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Ep 39: Ashley's Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom Makeover

Your master bedroom should be your oasis, but many times, it takes a backseat to other rooms in our homes. In today’s show, Ashley talks about her Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom and how it’s finally a place that feels like a retreat. You’ll hear how each DIY step got her closer to her dream space and also how you can make steps to create your own dream bedroom! In today’s chat on Ashley’s bedroom, we talked about: Light and Bright Master BedroomDIY Bamboo BlindsAshley’s repurposed...


Ep 38: First steps in decor when you move into a new space

Moving into a new space is so exciting!! Whether you rent or own, you probably want to get your new home looking and functioning the way you want as soon as possible… but there are some improvements that are much better to do sooner or later. We have tips on what to do first (including when to bring that measuring tape and when to start shopping!) and what to wait on and why. One inspiration we mentioned is Ashley Goldman of The Gold Hive, who revisits her inspection report annually! You...


Ep 37: DIY or Hire Out: Painting

In today’s episode, you’ll hear our thoughts on painting (both interior and exterior) and whether you should hire painting our or do it yourself! From using a paint sprayer to taping off windows and ceilings, tune in to hear what we think about how to get the job done! Resources mentioned (contains affiliate links): How Suzannah sprayed all the walls at her last housein about 5 hours Painting an interior sunroom with a sprayerWe love angled brushes and Ashley specifically loves...


Ep 36: Design, Make, & Live: Hallways

Do you have a dark and dingy hallway? Or, a downstairs hallway that is lacking function? It doesn’t have to be! We have great ideas to update, makeover, and better utilize your hallway so it’s beautiful as well as functional. In today’s show, we talked about: Ashley’s hallway makeoverthat includes DIY photo mats with a travel gallery.Suzannah’s hallway in her previous house & cute $20 lights Our Fifth House- How to utilize a hallway desk area.Young House Love’s Faux Moulding Tutorial.Room...


Ep 35: No-Spend Facebook Challenge Update + Our House Updates

Our first challenge in the Your Home Story podcast Facebook group was live last month. The challenge was all about refreshing a space in our house WITHOUT spending money. Tune in to hear about what spaces were refreshed as well as what projects we are currently tackling in our own homes. Specifically, we talked about: How the No-Spend Challenge came to be and what it was about.Ashley’s progress in her bathroom and the joy of being able to shut cabinet doors without having to cram in...


Ep 34: Erin of the $100 Challenge

Can you really make over a room in 1 month with $100?? Our guest Erin has done that month after month and spread the motivation with tons of readers--even made an appearance on the Rachel Ray show! This week we’re talking to Erin about how she got started with budget-friendly DIYs, her favorite projects for beginners, what she’s tackling next in her home, and how you can join the $100 challenge! Erin’s blog is Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. For more of what we talked about in this episode,...


Ep 33: Real [estate] talk: How to BUY a Home

Selling a Home (Episode 16) was such a hit that we decided we had to talk all about the process of buying a home. From searching for homes to radon testing to home loans, tune in to hear our experiences and tips on home-buying! We specifically talked about: Suzannah’s electrical issues in her new (old) house. By the way, did you see her new home?Ashley’s motivation and progress in her sunroom.The first-time homebuyer classSuzannah took in 2011Redfinhome search tool Risk factors for...


Ep 32: Plant Care

Whether you’re Team Real Plants or open to faux ones, too, this episode will help you pick which plants should go where and how to decorate with and around them! Our top 10 easy-to-care-for houseplants: Sansevieria : AKA Snake Plant / Mother-in-law’s tonguePhilodendron : AKA PothosZZ Plant: AKAZamioculas ZamifoliaHoyaRubber PlantAgave or AloeFiddle Leaf FigPilea: AKA PeppermoidesFicusJade Resources we mentioned: Ashley’s post on how to water/bathe a fiddle leaf figDesignerAnna Bode on...


Ep 31: Exterior Home Maintenance

We will be the first to admit that keeping up with the exterior of the home can be daunting. It feels like we never have enough time to get the interior how we want it, and then you want me to keep up with the exterior too? Today, we are breaking down what actually needs to be done on the outside of our homes, how often to do it, and what season works best to do it in. Make sure to download the printable outdoor home maintenance checklist to keep on top of it all. In this episode, we...


Ep 30: Backspash & Tiling Tips for Walls

Want a great starter DIY project that will make a huge impact in your bathroom, bar, or kitchen?? Ashley and Suzannah have both done tile wall and backsplash projects and share tons of installation tips plus design considerations. Resources mentioned: Ashley’sbeginning in tiling.Ashley’s electrical extenders and finishing the tileHow Ashley tiled around and installed heavy duty open shelvesSuzannah’s straight herringbone tile tutorialPost about using an orbital sander to remove grout...


