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Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!




Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!






Ep 499 - The Marvels, Griselda, Supergirl Discussion & More

It's the week before our landmark 500th episode, and we have some catching up to do! The Marvels has finally landed on DigitalHD, and we've waiting long enough to share our review. We also dive into the world of ruthless cartels with our review of the Netflix limited series, Griselda, based on the true story of a Colombian drug lord. There is some BIG nerd news to tackle this week, too! DC Studios has found their Supergirl, and we react to the notable name that was cast. Trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Road House reboot and Calamity Jane have all dropped, so we chat about that, too. Did you know that there's an Arrow reunion happening in Calamity Jane!? That's not all, because there was plenty of time left to sound off on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement and the Teen Wolf spinoff Wolfpack being ousted by Paramount+. Have you subscribed yet? Followed us on social media? You can do all of that by going to


Ep 498 - La Brea S3 & Belgravia Interviews, Marvel's Echo & More

We have some exciting new interviews for you this week! We'll start off be jumping back into the world of La Brea with Chiké Okonkwo, who plays Ty on the show, as he gets us ready for the pivotal episode of this final season of the show. Find our more about why Ty made the decisions that he made when he arrived at his new time, how careful he needs to be about the timeline and so much more. NEW EPISODES OF LA BREA AIR EVERY TUESDAY ON NBC AND NEXT DAY ON PEACOCK! If you're a Belgravia fan, you'll love what's next. We talk to the stars of Belgravia: The Next Chapter, Benjamin Wainwright (Frederick) and Harriet Slater (Clara) as we dive into this new timeline for the popular series. Not only do we take a deep dive into the first episode, we tease ahead at what might be next and it might get a bit scandalous. NEW EPISODES OF OF BELGRAVIA: THE NEXT CHAPTER AIR EVERY SUNDAY ON MGM+! There's plenty of fun to be had outside of our fun conversations, too. Hear our better late than never review of Marvel's Echo, maybe with a few spoilers. We also have an interesting update on the world of the Madame Web movie, yet another Superman: Legacy rumor killer from James Gunn, a new era for TMNT comics and our thoughts on the first look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. You won't want to miss a second! Craving more? Learn how to subscribe and follow us at


SPECIAL EDITION - Best Interview Moments of 2023

Better late than never to ring in the New Year, right!? It's our annual tradition of looking, and listening, back to some of our favorite interview moments of 2023. Hear from guests talk about FROM, Superman & Lois, The Flash, Marvel and much more. Will your favorite make the cut? You'll have to find out! Thank you for all of your support over the past year! Remember, you can always find more at


Ep 497 - Merry Little Batman Interview, Frasier & More

We're getting into the holiday spirit, Batman style! Merry Little Batman is now streaming on Prime Video, and we're learning more about it with director Mike Roth. We'll talk to him about the unique character designs, if this movie could be a new Holiday Classic and much more. Don't worry, we'll ask about the amazing actors, as well. The first season of the Frasier revival has come to a close on Paramount+, so we wanted to share our thoughts on that. We'll also talk about the official end of E3, James Gunn firing back about movie cameos, some troubling Marvel news and a trio of trailers that caught our eye. Need more of a nerdy joy? Go to


Ep 496 - Aqua Teen & Edenfrost Interviews, Obliterated & More

The hunger returns! Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back on Adult Swim, and we have the two best guests to talk about it (we think.) Series creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro join the show to get you excited for Season 12 and what you can expect. Of course, things go off the rails pretty quickly, so get ready for a fun conversation. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE IS BACK ON ADULT SWIM AND ALSO STREAMING ON MAX! We're also talking comics again this week! Edenfrost is now available at your local comic book shops from Mad Cave Studios, and writer Amit Tishler takes a deep dive with us into his story. Find out more about this story through a war torn Ukraine during the Russian Civil War that has some mystical elements to it, as well. Plus, the art is pretty great too! There were also some interesting comments made by Disney's Bob Iger this past week, so we'll react to that. You can also hear our thoughts on Taika Waititi's recent comments about why he made the Thor movies. There's also some trailer talk as we react to both Furiosa: A Mad Max Story and the latest look at Suicide Squad: ISEKAI. Oh yeah, and we'll talk about the new Netflix series, Obliterated. It's an action packed show, no doubt! Thirsting for more? Go to


Ep 495 - Thanksgiving & Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Interviews & More

