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The Dave Moore Podcast, expect laughs, chats and some very Bad Jokes


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The Dave Moore Podcast, expect laughs, chats and some very Bad Jokes






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Could Beppe DiMarco Be Returning To Albert Square? Michael Grecco Speaks About Eastenders Return

He was an iconic resident of the most famous square in London, but could Beppe DiMarco be pulling up a stool at The Queen Vic again? Michael Grecco is coming to Dublin as one of the stars of Twelve Angry Men in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre from 16th-20th April and he joined Dave to chat Eastenders, playing poker in Dublin and how his love for a very popular word game.


This Chuck Norris Joke Is So Bad That It's Actually Good!

Enjoy another batch of Dave's Bad Jokes.


Meet The Dublin Woman Organising Cinema Dates For Your Doggie

There was even 'Pup-corn' for the doggies! Nikki O'Carroll from Dublin joined joined Dave to chat about the cinema day she organised for over 30 dogs and their owners in the Dot Theatre in Dublin. Image: @thedailycavalier - Instagram


Music Master: You Need To Be Quick To Do Well In This Bonus Round

Are you a speedy as these songs? Today it was the turn of Robert Curley in Bettystown and Eamonn Condell in Laois.


Baz Ashmawy Says His Mam Isn't The Biggest Fan Of His New TV Show

It didn't stop her getting in a cameo though! Baz Ashmawy joined Dave for a chat ahead of his sitcom debut - ‘Faithless’.


The Most Addictive Television Show Is BACK

If you know, you know. 'Married At First Sight: Australia' or MAFS to fans, is probably the most addictive show that you can watch on the small screen and it is back. We heard all about what to expect in 'As Seen On Your Screen' with our Maria.


Music Master: Would You Know These 'Low And Slow' Songs?

It's trickier than you'd think! In Music Master, our 'low and slow' bonus round proved to be a bit of a banana skin for our contestants!


Dancing With The Stars Head Judge Has No Idea Who Will Win

We're getting into the nitty gritty of Dancing With The Stars as the dreaded dance off begins and we come closer to seeing who will lift the Glitter Ball trophy. With only a handful of dancers left, head judge Loraine Barry herself has no idea who might be victorious. Loraine spoke to Dave about growing up in Cabra, dancing at Checkpoint Charlie and the week that could change everything.


Music Master: Name This Iconic Spanish Singer In 10 Seconds And You're A Music Master

You could be a 'Hero' - there's a hint! Today it was the turn of Eimear in Skerries and Stefan in Louth.


Meet The Irish Man Planning On Driving A Drift Car From Australia To Ireland

This won't be easy. For Match of the Dave, Dave met some sporting heroes including Cork snooker player Aaron Hill.


Counting Number Plates, New Socks And Clothes On The Line: The Little Things That Bring You Joy

We all have small, little, dull things that bring us huge amounts of joy, and there's no shame in that. After discovering that Dave gets joy from counting every step he takes, we heard about the small things that bring a smile to our faces.


Music Master: Fans Of MTV Would Nail This

Did you spend your teen years watching MTV or any of the music channels? You'd be in with a chance of acing this Music Master round! But will we have a winner?


'In One Ear And Out The Udder': These Bad Jokes Are 'Milking It'

Cow jokes, bad advice for grooms and a real groaner-it's Dave's Bad Jokes!


'It's Word Perfect' Kevin McAleer Loved Playing Uncle Colm In Derry Girls

Everyone loved Uncle Colm! Comedian and Actor Kevin McAleer joined Dave for a chat ahead of his farewell show in Vicar St in April.


Smelly Soaps, Fancy Paper And HB Sparklers: What Were Your Childhood 'Little Treats'?

The Body Shop has announced that they'll be closing in Ireland after 43 years and for many of us, it's a sad ending to a lot of childhood memories. Our Eimear used to get the fruity soaps and little oil balls for the bath as a 'little treat' when she was a kid and we heard from people all around the country who remembered their childhood treats!


Hot Water Bottles Or Shorts? Are You A Hot Or A Cold?

Dave caused consternation when he rocked into the office wearing shorts in late February. He maintains he just runs warm which begs the question-are you a 'hot' or a 'cold'?


Music Master: This Wexford Lad Was A Very Impressive Player

It doesn't get much quicker than that! Today it was the turn of Robbie Flood in Dublin and Chris Nulty in Wexford.. but which one of them became a Music Master?


''Everyone Was On Top Of Their Game'' Pat Shortt Remembers His Time On Killinaskully

The show was a huge hit in the noughties. Comedian and Actor, Pat Shortt joined Dave to chat about touring with his daughter Faye, Killinaskully and riding motorbikes. Check out patshortt.com to find tickets for - “Knuckle Down”


'Gravity' vs 'The Martian': Nasa Astronaut Reveals Which One Is Most Like Being In Space

Who hasn't watched a space themed film and wondered if it's any way true to life? Well, now we know which is the most realistic from someone who has actually been to space. Jose Hernandez is a former NASA Astronaut and an Ambassador for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida and he popped in to chat to Dave about 'Smurf suits', realistic films and if it actually smells like steak in outer space.


TV Architect Hugh Wallace Shares His Thoughts On Dave Moore's Snore Room

Hugh knows his stuff! Star of Home Of The Year, Architect Hugh Wallace joined Dave for a chat ahead of the new season of Home of the Year.