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Ep 54: Design, Make, & Live: Offices

Today’s episode is a deep dive into office design and function. We cover the utilitarian essentials (and how to make them more attractive), some design features you can add that are also practical, and facts of office space life like the table-vs-desk debate for work surfaces. We talked about so many ideas and solutions (contains affiliate links): Suzannah’s townhouse home tour and office/sewing room Ashley’s current sunroom/officeThe HP printerthat charges you based on prints/usage if you...


Ep 53: Having Friends Over While Renovating

Feel confident while inviting others in. Whether you are knee-deep in a kitchen renovation or just need to paint a bathroom, learn how to embrace it and open up your home to others. We share some of our thoughts on how to get in the right mindset as well as a few practical tips for entertaining while working with renovation messes! Resources mentioned: Minimalist Kitchen CookbookOur minimalism episode - Ep 19The Faux Martha on InstagramSuzannah’s mirror above her console table Gretchen...


Ep 52: Hardware Design Choices with Nostalgic Warehouse

Updating door and other hardware in your interior is one of the projects we’ve talked about before as a great way to add quality and personality. Today, we interview two experts from Nostalgic Warehouse about how to choose and make an impact with doorknobs, latches, switchplates, and other home hardware. We learn why bathroom hardware is often different than that of the rest of the house, how to choose a hardware color, and more. Nostalgic Warehouse makes high quality vintage-inspired...


Ep 51: Home Design Trends for 2019

We had fun in Episode 9 of last year sharing the design trends for 2018, so we thought we check back in on those trends and then forecast what will be HOT for 2019--and what’s going out. We hope you are ready to see some new trends this year, because we hear maximalism and bold hues are going to be coming on strong. Tune in to hear more about these as well as classic kitchens, the debate on succulents, and more! We referenced these trends articles from MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, ...


Ep 50: Best of 2018, Goals for 2019

We started this podcast 1 year ago! We have a lot of good stuff to look back on, and lots of goals for 2019! We also share our personal and blog successes and goals in this episode! 2018 recap (podcast and our blogs) We had so many ideas and still do! Talking about visual topics over audio is possible!Our podcast Facebook grouphas some great projectsInterviewed some inspirational DIY and decor voicesAshley did a big master bedroom updateAshley finally finished the baseboards in her living...


Ep 49: Listener Questions 2: Clutter, pets, painting over wallpaper, & more

Today, we are answering YOUR questions. We’ve compiled questions about how to hide media cords, what to do with paper clutter, how to live with pets and not have pet stuff all around, how to paint over wallpaper, and even what plant resources we use. As you tune in today, get ready to learn a few tricks! Resources we chatted about: (affiliate link)Stretchy food storage lidsSuzannah has been usingAshley’s post on Cord Control How to Run Cables Behind the WallGardening Know HowStylish Pet...


Ep 48: Suzannah's Modern Traditional ORC Master Bedroom

It is a great feeling to put time and energy into a room and then call it FINISHED! Suzannah did that over a 6-week period (including building an upholstered bed from scratch) for her modern traditional style master bedroom makeover, which she made over for the fall 2018 One Room Challenge. She shares what she learned doing a room (on a budget) in such a short period of time, plus tips for decorating around queen and king beds and other bedroom design challenges! For visuals of what we...


Ep 47: Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas

Both Ashley and Suzannah love the holidays and Christmas decor, but stay away from going overboard. We share ideas for how you can infuse the Christmas spirit in your home without it feeling overwhelming or compromising your personal style. We talk through elements like natural evergreen pieces, ornaments, stockings, Christmas tree skirts and collars, gift wrap, and more--we have ideas for you! Inspiration images we mentioned: Evergreen garlandsdown the center of a tableFrancois et Moi’s...


Ep 46: DIY or Hire Out: Wood Wall Treatments

We are talking in-depth about wall treatments--which ones you should do yourself and which ones you should consider hiring out. Back in episode 15, we covered “DIY vs. Hire Out” on Wallpaper. Today, we’re focusing on wood accents, molding, paneling, shiplap and more! Plus, in our show notes and on our IG this week, we will be sharing lots of amazing inspirational images of these wall treatments. Resources mentioned: Ashley’s wall treatment Pinterest board$60 Board and Batten Tutorialfrom...


EP 45: Creating a Drop Zone for Fall & Winter Gear

We all want that organized drop zone, that beautiful mudroom, or a built-in bench with coat hangers for all our family members, but sometimes, that’s just not an option. Today, we are chatting about how to create a drop zone for fall and winter gear that’s actually attainable for most. Whether you implement a new system for your gloves and hats (which we will give you a few options for) or learn how to corral what you have in a new way, you’ll walk away from this episode ready to tackle the...


