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Special Show with the Co-founders of Sow-full

A special interview with two out of the three founders behind Sow-Full, on growing Black excellence. With their brand new platform, which enables black businesses to promote their products. Alysia Sealy, Linda Nantege & Zara Hakala-Murdoch. The women behind Sow-full


A special Shine out live interview with Alice Gbelia

Alice Gbelia Owner & founder of the online art website Ayok’a addressing the lack of representation in art particularly with the inclusion of black artists.


Flo Anthony On Going with the Flo

On our last show of the season, we have the multi-award winning journalist, Flo Anthony. The host of the daily syndicated radio show “Gossip On The Go With Flo” for 22 years. Author of three books including “One Last Deadly Play” and the Black Expressions Bestselling novel, “Deadly Stuff Players,” Flo is also the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine blacknoir.NYC and writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column “Go With The Flo,” She is sharing about being the First Only and...


Melissa Sinclair The creator of the British natural hair care brand BIG HAIR, On HER mission to redefine what it is to be a beauty brand

Melissa Sinclair, The creator of the British natural artisanal hair care brand BIG HAIR On her mission to redefine what it is to be a beauty brand


Rachel Osinaike On Finding Her Bounce Back

Rachel Osinaike, aka Grateful Rachel, is the author of “Bounce Back: Turning trials into Triumphs”, a book that chronicles her life journey and the lessons she has learnt along the way. The book tells a story of victory against painful odds. In 2012 Rachel founded the Women Empowering Projects (WEP) because she wanted to create a safe space of respite for women where they offload their burdens. Her passion for women’s empowerment has developed over the years; she is known to be a source of...


Reyna Joe Author, Journalist, Radio show host The creator of the 15th annual Female leadership Conference in Curaçao

Reyna Joe Author is a journalist, radio and television personality. She is the creator of the Annual Female Leadership Conference held in Curaçao. Her continued efforts will see the conference is celebrating its 15th year this year. Reyna studied journalism in The Netherlands which lead to a career in both television and radio broadcasting in The Netherlands and later on in her native Curaçao. Alongside her broadcast career, she started her communication services company, Bright Ideas &...


Tola Okogwu on Changing the narrative of black hair

Tola Okogwu British blogger and founder of the hair and beauty blog, My Long Hair Journey. Author of Daddy Do My Hair Series. On the show talking about her book series, managing time and why we need to tell and own our own narratives.


Lovelda Vincenzi on her mission for more women Speakers to take center Stage

International event MC and Moderator, Lovelda has been speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13. Lovelda is also the founder and creator of the World Class Female Speakers Academy and she is on a woman on a mission to get more female speakers rocking the bigger stages.


JAY KING- From Rumors to Activist!

Jay King is a Jack of All Trades and Master of Many. Best known for popularizing independent record releases by selling 3.5 million copies of the single and 12 inch of the record "Rumors" by the Timex Social Club using strictly independent distributors. King has always been seen as cutting edge, forward thinking and ahead of the curb when it cost to new visionary ways to access an audience. He is a solo artist, radio show host, leader and co creator of the group Club Nouveau, Manager, Song...


Changing The Perception Of Healthy Living With F.E Adeniji

F. E. Adeniji is a woman on a mission to change the perception of healthy living within the African Caribbean Community. It is this mission that has led her to write her first book ‘The Truth About Health Exposed’ in which she hopes to inspire and empower people from all walks of life to tackle health challenges on a daily basis. Through her lifelong career as a pharmacist she has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people achieve health related goals. ‘The Truth About...


Daniel Prince Miller- Fraud Prevention Specialist From Crime to Fraud Prevention Specialist!

Daniel Prince Miller will be sharing his powerful story of going from convict to inspiring youth mentor. In 2015 he was arrested and convicted. Whilst serving his time, Daniel had time to reflect on his actions he realised he needed to find another path. He looked at the impact of his actions on his family. He knew he caused them great pain and suffering leaving him determined to be someone better. Since being released from HMP, Daniel has worked with charities helping ex-criminals seeking...


Lights, Camera & Diversity Uncovering the British Blacklist- Akua Gyamfi

Akua Gyamfi, the influencer, journalist. stylist, commentator and creator. Will be joining us on the show, tomorrow, as we go Lights, Camera & Diversity as we talk about her platform for celebrating Black British talent in the Uk known as the British Blacklist. A pioneering digital site documenting the careers of film, television, theatre, literature and music professionals of African and Caribbean descent. The British Blacklist has been dubbed ‘the IMDB for the UK’s British African and...


Creating Wealth in the era of cryptocurrency with the serial entrepreneur Anthony Odogwu

Discussing creating wealth in the era of cryptocurrency, a simple break down on how to be part of the digital currency revolution, with the serial entrepreneur Anthony Odogwu. The Founder/CEO of Future Space Technologies – London’s Millennial Mobile Agency that specializes in design/development of Mobile Apps for the Millennial Generation as well being the co-founder of Hampshire Global Group - Investment Company. Anthony Odogwu is a Winner of the Sony Mobile Technology Enterprise Award...