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Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!

Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!




Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!






Ep 350 - Batwoman & Prodigal Son: Meagan Tandy & Frank Harts Interviews

It's a double dose of TV heroes this week! First up, we're talking about the highly anticipated second season of Batwoman with Meagan Tandy! Where are Sophie's emotions heading into this season? Does it feel like a fresh start? What does Javicia Leslie bring to the show? We ask her about that and so much more! WATCH SEASON 2 OF BATWOMAN BEGINNING SUNDAY, JANUARY 17TH ON THE CW! Next up, we continue to talk about Season 2 of Fox's Prodigal Son by welcoming Frank Harts back to the show. We...


Ep 349 - Prodigal Son Season 2: Chris Fedak & Sam Sklaver Interview

You waited an extra few months for the Fall TV season, and it's finally beginning! We're starting off with Fox's Prodigal Son, talking to showrunners Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver. We had to ask them about that incredible Season 1 finale, how it will immediately impact Season 2, if we'll see any true to life elements of today's society in the series and much more. Plus, hear the guys talk about their talented (and apparently scary) writer's room. WATCH THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE OF PRODIGAL SON ON...


Best Interview Moments of 2020 & Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Happy New Year! I know you might not want to look back on 2020, but we did have some pretty great interview moments that we'd like to share. Our annual tradition includes names like Neil Jackson (DC's Stargirl), April Bowlby (Doom Patrol), Amalia Holm (Motherland: Fort Salem), Bradley James (The Liberator) and many more. Hear some great insight into some of the best movies, TV series and comics of the past year. As an added bonus, this show also features our SPOILER FILLED review of Wonder...


Ep 348 - Pennyworth Season 2: Ben Aldridge & Emma Paetz Interviews

Merry Christmas fellow nerds! We're giving you the gift of more Pennyworth talk this week. Hear our conversation with Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne) and Emma Paetz (Martha Kane) about what you can expect in this second season. We talk to them about the early dynamic between their two characters, how they both feel about Alfred and they both react to Thomas showing up back in England ENGAGED! It's a conversation you won't want to miss. WATCH THE SEASON 2 MIDSEASON FINALE OF PENNYWORTH DECEMBER...


Ep 347 - The Stand: Brad William Henke Interview

It's time to take a stand before the holidays! This week we're talking about the new CBS All Access adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand with Brad William Henke. He talks to us about not just playing Tom Cullen, but how he really tried to become the character. He also teases what to expect from some of the other characters, why the show works in today's world and MUCH more! Plus, some light decorating tips for your holiday enjoyment. WATCH THE STAND NOW ON CBS ALL ACCESS! After a couple...


Ep 346 - Pennyworth Season 2: Jack Bannon Interview

The war for England is almost here! Pennyworth finally begins it's second season this Sunday, and we have the man who wants to escape it. Jack Bannon joins us this week to talk about what's going on with Alfred at the start of Season 2 in the Pennyworth series. We'll talk about what he went through last season, just how bad things are in England, what Alfred's next move is and much more. Plus, could Alfred's love life be getting more interesting? Find out! WATCH PENNYWORTH SUNDAYS ON...


Ep 345 - Pennyworth Season 2: Bruno Heller Interview

The war for London is on! Season 2 of Pennyworth is coming to EPIX on December 13th, and we're getting you ready by talking to the man who developed the show. Bruno Heller stops by to offer up his insight on what you can expect this upcoming season. He talks about what Alfred is going through, how the Raven Society will impact this season, some political intrigue and much more. WATCH SEASON 2 OF PENNYWORTH BEGINNING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13TH ON EPIX! We also talk about the major news of the...


Ep 344 - Jupiter Jet: Jason Inman & Ashley V. Robinson Interview

What's better for Thanksgiving weekend than a jet setting adventure? Jupiter Jet & The Forgotten Radio has arrived, and we couldn't wait to talk to Jason Inman and Ashley V. Robinson about it! Find out how Volume 2 of this story actually ended up happening, what you can expect from many of your favorite characters and a TON of teases of what might be in store for the future. Plus we talk about what the future of the comic book industry as a whole might be, and you'll definitely want to hear...


Ep 343 - Jiu Jitsu: Alain Moussi Interview

This would be a great way to kick start your weekend! Martial arts and sci-fi combine in Jiu Jitsu, and we have one of the film's stars with us this week! Alain Moussi joins us to talk about this unique new project, his work doing stunts for some of the biggest action movies of the last few years and his love of martial arts in general. Plus, we ask him about his signature moves and he'll even tell you how it's done! WATCH JIU JITSU NOW ON VIDEO ON DEMAND! It's also another busy week for us...


Ep 342 - Alex Rider Cast Interviews

Anyone want to take a trip to Point Blanc? Alex Rider has arrived on IMDb TV, and we're getting the inside scoop on the series directly from it's biggest stars! Listen as we talk to Otto Farrant (Alex Rider), Brenock O'Conner (Tom Harris) and Ronke Adekoluejo (Jack Starbright) about this great new spy series. Learn about the amazing stunts from the show, how they all felt about their characters, what makes the series so special and what might have changed from the books. Plus, we just have a...