We're giving thanks for an amazing show this week! We'll learn more about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters from Director Matt Shakman. He'll talk about his love for Godzilla, working with the dueling timelines and so much more. MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS IS NOW STREAMING ON APPLE TV+! Since it's Thanksgiving, of course we're talking about Eli Roth's Thanksgiving movie. One of the stars, Jenna Warren, joins us to talk about playing Yulia, but we won't spoil your dessert (or the movie.) Find out what it was like working with Eli Roth again, why she had so much fun with the cast and so much more. Plus, why are we talking about My Little Pony? IYKYK! THANKSGIVING IS NOW IN THEATERS FROM TRI-STAR AND SONY PICTURES! You can also hear our review of the sci-fi movie, The Creator, from 20th Century Studios. We'll also have a few quick thoughts on A Murder at the End of the World from FX on Hulu. Finally we'll dive into the latest Superman: Legacy casting news, a new driving force for the future of Star Wars, the Madame Web trailer and perhaps some surprising Fraiser news. We're filling your plate with nerdy goodness! Want seconds or maybe more? Go to


Ep 494 - Beacon 23 Interview, Loki S2 Finale & More

Who wants to be stranded in space with us? We talk about the new MGM+ series, Beacon 23, with executive producer Glen Mazzara. He'll tell us why the show is so character driven, why it was important to avoid sci-fi tropes and much more. WATCH BEACON 23 WITH NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY ON MGM+! We also couldn't wait to dive into the Loki Season 2 finale, with some spoilers. You can also hear us celebrate the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Netflix recently had their Geeked Week, so we'll talk about some of our favorite projects from that including Avatar, Masters of the Universe, The Witcher and several others. There were plenty of other trailers to talk about too, from Garfield to Ghostbusters, so we'll cover that and even take a look at some news from the world of The Legend of Zelda. Sure we were late with the episode, but it will be worth it! SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW us by going to


Ep 493 - Blue Eye Samurai Interview, A Haunting In Venice & More

It's time for vengeance! We're telling you more about Netflix's Blue Eye Samurai from the minds that created the story. Hear our conversation with writers, creators and producers Amber Noizumi & Michael Green as we dive into the story's intriguing characters, their motives, the incredible animation style and much more. WATCH BLUE EYE SAMURAI, NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX! We also share our thoughts on A Haunting In Venice, now that it is on DigitalHD. You can also get our reaction to trailers for Marvel's Echo series, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and the upcoming Netflix movie, Lift. We also have an update the The Penguin series from DC, how superhero fatigue may finally be cured and why the stock on JJ Abrams might be going down. Want to find out more about us or subscribe? Go to


Ep 492 - Carmilla The First Vampire Interview, Invincible S2 & More

It's Halloween and we're in the spirit! First, we're chatting with writer Amy Chu about her amazing graphic novel, Carmilla The First Vampire. Find out more of the history behind it, why she chose this stories, the modern spin that she puts on it and so much more. GET CARMILLA THE FIRST VAMPIRE FROM DARK HORSE COMICS! Season 2 of Invincible begins on Prime Video this Friday, so of course we have a spoiler free review of that premiere. We'll also give you some early thoughts on The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXIV before it airs this Sunday on Fox. We'll also dive into the first look at the live action version of Disney's Snow White, talk about more Disney animation news, look at a possible Super Mario Bros. remake, give a promising update on the Daredevil series and even squeeze in some time to talk about the Fallout TV series. Need more from us? Go to


Bonus Episode - Its Comics, Man! 10-27-23

We have a bonus episode this week, and it's all about comics! It's Comics, Man!, our former spinoff show, returns for one week only! Hear a preview of our interview with writer Amy Chu, talking about her graphic novel Carmilla: The First Vampire from Dark Horse Comics and Berger Books. The full interview can be heard on Episode 492 of our podcast this Monday, October 30th! How can we talk about comics without reviews? So hear our review of Green Lantern Alan Scott #1 from DC and Edenwood #1 from Image Comics. Don't forget more of our episodes are available at


