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The free writing resource website created for writers, by writers.


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The free writing resource website created for writers, by writers.




Ep 158 – Michael Jamin

We talk to MARON, KING OF THE HILL and BRICKLEBERRY TV writer, producer and showrunner Michael Jamin about the difference between writing animation vs. live action, how he broke into the writers’ room, things he looks for when staffing a show and much more. Michael’s Online TV Writing Course: (3 FREE lessons + 10% […]


Ep 157 – Marc Manus

We chat with literary manager Marc Manus about his new management/production company World Builder Entertainment, the type of material he gravitates towards, what contests he looks at and much more. Now you can WATCH the Scripts & Scribes podcast on YouTube: The conversation continues on a new episode of the Script & Scribes unScripted […]


Ep 156 – Doug Griffin

We speak with independent producer, script consultant and former director of development at The Story Company (Barbershop, Ride Along, Fantastic Four) Doug Griffin about what productions will look like during the pandemic, what the current market is like for diverse writers, different ways to get your screenplay read by decision makers, what the seven different […]


Ep 155 – Stan Spry

We speak with lit manager and producer Stan Spry of The Cartel about what a great voice in a screenplay sounds like, what makes a potential client appealing, predictions for when production will ramp back up again and much more. The conversation continues on a new episode of the Script & Scribes unScripted aftershow w/ […]


Ep 154 – Nicholas Bogner

We speak with talent and lit manager Nicholas Bogner of Affirmative Entertainment about attaching actors to scripts, having a wide range as a writer, if it’s currently (during the coronavirus pandemic) a good time to approach managers looking for representation and much more. The conversation continues on a new episode of the Script & Scribes […]


Ep 153 – Javier Grillo-Marxuach

We talk to Emmy Award winning TV writer and producer, Javier Grillo-Marxuach (LOST, THE 100 and COWBOY BEBOP) about finding your voice as a writer, getting over impostor syndrome, being a writer of color and much more.


Ep 152 – M. Dickson

We talk to DISENCHANTMENT Co-EP and HOOPS showrunner, M. Dickson about how being a stand-up helped her TV career, the animation development process, joke writing in single cam vs. multicam series, buying a new banjo and much more.


Ep 151 – Jeff Portnoy

We speak with Lit Manager Jeff Portnoy of Bellevue Productions about how a writer knows they’re ready for representation, why he recommends screenplay competitions and fellowships, how long it can take to break a new screenwriter and much more. *More with Jeff on Patreon for donors:


Ep 150 – Liz Alper

We talk to TV writer/producer (THE ROOKIE, HAWAII 5-O, CHICAGO FIRE), co-founder of #PayUpHollywood and keeper of the #WGAStaffingBoost grid, Liz Alper about making the jump from assistant to writer/producer, what it’s like being a new staff writer on your first show, being mentored as a staff writer by a more senior writer and […]


Ep 149 – Kate Sharp

We talk to literary manager and producer, Kate Sharp of Bellevue Productions about the difference between breaking writers vs. writer-directors, managers producing client’s scripts, if any rep is better than no rep, whether virtual pitchfests are worth the money and much more.


Ep 148 – Patrick Meighan

We talk to Family Guy Executive Producer, Patrick Meighan about who his favorite Family Guy character is to write for, his new comic book series “She Kills”, what Seth McFarlane smells like and much more.


Ep 147 – Jeanne Veillette Bowerman

We talk to Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, Editor & Chief of Script Magazine, Senior Editor of Writers Digest, and Co-Founder of the weekly Twitter Screenwriters Chat, about the best decisions you can make on your path to becoming a screenwriter.


Ep 146 – Ian Shorr

We speak to screenwriter Ian Shorr, writer on CBS’s Training Day and the upcoming films 10-31 and Infinite. Hear about how the film Infinite staring Mark Wahlberg came into production and the incredibly unique path Ian took to become a career screenwriter.


Ep 145 – John Zaozirny

Once again we speak with frequent guest John Zaozirny, founder of literary management and production company Bellevue Productions. Hear about what managers look for in clients and what types of screenplays are currently selling in the industry in this highly focused and informative discussion.


Ep 144 – Daniel Seco

Lit Manager Daniel Seco of Schemers Entertainment joins the podcast to chat about why he loves representing writers, what characteristics a dream client has, why you probably shouldn’t cold call lit reps looking for representation, why writers should try to land a manager before an agent and much more.


Ep 143 – Jay Kogen

The Simpsons and School of Rock writer/producer, Jay Kogen joins the show to chat about how The Simpsons writers seem to predict the future, working on multicam shows vs. single cam, live action vs. animation, narrative comedy vs. sketch shows, jokes that somehow never made the air, how to sell yourself as a writer and […]


Ep 142 – Mark Blutman

We talk to Girl Meets World writer/producer Mark Blutman about how the television landscape has changed in the past few years, advice and tips on pitching, how social media has removed the barrier between show creators and fans, the day hockey legend Wayne Gretzky scored eleven goals on him and much more.


Ep 141 – Adam Miller

We talk to Destiny 2 and Telltale’s The Walking Dead writer and narrative designer Adam Miller about how he made the jump from working in television to video games, the importance of getting a job (any job) within the industry (even if it doesn’t seem to lead to your dream job), what sort of samples […]


Ep 140 – Brendan Hay

We talk to Harvey Girls Forever! showrunner Brendan Hay about his first industry job for The Daily Show, getting a freelance episode as a writer on The Simpsons, the differences between writing animation vs. live action, the future of Harvey Girls Forever!, potential spin-offs and much more.


Ep 139 – Christopher Encell

The Good Place and On My Block writer, Christopher Encell joins the podcast to talk about what he learned as an assistant on various TV shows, working his way from assistant to writer, advice on how to get into network fellowships and why he turned one down once he was accepted and much more.