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The House on Whipple Road

On December 31, 1975 half of the Mahoney family -- a prominent doctor, his wife and their 15-year old son -- were gunned down in their rural Massachusetts home while quietly ringing in the New Year. The murders sparked deep fear in the small community and sent a team of local investigators on a winding, six-month pursuit of the killers. To this day, there are still questions about what exactly happened in that house on Whipple Road.


Teaser: New Year's Eve, 1975

Coming soon: the story behind a vicious New England murder, a grueling investigation, and a new life after tragedy.


The World's Strongest Woman

Janae Marie Kroczaleski was born Matthew Raymond Kroczaleski. Known as “Kroc” in the weightlifting world, she eventually became one of the strongest people in ever. In 2009, Kroc set a world record by squatting 1003 pounds, bench pressing 738 pounds and deadlifting 810 pounds. As one of the top strength athletes in the world, she was known for her intensity, toughness and perseverance. After years of internal conflict, Janae is finally transitioning her gender. Although her professional...


The Day Competitive Eating Was Transformed

In 2001, an unknown Japanese eater named Takeru Kobayashi transformed the sport of competitive eating. The revolution took place on July 4th at the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Up until that day, the highest total at the competition had been 25 hot dogs in 12 minutes. With his unconventional style and relentless pace, Kobayashi doubled that total – reaching 50 hot dogs. No one saw it coming. Since 2001, the sport of competitive eating has changed dramatically. Kobayashi’s cutting-edge...


Lance Armstrong's Troubles Are Not Over

In 2013, Lance Armstrong sat down next to Oprah in Austin, Texas and finally admitted to using banned substances over his career. Since that interview, Armstrong hasn't just lost the public's trust -- he lost many of his closest friends, millions of dollars in sponsorships, his cancer foundation and his ability to compete. Two years later, the troubles are not over for the record-breaking cyclist. In fact, they could get worse financially. In this episode, we talk with Vanessa O'Connell, a...


The Global Cooling Myth, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago, on April 28th, 1975, Newsweek magazine published an article that created one of the most pervasive scientific myths in modern history. It was a one-page story, buried in the middle of the magazine. But it became the most widely cited article in Newsweek’s history. The piece, called “A Cooling World," raised concerns about a global cooling trend. It was published on page 64. But it became front page news for climate skeptics, who point to it as proof that scientists were...


The Evolution of Viral Blogging

Neetzan Zimmerman is one of the most successful “engineers” of viral content on the web. In 2008, he started a Tumblr called The Daily What, one of the early websites focused on aggregating viral stories. Neetzan didn’t have a background in journalism. But he was obsessed with writing about Internet culture, and he wanted to help people understand the inside jokes of the deep web. “It was trying to open up this byzantine world to potentially my mother or my grandmother and try to invite...


The Legacy of the US Stimulus Package

Since its inception, Republicans have labeled the stimulus package a complete failure. But we no longer have political posturing as a way to gauge performance. Today, we have 6 years of experience and data. And economists are in agreement that the package created jobs and contributed to the rebound of the America’s economy. This week, we speak with Politico senior reporter Michael Grunwald, who’s been closely tracking the impact of the stimulus in helping America keep from collapse.


Inside the Downfall of Blackberry

How does a company with 50 percent of the cellular phone market drop down to 1 percent in five years? This week, we'll explore the implosion of Blackberry, the iconic phone maker that has quickly become irrelevant in the consumer smart phone market. We'll talk with Jacquie McNish, the co-author of a new book called, "Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry." We'll discuss how Blackberry executives misread the rise of smart...