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Down and Nerdy is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, TV, comics, video games and more from nerd culture! New Episodes uploaded each week! NOTE: Podcast episodes may contain strong and/or suggestive language not appropriate for all ages. Please be advised.

Down and Nerdy is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, TV, comics, video games and more from nerd culture! New Episodes uploaded each week! NOTE: Podcast episodes may contain strong and/or suggestive language not appropriate for all ages. Please be advised.


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Down and Nerdy is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, TV, comics, video games and more from nerd culture! New Episodes uploaded each week! NOTE: Podcast episodes may contain strong and/or suggestive language not appropriate for all ages. Please be advised.




Ep 311 - Canto: David Booher & Drew Zucker Interview

If you're searching for a little bit of heart right now, come on a quest with us! This week, we're talking to writer David Booher and artist Drew Zucker about their fantasy series, Canto from IDW Publishing. If you've never heard of Canto, they'll tell you what to expect. You can also find out why this story is perfect for the times we're going through right now, how they came up with the idea of these tin knights and much more! Plus, get an update on what's to come for potential sequels and...


Ep 310 - Tales From the Loop: Nathaniel Halpern Interview

The mysteries of the universe are being worked in a new Amazon Prime Video series. This week, we talk to writer and series creator Nathaniel Halpern about Tales From The Loop when you can stream RIGHT NOW! He'll tell us about making a series inspiried by some paintings, if this series is coming out at the right time and how the series defies traditional science fiction. STREAM TALES FROM THE LOOP NOW ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO! Did you think we'd run out of stuff to talk about? We review the...


Ep 309 - Power Rangers Beasts Morphers: Jacqueline Scislowski Interview

It's Morphin' time, Jackrabbit style! This week, we're talking to Jacqueline Scislowski who plays Zoey/The Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers: Beast Morphers. Find out what she thought about having the Jackrabbit DNA for her character, what she thinks of the relationship between Zoey and Nate, how the show spans generations of fans and much more. Plus, she talks about her experience on the set of Man of Steel year ago! WATCH POWER RANGERS: BEAST MORPHERS SATURDAYS AT 8AM ET ON NICKELODEON! You...


Ep 308 - Motherland: Fort Salem - Jessica Sutton Interview

This week, we're headed to the front lines of battle with the witches of the military! Motherland: Fort Salem has finally premiered on Freeform, and we're talking to Jessica Sutton (Tally Craven) all about it. Find out how she would describe Tally, what it was like going through those basic training scenes and some great teases for the upcoming season! WATCH MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 9PM ET ON FREEFORM! Binge watching at home? So are we! Get our review of Superman: Red Son...


Ep 307 - Black Lightning Season 3 Review & Coronavirus Cancellation Changes

It's been a crazy week, but we're here to help you stay entertained! We were supposed to have an interview talking about Disney's Mulan, but that was delayed shortly after their big premiere, so we decided to focus on just that. The changing landscape of entertainment during this pandemic We give as many updates as we can regarding delays and cancellations related to the coronavirus pandemic. That includes a big conversation about the cancellation of E3, WonderCon being delayed and what...


Ep 306 - Join The Future: Zack Kaplan Interview

The future is now! We're talking to writer Zack Kaplan about his new story, Join The Future from AfterShock Comics. How does he blend both a future society and a western lifestyle? What future tropes did he want to avoid? What can he tell us about Clementine Libbey? Hear all of this, and an update on his TV projects as well! JOIN THE FUTURE #1 IS AVAILABLE NOW! Castlevania Season 3 has arrived, and you can also hear our SPOILER FILLED review this week! We also have a ton of nerd news to...


Ep 305 - Netflix's Locke & Key: Laysla De Oliveira & Emilia Jones Interviews

We're off to Key House this week! It's a double dose of Locke & Key with TWO big interviews! First, hear us talk to Laysla De Oliveira about what it was like to play the villainous Dodge on the show. Find out how she approached the character, behind the scenes of the finale and how she would use the Anywhere Key. Then we're joined by Kinsey Locke herself, Emilia Jones! She'll talk about her knowledge of the comics, some interesting insight into Kinsey's character and who she would like to do...


Ep 304 - Nebula & Marvel Voices: Vita Ayala Interview

Whether we're traveling the galaxy, hearing voices or have a license to kill, we picked the right guest this week! Hear us talk to writer Vita Ayala about a TON of amazing comics. We star with Nebula, talk about Marvel Voices and even throw in some eye opening James Bond talk in there as well. The first issues of both Nebula and Marvel Voices are available from Marvel Comics right now! That's not all, because there were a couple of interesting pieces of Arrowverse news to talk about this...


Ep 303 - Batwoman Season 1: Camrus Johnson Interview

Who will survive this Valentine's Day weekend in Gotham? This week we're talking to Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox, about what's happening on Batwoman! He gives some insight into the Beth/Alice mystery, connections that Luke has with both Kate and Mary, who he would most like to work with from the Arrowverse and SO MUCH more. Yes, we do ask him the Batwing question! WATCH BATWOMAN EVERY SUNDAY AT 8PM ET ON THE CW AND AGAIN ON THE CW APP! It's also a double review week! Not only can you...


Ep 302 - Black Lightning Season 3: Christine Adams Interview

The war in Freeland continues and the Book of Markovia is wide open right now. As amazing as Black Lightning has been in Season 3, we just had to get the inside scoop from Christine Adams (Dr. Lynn Stewart/Lynn Pierce). She'll tell us all about what's going on with Lynn this season, how things have changed for the show and a lot of talk about the balance of power. Plus, she teases a potential BIG guest star coming to the show soon! You won't want to miss it! WATCH BLACK LIGHTNING EVERY...


