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Smooth and Savvy Douglas Coleman is joined by some of the hottest names in the entertainment industry for an hour of Talk and Music. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always entertaining.

Smooth and Savvy Douglas Coleman is joined by some of the hottest names in the entertainment industry for an hour of Talk and Music. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always entertaining.
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Smooth and Savvy Douglas Coleman is joined by some of the hottest names in the entertainment industry for an hour of Talk and Music. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always entertaining.






The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Richard Neil

Born in New York City and a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse, Richard Neil was a principal member of Chopstick Theatre in Charleston, S.C. He toured extensively, performing classic roles, such as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. He has appeared in two of Bill Viola's signature pieces, "Ocean Without A Shore" and "Man With His Soul." He starred opposite Makoto Fujita in the Japanese actor's last film, Takashi Koizumi's Best Wishes For Tomorrow. Richard is a busy voice and...


The Douglas Coleman Show June 2018 Music Special

Welcome to our June Music Special,featuring 3 never before played track submitted from Music X-Ray. A short commercial break will follow and then 9 tracks for past DCS guests. Play List: ⦁Something in you by Gladys Padron ⦁Voodoo Woman by Gamache ⦁This time by Montel Moore ⦁Best Friend by Philip Broussard ⦁Mariette by Airport Impressions ⦁Carey Ann by Acme Giants ⦁The Never Ending Pageant by Colin Clyne ⦁Running in Circles by Villa Avenue ⦁Outside my Window by The Mistics ⦁Can’t see my life...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Sharon Wilharm and Chuck Roy

Sharon Wilharm: Sharon Wilharm is a Nashville-based, female filmmaker anxiously awaiting the June 29 theatrical release of her latest feature film, Summer of ’67, a Vietnam War love story. As a writer/director, Sharon specializes in telling a story visually. Her previous movies have screened in theaters across the country including Times Square and Los Angeles and are available for sale across the world. She and her husband Fred have received dozens of film accolades including many Best of...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Tim Rymel

Tim Rymel served as an evangelical Christian minister for nearly 25 years, including six years at what was once the world’s oldest and most renowned “ex-gay” ministry. He is a conversion therapy survivor. As a freelance writer, Tim writes on the confluence of religion, politics and sexuality. Some of his work has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and Church & State. Additionally, his story has been featured in radio, television and print, including Vice News Media, Fox...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Haris Orkin

Haris Orkin: You Only Live Once is the debut novel by Haris Orkin, who has had successful careers as an ad writer, screenwriter, playwright, game writer. narrative director and voice director. He received a BA from Beloit College and an MFA in Creative Writing from USC. His produced screenplays include Save the Dog (Disney Sunday Night movie) and A Saintly Switch (directed by Peter Bogdanovich, starring Vivica A. Fox and David Alan Grier). Haris has also written scripts for Universal,...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Christa Deana and Jeremy Parsons

Christa Deánā: Christa Deánā (Duh-nay) is a Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speak to the journey of a woman after God's own heart. Each song is deeply rooted in a personal, yet extremely vulnerable relationship with God. It's the beauty and emotion in her voice and the candor in her lyrics that help inspire others to go all the way, every day, with God. Dedicating herself to music as a child, she won first place in the Young...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Kathryn Leigh Scott

Kathryn Leigh Scott: Kathryn Leigh Scott's latest work Now With You, Now Without Out is the main work in a quartet of books she has written about caregiving her late husband through a terminal illness and the challenge to keep their marriage alive and her strength intact throughout. Last Dance was the first book. The Happy Hours, published fall 2017 as a Kindle Single by Grand Harbor, an Amazon imprint, chronicles how she introduced a Happy Hours event every day for friends to drop by in...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Daniel Park

Crosshair Kid: Crosshair Kid is a three piece easy-alt band from Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The trio have been writing music together for over a decade now, with Crosshair Kid being their latest project. The band consists of: Andrew Johnston - Lead vocals, crummy guitar and even crummier ukulele. Michael McCluskey - Backing vocals, gentle lover, the talented glue that holds the trio together. Also he plays the guitar just like he's ringing a bell. Ricky Alexander - Also sings, but mostly...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ JD Horn

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Witching Savannah series comes the story of a young witch’s quest to uncover her family’s terrifying history... Magic is seeping out of the world, leaving the witches who’ve relied on it for countless centuries increasingly hopeless. While some see an inevitable end of their era, others are courting madness—willing to sacrifice former allies, friends, and family to retain the power they covet. While the other witches watch their...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Matthew Paris and Tim Miller

