We are an outlet for musical expression and a vehicle to discuss related culture. A creative space for artists to showcase progressive sounds from our favorite electronic music artists. Brought to you direct from Los Angeles by Jeff Tovar, Kingpin, and Jeff Devoe, who form the production trio known as 'Man is Metaphor'.


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We are an outlet for musical expression and a vehicle to discuss related culture. A creative space for artists to showcase progressive sounds from our favorite electronic music artists. Brought to you direct from Los Angeles by Jeff Tovar, Kingpin, and Jeff Devoe, who form the production trio known as 'Man is Metaphor'.






Chromacast 51.1 - Jeff Devoe - Chromacast x The Weekend Dance Party Takeover (June 2019)

To kick the summer off in June, the Chromacast crew had the pleasure of being featured on The Weekend Dance Party on WPVC 94.7 FM Charlottesville! Andy 909 and Philophonic host the electronic music broadcast live, every Saturday from 9pm -12am EST. You can catch the live stream on WPVC’s website or check out the archives on Andy909’s Mixcloud account. Episode 51.1 of Chromacast is the rebroadcast of Jeff Devoe’s set, covering some tech house, techno, and progressive house, featuring tracks...


Chromacast 50 - Placebo eFx

Placebo eFx is a brand new melodic techno and progressive house duo based in Los Angeles. Made up of Jason Miller (who produces great tech and progressive house under Redux Saints) and Stuart Murphy (who produces hard hitting tech house under Lok N Key), Placebo eFx aim to bring emotion back with their world-class production and songwriting sensibility. For episode 50 Jeff Devoe was able to sit down and talk with Jason Miller about their motivations for Placebo eFx, production tips &...


Chromacast 49 - Halaros

Get deep into the progressive sounds of Halaros in episode 49 of Chromacast. High Quality Download: ———— Apostolos Iatrou, also known as Halaros, was born in Greece in the late '80s. At a very young age, he discovered his passion for electronic music and computers, and started DJing at parties & festivals in 2003. The idea of electronic music production was conceived in 2009 after a festival he had attended and madethe decision to start his own music...


Chromacast 48 - R.E.E.V.

Chromacast is proud to present episode 48 with special guest, Irish DJ/producer, R.E.E.V. The more melodic elements of house and techno are what most excite this artist and it is reflected in his organic, warm sound. R.E.E.V. has some exciting track releases planned for 2019 and still finds delight from being behind the decks. High Quality Download: ————


Chromacast 47 - Misjn

We're back with episode 47 as our friends Misjn bring us a stunning display of melodic techno from Norway. Satisfunk and DJ Lunu are both from Stavanger, and their duo is about a strong passion for quality melodic techno, nothing else. High Quality Download: Pictured: American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus Ruber) ———— Tracklist: - Chromacast Intro Eelke...


Chromacast 46 - Frank Serin

Hailing from the country of Perú, Frank Serin blesses us with a little bit of that South American electronic flavor in Episode 46 of Chromacast. High Quality Download: Pictured: Bird (Thailand) ———— Frank Serin is a young Peruvian DJ/Producer, he started at age 18 publishing his first single called "La sonrisarisa de la mujer" that is how his music began to be placed on labels like Chapter 24 Records, Blankhaus, Puzl Records among others. Influenced by...


Chromacast 45 - lotophage

Our friend lotophage is back with a 2-hour mix for the Drum & Bass heads. From the man himself: "Over the years, I've amassed a significant collection of music that exists just outside the boundaries of mainstream Drum & Bass. The problem I've had with these tunes has always been "These are great! When will I ever use them?". The solution was simple (or so I thought), "I'll just throw them all together in one mix!". If you've heard my mixes before, you probably know that I like to base them...


Chromacast 44 - Soulshakers

The Soulshakers may live on two separate pieces of land, but that doesn't stop them from creating wonderfully distinct soundscapes together. Simmo and Jense make up this DJing duo, and we're proud to feature them for episode 44 of Chromacast. High Quality Download: Pictured: Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) ———— Simmo(Ian Simpson) and Jense (Jens Reinhardt) are two popular artists on Mixcloud and have each built up a great following there. After...


Chromacast 43 - Jeff Devoe

"For the past couple months I’ve been collecting a ton of different tracks, in a multitude of genres. For this set I’ve put together some of the techno tracks that have a more sinister feel. All these tracks have a wonderfully dark tone about them that pulls at your heartstrings. Some of my favorites from this set are Pig & Dan - Chemistry (I’ve seriously been trying to find the right set to put this in since it came out!), Nicole Moudaber’s remix of That’s Not Happening by Coyu and Ramiro...


