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The Down And Nerdy Podcast is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, comics, video games and more from geek culture! New Episodes uploaded each week!

The Down And Nerdy Podcast is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, comics, video games and more from geek culture! New Episodes uploaded each week!
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The Down And Nerdy Podcast is a podcast by nerds for nerds! Host James Witham talks movies, comics, video games and more from geek culture! New Episodes uploaded each week!




Ep 214 - Cobra Kai: An Interview w. Mary Mouser

We're going back to the dojo this week! Hear us talk to Mary Mouser (Samantha Larusso) about Cobra Kai on YouTube Red! She talks to us about how the show tackles the issue of bullying, if there is a love triangle going on with her character and even teases what she would like to see in Season 2! Plus, could she be the next Batgirl? We talk about all of that, and more! We also keep the #SaveLucifer & #PickUpLucifer campaigns going in our spoiler filled review of the Season 3 finale. We're...


Ep 213 - Harbinger Wars 2: Matt Kindt Interview

War is coming to the Valiant Universe! Hear us talk about the highly anticipated Harbinger Wars 2 from Valiant with writer, Matt Kindt! Find out how he approached the story, his thoughts on how the story will affect certain character and even a few teases of what is to come. Harbinger Wars 2 comes to your local comic book shop and digitally on May 30th! We also give our SPOILER FILLED review of Cobra Kai Season 1, talk about Justice League: No Justice from DC Comics and break down some...


Ep 212 - The 100: Tasya Teles Interview

Time to leave our patch of green and head to outer space this week! Hear us talk to Tasya Teles (Echo) about this season of The 100! What's going on between Echo and Bellamy? What was it like having her character evolve so much already for last season? She tells us that and SO much more! Plus, we also talk a little about her role in Far Cry 5. You can also hear James give his SPOILER FILLED review of Avengers: Infinity War, give his opinion of the announcement of the DC Universe streaming...


Ep 211 - The OA, Daredevil: Nikolai Nikolaeff Interview

This week's guest has a lot going on! We talk to Nikolai Nikolaeff about so many different roles you know him from. What was it like to be part of the first season of Daredevil? Could we see Roman return to The OA for Season 2? What is it like playing the "head of the snake" on the History Channel series Six? We ask him about it all! For the first time ever, we also review The 100 on the show! Plus groundbreaking nerd news from the Star Trek world, our thoughts on the big reveal in the...


Ep 210 - Far Cry 5: Julie Nathanson Interview

This week's show is sure to be a cult classic! We're talking about Far Cry 5 with Julie Nathanson (Jess Black). Hear what it was like to play Jess, and what she thought of her back story. Julie also talks to us about playing 2 very different characters in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay and MUCH more! This week is also our spoiler free review of Action Comics #1000, our SPOILER FILLED review of the Rampage movie and a TON of movie news that we'll talk about in nerd news this week. For more on...


Ep 209 - Rampage Movie: Jason Liles & David An Interviews

It's a monstrous show this week! We're getting you ready for the Rampage movie with TWO big interviews! First we talk to Jason Liles about what it was like to bring George to life on screen. Then we talk to David An who plays Kaplan, who may have an interesting agenda. Both are SPOILER FREE and take you behind the scenes of Rampage from a couple of different perspectives. Plus a chat about giant and tiny animals you won't want to miss. For the first time in a LONG time, James reviews a...


Ep 208 - Timeless: Malcom Barrett Interview

This week, we're going back in time (again!) Malcolm Barrett (Rufus) joins us to talk about Timeless on NBC! What did he expect when the show was saved for a second season? What does he think about how the show deals with events in history? Plus, he reveals what the couple name is for Rufus and Jiya! We also give our spoiler filled review of Ready Player One and give our thoughts on the first Sonic the Hedgehog offering from IDW. Plus nerd news dealing with 3D movies, Wizard World being in...


Krypton Interview Special: Aaron Pierre

We're taking a special trip to Krypton this week! James talks to Aaron Pierre (Dev-Em) about everything that's going on in the first few episodes of the Syfy series. How does he view the relationship between Dev and Lyta-Zod? What drew him to the character the most? Is Dev aware of what's going on with Lyta and Seg? So many questions that we will be getting answers to for you! WATCH KRYPTON EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 10PM EASTERN ON SYFY! If you love this interview, check out our other podcasts...


Constantine City of Demons - Matt Ryan Interview Special

SPECIAL EDITION! James chats with John Constantine himself, Matt Ryan! Hear about the new animated series, Constantine: City of Demons and what Hellblazer story the series will adapt. Matt also talks about his love for the character, the relationship between John and Chas, plus his time in the Arrowverse. Plus, hear what Matt Ryan thinks about a possible Constantine/Lucifer crossover! For more interviews, and to hear our full podcasts, go to


Ep 206 - Siren: Eline Powell Interview

We're not exactly going under the sea with singing crabs this week. Freeform's new show Siren debuts on Thursday, March 29th at 8pm ET and we're talking to Eline Powell (Ryn). She tells us what it was like to bring a mermaid to life, what she thought of the look and tell us what to expect from the show when it premieres. Plus, find out what song she just HAS to sing in public. We also give our SPOILER FILLED review of the Tomb Raider reboot movie, as long as a special Issue 2 comic book...


