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OCG :: "Politics Another Perspective" with Dr. Wilmer Leon of Inside the Issues

Politics Another Perspective with Dr. Wilmer Leon, Host, "Inside the Issues" UrbanView XM Radio Politics Another Perspective: Analysis of Race, War, Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of Obama is a collection of Op Ed's written by Wilmer J. Leon, III, Ph.D. As a collection, these writings provide cutting edge analysis of the various issues that influenced the American geopolitical landscape since 2006 and insight into the direction that the country is headed. We will...


OCG :: "The Metrics of Black Wealth" :: Dr. William A."Sandy" Darrity

"The Metrics of Black Wealth" Guest: Dr. William A. (“Sandy”) Darity, Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Darity is the Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy,African and African American Studies, and Economics and the director of the Duke Consortium on Social Equity at Duke University. WE can't save, educate or job income ourselves out of the economic and financial history from which our poverty springs. BROADCASTING BOLD BRAVE & BLACK Join us on FACEBOOK OCG on the Web: http://ourcommonground.com/...


OUR COMMON GROUND :: "A Black Political Future" :: Pascal Robert

A critical lens on the political landscape of America with Pascal Robert Guest: Pascal Robert, Editor, The Thought Merchant and Contributor, The Black Agenda Report This week we discuss the political future of Black Americans in the era of a imperialist Executive and Legislative government. The critical question is not how we react to the fascism that has embedded itself but how we plan to organize our resistance and survival. BROADCASTING BOLD BRAVE & BLACK Join us on FACEBOOK and Learn...


OCG SPECIAL :: 40M Black Souls :: Trauma, Terror and Murder

OCG SPECIAL :: 40M Souls : Marganilized, Traumatized, Terrorized and Muderered Joining us: Yvette Carnell of BreakingBrown.com, Dr. James L. Taylor, USF and UC Berkeley, Dr. Tommy J. Curry, Texas A&M University We declare our collective wounds and injuries in the wake of the killing of more than 1, 000 American citizens by police. This week we witnessed once again the cold-bloodied execution of our Brother, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. WE ARE OUTRAGED. We are outraged that there is...


OCG LIVE :: "The unDoing: Gorillas. Rapists. Ali Trump. Clinton & Roots"::

"The unDoing: Gorillas. Rapists. Ali Trump. Clinton & Roots" We talk with Dr. Dr. James L. Taylor, USF Professor and Author about the deaths of Prince and Muhammad Ali, the 2016 races, Obama exit and the racial bias in sentencing of rapists. Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, Co-Founder & Executive Director , Racial Justice NOW joins us to assist in deconstruction the racist protests around the killing of a gorilla to save a Black child's life. Other items on the agenda, the release of Muhammad Ali's...


OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham ll "Working While Black" with Torin Ellis

WORKING WHILE BLACK with Torin Ellis Guest: Torin Ellis, CEO, TorinEllis Brand Organizational Diversity and Inclusive Thought Leader> RECRUITER and COACH Brainsharing withTorin Ellis human capital #entrepreneur - true #diversity & #recruiting guru Success in the White Workplace for Black Americans is hard. We are requiredto develop mental awareness, a psychological game plan, and an increased level of business savvy in order to negotiate the minefield of the white work world. Included are...


"Hands Off Our Children: 300 Strong" Report from Field with Dr. Ruby Sales

"Hands Off Our Children: 300 Strong:Report from Field" Dr. Ruby Sales ED of SpiritHouse Project Dr. Sales returns to provide a report of this historice event discussed in early March. On March 18, 2016 Washington D.C., SpiritHouse Project led the first national public hearing of the 1000 black victims of state-sanctioned murders. Delivering coffins representing murdered children to members of Congress, the 300 Strong heard testimony from victim families. Dr. Sales returns to discuss this...


Charter Schools :: Third Party Politics :: Lessons from UpRising

OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT > Charter Schools: A Community Asset or Liability < Time for a Third Party in our Politics < Revisiting the Lessons of Ferguson, Baltimore BROADCASTING BRAVE XXX BOLD XXX BLACK Listen & Call In Line: 347-838-9852 Web:http://ourcommonground.com/ Community Forum: http://www.ourcommonground-talk.ning.com/ Twitter: @JaniceOCG#TalkthatMatters Pinterest :http://www.pinterest.com/ocgmedia/boards/ Visit our Tumblr Page:http://ourcommonground.tumblr.com/...


"FlashBLACK: AmeriKKKa Making It Clear Again" OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT"

"FlashBLACK: AmeriKKKa Making It Clear Again" OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT Co-Hosting, The Thought Merchant, Pascal Robert of Black Agenda Report BROADCASTING BOLD BRAVE & BLACK FLASHBlack >>>In the midst of the most vitriolic political theater seen in our lifetime, we are looking up from the bottom of the well in a fog of schizophrenic confusion, one thing is clear - establishment politics is not an option. FLASHBlack >>> Donald Trump is now being positioned as abnormal, not representative....



STOP THE WAR ON OUR CHILDREN™ • MARCH 18, 2016 Ruby N. Sales, Founder/Executive Director, The Spirit House Project STOP THE WAR ON OUR CHILDREN™ • MARCH 18, 2016 Join a delegation of 300 black women standing in a day of action for black children! Via Ruby Sales In schools and in the street, very powerful people profile, bully, criminalize, manhandle, and murder our children! We have been too silent for too long, and our children have had to face these assaults without the power of a...


