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Building an Empire The Teela B Way

Teela B Actress, Mentor, Model, Fashionista and Entrepreneur,she is sharing her journey to building her multi-branded empire. She holds her humble beginnings from the rough streets of Baltimore, Maryland, that fired up her passion to succeed. She believes that no matter what challenges your life may throw at you, success is your birthright. In 2014, Teela B started her fashion consulting company Teela B’s House of Style which later evolved into her brand, I Am Teela B Incorporated. This...


From Photography to Print Change Making with Sharon Simpson

Sharon Simpson loves getting her hands dirty making everything from screen printed organic t-shirts, tactile concrete letters and handmade concertina books. She describes herself simply as a creative. With a background in portrait/boudoir photography, hypnotherapy and interiors, that comes together under the roof of her lifestyle brand: Dark Romantix. Where she creates bold messages that are both iconic and conversation starters. Sharon shares what inspires her bold and sometimes...


Uncovering Award Winning Success With Melanie Eusebe

Melanie Eusebe is a Business Strategist, who is the Chair and Founder of the Black British Business Awards, Melanie was also the Executive Producer for the Women of the World Festival (WoW) a global gender equality festival occurring with over 2 million women over 50 cities in 5 continents. with over 20 years experience as a Management Consultant, with a career that spans 5 continents working with some of the world’s biggest brands and largest organisations. She shares her experience and...


Finding Wellness From The Inside Out With Claudine Thornhill

Claudine Thornhill a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Health Coach. She acts as a nutritional adviser, an accountability partner and a wellness coach to highly driven women. Her fundamental belief is that health and wellness are key foundations for greatness. Claudine’s diet, wellness and lifestyle support focuses on balancing hormones to reduce the effects of PMS, PCOS or Fibroids, balancing blood sugar levels to restore vibrancy, manage sugar cravings and weight, and encouraging balance and...


Using Dolls to foster Self-Love with Charlotte Francis

Charlotte Francis is a maths teacher, single Mummy to her only daughter, Cali and Founder and creator of Biankha and Friends. Charlotte was inspired to take the entrepreneurial route in creating her dolls when her daughter fell out of love with her natural hair after starting school. Charlotte wasn't able to find a suitable black doll to empower her daughter so decided to make her own. Charlotte's doll company aims to empower young girls to embrace who they are, know their true history and...


Stepping Into Wellness with Candice Bryan

Candice Bryan is the CEO & Founder of Noire Wellness, a Wellness Inclusion Strategist, a dance Fitness Instructor, mother of two beautiful children, speaker on a variety of topics including sports development and an aspiring author. With a cultural heritage richly placed in Jamaica and Barbados and ancestral links to West Africa, Candice identifies as an African-Caribbean sister journeying through the diaspora. Over the past 20 years, Candice has worked across community sports development,...


Maintaining our health with staples in our food cupboards with Louise Sam

Louise has been in the field of natural health and beauty for over ten years, working with some of the UK’s leading organic health brands and complementary therapy colleges. After exploring a range of alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, aromatherapy and nutritional therapy, Louise decided to train in herbal medicine at the University of Westminster, where she achieved a BSc degree in Western Herbal Medicine. She is a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy. Louise has...


Not Just a Mum with Folakemi Sebiotimo

Folakemi Sebiotimo an author, a woman in tech. Who finds that her world is turned around after becoming a mother! She pens a practical guide to juggling the rigors of modern motherhood and balancing a career and life. She is currently a Lead Business Analyst at Deutsche Bank in London, where she has worked for ten years. Prior to that, she worked as a software developer at an IT education company in Sheffield. She is very passionate about empowering mums and young people to live purpose...


Changing the face of Beauty with Elizabeth Oloidi

Elizabeth Oloidi is the founder of Qweens Beauty magazine. Qweens Beauty strives to celebrate and represent dark complexion people of colour in an industry that often forgets to include them in the mainstream media culture. A final year Journalism student who started the magazine as a project, she decided to keep it going after the warm reception it received online. She was tired of the beauty industry seeming to feature only minute slices of the shades that people of colour come in. Her...


