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Kate Saul & Andre Francisco: The 18F Content Guide – Episode 32

Kate Saul and Andre Francisco work at 18F, an internal government agency that helps other federal agencies improve their digital services, including web content. Soon after the agency's founding they discovered that they would benefit from having a reference guide - the 18F Content Guide - for both their organization and their clients. We talked about: Andre and Kate's backgrounds the origins in 2015 of the 18F Content Guide - driven by their need for a standardized resource for their team...


Shelley Keith: Content Governance – Episode 31

Shelley Keith is a digital strategist with Modern Tribe. Her pragmatic approach to content governance aligns stakeholders on the "why" behind content decisions and uses techniques like "guerrilla governance" to get the content outcomes that executives demand. Shelley and I talked about: her work on the web since 1994 and her role at Modern Tribe her definition of content governance her pragmatic approach to working with organizations that don't have the resources to do formal governance...


Simon Thompson: Podcasting Content Strategy – Episode 30

Simon Thompson runs an agency in Melbourne, Australia, that focuses on helping B2B businesses add podcasts to their content marketing mix. Simon and I talked about: his transition from print media to digital his work doing content marketing for big brands in an agency setting his transition to running his own agency why he focuses on podcasting as the core of his content-marketing services: it brings focus to his professional practice podcasting is a uniquely engaging format, typically...


Malaika Carpenter: Solo Content Strategy – Episode 29

Malaika Carpenter is a solo content strategist in Philadelphia. Working on her own with non-content-focused clients has shown her the importance of having a clearly articulated, replicable content-strategy process. Malaika and I talked about: her work at SayCred Media Group helping clients get clear on their "why" her background as a pharmaceutical sales representative and how it helps her content strategy practice how she knew from an early age that she would someday be a storyteller how...


Jamie Schmid: Content Enthusiasm – Episode 28

Jamie Schmid is a content enthusiast. She has been building websites since the late 1990s. Over that time, she has honed processes that result in websites that give both internal and external users rich, intuitive content experiences. Jamie and I talked about: her evolution from illustrator to website developer how Karen McGrane inspired her at DrupalCon 2013 her subsequent growth as a digital strategist, with a keen eye on content the importance of being proactive about addressing content...


David Dylan Thomas: Cognitive Bias & Content Strategy – Episode 27

David Dylan Thomas studies human behavior to develop better content strategies. His cognitive-bias hacks help you tame counter-productive thought processes to create less biased content experiences. David and I talked about: his evolution from filmmaker to content strategist the introduction of content strategy as a discipline at Think Company how awareness and knowledge of cognitive biases can inform content strategy the origins of his Cognitive Bias podcast cognitive biases that content...


Joe Welinske: Crafted Communication – Episode 26

Joe Welinske creates content strategies and other crafted communication as a UX practitioner, teacher, and event organizer. Joe is super-thoughtful about the role of content in helping people use technology. We had a great conversation about his journey from old-school technical communicator to leading-edge UX practitioner. We talked about: Joe's journey from industrial engineering to technical communication how he and others were doing "content strategy" long before the phrase was coined...


Jared Spool: UX Content Strategy – Episode 25

For nearly 40 years, Jared Spool has been helping publishers and software developers create better experiences for their users. Along the way, he has also helped companies apply UX design principles to the process of creating content for their customers. Jared is one of the best-known and most widely cited practitioners and educators in the UX field. We had a wide-ranging conversation on content strategy and how it manifests in user experience design. We talked about: his definition of...


Jason Preston & Steve Broback: Event Content Strategy – Episode 24

Jason Preston & Steve Broback co-founded the Dent Conference, an annual gathering and a year-round community of innovators looking to make a dent in the universe. Jason and Steve launched the event with focus on content and programming. But they quickly realized that the event was really the centerpiece of an ongoing, year-round community they had created. We talked about: the origins of the Dent Conference the benefits of getting people out of silos and interacting how an advisory board...


Gerry McGovern: Top Task Management – Episode 23

Gerry McGovern helps customers complete their most important tasks when they arrive at a website. His proven process routinely results in the removal of as much as 90% of the content on a website. This requires content managers to shift their mindset from a simple production model to an ongoing customer-centric "eternal beta." Gerry and I talked about: the shift in power away from organizations to customers the importance of customer centricity the evolution of web content from a push...


