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An interview podcast discussing no-budget filmmaking and DIY creativity using modern technology. Because, let's be honest, there can only be a couple Bono's and Brittany Spears' in the world, these are conversations with creative people who you've never heard of.

An interview podcast discussing no-budget filmmaking and DIY creativity using modern technology. Because, let's be honest, there can only be a couple Bono's and Brittany Spears' in the world, these are conversations with creative people who you've never heard of.
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An interview podcast discussing no-budget filmmaking and DIY creativity using modern technology. Because, let's be honest, there can only be a couple Bono's and Brittany Spears' in the world, these are conversations with creative people who you've never heard of.




Nicholas Crockett Talks TN10 Filmmaking Challenge

I'm joined by fellow East TN filmmaker, Nicholas Crockett, to discuss the TN10 "Best of the Best" Filmmaking challenge that we both participated in earlier this summer. The screening for the TN10 is this weekend at the Knox Film Fest. Nick's movie is called "THE HERETIC IN LOWLAND" and mine is called "WE SAW A BRIGHT SPOT ON THE MOON." We discuss the making of these movies and share excitement for this weekend's screening. For tickets ($10) go to or just show up at Regal...


Briefs - 2018 7 Day Shootout info

After participating in the Knox Film Fest's 7 Day shootout filmmaking competition, I ramble some thoughts about it.


Briefs - Film Community News

I talk 2018 Scruffy City Film and Music festival along with a few other News updates for Knoxville film Community folks. As always, I keep it brief.


2018 54 Fim Fest Team Leaders

In this episode I speak with Knoxville Filmmakers Jeff Delaney, Ginny Beld, Sam Comer and Jeremy Lowry about their entries into the 2018 54 Film Fest.


Briefs - Alt History Short Film "The Offering" details

I ramble about Post Retro Productions' Alt History 7 Day shootout submission titled, THE OFFERING. And also few short words about conspiracy theories and a new Knoxville filmmaking podcast called "4 Reels" Hosted by filmmaker Kelly Burke and yours truly. The Offering Short film 4 Reels podcast TN10 Blu-ray


3 Teams from Knoxville's 54 Film Fest

I'm joined via telephone with Jeremy Lowery and Chuck Morgan from Twin Pines Pictures Gabriel Crutchfield from Atomic Oasis Productions Edy Recendez from Far Films We discuss our experience of creating a short film for Knoxville's 54 Film Fest. The screening is April 22nd at 4pm at Downtown West Movie theater in Knoxville. More info can be found at


Fringe Arts and Film Fests

Legendary Burlesque performer Laura Mullaney (AKA Hellcat Harlowe & Miz Kitty) joins to talk fringe arts and UFO's. Knoxville 54 Film Fest organizer Jamison Stalsworth talks this years festival. See more info and sign up at Thanks to Jeff Delaney for the dream audio and for the poetry. Contact your host @jacobpostretro


AURA (short film) supplemental material

In this episode we break down the short Film AURA that I created for the 2016 Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day Shootout. Check out the short film here:

2016 Knoxville 7 Day shootout - an audio diary

So the 7 day shootout went down last week. We were successful in turning in a short film on time. (praise the heavens) In this episode I discuss a few details about that short film. Then I reminisce about all the 7 day shootouts that i've participated in since 2009. This was a late night episode, so it's extra dreamy for my dreamy friends. Music in this episode is by Kevin Humler who provided the music for the score of our 2016 7 day shootout entry titled AURA. Check out the 7 Day...

Briefs - TN Filmmaker: The Podcast info

As you may have noticed, I'm taking a step back as your favorite Knoxville filmmaking podcast. The Knoxville Film Festival's organizer, Keith McDaniel, has started a new podcast called "Tennessee Filmmaker." This will be the place where you can find news and info regarding East Tennessee filmmaking. I talk about this transition in this brief 4 minute podcast. TN Filmmaker: The podcast Also available on iTunes....

Briefs - RONNIE JOINS A ROCK BAND musical short info

In this episode I discuss many aspects of my experience at the 2016 54 Film Fest creating a musical short film called, RONNIE JOINS A ROCK BAND. Check out the movie: A link to the soundtrack by Deconbrio: At the 11:40 mark of the podcast I address the controversy with the ballot stuffing/fraudulent voting for the Second Block's audience favorite award. Say hello...

Briefs - Smack Talking the 2016 54 Film Fest

A few brief words about the 2016 54 Film Fest happening this weekend. (4/1-4/3)I reveal a few of my teammates for this year's competition. (Still keeping a few close to the chest tho)Learn more at @jacobpostretro

Actor Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley is something of a local legend in Knoxville's film community. He's been a working actor for the past 20 years. In this episode we get in our undies and discuss some of the pitfalls that actors can stumble into. Mike does a great job of educating my brain on many aspects of an actors life, which I consider valuable information for anyone in the world of film and video.Mike Stanley can be found atFacebook:


Dylen Terflinger's web series THE GHOST MOTEL

The Ghost Motel is an online web series out of Knoxville, Tn by professional sound wizard, Dylen Terflinger.I sitdown with Dylen to discuss his new web series, which isa multi tracked and multi camera live music showcase and can be viewed at theghostmotel.comHolla at yo host @jacobpostretro


Spooky History with Bone and Arkady

Drew Corl (Bone) and Jason Esty (Arkady) are two of the founding members of and the club event, Sanctus.As Knoxville's alternative dance night Temple celebrates it's 11th year I sit down and speak with Bone and Arkady about the history of the alternative scene starting in the early 90's. We talk about the venues and attitudes which make Knoxville a hub for the dark and creative.Bone and Arkady will be spinning with resident DJFallen at Temple on November 21stLearn more about...

Storyboarding with David Harland Rousseau and Benjamin Reid Phillips

'Storyboarding Essentials' AuthorsDavid Harland Rousseau and Benjamin Reid Phillips enlighten my brain about storyboarding.David Harland Rousseau is an American actor, writer, and director. "The award-winning illustrator teaches drawing and design courses in the School of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design." Benjamin Reid Phillips is an award-winning illustrator and sequential artist whose works have been featured in the Cartoon Art Museum's Monsters of Webcomics...

Briefs- 2015 Knoxville Film Festival Screening and Awards

The Knoxville Film Festival 7 Day shootout Screening and award show happened this weekend.A$20k grand prize was up for grabs to the winning filmmakers. Get the story... I promise to keep it brief.Live show September 30th from 7-8pm at Scruffy City Hall, Downtown Knoxville.

Briefs - Wrapping on Knoxville's 7 Day Shootout

I'm sure there will be much more to come on next month's Knoxville Film Festival, butwejust turned in our entry last night for the 2015 7 Day Shootout. Here are a few words on that process.

Briefs - Festivities

Coming up with an idea for a short film that could be expanded into a feature length film is a tough task. I chime in with a few thoughts and updates. More Enigmatic Foe music athttp://enigmaticfoe.bandcamp.comhttp://www.knoxvillehorrorfest.com

Interview with Joe Grossman (8 Bit Hero)

Is live streaming video the future of entertainment? Let's find out... Joe Grossmans a Knoxville Filmmaker and human encyclopedia of gaming knowledge. He streams live video games on under the alias of 8BitHero. We explorethisnew medium of entertainment, and the filmmaking techniquesusedwhile performingto audience. Check it out here. @8BitHeroLIVE