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Episode #8 Marco Collins

Well, we've done it again, finished another wonderful podcast! I know it's been a while but we're back in business. This episode is with the amazing, sweet, brother from another mother, Marco Collins! Just like so many podcasts of mine since I am a Chatty Cathy (Marco being my equal in that) this one is pretty darn long. We clocked in at over two hours and probably could've kept going! We covered so many things from midlife crisis to the grunge era to the first world problem of what do I...


Episode #7 - The Catch up

It's been a while. How is it that so much can happen in 6 months? Either life is progressive quickly or chaos is ruling. I'm going to keep to the positive. This episode Ryan Lane (my co conspirator) catch up with each other and you.


Episode #6 - Roderick Romero

I've known Roderick from Sky Cries Mary since I was 19. Way prior to my even considering doing music or following my dreams to be an artist. He was so far ahead that arena. That being said I know that Roderick definitely inspired me and I still follow ideas he shared with me way back when. I've always loved his ability to follow his spirit and boldly put himself and his art out there. I really needed to touch base with this person who reminding me to dream and see where the universe takes...


Between You and I – Podcast #5 - 7 Year Bitch

It's taken me way too long to get to a place to find old friends again. I"m so happy that we are all waking up enough to find each other again. I am personally committed to reaching out more from here going forward. This podcast is so much about it. During the early 90s period of music scene, I was so introverted and shy in some ways. I was used to being a loner and watcher in so many ways. That is who I had been in my life up into then. On stage was different. I felt an automatic comfort...


Between You and I – Podcast #4 - Emmett Montgomery

We sit down with the worlds greatest comedian Emmett Montgomery Sorry about the fan noise in the background. It's really too hot here in Seattle right now.


Between You and I – Podcast #3 – Carrie, Ryan, and guest

We sit down and talk about all sorts of things that are on our minds and as a bonus the lovely and talented Amanda Stockbridge drops in as a surprise guest.


Between You and I – Podcast #2 – Kim Virant

Well holly hallelujah it’s podcast #2 with my great friend Kim Virant. The big reason we moved back to Seattle was for the family and friendship. Kim and I have known each other for over 20 years and it’s only recently that we have found each other as confidants. And boy has it been helpful. Finally someone who shares some of the same fears around performance, creativity and life’s ups and downs. I was not the kind of girl who had close girlfriends. I’ve always been kind of lonerish and...


Between You and I Podcast #1 – The Friel Brothers

Today is the day! Between You and I – Podcast #1. I’ve been talking to folks about doing a podcast for years. I love the conversation and communion! Some of my favorite podcasts are The Nerdist, Marc Maron, any of John Rodericks. I’ll be interviewing friends, writers, musicians, comedians, artists of all kinds and just whomever I feel like talking to here! I’m going to just take it one intuitive choice at a time and connect. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I hope it brings...