OPEN MIC Saturday Night :: 2016 Election and Black Purge at MSNBC

OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT "Transforming TRUTH to POWER, One Broadcast At A Time" Featured Commentary:Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown; Pascal Robert, the Thought Merchant & Black Agenda Report will be us; Dr. Tommy J Curry, Texas A&M University The Campaign and the Election Black Purging @MSNBC Janice's AGENDA 2016 Presidential Election The Candidates and the Campaigns Supreme Court Nomination Black Support Hilary v Bernie Voter Registration and Suppression MSNBC and the Whiteness of the...


"KNOCKING the HUSTLE: Re- Imagining Black Politics” :: Dr. Lester K. Spence

Dr. Lester K. Spence, Author, "KNOCKING the HUSTLE: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics” Associate Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins University Listen & Call In Line: 347-838-9852 Neoliberalism is the greatest political sleight of our time. Knocking the Hustle makes it plain. Drawing from political economy and personal crisis, Spence diagnoses the economic pains and existential threats neoliberalism poses for Black lives (and all others) in...


An American Political Tremor: Scalia Dead @ 79" :: Breaking News Special

"Scalia Found Dead" Reformat of tonight's broadcast . . . In our 1st Page tonight, Pascal Robert, the “Thought Merchant” of BAR and Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown.org Joins us to talk about whtat theis means for the Obama Administration and the Race for the White House. "Bey and the Fishnet Revolution: Giving the People What they Want" " . . . because I cannot for the life of me understand how Beyonce’s commodified caricature of black opposition was in any way progressive. Instead what I...


OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham ll "Fixing OUR Politics: Bakerizing"

"Fixing OUR Politics: Bakerizing" Black elected officials are failing us. Federal, state and local public policy either eliminates us or suffocates us. We must fix our politics. Join us in exploring this crisis. Educate, agitate and organize.We must 'Bakerize'.Black citizens continue to suffer the absence of a strategic effective political infrastructure wherein education, organizing, caucus and activism can flourish to make a difference to eliminate a crushing disenfranchisement and...


OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham :: "Flint: Crimes Against Citizens"

"Flint: Crimes Against Citizens" LIVE and Call-In The question of who knew what and when is rendered impotent. The Governor, Municipal Administrator, state health officials and the EPA. THEY ALL KNEW ONE YEAR AGO. "Is it extreme to posit that local and state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency knowingly allowed the poisoning of tens of thousands of Flint residents? Perhaps. But it is irrefutable that they knew that residents – primarily African Americans and the working class...


Racial Coding and Profiling in American Politics ll Dr. Vincent Harding

"Racial Coding and Profiling in American Politics" REBROADCAST of August 6, 2011 LIVE DISCUSSION with Dr. Vincent Hutchings, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan Saturday, November 14, 2015 10 pm ET Rebroadcast We will be back LIVE and Call - In November 21, 2015. ABOUT Dr. Hutchings Dr. Hutchings is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan and a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research. He received his Ph.D. in 1997 from the...


"Bearing Witness: Igniting OUR Power" : Resistance and Rebellion Series Part II

"Bearing Witness: Igniting OUR Power" Resistance and Rebellion Series Part II Continuing the discussion beyond political empowerment. with Dr. Ruby N. Sales Understanding the new slavery in the context of About Rebellion and Resistance. What history and our ancestors can teach us. BROADCASTING BOLD BRAVE & BLACK Join us on FACEBOOK and Learn More abut this episode OCG on the Web:http://ourcommonground.com/ Community Forum:http://www.ourcommonground-talk.ning.com/ Follow us on Twitter:...

In Conversation with Yvette Carnell: Staying Woke

In Conversation with Yvette Carnell POWER BLOGGER and THOUGHT-LEADER Blogging politics, social, and cultural issues BreakingBrown.comBreakingbrown.me Editor, YourBlackWorld Included in our discussion are the many urgent issues covered by www.breakingbrown.comwithin our community, we will review three major events. The exoneration of officers report on the assasination of a 12 year old Tamir Rice. The status and impact of#BlackLivesMatter The Justice or Else Rally marking the 20th...


In Conversation with Dr. Tommy J. Curry :: “A Quiet Danger: Brothers Invisible"

"Blackmen, in particular, have been treated as being disposable, no longer necessary to the economy or to building the country. We label them and their communities as irredeemable and hopelessly violent, . . . it becomes clear that men of all races who are chronically unemployed are more likely to be violent." Dr. Michele Alexander, "Black Lives Matter Report In Conversation with Dr. Tommy J. Curry LIVE “A Quiet Danger - Brothers Invisible: Classroom to Home” Dr. Curry is an Associate...



OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT LISTEN LIVE and Join the OPEN Chat Call In - Listen Line: 347-838-9852 Where Friends come to meet with allies. Tonight on OUR COMMON GROUND we open up our lines to hear from you for the full 2 hours. Give us a call and let’s discuss what you believe is the most pressing issues facing our communities. Each Saturday night, OUR COMMON GROUND is the spot to exchange ideas, analysis and information. Our mission is to provide the most insightful information, establish...


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