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Copy of The Undebeatables - Episode 351: Jazzy Pianist

This show we get in a make-up Boomerang, revisit Sabonis starting, and get a listener contribution from the Mailbag. Finally, we consider early favorites for Undebeatawards at the quarter-season mark; and maybe just little panic over Oladipo. Go Pacers! Links Sabonis Is Killing ItPacers' Lineups2003 Draft ClassVO's Album DropHelp Us Out On Amazon Halftime: Small Feats by Jason Kush & Billy Test


The Undebeatables - Episode 350: Beer Angel

This episode, the boys recap the Pacers’ 2-2 west coast road swing. Links Pacers vs. JazzPacers vs. SunsPacers vs. LakersPacers vs. KingsSupport us at Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 349: You Can't Contain Language

Your Indiana Pacers have embarked on a pivotal Western road swing without Oladipo. The Undebeatables give thoughts and advice, which Coach McMillan is already heeding. So keep up and check us out. Plus, Yam talk. Go Pacers! Halftime: Fater Lee by Black Ant


The Undebeatables - Episode 348: Be Unafraid When You Get The Moment

The Pacers' week started great, but ended on a slide entering a 4-game Western road swing. Will Oladipo be healthy soon enough to right the ship? Can rookie Aaron Holiday provide enough help in the interim? Does Bogie even need any? Check out the Undebeatables for all the answers.


The Undebeatables - Episode 347: NyQuil Comma

Happy Thanksgiving, Pacer Nation! After food, family, and football, relax as the Undebeatables talk NBA scoring greats, the Pacers’ stifling defense and anemic offense, coaching milestones, and pickles. Plus, we give our NBA thanks. Halftime: Black Like Me (feat. Oreo Jones) by Clint Breeze


The Undebeatables - Episode 346: Advancements in Advanced Metrics

What’s up, Pacer Nation? Join the boys as they breakdown a solid 2-1 week. Plus, details on our Pacer’s Musical. LINKS @ Houston vs. Miami vs. Atlanta


The Undebeatables - Episode 345: Porky Pigging

This show we talk Melo’s future and whether Domas should be in the starting five. Plus, we get you a delayed Boomerang, Joey’s Stat of the Week, and an Undegooglable. Go Pacers! Links Top 15 ScorersCarmeloJoey's Stat Of The WeekHelp Us Out On Amazon Haltime: Dansamor by Elvii Marten


The Undebeatables - Episode 344: That Sounds Like More Than Dead Weight

The Jimmy Butler trade finally goes down. Instant reaction on that and we will cover a one and two week. Go Pacers! Justin Patten TradePacers vs RocketsPacers vs 76ersPacers at HeatHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 343: Capital 2

What is up, Happy Pacer Nation! It’s been a good start to the season. Does Coach Nate McMillan deserve any credit? Plus, more surprise teams, more surprise stats, and more speculation on the speculative. Halftime: Loading… by Sirivs Black


The Undebeatables - Episode 342: Willy Nilly Chickens

Links Pacers vs TrailblazersPacers at KnicksPacers at BullsPacers vs CelticsHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 341: Like Galileo Dropped the Orange

Happy Halloween, Pacer Nation! Check in on some early season Pacer trends and the biggest surprise teams around the NBA. Plus, nonsense about cotton mouth and Gritty’s reign of terror. Halftime: Orbiting the Earth by UltraCat LINKS Pacer Early Season Stats Gritty Gritty’s Halloween Twitter Rant Help Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 340: Hamm's - It's Potable

There were three games this week to discuss in a 2-1 week for your Pacers. Plus a boomerang and the first coaching casualty of the year. Go Pacers! Links Pacers at TimberwolvesPacers at SpursPacers at CavaliersTy Lue Is OutHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 339: Why Is the Grass?

This show we get our first Undegooglable of the year along with a Stat of the Week from Joey. We also have some basketball around the league and overreaction theater. Go Pacers! Links Joey's Stat Of The WeekIndiana Has No Chill By Myles TurnerHelp Us Out On Amazon Halftime: BabaBase by Yan Terrien


The Undebeatables - Episode 338: Fiserv.Forum Is Like Narnia

Pacers basketball is back! The rest of the NBA is playing as well. Go Pacers! Links Pacers at GrizzliesPacers vs BucksPacers at PacersHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 337: Gettin' Ripped

The preseason ends and the post-preseason begins. Join Jason and Joey this show as we discuss the upcoming season, Myles Turner, and what we're looking at over the first week of play. Pacers @ Cavaliers - Monday, October 8th, 2018Pacers @ Bulls - Wednesday, October 10th, 2018Myles Turner Spotlight Halftime: Yung Kartz - Big Smoke


The Undebeatables - Episode 336:Alize Like Sunday Morning

This week we preview the 2018-19 Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have quite a bit of continuity this year but also some exciting new faces to add to last year’s successes. Go Pacers! Links 2018-19 Pacers RosterPacers at RocketsPacers at GrizzliesJoey's Stat of the Week Halftime: Focus by A.A. Alto


The Undebeatables - Episode 335: Fixed It

It’s on to the Eastern Conference! Learn how bad everybody else will be in the East this year as the preseason sets to tip off. Go Pacers! Links 2017-18 Final NBA StandingsVegas Odds--Win Totals By TeamOffseason Roster Moves By Team2018 Predicted Depth Charts By TeamJoey's Stat of the Week Halftime: Don’t Creep Me Out by Silicon Transmitter


The Undebeatables - Episode 334: Butterfly Magnate

It’s Western Conference preview time! We’ll tell you what to expect from each team in the coming year. Go Pacers! Links 2017-18 NBA Final StandingsNBA Transactions By Team2018 Predicted Depth Charts By TeamVegas Odds--Win Totals By TeamJoey's Stat of the WeekRachel Nichols' Interview with Mark Cuban Halftime: You Can Use by Captive Portal


The Undebeatables - Episode 333: Educational and Informative

This week we revisit the Bartender’s Top 25 Pacers of All Time. First put out three years ago, see how much has changed. You can find the original list under Extras 15. Go Pacers! Links Original Top 25Pacers Franchise LeadersStat of the Week--Vontae Davis Halftime: Betrayal by D-Lewsion


The Undebeatables - Extras 15: Coalson's Top 25 Pacers

On the news of David West’s retirement from the NBA, your Undebeatables have decided to revisit the Bartender’s fluid Favorite 25 Pacers of All-Time list. In preparation for that episode next week we offer up the recordings of his original list 4 seasons ago. You are welcome to send your angry tweets now or save them until next week, because none of this makes any sense.