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Chromacast 39 - Matt Deco

Matt Deco joins us for episode 39 of Chromacast. Listen in as we get into an interview full of history and laughs, followed by a bass-heavy mix from the man himself. High Quality Download: http://bit.ly/chromacast-39-mattdeco ———— Deco is a Los Angeles-based producer who makes bass-driven electronic music with a touch of soul. From dub to techno to downtempo and songs that defy classification, Deco’s style always comes with ample amounts of vibe, whether its deep and contemplative or techy...


Chromacast (Classics) 38 - Kingpin

Episode 38, we’re bringing back a mix from days gone by in our new 'Classics' segment of the Chromacast podcast. First up in this offshoot series is Kingpin, with a mix he did for the 'Interesting Times' podcast by Club Muse, that was wildly accepted at the time. First released 8 years ago in 2010, this is a showcase on how to seamlessly mix from one form of dance music to another, all while keeping the party hyped. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! High Quality Download:...


Chromacast 37 - Forerunners

For the past 8 years Brenden LaBonte (aka Forerunners) has been creating incredibly lush and emotive progressive music. With immaculate production and regular releases from labels such as Saturate Audio, Black Hole Recordings, Pure Trance, and Sudbeat, he is one of the producers who is helping to shape the sound of modern progressive music. Get into the sounds of Forerunners in episode 37 of Chromacast. High Quality Download: http://bit.ly/chromacast-37-forerunners ———— Something of an...


Chromacast 22 - Kingpin

Things get a bit personal as Kingpin, Jeff Tovar, and Jeff Devoe sit in studio and talk about what Chromacast means to the group. And then Kingpin lays into a heavy progressive house session. Get yourselves acquainted with the crew in Episode 22. High Quality Download: www.bit.ly/chromacast-22-kingpin Full Tracklist: www.bit.ly/chromacast-22-kingpin-tracklist ———— Kingpin began his dance music career as a DnB DJ in 1999. Flipped to progressive house and global club culture in 2005 after...


Chromacast 21 - Calculon - The Full Interview

The full interview with drum & bass and halftime label boss, Calculon. Join us as we talk about his labels Shoot Recordings and Rubik Records, travel, amazing food, and much more. High quality download: http://bit.ly/chromacast-21-calculon-thefullinterview Chromacast 21 - Calculon (mix): https://soundcloud.com/chromacast/chromacast-21-calculon ———— You know Calculon. His gargantuan beats have been destroying dancefloors for a decade, pushing the envelope at jungle, juke and hardcore...


Chromacast 20 - MR PUZL - The Full Interview

Chromacast 20 delves deeper into the man we know as MR PUZL with the full interview. Get to know him on a level you may not have experienced from any other previous exchange. High Quality Download: http://bit.ly/chromacast-20-mrpuzl-thefullinterview ———— MR PUZL is one of the co-founders of the music collective affectionately known as LAMP. He's also the founder of PUZL Records. Music is a passion that drives him creatively. He designs things irl and digitally. He likes drinking pilsners....


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