Ep 491 - Third Eye Interviews, Haunted Mansion & More

We have our eyes wide open! This week we're talking about the Audible Original podcast, Third Eye. While we were at Comic-Con, we sat down with the minds and the voices behind this fantasy audio series, including Felicia Day, London Hughes and Johan Rey Rodriguez. Find out more about how long Felicia has been trying to get this story told, more about these fun characters and what it was like having Neil Gaiman as the narrator. EPISODES OF THIRD EYE ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE! We also share a review of Disney's Haunted Mansion, now that it's on DigitalHD and on Disney+. You'll also hear us complain about streaming service prices, share Matthew Vaughn's wild Superman pitch, give our thoughts on the Gargoyles reboot and share thoughts on what Millie Bobby Brown looking forward to her Stranger Things conclusion. We might even sneak in a couple of thoughts on the trailers for Beacon 23 and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Ready to learn even more or subscribe? Go to


Ep 490 - Billy The Kid S2, Frasier & More

It's the week for outlaws! Billy The Kid is returning to MGM+ and we are so excited to be talking with two of the creative minds behind the show. Hear from creator, writer and producer Michael Hirst and executive producer Donald De Line about what's going on with Billy this season, adapting the Lincoln County War, how politics affect the show this season and much more. SEASON 2 OF BILLY THE KID PREMIERES SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15TH ON MGM+! You can also hear our review of the most anticipated reboot of the year. We went in with open minds about Frasier from Paramount+, so we'll tell you if the show delivers. We also give an update on the SAG-AFTRA strike, some Daredevil: Born Again news, a Masters of the Universe Revolution update and tell you about trailers for Orphan Black: Echoes, Blue Eye Samurai, Candy Cane Lane and other major entertainment stories. Need more episodes or more info? Go to


Ep 489 - Pet Sematary Bloodlines, Castlevania Nocturne Interviews & More

We're kicking off spooky season the right way! Let's start off by talking to Lindsey Anderson Beer, writer and director of Pet Sematary: Bloodlines! She talks about tackling a prequel to a Stephen King classic, how they brought the town of Ludlow alive and much more. WATCH PET SEMATARY: BLOODLINES NOW STREAMING ON PARAMOUNT+! Next we go back to the French Revolution and talk about Castlevania: Nocturne with Character Design Supervisor Katie Silva. She tells us how they were able to bring some of your favorite characters to life, how history factored into the designs, what they wanted to make sure they got right and so much more. CASTLEVANIA: NOCTURNE IS NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX! Get ready for a trifecta of BIG reviews as well! We share our opinions on the Season 2 premiere of Loki and the series finale of Ahsoka on Disney+. You'll also hear our (maybe unpopular) opinion of what we've seen so far from Season 1 of Gen V on Prime Video. We'll also talk about Spirit Halloween on the go, a 007 reality series coming up and more Cyberpunk content on the way! Need more? Go to


Ep 488 - The Wheel of Time S2 Interview, TMNT, Castlevania & More

The wheel is almost done spinning this season. The Wheel of Time Season 2 only has two episodes left, and we're preparing you for the shocking conclusion. Executive Producer & Director Sanaa Hamri joins us to talk about what's happened so far, what might be in store for some fan favorite characters and a great tease for what's left in the season. NEW EPISODES OF THE WHEEL OF TIME SEASON 2 AIR FRIDAYS ON PRIME VIDEO! Catching up on more reviews this week, we finally share our thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem now that it's on Paramount+. We also have an early, spoiler free review of Castlevania: Nocturne from Netflix. We also rejoice at the end of the WGA strike and react to the deal that was made. You'll also hear us get pretty heated over Martin Scorsese's comments over comic book culture and fighting back against it. Oh yeah, we also talk about Prime Video adding commercials to their streams. Craving more? Go to


Ep 487 - Mortal Kombat 1 Cast & Creative Interviews

MORTAL KOMBAT! Need we say more? We got a chance to sit down with members of the cast and creative team behind Mortal Kombat 1 at Comic-Con and we saved them for just the right time. You'll hear from Ed Boon (Creator), Kelly Hu (Yi Mei), Dominic Cianciolo (Story Director, NeatherRealm), Yuri Lowenthal (Smoke) & Thiago Gomes (Art Director, NeatherRealm Studios) about how this reboot came together, the differences that you'll see and so much more. MORTAL KOMBAT 1 IS NOW AVAILABLE WHEREVER VIDEO GAMES ARE SOLD FROM WB GAMES AND NEATHERREALM STUDIOS! (NOTE: Interviews were conducted under the SAG Interactive contract, which was exempt from the SAG-AFTRA strike at the time the interviews were conducted.) You can also hear our review of Disney & Pixar's Elemental, better late than never. We'll also talk about which streamer actually cancels the most shows, a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer sequel that's coming, Dora The Explorer making a comeback and SO many trailers like Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, Frasier, Trolls Band Together and so much more! Need more from us? Head to


