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The Dave Moore Podcast, expect laughs, chats and some very Bad Jokes


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The Dave Moore Podcast, expect laughs, chats and some very Bad Jokes






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Dave Moore: Busking For Love

Here it is, in all it's glory! We asked you to donate so Dave would release his very own tune 'Busking For Love,' written by Dave and recorded by Team Today FM. You stepped up, raising a whopping €30,000 for the Big Busk for Focus Ireland, to help in the fight to end homelessness. So now this tune is out in the universe, take it away Dave!


Music Master Big Busk Special: Gavin James And Erica Cody Take On The Challenge

The big question is, who became a Music Master? Today was a special edition of Music Master. To help with the Big Busk, Gavin James and Erica Cody came in to play Ireland's favourite music quiz.


Picture This Spill The Beans On Their Live Shows

If you're a fan of Picture This, you're in for one hell of a treat this year. To celebrate TodayFM's 'Big Busk', the Athy lads popped in for a quick chat and a bit of a hint about their upcoming live shows.


This 'Saxophone' Joke Will Have You In Bits

It's all about the delivery and Dave NAILED it on Dave's Bad Jokes


How You Can Have The Best Summer Ever And Make A Few Bob

Are you 18-30 and looking for something unique to do this summer? Now's your chance! The deadline for USIT's 'Camp USA' is fast approaching and they're looking for the last few people to get involved. The special visa will allow you to spend the summer living and working in a camp. Kiera Grice did it last year and loved it so much that she's going back, and she joined Dave to explain why.


Milton Jones Shares His 'Most Difficult' Heckle Ever

Being heckled as a comedian is rarely a positive experience, let alone when it's as harsh as Milton Jones encountered. Ahead of his trip to Ireland in September which includes dates in Dublin, Derry, Cork, Galway and Belfast, Milton spoke to Dave about bad heckles, his love of Arsenal and his issue with a popular dinner staple.


Music Master: How Well Do You Know These Hot Hits?

Think you know some popular music? How about the hottest hits in US chart history? The Billboard Hot 100 was one of the topics facing our Music Master competitors, but how would you fare?


Russell Crowe Has An AMAZING Irish Accent And You Need To Hear It

He's on the way to Ireland with his Indoor Garden Party and those who pop by may get to hear his hidden talent, which is an amazing Irish accent. The Oscar winner joined Dave for an extended chat about everything from acting to music, his love of this country and the former US President who has him on speed dial.


Music Master: You Need To Hear This Classic 90's Tune Reversed

It sounds so good! Today it was the turn of Anna McCarthy in Galway and Lee Costello in Monaghan.


'Heads Or Tails?' You Might Have Been Getting This One Wrong All Along

You might have won all those bets you thought you lost... For Ask Dave, Damien asked Dave, which side of a coin is the 'heads' and which is the 'tails'. It's not as simple as you think.


Knobbliest Knees, Little Prince And The Longest Kick In Connacht-Ireland's Best Awards

Mark Riordan has had a hell of a few days. He's been named the 17th Mr Personality by Macra and he joined Dave to chat about how the competition was judged. But, he's not the only one to win a prestigious award. We heard of the best awards and prizes from around the country.


Big Busk Stories: Mam Of Two Sarah "I'm One Of Thousands, It's Just Scary"

We're all in for the Big Busk for Focus Ireland, are you? Donate now at TodayFM.com/Busk


Ella Henderson Is On The Hunt For Her Next Irish Collaborator

She's worked with our own Cian Ducrot, and her latest single Alibi was written with one of Ireland's biggest songwriters, and now, Ella Henderson is on the hunt for the next up and coming Irish artist that she can work with. Ella joined Dave to chat being awarded the Brits Billion award, having her music signed off by Stevie Wonder and her love of Irish music.


Here Are Some Terrible Solar Eclipse Jokes For The Week That's In It

Warning: They are bad. Here is Tuesday's helping of Dave's Bad Jokes.


Music Master: Dave Is Good At The Guitar But What's His Humming Like?

We decided to shake things up for the Bonus Round of today's game. Today it was the turn of Carina in Wexford and Phillip in Limerick.


Ticket Machines, Learning Routes And Seat Comforts: The Secrets Of A Bus Driver

Aaron Moody and Mark Dempsey might not be two names you know, but if you're a bus user, there's a chance you've come across them. They've both changed careers and found themselves driving people around the country. We found out about making the move to the biggest vehicles on the road, and asked the big question...is the seat comfy?


Big Busk Stories: "The Loneliness Kicks In And You Feel Depressed"

William knows what it can feel like to not know where his next meal is coming from. This year we're going all in for the Big Busk for Focus Ireland, are you? Find out more at TodayFM.com/Busk


Reality TV Show Fans, There's Good News For You Coming Very Soon

For fans of the Real Housewives shows, it's not just a TV show, it's a way of life. So, there's bound to be great excitement about the return of one of the most popular shows. We heard about it all in 'As Seen On Your Screen'.


Music Master: Think You Know Classic Albums? Try These Questions

In the Battle of the Johns, we saw John in Offaly take on John in Cork to try and steal away the title of Music Master, but would one of them stumble on their knowledge of classic albums? See how you'd fare!


Steve Collins Shares His Thoughts On The Rise Of Influencer Boxing Matches

''Good luck to them'' Former World Champion Steve Collins joined Dave to chat all about his new Documentary titled 'One Night in Millstreet''.