

The JURCHEN JIN reigns. Having decimated the Song Dynasty, Emperor Jin Taizong now deploys his merciless legions to seize military control of the Yellow River Valley. Only Prince Zhao Gou and his band of LOYALIST ministers stand against the rising tyranny, certain that the last scion of Zhao can yet restore a spark of hope to the fight. But the Loyalists have been exposed. As the Jin cavalry speeds toward Yintian Fu, the brave heroes mount a desperate escape.... Historical Period...


#153 - N. Song 18: Requiem for Jingkang

The Song Dynasty manages to epically pull defeat from the jaws of victory when it manages to twice goad its nominal ally, the Jurchen Jin, into a border war. The first time, it’s beaten so badly that it has to give up almost half of its northern holdings. But when even that’s not enough to quench Emperor Qinzong’s delusions of grandeur, he and his regime will pay with everything they have… Time Period Covered: 1125-1127 CE Major Historical Figures: Northern Song: Emperor Huizong of Song...


#152 - Special: Strange Tales 3.5 [NSFW]

A very sexy Halloween edition... Stir Fry - 1:45 Steel Skin - 4:15 Silkworm - 5:35


#151 - Special: Strange Tales 3

Our third entry of Seasonal Spookiness for your unsettling aural pleasure. From Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (聊齋志異) by: Pu Songling 1:25 - "The Girl in Green" 8:30 - "A Very Sharp Sword" 10:45 - "He Came Back" 18:25 - "A Transformation" 22:45 - "Mr. Miao" 34:05 - "A Prank"


#150 - N. Song 17: Smoke On the Water Margin

Emperor Huizong’s Song Dynasty’s luck runs dry with a series of epic screw up that throw the whole system in disarray. War with the Tangut Xi Xia goes badly awry – and his generals won’t even tell him about it. And then rebellions start breaking out in the south – on by a millennialist death-cult led by a 12th century Jim Jones: Fang La… and another breaking out in the swamps and marshes of Liangshan, and led by Chinese Robin Hood of literary fame: Song Jiang. All of this will throw the...


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#149 - N. Song 16: Empire of Black & Gold

To the north of Song China, sandwiched between Goryeo Korea and the invincible Liao Empire, a new force arises on the banks of the Black and Gold Rivers, that will shake the very foundations of All Under Heaven... Time Period Covered: 1099-1123 CE


#148 - N. Song 15: A Campaign of Dunces

With Wang Anshi out of the picture, Emperor Shenzong's ministers find to their horror that theg uy they thought was radicalizing the monarch... had actually be holding him back this whole time. Now there's nothing to stop Shenzong from fulfilling his lifelong ambition to conquer Western Xia... nothing, that is... except the idiocy of the commanders he'll put in charge of the operation.


#147 - N. Song 14: The New Policies, Pt. 3

Wang Anshi's heady, glorious dream at last comes crashing into the cold, mechanical reality of imperial bureaucracy, to everyone's chagrin.


#146 - N. Song 13: The New Policies, Pt. 2

Wang Anshi weilds his newfound power to implement, through his hand-picked Finance Planning Commission, a sweeping series of reforms aids at revitalizing that dynasty's sagging economy. They'll include a government loan program, new tax policies to pay for laborers, a rethink of the state's very relationship with commerce and traders, and a re-formatting of the empire's volunteer self-defense forces. Time Period Covered: 1069-1073 CE