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Boris Bluz Rogers - Ep. 5

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Emmy Award-winning poet Boris “Bluz” Rogers. Bluz is at the top of his game and continues to push the boundaries of what spoken word looks like not only in Charlotte but across the country. Listen as Bluz discusses his beginnings in poetry, the next levels of cultural engagement, mentoring younger artists and how Charlotte can continue to be a world class city. (Episode 5) Crafted With Cradle is a curated conversation over cocktails with Charlotte's finest,...


Scott Syfert of the May 20th Society - Ep. 4

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Scott Syfert, lawyer, author, cultural arts supporter and co-founder of the May 20 Society. Listen as Scott discusses the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, what art and art institutions mean to Charlotte and growing up in a political household. Learn about “Socktober” and hear his favorite memories of current Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles over their favorite cocktails. Crafted With Cradle is a curated conversation over cocktails with Charlotte’s finest,...


Dammit Wesley - Ep. 3

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Dammit Wesley, artist and owner of BlkMrktCLT. With a strong push to drive the arts and culture scene uptown Charlotte, Wesley is on track to bring the people to him. Listen and learn how his forum “Let’s Talk Dammit” is bridging the gap between the grassroots sector and traditional art audiences. Dr. Cradle and Wesley also vie for Wu-Tang Clan dominance over their favorite cocktails. Crafted With Cradle is a curated conversation with Charlotte’s finest,...


Megan Miller of Opera Carolina - Ep. 2

Dr. Keith Cradle sits down with Megan Miller, Director of Marketing for Opera Carolina. The cultural scene in Charlotte is rapidly changing and mediums such as the opera are embracing that call. Hear all about how Megan is repositioning the opera for more diverse audiences, her run-ins with Burt Reynolds and more. Dr. Cradle also brings on special guest drinker for a quick conversation over their favorite cocktails.


Damian and Jermaine Johnson of No Grease Barbershops, Inc. - Ep. 1

On this episode of Crafted with Cradle, host Dr. Keith Cradle chats with Damian and Jermaine Johnson, owners of No Grease Barbershops, Inc. For more than 20 years, the Johnson brothers’ influence has been spread throughout Charlotte; they have made a significant mark on the city with their shops and entrepreneurial efforts. Hear all about the future of No Grease, practical tips for business owners and efforts to expand their community engagement over a few of their favorite...


Meet Dr. Cradle

In the pilot episode of Crafted With Cradle, show producer Andy Goh lets you get to know the show's host, Dr. Keith Cradle. Crafted With Cradle is produced by Andy Goh, Jameka Whitten and Chuck Holiday. Theme music is "I Wanna Have You", performed by Jason Jet.