Ep 205 - Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe: Eliot Rahal Interview

Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe may not be out on screens, but it has already hit the pages of Valiant comics. This week we talk to writer Eliot Rahal about that and so much more! Hear him tease his the web series, what it was like to write so many different characters and he even teases his upcoming issues of Quantum and Woody. Plus hear about his work with Vault Comics as well! This week we're also giving our spoiler filled review of the new ABC series Deception, giving out thoughts about...


Ep 204 - Isola: Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl Interview

This week we head to the mythical island of Isola! We're talking to creators Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl about the upcoming Image Comics series. Hear about what it was like building such a vast world, get inside info on the characters and find out why this is a must buy fantasy adventure story. Isola #1 is available at your local comic book shop and digitally on April 4th! We also give our early review of the Timeless Season 2 premiere (spoiler free, pre-air), talk about the new book...


Ep 203 - Lucifer: Showrunner Joe Henderson Interview

The devil made us do it. This week we're talking to Showrunner Joe Henderson about all things Lucifer! Hear him talk about the upcoming reveal of Abel, everything that is going on with Dr. Linda, Maze and so much more! Plus, Joe gives us a tease at some fun moments we can expect for the remainder of the season. We also got to see Marvel's Jessica Jones early, so we'll give our spoiler free thoughts on the first 5 episodes. We also discuss the rumor of Kristen Wiig playing Cheetah in Wonder...


Ep 202 - Punks Not Dead: David Barnett Interview

This week, it's time to rock out! We're talking to the writer of the new Black Crown comic series, Punks Not Dead, David Barnett. Hear him tell us why Sid Vicious was the perfect choice to bring into the supernatural world, the main character Fergie and his crazy family and much more. Plus, David's taste in music is revealed! Want more? How about our SPOILER FILLED review of the Black Panther movie? We also review a couple of new comics, talk about Joss Whedon leaving the Batgirl movie and...


Ep 199 - Batman Gotham By Gaslight: Cast & Creator Interviews

An Elseworld story finally comes to the screen! Batman: Gotham By Gaslight is here from DC Entertainment and WB Animation and we're talking to the cast and creators that made it happen. We're joined by Jim Krieg (screenwriter), Yuri Lowenthal (Harvey Dent), Bruce Timm (executive producer), Scott Patterson (Commissioner Gordon) and Bruce Greenwood (Batman) all giving their insight into a very different Batman story. Hear about the process, behind the scenes information about the movie and...


Ep 198 - Arrowverse Special - Cast Interviews from DC in D.C. 2018

The stars of the Arrowverse are here again! We go back to our coverage of DC in D.C. 2018 to talk about a lot of your favorite shows. Hear from Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer, DC's Legends of Tomorrow), David Harewood (J'onn Jones/Martian Manhunter, Supergirl), Russell Tovey (The Ray, Freedom Fighters: The Ray), Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance, DC's Legends of Tomorrow), Candice Patton (Iris West-Allen, The Flash) and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, The Flash). Get a ton of behind the...


Ep 197 - Black Lightning & The Many Shades Of Heroism: Interviews from DC in D.C. 2018

Black Lightning is back! We were in Washington D.C. for the big DC in D.C. 2018 event to talk about Black Lightning and a ton of great panels. This week we're bringing you guests from The Many Shades of Heroism: DC Heroes Through the African-American Lens. We talk to Cress Williams (Black Lightning), Chris Chalk (Lucious Fox on Gotham), John Ridley (Oscar Award winning screenwriter), Denys Cowan (Earth M) and Alice Randall (Earth M). We ask them about their individual work, and the overall...


Ep 196 - Sword Of Ages: Gabriel Rodriguez Interview

We're on a quest this week! Hear us explore the world of Sword of Ages from IDW Publishing with writer and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. He talks to us about creating such a vast world, taking on both writing and art duties for the story and much more. Plus Gabriel tells us the book is somewhat of a prequel to a VERY well known story, find out which one! We also give a recap and review of the Season 3 premiere of The Magicians, break down the trailers for Krypton and the Teen Titans GO! movie...


Ep 195 - The Magicians: Jade Tailor Interview

Let the quest for magic begin! The Magicians returns to Syfy on Wednesday, January 10th and we're getting the inside scoop from Jade Tailor (Kady). We'll go back to Season 2 for a bit, then dive into Season 3 to ask her about Penny, magic keys...and yes...THAT character that you've heard about. Hear what she has to say before you watch the premiere! James also gives his thoughts on the return of The X-Files, a shocking Transformers death, a new Batman villain, the new head man of DC Films...


Ep 194 - Krypton: Interviews w Cameron Cuffe & Executive Producers

We're taking Superman's story back 200 years this week. It's our final set of interviews from SDCC 2017, talking to the star and producers of Krypton on Syfy! Hear us talk to Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Damian Kindler (Exec. Producer) and Cameron Welsh (Showrunner) about what to expect from the series when it debuts in March of 2018. Plus hear about whether the show is connected to any other DC shows or movies. This week James FINALLY gives his spoiler filled review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi...


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