TV Antennas Lead Nike Folayan to a Career in Electrical Engineering.

Nike Folayan is the founder and chair of the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers that campaigns for more ethnic diversity in UK engineering. TV antennas lead her to a career in engineering. Nike is a chartered engineer and gained a PhD in electronics engineering at the University of Sheffield. The AFBE-UK hosts an annual summit and this year’s focus was on How Brexit Will Impact Diversity in The UK Engineering Sector. Nike holds the stance that diversity is not a fad and...


Tamu Thomas on taking the three sixty approach to finding your joy in your late 30’s & 40’s

Tamu Thomas founder of the Three Sixty Brand a lifestyle brand aimed at busy women in their late 30’s and 40’s that want to simplify life and create space for everyday joy. The everyday joy that comes from accepting ourselves fully in all our shades from light to dark, our entire 360 degrees. Working with ourselves rather than against, creating space to notice the beauty of things we overlook in the midst of busyness and the everyday joy that comes from doing the things that light us up....


Andrew Wamae, founder and director, The Essential School of Painting. Nominated Finalist B.B.B Awards

Andrew Wamae studied at The University of Baroda graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (Hon’s) and a Bachelor of Arts Economics (Hon’s). After working with various law firms in India and Kenya he settled in the United Kingdom in 1999. Thereafter Andrew worked as a Producer in BBC World Service Africa/Middle East. In 2001 he joined the Halifax Bank of Scotland working in various roles including as Bank Manager and Business Manager. In 2004 together with Alison Harper he founded the Essential...


Medina King on marrying well-being for children with interior design

Medina King is the only London based Child wellness interior designer that creates personalised, colourful and fun bedrooms and playrooms for children. What makes Medina different is the wellness aspect of the services that she offers: “A Wellness Expert looks at the design as a whole, making it practical as well as, safe and comfortable, enhancing the health of the children that use the space.


Why Diversity is not a Fad from the duo behind Connect 4 better

Meet one half of the duo behind the Black British Network Connect4Better Which pays more than lip service to the diversity agenda in the UK. on the show we have Ayo Akande, who co-created the network to combat the barriers that are faced by those from the BME community to fully actualize their full potential. This was borne from After growing frustrated at the lack of support for Black African and Caribbeans in the workplace and in business across the UK, that they had encountered. According...


Influence, Beauty Brands & Diversity with Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson a freelance PR and Brand Manager with over 13 years of industry experience creating and executing brand strategies across the beauty and lifestyle sectors. Working across editorial media and bringing brands to life through digital campaigns. She works with influencers and brands to create sustainable partnerships as well as changing the way beauty brands and products are discovered. Deborah also the co-runs Simply Gorgeous a salon that changing the experience of Afro hair...


Special Show with the Co-founders of Sow-full

A special interview with two out of the three founders behind Sow-Full, on growing Black excellence. With their brand new platform, which enables black businesses to promote their products. Alysia Sealy, Linda Nantege & Zara Hakala-Murdoch. The women behind Sow-full


A special Shine out live interview with Alice Gbelia

Alice Gbelia Owner & founder of the online art website Ayok’a addressing the lack of representation in art particularly with the inclusion of black artists.


Flo Anthony On Going with the Flo

On our last show of the season, we have the multi-award winning journalist, Flo Anthony. The host of the daily syndicated radio show “Gossip On The Go With Flo” for 22 years. Author of three books including “One Last Deadly Play” and the Black Expressions Bestselling novel, “Deadly Stuff Players,” Flo is also the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine blacknoir.NYC and writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column “Go With The Flo,” She is sharing about being the First Only and...


Melissa Sinclair creator of "Big Hair brand". On her mission to redefine what it is to be a beauty brand.

Melissa Sinclair the creator of the British natural artisanal hair care brand BIG HAIR, specialising in maintenance products for afro, and curly hair types. Melissa’s mission is to redefine what it is to be a beauty brand and seeks ways to serve her customers on many levels. Melissa believes that a sense of wellbeing is an intrinsic part of beauty and understands the need to elevate this notion for women of colour. Therefore she has created a series of BIG HAIR SELFCARE events touching on...