Matthew Paris: Writer Matthew Paris was born and raised in Houston, Texas. From an early age he excelled in sports and loved going to the movies. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and English Literature from Texas Tech University, Matthew would begin his journey as a writer. He would try his luck first as a screenwriter, writing many scripts for practice. His short script "Crisis" would be made into a film by Looknow Productions, in Austin Texas. Crisis would go on...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Matt Westin

Show notes and track list. 1. Today not Fade Away by The Jewell Thieves. 2. My Sweet Valentine by Gladys911 3. Ride by House of Amber 4. The Never Ending Pageant by Colin Clyne 5. Longroad by Greg White Jr. Matt Westin: Matt Westin was born and raised in a blue collar family in a middle class suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. From a young age, he pursued various passions, including academics, sports, acting, and music. After years of searching, Matt found true...


The Douglas Coleman Show 2018 New Year Music Special

The 2018 New Year all music special featuring some past musical artists and a few new ones. 1. Return of the King by Bogdan Zamfir 2. Smarter Man by George Henderickson 3. Qu'il en soit fait ainsi (That it be so) by Cathy Varna 4. Father time by Christine McHoes 5. Spell on me by Martell Lacey 6. Outside my window by The Mistics 7. Mariette by Airport Impressions 8. Brighter Day by Joe Gande 9. Silver Horizon by Trey Pearson 10. Love ain't a prize by Donica Knight 11. Best Friend by...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Ammar Habib and Lorraine Reguly

Ammar Habib: Ammar Habib is a bestselling and award winning author who was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining, but will also stay with the reader for a long time. Ammar presently resides in his hometown with his family, all of whom are his biggest fans. He draws his inspiration from his family, imagination, and the world around him. Ammar's published novels include his bestselling; Dark Guardian Trilogy & Memories of my future...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Matt Jorgenson Part 1

Matt Jorgenson – Matt is the author of Shh, in coming, Sub Conscious, Extraordinary Ostriches, Possible Particles and the Bifurcated Homunculus, The Hermaphroditic Shaman and the Missing Bottle of Ketchup, and Coagulation – A Clot of Stories. Shh - A busboy and a bartender fall in love, but must escape a military quarantine. A sentient infection begins to assert its dominance over the town. The sound of blowtorches burning bodies spreads as the young couple discovers the true reach of…...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Angelo Rodrigues of the Mistics

The Mistics Band Bio In the early 2000s Angel moved from Dallas, TX to Corpus Christi. He was raised on a wide range of music styles including: crooner swing, baroque classical, rock and roll and indie rock. He met local musician Caleb who grew up listening to country and had recently made a defiant switch to underground metal, mixed with jazz and classical. Angel began teaching himself acoustic guitar and immediately took to writing songs. Caleb had a background in choir and was the main...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ David Wakeen and JJ McGuigan

David Wakeen; David Wakeen was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, home of America’s Industrial Revolution. He was raised in the adjacent town of Tewksbury. In 1984 he graduated Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a concentration in economics. He attended one semester of graduate school studying advanced math and computer science. After becoming frustrated with the limitations of the university system he spent decades independently studying a vast array of...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Keith Reza

KEITH REZA is one of the most hard working stand-up comedians today. Keith was born in Texas. and raised in Southern California, at age thirteen he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Never being able to make friends, or explore romantic relationships, Keith took his disorder to the stage. Keith has been named Top 50 Funniest by the Ultimate Laff Down several years in a row! He been a Semi Finalist of the Arizona's Funniest Person Contest, and won 2nd Place in the Dave And Buster's...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin: A native New Yorker and captivating storyteller with a flair for embellishment, Jennifer Irwin currently resides in Los Angeles with two cats, a dog and her boyfriend. After earning her BA in Cinema from Denison University, she worked in advertising and marketing raised three boys, and ultimately became a certified Pilates instructor. While she has written screenplays and short stories since her college days, A Dress the Color of the Sky is her first novel. Irwin’s US...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Peter Desberg and Loren Weisman

Peter Desberg is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the area of stage fright, working with many top standup comedians who are regularly confronted with massive cases of flopsweat. After receiving his PhD from the University of Southern California, he began moonlighting as a university professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He has done extensive research on the psychology of humor and is a frequent consultant to business presenters on how to use humor...


The Douglas Coleman Show w_Jennifer McGill

Jennifer appeared in all 300+ episodes of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (1989-1994) along with fellow castmates Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell and Britney Spears, among others. When the show came to an end, most of the kids continued to find opportunities and for many, worldwide stardom. But Jennifer wound up going to college. By the time she graduated, she was told that she didn’t have “the look,” sounded "too old” and that she didn’t resonate...