Ep 29: Shopping Vintage Online

Who doesn’t love vintage decor, furniture, art, and more?! Today’s episode is all about finding great vintage pieces from the comfort of your home. You’ll learn which pieces we’ve bought online, how to search and buy them online, what to expect to pay, and what sites are the best to look at. We chatted about: Ashley’s sources and tips for finding AMAZING deals on rugs.Homestead SeattleKyla from House of Hipstersand her amazing art collectioneBayEtsyChairishEBTH You can find us on our blogs...


Ep 28: DIY or Hire Out: Windows & Doors

Changes to windows and doors can make a huge effect to make a home look more custom or updated. Some of these changes you can do yourself… others could be a huge nightmare, mess, time suck, or worse! Ashley and Suzannah talk through their experiences and when to hire or DIY on both window and door projects. Projects we talked about: Ashley's kitchen window project (enlarging) Ashley's dilemma enlarging or updating glass in exterior doors Suzannah's DIY door/trim updateSee how Ashley at The...


Ep 27: Design, Make, & Live: Powder Bathrooms

Most half bathrooms or powder baths are not too exciting or pretty to look at right away. But they’re often used by guests or you, all the time, so might as well express your style in them! They can have function issues, too, like small sinks and no cabinets. Plus, updating a powder bathroom is a GREAT way to dip your toes into DIY projects or just do a quick, easy, fun update to a space you use a lot! Ashley and Suzannah have experience redoing several bathrooms and half-baths and share...


Ep 26: Listener Questions 2

We are answering YOUR questions today! Tune in to hear about where/how to buy Benjamin Moore paint, our favorite tools, how to get your partner on board with home decor, and about decorating when you have an eclectic style but don’t want your house to look like a circus. Also hear how the podcast came to be, who had the idea, and even a bit on how we actually make the podcast. And, if you are just getting started with tools… we rounded up our favorites for you. Orbital SanderDrill Bit...


Ep 25: How to Decorate with a Spouse

Sometimes YOU know how you want to decorate, but do you know how to update a space or do a big project with your spouse or significant other? If others in your household care about the decor, you may have to get creative and figure out how to work on your home together. Ashley and Suzannah have lots of experience with this and share what’s worked well for them! These questions will help you discuss with your significant other: What do you envision the space to feel like?How are you...


Ep 24: Buying + Selling on Facebook, Craigslist, Sales, etc.

There are great deals out there on secondhand items direct from sellers (online or in-person), but it takes work to find them. Plus, selling your furniture, rugs, etc. can be a great way to get some extra cash to cover new purchases! We share our experiences and tips for both buying and selling items on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and buy/sell groups, garage sales, and more. Resources mentioned: check out Suzannah’s tips for shopping at estate sales here. You can find us on our blogs...


Ep 23: Life & Home Updates

We’ve had some big personal and home/project-related updates lately and wanted to share in more depth, let you get to know us even better! This episode shares what’s up with us as we enter summer and a new phase of life for Suzannah. Suzannah’s updates: 0:57: Personal (new baby) 6:21: Personal (fitness after baby) 8:47: House hunting (1930’s FSBO project) Ashley’s updates: 16:19: Personal (summer childcare and routine) 18:02: Personal (sleep and anxiety) 20:40: House projects...


Ep 22: All About Window Coverings

How do you pick window treatments? What type of window treatment do you need in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom? How do you hang window curtains? Tune in today, as we chat all about window curtains, blinds, shades and more. In this episode, Ashley chatted about the great pinch pleat tutorial that she came across, how she cut her own bamboo blinds to save money and her $10 fencing to bamboo shades hack. Suzannah shared her DIY curtain in her kitchen and her insulated window...


Ep 21: Design, Make, & Live: Entryways

Focus on one space in your home with us today and learn more about how to make your entryway work for you and your family. Whether you need decor ideas such as art, lighting, or rugs or more organizational ideas such as how to create a drop zone, coat storage and more, you’ll leave this episode with practical ways to update your space. Interested in hearing about the podcast that Ashley has been loving? Here’s the link to the Practical Minimalists podcast. See Ashley’s entryway...


Ep 20: DIY or Hire Out: Small Electrical

“Small electrical” may not sound very exciting, but it is SO empowering to have the skills to make small changes in your home with light fixtures, light switches, and more. Ashley and Suzannah share their experience with lots of DIY electrical updates, plus talk about what to expect working with a contractor (such as pricing and process) and when you should consider hiring a pro instead of doing it yourself. Resources you may find helpful: How to replace a light fixture How to replace an...