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What does it take to maintain a career in music? We track down members of bands that flirted with stardom and find out what their lives are like now. How did it feel to get that first big break? What was fame like at its peak? What was the transition back into normal life like? And what have you been doing since?

What does it take to maintain a career in music? We track down members of bands that flirted with stardom and find out what their lives are like now. How did it feel to get that first big break? What was fame like at its peak? What was the transition back into normal life like? And what have you been doing since?
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What does it take to maintain a career in music? We track down members of bands that flirted with stardom and find out what their lives are like now. How did it feel to get that first big break? What was fame like at its peak? What was the transition back into normal life like? And what have you been doing since?




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Episode 23 - Walter Egan

Walter's the self-proclaimed "Forrest Gump of rock" and the man behind one of the most enduring hits of the 70s "Magnet and Steel" which reached #8 in 1978. His career was launched with the support of producers Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, who were also in the throes of their own drama recording the landmark Rumours album. Walter got caught up in that, and he drops the bomb of hooking up with Stevie around that time! In fact, his love life becomes a hot topic of discussion as well...

Episode 22 - Peppy Castro of Blues Magoos/Barnaby Bye/Wiggy Bits/Balance

Peppy's music career goes back 50 years, from his one-hit-wonder 60s band Blues Magoos, to his one-hit-wonder 80s band Balance. The guy's never stopped, collaborating with Paul Stanley, teaching Ace Frehley how to play guitar, and writing songs for Diana Ross. His greatest monetary success might be writing and singing some of the most iconic jingles of the last 40 years. He even released his first solo album in 2013. He doesn't stop. He also has great stories!

Episode 21 - Walter Wray of King Swamp/LiTTLe MaCHiNe

Walter Wray was the lead singer of an excellent alternative rock band in the late 80s who had a minor hit with the song "Is This Love". The band had a great pedigree, as it featured members of Shreikback, as well as Dominic Miller, who has played with Sting for the last 25 years or so. Walter stepped away from the music bizin the early 90s, but has recently started a unique new project with the Shriekback guys called LiTTLe MaCHiNe. King Swamp is another in a long line of great bands that...

Episode 18 - Todd Duncan of The Crazy 8s

The Crazy 8s were an American ska band in the 80s and 90s out of Portland. While they had some regional success, they never completely broke nationwide, although they did get major national exposure when they appeared on Star Search! They were a band of high ideals and a strong DIY attitude, but it may have ultimately cost them the brass ring. They deserved more.


Episode 17 - Johnny Vatos of Oingo Boingo

Oingo Boingo are still one of the most beloved bands of the last 35 years. When they called it quits 20 years ago Danny Elfman went on to bigger things and has never looked back, but what about the other guys. Johnny tells us about his life before and after Boingo, what music he's doing now that gets him excited, and why Oingo Boingo were especially big in Salt Lake City of all places.


Episode 15 - Jimmer Podrasky of The Rave-Ups

Jimmer was the frontman of the seminal 80s college rock band The Rave-Ups who were forever immortalized when they appeared the movie Pretty in Pink. After three critically-acclaimed albums the band broke up and Jimmer basically disappeared for the next 25 years. Unfortunately, he had a rough go during that time, some of which we talk about here. Thankfully, he's finally back making music, including his excellent solo album The Would-Be Plans.


Episode 14 - Jeff Murphy of Shoes

Here's another "first day of MTV" band. After over 40 years as a group, we felt Shoes deserved an in depth career retrospective. Jeff Murphy tells the stories behind each album, how him being a gearhead from a young age influenced the band's sound, and war stories with the likes of Gene Simmons and Butch Vig. There've been highs and lows, but Jeff's come out the other end as a balanced, kind gentleman.


Episode 13 - Slim Man of Bootcamp/Solo

In honor of MTV's 34th birthday, we talk to a guy that was there on day one. Slim Man was the driving force behind a hard rock group in the early 80s called Bootcamp who appeared a couple times on MTV's first day on the air. But, for the last 20 years he's taken on the Slim Man moniker and made a living as a smooth jazz lounge singer. It's a mind-boggling transformation, but he's good at it.