Ep 44: Cozy Minimalist Home interview

“More style, less stuff”--isn’t that almost always the goal with home decor?!? This week we have the expert in stylish, non-cluttered home-making, Myquillin Smith of the blog The Nester. Her new book, Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff (*affiliate link*) is out this month and it’s full of inspiration (plus her tested multi-step process for decorating a space you love). We loved the book and Myquillin’s great attitude about everything she’s learned in many years and moves and making...


Ep 43: Interior Home Maintenance

Of course we prefer to focus on projects that make our home prettier--but in reality, we have to do projects regularly that make our home safe and efficient. On today’s show, we chat all about interior home maintenance, including how and when to do some of those pesky, deep cleaning projects such as cleaning and maintaining your kitchen sink disposal, washing your curtains, and degunking your faucet aerators! Suzannah shared a super great tip for staying on top of HVAC filters, so make sure...


EP 42: Home Decor Blogging Behind the Scenes

If you’ve ever wondered about how Ashley and Suzannah got into home decor blogging, what it takes to create blog and social media content, how to get featured on a big design site, how home design bloggers make money, or a blogger secret benefit to Instagram’s multiple image swipe feature…!, you’ll want to tune in to this episode! Links/resources/tools we mentioned: Answer the Publickeyword research toolsTailwindSEO stands for search engine optimization--getting your blog found by new...


Ep 41: Choosing & Hanging Art

Choosing and hanging art can be a struggle for the best of us, but we have tips! Join us today as we chat about our favorite stores to buy art, how to find art that speaks to you, how to frame art, and how to hang art. We specifically covered: Wink Wink StudioSuzannah’s DIY ikat painting Framed wallpaper by Jenna Sue Designs Amber Interiors project with bold art/concert posters Height and size recommendations for hanging art.Suzannah’s tutorial featuring drilling through tile You can find...


Ep 40: Unique & Minimal Halloween & Thanksgiving Decor

Both Ashley and Suzannah value the fun that comes from celebrating the changing seasons and holidays, but shy away from accumulating lots of new pieces every year or for using every year. We share our projects and decorating successes, plus other ideas you can use to celebrate and evoke the feelings of the season without going crazy with stuff. That means looking past the end caps and choosing pieces that you love and mean festive to you! Projects/decor we mentioned: Suzannah’s simple...


Ep 39: Ashley's Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom Makeover

Your master bedroom should be your oasis, but many times, it takes a backseat to other rooms in our homes. In today’s show, Ashley talks about her Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom and how it’s finally a place that feels like a retreat. You’ll hear how each DIY step got her closer to her dream space and also how you can make steps to create your own dream bedroom! In today’s chat on Ashley’s bedroom, we talked about: Light and Bright Master BedroomDIY Bamboo BlindsAshley’s repurposed...


Ep 38: First steps in decor when you move into a new space

Moving into a new space is so exciting!! Whether you rent or own, you probably want to get your new home looking and functioning the way you want as soon as possible… but there are some improvements that are much better to do sooner or later. We have tips on what to do first (including when to bring that measuring tape and when to start shopping!) and what to wait on and why. One inspiration we mentioned is Ashley Goldman of The Gold Hive, who revisits her inspection report annually! You...


Ep 37: DIY or Hire Out: Painting

In today’s episode, you’ll hear our thoughts on painting (both interior and exterior) and whether you should hire painting our or do it yourself! From using a paint sprayer to taping off windows and ceilings, tune in to hear what we think about how to get the job done! Resources mentioned (contains affiliate links): How Suzannah sprayed all the walls at her last housein about 5 hours Painting an interior sunroom with a sprayerWe love angled brushes and Ashley specifically loves...


Ep 36: Design, Make, & Live: Hallways

Do you have a dark and dingy hallway? Or, a downstairs hallway that is lacking function? It doesn’t have to be! We have great ideas to update, makeover, and better utilize your hallway so it’s beautiful as well as functional. In today’s show, we talked about: Ashley’s hallway makeoverthat includes DIY photo mats with a travel gallery.Suzannah’s hallway in her previous house & cute $20 lights Our Fifth House- How to utilize a hallway desk area.Young House Love’s Faux Moulding Tutorial.Room...


Ep 35: No-Spend Facebook Challenge Update + Our House Updates

Our first challenge in the Your Home Story podcast Facebook group was live last month. The challenge was all about refreshing a space in our house WITHOUT spending money. Tune in to hear about what spaces were refreshed as well as what projects we are currently tackling in our own homes. Specifically, we talked about: How the No-Spend Challenge came to be and what it was about.Ashley’s progress in her bathroom and the joy of being able to shut cabinet doors without having to cram in...