Ep 486 - Roshani Chokshi Interview, Star Trek & More

Let's head over to the spirit realm! This week we talk to New York Times Best Selling Author, Roshani Chokshi, about her latest book The Spirit Glass. Find out how it was influenced by her Filipino heritage, how she built the world of the spirit realm, a deep dive about her main character and so much more. GET THE SPIRIT GLASS NOW WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD FROM RICK RIORDAN PRESENTS AND DISNEY HYPERION! You'll also hear our review of the Season 4 premiere of Star Trek Lower Decks and The Boogeyman movie from 20th Century Studios. Warner Bros. Discovery was also making news for all of the wrong reasons...again. We give a full breakdown, plus some surprising news about one of the Spider-Man spinoff movies from Sony Pictures. Want to find out more about us? Go to


Ep 485 - The Wheel of Time S2 Interview, One Piece Review & More

We're trying to harness the One Power once again! This week we talk to Jan Petrina, who is the stunt coordinator for Season 2 of The Wheel of Time. We'll ask Jan about the difference between Seasons 1 and 2, working with different set pieces and filming locations and if the massive scale of the stunts this season are some of his biggest ever. SEASON 2 OF THE WHEEL OF TIME IS NOW STREAMING ON PRIME VIDEO! It's also a great week to be a pirate, as we dive into Season 1 of the One Piece adaptation from Netflix. We also break down the HUGE agreement between AMC and SAG-AFTRA to resume filming of specific shows, Marvel shuffling some TV release dates, a Highlander reboot update and some talk about the trailer for the live action Five Nights At Freddie's adaptation. Hungry for more? Find us at


Ep 484 - Marc Bernardin Interview, Ahsoka Review & More

We're ready go on a great journey! Marc Bernardin joins the show this week to talk about his graphic novel, Adora and the Distance. He talks about his love of fantasy stories, gives insight into the characters and the world that he was trying to build. Marc and James also talk about something they both have in common as parents. ADORA AND THE DISTANCE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT FROM DARK HORSE COMICS! It's also a double review week! We talk spoilers for the first couple of episodes of the Disney+ Ahsoka series and give our thoughts on the Adult Swim movie Metalocalpyse: Army of the Doomstar. We also share some thoughts on the late Bob Barker, some Disney+ series getting a physical release (and what that means) and who might be the next voice of Mario in video games. Plus, we dive intro trailers for Rebel Moon, the Frasier reboot and Season 2 of Bosch: Legacy.


Ep 483 - Dead Roman Interview, Blue Beetle & More

It's time for a history lesson! Issue 6 of Dead Romans from Image Comics drops this Wednesday, August 23rd and we have the perfect person to tell you all about it. We got to sit down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with writer Fred Kennedy to talk about the history behind the story. He also has a great story about how he and the artist met, and some other historical information that you might have missed. We may bring up Lord of the Rings a few times too! THE FIRST FIVE ISSUES OF DEAD ROMANS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE NOW! You can also hear our spoiler-ish review of the Blue Beetle movie, which is now in theaters. We also talk about a couple of Prime Video series being un-renewed, tell you about a new Godzilla series coming to Apple TV+ and break down trailers for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Percy Jackson and Disenchantment Part 5. We're having fun AND learning something at the same time this week. Need more? We get it! Go to


Ep 482 - Babylon 5: The Road Home Interviews & More

One of the most popular sci-fi series of all time is BACK! Babylon 5: The Road Home, the new animated movie set in the universe of the series, arrives August 15th from Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment and we have all of the inside info right from the source. Series creator J. Michael Straczynski and director Matt Peters joined us at Comic-Con this year to tell us all about this movie. Find out why they call it a love letter to the fans, how the original cast returned, re-casting some roles for those who are no longer with us and much more. You can also hear our review of the new Netflix movie, Heart of Stone with Gal Gadot. We'll also talk about what Gal said about the future of Wonder Woman 3. There's also news about another possible Uncharted movie, a "grounded" Hot Wheels movie and our reaction to the latest trailers for The Continental and the Ahsoka series. Ready to subscribe or just learn more? Go to