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The HeadStuff Podcast is a long form conversational style interview podcast. Alan Bennett from hosts the podcasts and chats to interesting people about their lives, creativity, and all sorts of everything.

The HeadStuff Podcast is a long form conversational style interview podcast. Alan Bennett from hosts the podcasts and chats to interesting people about their lives, creativity, and all sorts of everything.
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The HeadStuff Podcast is a long form conversational style interview podcast. Alan Bennett from hosts the podcasts and chats to interesting people about their lives, creativity, and all sorts of everything.




The HeadStuff Podcast | International Women's Day 2018 Music Special

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, music editor Andrea Cleary hosts a special episode of the HeadStuff Podcast. Andrea chats feminism, pop music, and the Irish music scene with some of the journalists, musicians, DJ's and critics making a positive impact on the Irish music industry right now. Guests include Emma Langford, Maija Sofia, Claire Beck, Zara Hedderman and Louise Bruton. Featured Songs: Closed Book by Emma Langford and Flowers by Maija Sofia Subscribe to The HeadStuff...


43. Niall McCann | Writer, Director, Documentarian

On this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we welcome Niall McCann, writer and director of the new documentary Lost in France. I’m joined in studio by HeadStuff Film Editor Peter Morris to chat with Niall McCann. His documentary Lost in France is wonderful, so we talk about that, but we also delve deep into subjects [...] The post 43. Niall McCann | Writer, Director, Documentarian appeared first on HeadStuff.


InHouse #6 | Oscars 2017

I know, I know, we’ve been neglecting you, and we’re still undecided as to the overall direction of this podcast, but we just had to make an episode for Oscars 2017, so here we are. If you listened to our InHouse Oscar podcast from last year you’ll know that these roundtable affairs are booze-fuelled, fun [...] The post InHouse #6 | Oscars 2017 appeared first on HeadStuff.


42. Barry Crimmins

I first became aware of Barry Crimmins when he appeared on the WTF! with Marc Maron podcast, his story was also on another podcast I listen to, which I can’t remember right now. He talked about being raped and abused as a child, and about challenging AOL to stop allowing online paedophilia in their chatrooms. [...] The post 42. Barry Crimmins appeared first on HeadStuff.


41. Saul Williams + Lingo

Yes, that Saul Williams. And yes, I can barely contain myself. Saul Williams is thusly described on Wikipedia: Saul Stacey Williams (born February 29, 1972) is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, poet, writer, and actor. He is known for his blend of poetry and alternative hip hop, and for his lead roles in the 1998 film [...] The post 41. Saul Williams + Lingo appeared first on HeadStuff.


40. DJ Kormac

I was absolutely thrilled to talk to uber-talented DJ, musician, producer, all-round-sound-head, Kormac. I have been a big fan of Kormac for well over a decade. I was charged with organising the Graduation Party for my year in college, and when it came to booking a DJ, I booked Kormac – which I have no [...] The post 40. DJ Kormac appeared first on HeadStuff.


39. Aine Cahill

Aine Cahill drops into HPN studio this week to talk about lots of things. It eventually ends with puke in a pint glass but there’s a journey before all that. We talk about growing up in Cavan, how she got into music (and out of sport), about how she writes songs, who she has done [...] The post 39. Aine Cahill appeared first on HeadStuff.


38. Richie O’Donnell (Atlantic)

Richie O’Donnell is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His previous documentary, The Pipe was released to great acclaim and has now been followed by ‘Atlantic’. The latest documentary is ambitious in scope with Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway as the locations and with an interactive website and social media campaign behind it. We talk about how he [...] The post 38. Richie O’Donnell (Atlantic) appeared first on HeadStuff.



On this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we’re basically trying to figure out if any of the candidates in the US Election will be able to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I’m joined by Gordon and Paul who host their own podcast called Those Conspiracy Guys. They bring some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the candidates, and [...] The post MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? – InHouse #5 appeared first on HeadStuff.


36. Wyvern Lingo

We have the wonderful Wyvern Lingo on the podcast this week. They first came to prominence by their association with Hozier, supporting him on his tour and doing backing vocals with his band (Karen also sings on the hauntingly beautiful duet ‘In A Week‘). Since then they’ve released two EPs, done loads of headline shows [...] The post 36. Wyvern Lingo appeared first on HeadStuff.


35. Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry is one of my favourite writers, so I was suitably excited about this episode. Meet your heroes, that’s what I say. He’s a lovely, brilliant and funny man and I genuinely would have happily sat talking to him for many more hours. If you’re not aware of Kevin Barry, he’s one of Ireland’s [...] The post 35. Kevin Barry appeared first on HeadStuff.


34. John Connolly

We sit down with John Connolly, author of the Charlie Parker series of crime thrillers, and the wonderful The Book of Lost Things. Dave Hanratty, HeadStuff music editor, is on co-host duties. John Connolly episode: This conversation does begin with curtains, and I don’t mean that it has a grand opening like a theatre show, [...] The post 34. John Connolly appeared first on HeadStuff.


Oscars 2016 – InHouse #4

We had some trouble this week! Conor, who produces and engineers The HeadStuff Podcast had his van broken into. And then, after a day, it got broken into again! On both of those days we had planned a recording session. Poor aul Conor was a broken man, so we did what we could. Some of [...] The post Oscars 2016 – InHouse #4 appeared first on HeadStuff.


32. Stephen Fingleton and Martin McCann (The Survivalist)

Stephen Fingleton and Martin McCann team up for the ‘masterful’, ‘captivating’, ‘phenomenal’, ‘powerful’, ‘Mad Max-in-the-countryside’, BAFTA-nominated film that is The Survivalist. Stephen Fingleton is an award-winning writer/director from Derry. His previous work includes Insulin, Magpie, SLR and Shirin. Martin McCann is an award-winning actor from Belfast. His previous work includes the Stephen Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced The Pacific, Clash of the [...] The post 32. Stephen Fingleton...


31. Michael Kinirons (Strangerland)

Michael Kinirons is an Irish filmmaker whose short films, (Lowland Fell, I Can’t See You Anymore) have been selected for loads of international film festivals and won international awards. He co-wrote Strangerland with Fiona Seres which stars Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes. Set in a middle-of-nowhere Australian town, Strangerland is about a family finds their dull [...] The post 31. Michael Kinirons (Strangerland) appeared first on HeadStuff.


30. Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea joins us on The HeadStuff Podcast to speak to us at length about his sexy voice, and how he has won awards for it. It’s very important that we understand that he has won awards for having a sexy voice. After we applaud him on his sexy voice, we talk about his comedy [...] The post 30. Rick O’Shea appeared first on HeadStuff.


29. Roslyn Fuller (Do We Have Democracy?)

Roslyn Fuller joins Conor and I on this week’s episode, and we have Jonathan Victory on co-hosting duties. Roslyn Fuller is a columnist, lecturer in democracy and international law, author of the book Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and Lost its Purpose, and she’s currently running in the 2016 General Election in the [...] The post 29. Roslyn Fuller (Do We Have Democracy?) appeared first on HeadStuff.


28. Tommy Pallotta

Tommy Pallotta is an American film director and producer who has produced films like A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life and directed films such as American Prince and, his latest, The Last Hijack. We sat down to talk to him in the IFI, and the resulting podcast reveals a clever, laid-back and honest man. To be [...] The post 28. Tommy Pallotta appeared first on HeadStuff.


27. Timi Ogunyemi

In this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we have a little bit of trouble explaining what Timi Ogunyemi does. Timi even struggles himself. The reason we know him and love him is because he’s a fascinating person, he’s a popular blogger and Twitter guy, he’s incredibly warm, sound, cool, stylish and funny. Dave Hanratty, our [...] The post 27. Timi Ogunyemi appeared first on HeadStuff.


Ep. 26 | Gearoid Farrelly

Please Subscribe to The HeadStuff Podcast by clicking your favourite coloured box there at the side –> Gearoid Farrelly is one of Ireland’s best comedians and he also hosts a wonderful podcast called Fascinated. And we’re delighted to announce that Fascinated will now be hosted on on our shiny new podcast network, which we’re [...] The post Ep. 26 | Gearoid Farrelly appeared first on HeadStuff.