Ep 341 - The Liberator: Bradley James Interview

Something never before seen is coming to Netflix! This week we talk to Bradley James about playing Felix Sparks in The Liberator on Netflix. He'll talk to us about the new Trioscope style that the series was shot in, how this story differs from other World War II era stories, how he prepared for the role and much more. Plus, something you might not have known from the make-up chair on the set. WATCH THE LIBERATOR ON VETERAN'S DAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, ONLY ON NETFLIX! It was a slow nerd news...


Ep 340 - The Kill Journal: Adam Lawson Interview

On the hunt for a great horror graphic novel this Halloween? Enter, The Kill Journal! We brought writer Adam Lawson back on the show this week to talk about his latest Indiegogo story. He talks about the horror roots of this new tale, the incredible character designs and what might be in store for backers of the project. Plus he gives us an update on The Eighth and a new project that he has in the works. BACK THE KILL JOURNAL ON INDIEGOGO FROM NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 6TH! This week we also...


Ep 339 - Utopia: Desmin Borges Interview

Where is Utopia? It's on our show this week! We're talking to Desmin Borges about playing Wilson Wilson on Amazon's conspiracy thriller. Find out what his favorite thing about Wilson is, how important Wilson's circle of friends are, how the cast kept things light on set and more. Plus we talk to him about THAT scene from Episode 2! WATCH SEASON 1 OF UTOPIA NOW ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO! Speaking of Amazon, we also have an early and spoiler free review of Truth Seekers. We also talk about the...


Ep 338 - The Simpsons: Al Jean Interview

This week we're giving you more insight into a Halloween tradition! The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is this weekend and we have showrunner Al Jean on the show to give us the inside scoop. What goes into planning one of these episodes every year, what can we expect from some of the spoofs this year and what are some of his favorite Treehouse moments? Plus, you won't believe what Simpsons merchandise that Al owns! THE SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR XXXI AIRS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18TH AT 8PM ON...


Ep 337 - Next: Fernanda Andrade Interview

What's next for NEXT? Once again we're talking about the new Fox thriller, but this time, with one of the lead investigators. Fernanda Andrade joins us this week to talk about playing Special Agent Shea Salazar! She tells us what drives Agent Salazar in her very difficult work, about the dynamic between Shea and Paul LeBlanc and about facing an enemy that you can't see. Plus she teases what's to come after the big premiere cliffhanger! WATCH NEXT ON FOX EVERY TUESDAY AT 9PM! It's also...


Ep 336 - L.A.'s Finest & Next: Ryan McPartlin & Manny Coto Interviews

Nothing is going to stop Fox from an amazing Fall TV season! We have not one but TWO interviews to tell you all about it. First, we're joined by Ryan McPartlin from L.A.'s Finest! He talks about his impressions of Patrick McKenna, the secrets that Nancy is keeping from him and teases ahead for some possible action scenes coming up for him in the series. Plus, we had to ask if there would be an "awesome" Chuck Easter Egg on the show! WATCH L.A.'S FINEST EVERY MONDAY AT 8PM ON FOX! Then we...


Ep 335 - L.A.'s Finest: Brandon Margolis & Brandon Sonnier Interview

Bad Boys for life, but this week it's ladies first. We're talking about L.A.'s Finest, now airing on Fox, with the show's creators and executive producers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. Hear them talk about their love of the Bad Boys universe, the dynamic between Syd and McKenna, working in Easter Eggs and much more! Plus, did Gabrielle Union really shoot herself in the butt on set? We have the story! WATCH L.A.'S FINEST MONDAYS AT 8PM ON FOX! Speaking of new series we also give a...


Ep 334 - LX 2048: Guy Moshe Interview

The future is bright...maybe a little too bright. This week we're talking to director Guy Moshe about his new film, LX 2048. Hear him talk about the amazing performances from James D'Arcy and Anna Brewster, his take on a dystopian near future and what he feels this movie is truly about at it's core. Plus we talk about insurance, which will totally make sense when you see the movie! SEE LX 2048 IN VIRTUAL CINEMAS AND VOD ON SEPTEMBER 28TH! We're also talking about the major casting news for...


Ep 333 - Wonder Woman 1984 Rumors, The Walking Dead Ending &; More

It's a crazy week this week! No guest, but we do have some major Nerd News stories to tackle. We talk about the rumors that Wonder Woman 1984 will be delayed again, the upcoming end The Walking Dead flagship series and that Dune trailer that dropped this week. We also have a SPOILER FILLED review of Superman: Man of Tomorrow from DC Animation, a new Umbrella Academy spinoff comic to discuss and Ultraman's Marvel debut. Find out more and listen to past shows at...


Ep 332 - Raised By Wolves Cast Interviews & Jun Yu From Mulan

It's a double dose of interviews from the biggest things you'll be streaming this weekend! We kick things off with the cast of the new HBO Max series Raised By Wolves! We're joined by Travis Fimmel (Marcus), Niamh Algar (Sue), Amanda Collin (Mother) and Abubakar Salim (Father) to talk about both sides of this epic story. From the religious aspects of the show to android parenting styles, you'll get a great idea of what this new series is all about. Plus, dad jokes! RAISED BY WOLVES IS...