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The Point Blank Show is an excuse to spend sometime with people having immense insights and significant achievements.

The Point Blank Show is an excuse to spend sometime with people having immense insights and significant achievements.
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The Point Blank Show is an excuse to spend sometime with people having immense insights and significant achievements.




A conversation with Edward Carr, Foreign editor of The Economist on US foreign policy

Edward Carr, Foreign editor of The Economist takes us through his brilliant special report on US foreign policy. He argues that inspite of a dreadful decade abroad, Americans are unduly pessimistic about their place in the world. The rise of China as a formidable player in world affairs is undisputed, but its economic heft does not yet qualify it to be a geopolitical influence that America wields. In this podcast he talks about some of important keywords that have bothered US in the last...


Jon Fasman of The Economist on his experience of covering the US presidential elections

In this podcast, Jon Fasman of The Economist talks about his on ground experience of covering the US presidential elections. Over the past few months Jon travelled across the country, attended rallies, conducted interviews, met strangers, filed articles, wrote online, did live blogging, recorded podcasts and met crazy deadlines. To report the greatest political event on the planet, a little bit of insomnia came in handy too. Given a chance, would he do it again. In a heartbeat, he says.


A Conversation with Paul Markillie of The Economist on Digital Manufacturing

Paul Markillie, the Innovation Editor at The Economist joins us to talk about the magical world of digital manufacturing, the subject of his special report which was published earlier this year. In this 20 minute chat Paul shares his experiences which took him to some interesting places across the world. This third revolution has already taken off. For instance, in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, 23 of the 25 world records in swimming were broken not just because the players trained hard,...


A Conversation with Simon Wright of The Economist on Natural Gas

The Economists deputy news editor, Simon Wright is so good at dismembering jargons that you might even start to care about knowing a little something about natural gas, the subject of his special report that was published this month. In this podcast, Simon gives us a crash course in Shale gas and explains why is it a big deal that America has started to mine more of it in the last few years. He reckons that it may still take a while for developing countries to get their hands on it, but...


A Conversation with Jon Fasman of The Economist on American Economy, Drugs and Journalism

Jon Fasman knows what it takes to be a New York Times best selling author. His book, Geographer's Library published in 2005 has been released into more than a dozen languages and his more recent novel, The Unpossessed City is a major hit. At The Economist, he covers a diverse range of subjects like food, music, chopsticks, politics, Tiger Woods, Dominique Strauss Kahn, global warming and a lot more. In this podcast, talks about American politics, drugs and Atlanta. Incidentally, Jon was...


Lane Greene of The Economist on his book, You are What You Speak

Robert Lane Greene, the International Correspondent of The Economist has released his first book titled, You Are What You Speak. In this podcast, Lane clearly distinguishes the sticklers from the linguists. While he supports those who strive to write and talk by making use of correct grammar, he is against the mindless infatuation with the subject. He also tells us a bit about the process of writing his book while juggling between a day job and learning new languages while at it.


Point Blank with Nitin Chandrakant Desai

In our film industry, what Amitabh Bachchan or Dilip Kumar is to acting, Nitin Chandrakant Desai is to art direction. The winner of four national awards and many successful movies such as Lagaan, Devdas, Jodha Akbar, Hum Dil Dechuke Sanam, Munnabhai, etc talks about his craft and the challenges of his everyday job. He takes us through his experiece of working with directors like Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansai, Danny Boyle and Ashutosh Gowarikar. His job demands him to think on...


Kenneth Cukier from The Economist on the Japan crisis from Ground Zero

Kenneth Cukier is Japan Business and Finance correspondent of The Economist, but in the last couple of weeks, Kenn has stared at one of the most grueling assignments of his career. He is covering Japans largest earthquake, visiting disaster zones and making sense of the mayhem. In this podcast, Kenneth who is at ground zero salutes the spirit of the Japanese who are ploughing through the crisis with aplomb. He does not mince words while criticizing the Tokyo Electric Power Company which is...


Prof Kanu Doshi on the Union Budget 2011

Prof Kanu Doshi and his quintessential humour join us by branding this years Union budget as an Accountants budget which is neither beneficial for the khaas aadmi nor the aam aadmi. Kanu bhai takes us through the different benefits that the common man can enjoy until the Direct Tax Code is introduced in the coming year. This podcast decodes jargons like AMT, LLP, DDT and many more. The Finance Minister lay special thrust on infrastructure by alloting more than Rs. 2000 crore for...