Ep 301 - Netflix's The Order: Cast & Creator Interviews

What's coming to Netflix in 2020? How about Season 2 of The Order? This week we remind you about the magical series of secret societies with interviews with the cast, creators and producers! Hear us talk to Louriza Tronco (Gabrielle), Dennis Heaton (Creator/Showrunner ), Shelley Eriksen (Creator/Writer), Sarah Grey (Alyssa), Thomas Elms (Hamish), Mike FrislevChad (producer), Chad Oakes (Producers) & Adam DiMarco (Randall) about what we might see in Season 2 and look back at Season 1 as we...


Ep 300 Celebration With Lou Diamond Phillips, Joe Dinicol, Christopher Hastings & More

IT'S HERE! Our huge 300th episode celebration is full of amazing nerdy goodness! Lou Diamond Phillips joins the show this week to talk about what's coming up on Fox's Prodigal Son, the dynamic between Gil and The Surgeon and his relationship with Malcolm. WATCH PRODIGAL SON EVERY MONDAY AT 9PM ET ON FOX! We also have Joe Dinicol on the show to talk about the Arrow series finale! Hear him talk about what it was like to be back on the show, his favorite memories from being on set, the...


Ep 299 - The Magicians Season 5: Jade Tailor Interview

Magic is back in a BIG way! Season 5 of The Magicians has begun, and we decided to bring back one of our best guests on to talk about it! Jade Tailor (Katy) returns to the show this week to talk about what's next for the hedge witches, Katy's biggest moment from last season, the romance between Penny and Julia and much more! Plus we ask her for an update on something we asked her during our previous interview that you won't want to miss! WATCH SEASON 5 OF THE MAGICIANS EVERY WEDNESDAY AT...


Ep 298 - Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron Cast Interviews

Looking for something new to watch on Disney+? Rise up! We're FINALLY releasing out interviews for Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron by popular demand. You asked for it, so now hear from Kamil McFadden (Patriot), Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel), Milana Vayntrub (Squirrel Girl) and Sofia Wylie (Ironheart) about this amazing Marvel Rising special that you might have missed. You can stream it, and other Marvel Rising animated goodness, RIGHT NOW on Disney+! Speaking of animation, you can also get our...


Ep 297 - Manifest Season 2: Parveen Kaur Interview

Season 2, now boarding! We kick of 2020 in a BIG way, talking about the return of Manifest to NBC. Hear our interview with Parveen Kaur who talks about playing Dr. Saanvi Bahl on the show! How will things be with Saanvi and The Major? What about these new Xers? What about Cal's drawing? We ask her about that and more! SEASON 2 OF MANIFEST PREMIERES MONDAY, JANUARY 6TH ON NBC! We also have a double dose of Star Wars talk this week! Get a SPOILER FILLED review of both The Rise of Skywalker and...


Best Interview Moments of 2019 - Down And Nerdy Podcast Special

After a year filled with amazing interviews, it's time to choose the best moments of 2019! After so many great shows, movies, comics and two conventions, it was SO hard to choose the 10 best! Some of these moments include interviews from The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, The Suicide Squad and MANY more! Listen and find out who made the cut, including one moment NEVER RELEASED on our podcast this year. Hear these full interviews, and more, at


Ep 296 - The Flash Season 6: Victoria Park Interview

Tis the season to spend time with the ones you love. For Cisco, that's Kamilla. This week, we're talking to Victoria Park about playing Cisco's better half! What if Cisco keeps his powers? How is it working at the Central City Citizen? What about the post-Crisis world? Hear about that and more! NEW EPISODES OF THE FLASH RETURN FEBRUARY 4, 2020! We're saving our Rise of Skywalker review for spoilers, but we do have a message for fans. Instead we'll review Stephen and Robbie Amell's Code 8, a...


Ep 295 - Marvel's Runaways Season 3: Clarissa Thibeaux Interview

There's no place like home for the holidays...unless you're the Runaways. Season 3 of Marvel's Runaways is here, and this week, we're joined by Clarissa Thibeaux (Xavin) to talk all about it! We'll ask her about what's going on with Karolina/Xavin/Nico, what it's like to be a shapeshifter and have other actors try to portray her role and how she feels like fans will respond to this final season. We also ask her the question that Runaways fans have always wanted to know about Xavin! MARVEL'S...


Ep 294 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Chad Michael Collins Interview

A war is being waged this holiday season! If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is on your wish list, we've got you covered. This week we talk to the voice of Alex, Chad Michael Collins. Hear him talk about what makes this new Call of Duty so different, the amazing cast and advisors that he got to work with and some of his favorite moments from the game. He also addresses the big rumor of Alex being (SPOILER)! Get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for your favorite console now. In case you didn't...


Ep 293 - Another Version of You: Motke Dapp & Sara Antonio Interview

This week, we search for the key to happiness...literally. We're talking about a new movie, Another Version of You with Motke Dapp (writer/director) and Sara Antonio (Suzette). Hear about parallel universes, the differences between the characters and much more. You can also hear a heartbreaking story from behind the scenes. Get Another Version of You now at your favorite digital retailer. It might be a holiday weekend, but we're still giving you our thoughts prior to Crisis on Infinite...