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A loose, conversational based hockey podcast with a round table format. The show features a weekly assortment of good friends talking hockey, telling stories and trying not to take themselves too seriously.

A loose, conversational based hockey podcast with a round table format. The show features a weekly assortment of good friends talking hockey, telling stories and trying not to take themselves too seriously.
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Vancouver, BC


A loose, conversational based hockey podcast with a round table format. The show features a weekly assortment of good friends talking hockey, telling stories and trying not to take themselves too seriously.




196 - The Ottawa Tire Fire Sale

NHL training camps have come and gone which means the podcast is back! Ryan, Geeta and PON Black Ace Cole gather once again at the Palatial Estate to talk about a busy September in the NHL. Some blockbuster trades have sent eastern conference Canadian team captains to warmer climates for chances to win Stanley Cups while their former teams finally rebuild. They break down the huge Erik Karlsson trade to San Jose. Why the Senators' return is underwhelming, but makes sense based on the...


TEASER - Pre-Pre-Preseason Talk (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a teaser from our September Patreon bonus episode "Pre-Pre-Preseason Talk" P Mac and Ryan discuss Loui Eriksson and Jay Beagle's upcoming season and discuss the Nate Schmidt twenty game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. Want to keep listening? Pledge A COUPLA BUCKS on Patreon. A monthly pledge of $5 gives you instant access to this episode as well as all our bonus content over the years. Bonus episodes, movie commentaries, Q&A's and each week's 5...


PON Offseason Report - "The Summer Of Ryan"

There's not much hockey to talk about, so we don't really talk about hockey. Ryan, Geeta and Dave gather at the palatial estate in a smokey British Columbia to talk about their summers. They start talking about Quinn Hughes going back to the NCAA, but quickly tell tales of a very eventful summer. Ryan's business ventures and his foray in vigilante justice come up. As does Geeta's unfortunate week and one awful Bumble date that was racially charged to say the least. Ryan also talks about...


195 - The Regal Beagle On West Broadway

Signing Jay Beagle for 4 years most certainly ain't no cure for the summertime blues. Ryan, Geeta and P mac gather to wrap up the podcast season after one hell of a Free Agent Frenzy day. John Tavares is heading home to Toronto leaving Grandpa Lou, Long Island and the New York Islanders and their fanbase in the dust to play for his childhood team. What will happen to the Maple Leafs moving forward? Will a Kadri or a Nylander be traded out of Toronto for some defence? They also discuss the...


194 - Dougie's Night At The Museum

Dougie Hamilton likes museums. Can't have a guy like that on your team! Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to discuss the fallout from the NHL Draft. From the Vancouver Canucks drafting Quinn Hughes and just how excited Jim Benning was to have the NCAA defenceman available at 7th overall. They also discuss the big trade between the Calgary Flames and Carolina Hurricanes. Hanifin and Lindholm heading to Cow Town for Dougie Hamilton and Micheal Ferland, and local media is creating their...


193 - Canadien Tire Fire Centre

It's beautiful in Vancouver. We've moved outdoors to podcast as we enter the limbo between the Stanley Cup and the NHL Draft and surprise surprise, the Montreal Canadiens made a questionable trade again! Geeta, Dave and Ryan join you this week from the palatial estate's balcony and start the show right off the bat talking about the Max Domi/Alex Galchenyuk trade. What were the Montreal Canadiens looking for exactly? Why let a 30 goal scorer (at one time or another) go for a guy that scored...


192 - Beer Drinkers & Cup Raisers

Alex Ovechkin was drunk for a solid 96 straight hours after winning his first Stanley Cup, and god bless him for it! Dave, Geeta & Ryan join you this week to wrap up the Stanley Cup Final. The Washington Capitals win their first Cup in franchise history in five games against the Vegas Golden Knights. But all people want to discuss is Alex Ovechkin drinking every single beer in the greater Maryland region. They look back at the playoffs, what it took for the Capitals to win the holy grail...


191 - Max Scherzer Absorbs His Own Twin

The Washington Capitals have the Vegas Golden Knights on the ropes, Ovechkin can taste the silver polish and DC wants the Stanley Cup. Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to talk about the first four games of the Stanley Cup Final. From the pageantry of the pre-game ceremonies of the Golden Knights, to Pat Sajak coming out in a pullover talking to the fans with mild feedback. They also talk about Capitals' super fan Max Scherzer, starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals and how...


190 - Ovi, Vegas & The Bizarro Final

The Stanley Cup Final is here. It features an expansion team, Alex Ovechkin and it starts on a Monday night... what the hell is going on here?! A full bench this week at the palatial estate as Ryan, Dave, P Mac and Geeta gather to get you geared up for the Stanley Cup Final. They discuss a rested Vegas squad and a Washington Capitals team running red hot with a goalie putting up back to back shutouts. They look at the big trades Tampa made at the deadline and whether that affected their...