Sarah Richards: Content Design Innovator – Episode 22

Sarah Richards created the field of content design as she revamped GOV.UK's web presence. From a messy amalgam of hundreds of government websites, she created a user-focused "storefront" where UK citizens could get their most common questions answered. Always focused on her users' needs, Sarah developed an approach and methodologies that can help anyone design, create, and manage better content. Sarah and I talked about: the origin story behind the field of content design the importance of...


Todd Bishop: Tech-Journalism Content Strategy – Episode 21

Todd Bishop and his colleagues at GeekWire have strategically blended business journalism with leading-edge media business practices to create a regional tech publication with worldwide readership. Todd is convinced that content marketers and other content strategists could benefit from bringing a journalistic approach to their content. With a research-based, journalistic approach "you're not just telling people what you want them to hear because it aligns with your business interests, but...


Laura Porto Stockwell: Digital Content Strategy – Episode 20

Laura Porto Stockwell has developed a strategy process that connects the dots between business goals, brand aspirations, market opportunities, and user needs. The intersection of those elements, she says, "Is where the magic happens." Laura applies her strategic approach to both top-level digital strategies and to content strategies for her clients as the CEO of Big Thinkers Society. We talked about: her transition from community journalism to digital agency work her pioneering content...


Anika Anand: Journalism Startup Content Strategy – Episode 19

Anika Anand loves engaging with her readers, not just giving them "fly-by content." She constantly asks, "What do we want people to do with what we're making?" Anika and her colleagues at The Evergrey and are pioneering a new kind of interactive journalism, always aiming to engage with their readers, and to encourage them to engage with their community. Their motto: "Live Like You Live Here." With this clear intention in place, a lot of her job revolves around measuring the...


Andrew Himes: Microsoft’s First Web Content Strategist – Episode 18

He didn't use the term then, but Andrew Himes was one of the web's first content strategists. Years before Bill Gates' famous "Internet Tidal Wave" memo, Andrew and his co-founders at the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) were working on a proprietary hypertext document system, code-named Blackbird. Then along came the web. Andrew and his colleagues at MSDN were uniquely positioned to pioneer some of the very first enterprise-scale web content strategy. They had tons of digitized...


David Fried: Digital Agency Branding & Content Strategy

David Fried integrates content strategy throughout his branding work at the digital agency EFM. Whether he's crafting a branding strategy from the ground up or executing a campaign for an existing brand, content is always a key element. David's Bio David Fried is a strategist and creative director at EFM Agency in San Diego with over a decade of experience developing platforms, names, verbal identities and creative for national and international brands in technology, music, craft beer,...


Russell Sparkman: Content Marketing Pioneer – Episode 016

Russell Sparkman has been doing content marketing for almost 20 years. We talked about purpose-driven content marketing, how not to commit "random acts of content," and the neuroscience of storytelling. Russell's Bio Since 2000, Russell Sparkman has been a practitioner and proponent of story-based, purpose-focused content marketing. Starting with the launch of One World Journeys as a branded content experience for Seiko Epson Corporation, he has been a content strategist, information...


Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Content Strategy, Gutengerg, & Web Ethics – Episode 015

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a broadly accomplished web designer and educator. He is very active in the WordPress open-source project and is known there for his strong opinions on topics like the Gutenberg project. I also learned in this interview that he was originally trained as a philosopher and is currently working on an ethical framework for web content creators. Morten and I talked about the content strategy behind is content-strategy course, about the implications of...


Natasha Banta McDermott: 1990s Content Strategy – Episode 14

Natasha Banta McDermott began her content-strategy career in 1997 at Clement Mok's Studio Archetype. Mok, who had been the creative director at Apple in the 1980s, put content right alongside design in their clients' web projects, creating some really cool opportunities for Natasha and her content team. Natasha and I talked about content strategy, creative collaboration, and team building in a visionary agency at the dawn of the dot-com era. (Sorry about the scritching noise in parts of...


Larry Swanson: Triskaidekaphobia – Episode 13

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. I'm beginning to understand this fear. I had first scheduled a guest for episode number 13 several weeks ago. The day before we were going to talk, he contacted me to report that he had been clobbered by that flu that is making the rounds. "No worries," I thought. "I'll just move my next interview up a week." That worked fine, on paper anyway. Just as we were about to begin that interview, the school nurse called my guest to let her know that...