Episode 11 - Chaz Jankel of The Blockheads/Beloved 80s Movie Soundtrack Fam

I first heard Chaz Jankel on the soundtrack to Real Genius, but it turns out the guy has had a storied career in the UK going back 40 years. From his rise to prominence in Ian Dury and the Blockheads, to the amazing dance music he's produced as a solo artist, Chaz deserves to be up there in the ranks of Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder. Oh, and none other than Quincy Jones had one of his biggest hits with a cover of a Chaz song. We're talking royalty here.


Episode 10 - Jim Walker of JVA/Beloved 80s Movie Soundtrack Fame

Jim Walker recorded a beloved (but obscure) song for a beloved (but obscure) cult 80s teen movie soundtrack. This lead him to playing the Hollywood game for a few months, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Tom Petty, Courtney Cox, and many others. Movie stardom may not have lasted, but a career in production doing what he loves did. This is his crazy story.


Episode 9 - Canada Rocks! - with Holly Woods and Barry Connors of Toronto/R

This week we hit Canada to talk to two awesome rock bands from the Great White North. First up is the early 80s rock band Toronto. They were a pretty big deal north of the border, but never got the credit they deserved (in more ways than one, as you'll hear) in the States. Then we talk to the legendary Robb Reiner of Anvil to find out what his life has been like since the success of their 2008 documentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil.


Episode 8 - Baxter of Re-flex

Baxter was the lead singer of the British new wave band, Re-flex, who had one hit in the states when "The Politics of Dancing" reached #23 in 1983. They continued to make music, but label politics made it difficult for the work to get released. We talk about that, what he's been doing since, his experience with early Re-flex band member Mark King (now of Level 42), and we clear up those rumors that "Politics" was rejected for the Footloose soundtrack (or do we?)


Episode 7 - Clive Farrington of When In Rome

Clive is the man behind one of the most enduring hits of the 80s, 1988's "The Promise", which was reborn when it was featured in Napoleon Dynamite in 2003. Unfortunately, his band, When In Rome, quickly broke up and there's a lot of bad blood that's still very toxic to this day. Clive is working hard to take his destiny into his own hands and keep his name alive. It isn't easy.


Episode 6 - Brian Canham of Pseudo Echo

Brian Canham fronts the Australian band Pseudo Echo, who hit it big in 1986 when their cover of "Funkytown" reached #6 in the states. We talk about why the band dissolved a couple years later, how they ended up on the North Shore soundtrack, why he was memorably wearing a New York Yankees t-shirt in the "Funkytown" video, and what Pseudo Echo is up to now.


Episode 5 - Marge Raymond of Flame

Do you know anyone that's sung on some of the biggest hits in rock history, been friends with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Tyler, and performed with Pavarotti and Paul McCartney? I do. Her name is Marge Raymond and this is her story. She's the "most famous rock star you've never heard of."


Episode 4 - AndyO of Blue Zoo

AndyO was the lead singer of the 80s British band Blue Zoo whose biggest hit was "Cry Boy Cry", reaching #13 in the UK charts in 1983. In our conversation, Andy discusses his conflicted feelings about his musical legacy, how he tried to continue in music when Blue Zoo ended, and what he does now, which is about as far away from rock and roll as you can get.


Episode 3 - Paul Collins of The Beat

The self-proclaimed "King of Power Pop" tells the brutally honest story of his career ups and downs - from his early days with The Nerves to his promising solo career, to hitting rock bottom in the 90s only to finally be taken seriously again in recent years.


Episode 2 - Mister Zero of The Kings

Mister Zero is the guitarist and primary songwriter of the Canadian power pop band The Kings who reached #43 in 1980 with "This Beat Goes On/Switching To Glide". We talk about working with Bob Ezrin on their debut album, his time in movies after music ended, and how a recent health scare may jeopardize the future of the band.


Episode 1a - Intro to The Hustle - "By Way of Explanation..."

An explanation of the mission and inspiration behind the Hustle podcast.


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