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HT EP24: Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings vs DIY

Have you seen friends that have an amazing looking garage floor?Chances are the garage floor has an epoxy coating. Now the question is: should you have a professional company put in the epoxy floor coating or DIY? Quick Episode Summary: Store Bought Epoxy Coating 0:56Professional Epoxy Coating 2:20The Difference In Preparation 2:53The Difference In Thickness 4:04Other Differences 6:19


HT EP23: Laundry Room Benches with Cubby

What exactly is your current laundry room used as? It seems to generally be used as an unorganized location in the home. Let’s help you get organized this year. You’ll end up so glad you committed not just in your house, but also in yourself. Quick Episode Summary: What is Your Mudroom Used For? 0:34What You Can Do 3:00Locker Cabinets 3:40Benches 4:55Cubbies 5:33Hooks For Jackets 6:25Phone Charging Station 6:26Recap 7:28


HT EP22: Kitchen Countertop Edge Profiles

Who knew that kitchen countertops could be so complex? Luckily, it is an easy process now. Replacing your existing countertop with a beautiful piece of quartz will be the quickest solution to make your kitchen look amazing. Don’t get lazy and pick a standard edge profile. You can find numerous kitchen countertop edge profiles to choose from. Quick Episode Summary: Waterfall Edge 1:01Marine Edge 2:21Cascade Edge 3:24Bryn Edge 4:24Squared Edge 5:32Summit or Bullnose Edge 6:19Double Eased...


HT EP21: Importance of Sanding House Before Painting

Why do some houses peel? You will find quite a few reasons, but the main one is not having your home properly prepared prior to painting. Find out the most essential steps about sanding property ahead of painting. Many painters take shortcuts when pressure washing, caulking, scraping, and sanding house prior to painting. Quick Episode Summary: Necessary Steps 0:18The Right Tools 0:56Sanding 1:28Finishing Up 1:52


HT EP20: How to Repair Water damaged Wood

Out of sight, out of mind. As a result of window treatments and blinds, most of us don’t even notice that we have wood rotting by excess water. Understand the way to repair water damaged wood in bathroom and kitchen. Place on your calendar twice a year to go and look at all your windows inside your home. But particularly check the bathroom and kitchen windows. For those who notice excess water or wood starting to either look worn down or darker than usual, then you definitely have issues...


HT EP19: How to Paint Exterior of House

When you want to have an exterior staining or painting project last a long time, ensure to use ideal tools, pick out the best colors, make sure the surface is cleaned and nail holes filled appropriately. Quick Episode Summary: What Kind of Home Do You Have 0:26Rough Sawn Cedar 1:00Painted Homes 1:08Paint vs Stain 1:34Stain 1:58What to use as an applicator 2:32Peeling Paint 2:58Cedar siding 3:30Smooth Cedar 3:39Raw Cedar 4:17Other types of Siding 5:01What I Don’t recommend 5:40A Couple...


HT EP18: Gas vs Electric Pressure Washers

You have your honey-do list and have to have numerous features on the exterior of your property washed. However exactly what tool do you need to work with: gas versus electric pressure washer? Maintaining the exterior parts of your house rinsed along with cleaned during the spring season, summertime as well as autumn season just makes sense. So the logical issue you will need to make a decision on will be gas versus electric pressure washers. Which one is ideal for your needs? Quick Episode...


HT EP17: Donating and Reselling When Remodeling

So many of my personal customers get a feeling of overbearing guiltiness just simply throwing away their used bathroom vanities, mirror, toilets, along with custom lighting strait into the dumpster. Contributing while renovating is an excellent means to fix this sense of guilt you are feeling. Find a complete set of recommendations connected with repurposing your bathroom fixtures in a more environmentally friendly manner. Quick Episode Summary: Donating 1:00Selling 2:40Leaving Things...


HT EP16: Choosing Roof Shingle Color

Your home's roof is 1/2 to 1/3 of the overall color of your home. Most people never think about their home’s roof color. They normally aim at the home siding, trim, wood posts, rain gutters together with downspouts. Nevertheless, you have got to think about the roof shingle color before you determine the color for the rest of your home. You definitely wish to have a balance of those colors to obtain good curb appeal. Quick Episode Summary: Darker vs Lighter Colors 1:05Coordinate Your House...