189 - Gold On The Ceiling

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights In armor coming, Saying something about a queen. There were peasants singing and Drummers drumming And the archer split the tree. (Neil Young - After The Gold Rush) Geeta, Ryan and P Mac gather this week to discuss the impossible. The Vegas Golden Knights going to the Stanley Cup Final in their first NHL season. They spend a ton of time this week breaking down the team, where the players came from and how they wound up four wins away from the Stanley...


188 - Fleury And The Jets

The Winnipeg Jets looked like the real deal in Game 7 vs Nashville AND Game 1 vs Vegas. Game 2 on the other hand... that's another conversation. Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to talk all about the conference finals. They also take a brief moment mid-show to kill a gigantic wasp that entered the palatial estate. Washington steamrolled Tampa Bay in two decisive road victories. Now that the dragon has been slayed, is there any stopping the Capitals? This is a multi-time President's...


187 - Hell Freezes Over

It happened! It finally happened! The Washington Capitals will play in the Eastern Conference Final. P Mac, Geeta and Ryan gather this week after some very intriguing eliminations in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Pittsburgh gets bounced in six games after back to back Stanley Cup championships. What went wrong? Was Sid the Kid and the kids a little tuckered out after playing so much hockey the past three years? San Jose is sent home in six games after another Marc-Andre Fleury shutout for the...


186 - Tuukka Rask: Wicked Pissed

Brad Marchand is licking players, the Golden Knights finally lost a game and the Pittsburgh/Washington series looks like a rerun. Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to talk all about the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. From the amazing back and forth series between Nashville and Winnipeg, to the bang and crashing Golden Knights vs Sharks, its been a great start to the second round They discuss the Winnipeg Jets' insanely stacked team. How Mark Scheifele's patient...


185 - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs are ALMOST upon us and we've got a full bench talking about the sweeps, the short series, the serious lack of upsets and the plethora of coach firings. The Pittsburgh Penguins take care of the Philadelphia Flyers in six games after an upside down, roller coaster of a series. They are all set to play the Washington Capitals in the second round (stop us if you've heard this before) They also talk Vancouver Canucks. Elias Pettersson wins the...


184 - So How 'Bout Those Golden Knights?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here! And things are pretty exciting (unless you're a Captials fan) Ryan, P Mac and Dave get together this week to talk about the first two or three games of the playoffs. From the incredible Vegas Golden Knights' taking a commanding 3-0 series over lead over the LA Kings. The Golden Knights' are playing some of the most impressive playoff hockey and making the Kings like amateurs. They also discuss all of the Golden Knights' success as an expansion team...but...


183 - Two Guys From Örnsköldsvik

The Sedins call it a career after eighteen seasons all with the Vancouver Canucks. And they received a heroes goodbye from Vancouver fans, Edmonton fans and every team they faced. A full bench at the palatial estate this week as the gang discusses the Sedins' retirement, their final games and what Jim Benning and the Canucks will do with that 14 million dollars in cap space. They also give a lot of praise for Claude Giroux. Who lead the Flyers in his best season yet into the playoffs on...


182 - Demko Arrives & Boston's Brewing

The Vancouver Canucks' goaltender of the future finally makes his NHL debut... and it was pretty okay. Ryan, Geeta and P Mac chat over the Easter long weekend to discuss the big debut of Thatcher Demko on Saturday afternoon. After several years of development in college and the AHL, the Canucks' goaltending prospect made his debut against a Columbus Blue Jackets team hungry for points and home ice advantage. They also discuss Scott Foster's emergency call up with the Chicago Blackhawks....


181 - A Texas Sized 10-4

A collapse in Texas as the Dallas Stars lose eight in a row and their playoff hopes are slipping away fast. Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to discuss the Vancouver Canucks signing Hobey Baker favourite Adam Gaudette. The NCAA star is expected to see some ice time in Vancouver wearing #88 during the final games of the regular season. They also discuss the collapse in Dallas. Are the Stars just not good enough? Perhaps a lack of bottom six depth or a back end just not good enough...


180 - Hart And Soul Teammates

Playoffs, please! The 2017/18 NHL season is wrapping up. Battles for home ice advantage and the final wild card spots as well as who will finish 31st overall, atop the 'Upside Down Standings' Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to talk about the Canucks' chances winning the draft lottery, Thatcher Demko being kept down in Utica by an interesting person and Rasmus Dahlin on Vancouver sports radio. They discuss the race for the Hart Trophy. Who is deserving for it? Which NHL'er is the...


179 - ...And Brad Marchand As "The Kool-Aid Man"

Brad Marchand is no longer reformed, the Canucks can't score goals and Alex Ovechkin and Patrik Laine are trading 40 goal seasons. Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to discuss the scary scene at Rogers Arena last Monday night, which saw the end of Brock Boeser's Calder Cup bid as well as his season. They also discuss the teammates who followed him to the hospital. They also discuss Alex Ovechkin having another 40 goal season. Could he play long enough to pass Wayne Gretzky's goal...