Chromacast 42.2 - Kingpin - Chromacast Sessions July 2018 Warmup

Kingpin delivers a stellar warmup mix to help set the groove for our next Chromacast Sessions event this coming Saturday. Catch him at the show 9-11pm. High Quality Download: FREE RSVP to Chromacast Sessions July 21: Pictured: Chestnut-bellied Rockthrush ———— Kingpin began his dance music career as a DnB DJ in 1999. Flipped to progressive house and global club culture in 2005 after feeling DnB had reached its creative...


Chromacast 42.3 - Freddy Be - Chromacast Sessions July 2018 Warmup

This is it! Our third and final installment of the warmup series for our Chromacast Sessions event this Saturday. Coming by the way of our event headliner, Freddy Be, this showcase is nothing but pure vibes. FREE RSVP to Chromacast Sessions July 21: Pictured: Chestnut-bellied Rockthrush ———— A genuine staple in LA, Freddy Be has been delivering great music and first-rate events on the west coast since the early 90’s. From the creation of Monday Social (North...


Chromacast 42.1 - Jeff Tovar - Chromacast Sessions July 2018 Warmup

The first in our warmup series for the July 21st Chromacast Sessions event in Downtown LA, our own Jeff Tovar gives us a little taste of the vibes to come for his closing set. High Quality Download: FREE RSVP to Chromacast Sessions July 21: Pictured: Chestnut-bellied Rockthrush ———— Jeff Tovar is formerly known as Phear, Sucio, and DIV. A DJ since the late ’90s, former partner in Kuru and Shame On You. Known by his...


Chromacast 41 - Jelly For The Babies

Coming to the Chromacast airwaves from Serbia is Jelly For The Babies—an artist who produces, DJs, and runs a few labels. In episode 41, JFTB serves up an exclusive showcase from one of his imprints, "The Purr Music." High Quality Download: Exclusive Interview: Pictured: Orange-headed Thrush ———— It is said that hard times can forge a hard work ethic. For...


Chromacast (Classics) 40 - Kuru

We continue our Chromacast Classics Series in episode 40, as we give new life to a timeless mix by Kuru (Ryan Origin and Jeff Tovar) from 2012. Recorded live during their opening set for the iconic 'IHeartComix Presents' series (this one featuring Scuba and Machinedrum) at Los Globos in Los Angeles, Kuru's unique fusion of bass, techno, and deep progressive was one we felt was well-worth bringing out of the archives. High Quality Download: Pictured: White...


Chromacast 39 - Matt Deco

Matt Deco joins us for episode 39 of Chromacast. Listen in as we get into an interview full of history and laughs, followed by a bass-heavy mix from the man himself. High Quality Download: ———— Deco is a Los Angeles-based producer who makes bass-driven electronic music with a touch of soul. From dub to techno to downtempo and songs that defy classification, Deco’s style always comes with ample amounts of vibe, whether its deep and contemplative or techy...


Chromacast (Classics) 38 - Kingpin

Episode 38, we’re bringing back a mix from days gone by in our new 'Classics' segment of the Chromacast podcast. First up in this offshoot series is Kingpin, with a mix he did for the 'Interesting Times' podcast by Club Muse, that was wildly accepted at the time. First released 8 years ago in 2010, this is a showcase on how to seamlessly mix from one form of dance music to another, all while keeping the party hyped. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! High Quality Download:...


Chromacast 37 - Forerunners

For the past 8 years Brenden LaBonte (aka Forerunners) has been creating incredibly lush and emotive progressive music. With immaculate production and regular releases from labels such as Saturate Audio, Black Hole Recordings, Pure Trance, and Sudbeat, he is one of the producers who is helping to shape the sound of modern progressive music. Get into the sounds of Forerunners in episode 37 of Chromacast. High Quality Download: Interview:...


Chromacast 36 - GuyRo

One of our favorite things as listeners and club-goers is when a DJ plays an extended set, so when GuyRo told us he had a 3-hour mix in store for episode 36, we were more than a little excited. High Quality Download: Check out the Interview for a FREE Bootleg Download: ———— GuyRo is an Irish-born, Spanish-based electronica DJ and producer, focusing on cooking up an infectious...


Chromacast 35 - Simmo

Coming to us from Scotland, we’re proud to present Simmo (who is one half of the Soul Shaker DJs), bringing us yet another deep and emotive mix. Get lost in the sounds of episode 35. High Quality Download: ———— Simmo (aka Ian Simpson) was born in mid 70s Scotland, growing up listening to Rock and Heavy Metal of the 80s. At the age of 16, he discovered dance music and bought his 1st set of belt drive turntables. Gradually over the years, he progressed to...


Chromacast 34 - Toniva

Welcome to episode 34 of Chromacast, as we keep it local to Southern California by welcoming Toniva with a lush and inspiring progressive session from San Diego, CA. High Quality Download: Full Interview: ———— Toniva is a longtime lover of all electronic music spanning decades. This Aussie transplant is currently located in sunny San Diego, California. His global influences are...