HT EP15: Cheap Ways Mirrors Can Decorate Your Entry Foyer

In the event that you paint the interior of your entry foyer, wall mirrors can be your partner to help make the location contain a noticeably different feel. Often many of us spend a huge amount of precious time fretting about the kitchen or the powder room yet disregard the entryway as the place to show. The front entrance is definitely the prelude to the rest of the house. So why not make an amazing initial impact by simply thinking about adding in an inexpensive mirror at this time....


HT EP14: Best Types of Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is more essential than most realize. Lights are such an important factor on the final appearance and feel to the kitchen area. If you can't have the funds for a full kitchen renovation, then I would suggest upgrading your home kitchen lighting. Let us take a look at the most beneficial kinds of kitchens lighting, which means your kitchen space can really “shine” and create fantastic impression. Quick Episode Summary: Lighting Options 1:00Recessed or Canned Lighting...


HT EP13: Best Products To Put In Your Mudroom

Uncover the most beneficial possibilities to install in your own laundry room area. Get a checklist in the most durable to least sturdy. And which alternatives will probably work with your price range too. We promise you, you'll be so satisfied you have your mudroom area update by incorporating long lasting alternatives which I pointed out. Quick Episode Summary:


HT EP 12: Backyard Dog Kennel and Garden Fence

Do you have a dog and/or love to garden? I've an awesome idea you possibly can incorporate in your backyard, a backyard dog kennel fence or garden fence. Quick Episode Summary:


HT EP 11: Curb Appeal Ideas

Thinking of selling your home? Or have you just let the front of your home get neglected over the years? Here are 9 curb appeal ideas to add to your honey-do list. Don't worry. You can do most of these over a weekend. And before long, your list will be completed and you'll have the best looking house on your block. Quick Episode Summary:


HT EP10: My Deck is Rotting

Who doesn’t appreciate a gorgeous deck in the summertime? It is a place to let loose after a hard day and sit with some coffee or a glass of wine. But while you happen to be out there, have you noticed and thought to yourself, “My deck is rotting”. Let’s go over 6 deck complications that can lead to deck rot and some possible the solutions. Quick Episode Summary: Importance of Ventilation Tree Sap


HT EP9: Kitchen Island Ideas and Shapes

You must determine the role of your kitchen island role. When upgrading & remodeling, you'll have the proper design of kitchen island installed and it will be more beneficial to your family's needs. No matter what size or shape of kitchen island you select, it'll be an incredible asset in your home. Quick Episode Summary: Cooktops and Sinks on Island


HT EP8: 9 Front Porch Update Ideas for Curb Appeal

Let’s spruce up your front porch with these 9 front porch update ideas for better curb appeal: Quick Episode Summary:


HT EP7: Garage Home Improvements from Floor to Ceiling

I’m sure your garage is like most – messy, lots of boxes stacked up, you can’t find anything. Worse yet, it’s freezing in winter months with barely any light to see anything. Let's go over 7 garage home improvements you can make to help get that garage organized: Quick Episode Summary: Fix drywall seams 0:55Paint interior walls 2:12Install baseboard 2:37LED lighting and solar tube 2:57Sturdy attic stairs 5:07Floor coating system 6:01Install old cabinets 7:12Garage Heater 7:45


HT EP6: Why Would You Ever Strip Your Deck?

You have this beautiful wood deck in the backyard. You used to love going out and sitting on it at the end of a long day at work and grilling on the weekends. But your deck has major issues. You've heard about stripping your deck, but it sounds expensive and hard to do. Let's talk about 3 main reasons you should consider stripping down your deck. Quick Episode Summary: Changing overall look 0:30Deck is peeling in many spots 0:45Just want to go back to natural wood grain look 1:01What...


HT EP5: Why Would You Ever Install Bathroom Grab Bars?

Most people think of bathroom grab bars are only needed for the elderly. When Mark and his wife both had surgeries to their knees and ankles in a year's time, they wished they had a grab bar for more safety in the shower area. This episode talks about not waiting until you need the grab bars. They can be a great addition to your shower not only for safety, but can be of help on those long, hard days of work.