Point Blank with Kranthi Vistakula

Kranthi Vastikula, an MIT alumnus created an all weather jacket which ensures that you don't sweat in the Mumbai Summer and do not freeze to death if you were at the base camp of Mount Everest. In this podcast, he talks about his innovation and the challenges of commercialising it. He talks proudly about his closely knit 15 member team at Hyderabad who have been handpicked from engineering and MBA colleges, the National Institute of Design and the college from which he graduated. With The...


Point Blank with Andrew Palmer, Finance Editor at The Economist

Andrew Palmer, the Finance Editor of The Economist joins us to talk about his recently published Special Report on Property. In this podcast, he talks about the importance accorded to property as an asset class and the reasons for its mercurial valuation especially in countries like USA, Spain, Ireland, etc which are currently in a housing soup.


Point Blank with Viren Rasquinha

Its hard to believe that a fearless competitor who would charge at lightning speed towards his opponents to tackle a ball which can sometimes fly at 150 miles per hour can be so modest and down to earth with his words. Viren Rasquinha talks about his experience as Indian hockey team captain, the challenges plaguing Indian hockey and the demands of playing an international sport. As a merit ranker in school and an international level sportsman, Viren had the pick of jobs at the Indian...


Point Blank with Swanand Kirkire

It was a big surprise when I found out that the lyricist for 3 Idiots and Lage Raho Munnbhai was the same person. Now, in the list of the above two movies, add Parineeta, Khoya Khoya Chand, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and the reason to have Swanand Kirkire on Point Blank is obvious. His abilities are not restricted to song writing. He has been an Assistant director, dialogue writer, music director, and an accomplished singer (think Baanwara Mann). I got a chance to spend some time and record...


Point Blank with Rajdeep Sardesai

In this podcast, Rajdeep Sardesai takes us back to his school days and talks passionately about his cricket, table tennis and quizzing before drifting into journalism after studying Law at Oxford University. His dad, Dilip Sardesai, comes to life in the conversation when Rajdeep talks fondly about the values that he grew up on. Rajdeep started his career at a time when Television was yet to make its debut and in his words, Journalism was not as glamourous as it is today. There was a lot of...


Point Blank with Anand Patwardhan, Documentary Film maker and more

Anand Patwardhan has spent three decades making documentaries on important political and social issues. Raam Ke Naam, made a year before the Mumbai riots informed the people of the brewing animosity prior to the riots and motivations of political parties that ultimately led to the drastic actions of the Hindu militants. His documentary Father, Son and the Holy War explores in two parts the possibility that the psychology of violence against the other may lie in male insecurity, itself an...


Point Blank with Santosh Ostwal Farmer, Engineer, Inventor, Life Saver

Santosh Ostwal is a maverick engineer who made it possible for the Indian farmer to trigger his irrigation pump with the help of a mobile phone. Do not rub your eyes. You read it right. As an adolescent, Santosh watched his 82 year old grandfather toil hard during the day and then make multiple rounds to the farm with a walking stick in the middle of the night to switch on the electric pump. This entailed facing the grave risk of being mugged or being attacked by snakes and other wild life...


Point Blank with Tom Standage on the iPad

The Economists Business Affairs Editor joined us to talk about his cover story on the iPad. In this podcast, Tom makes some interesting observations on how the device will be more acceptable by the grandmothers and the members of the non geek world. He also shares his opinions on how the iPad will affect the online publishing and the newspaper industry. Tom is known for speaking his mind on the subject that he loves Apple and Technology and thats exactly what he does in this podcast too.


Point Blank with Brendan Greeley

From reinsurance to journalism, it has been a pretty exciting career path for Brendan Greeley who has served as the Multimedia Editor of The Economist for two years and has moved into a new role now. In this podcast, Brendan talks passionately about the role of the journalist from the investigative journalism days in the 1970s to the information glut age of the web. He gets candid about why News networks are not able to figure out how to make money on the internet. True to The Economists...


Point Blank with Neville Roach

Born in India, having spent a major part of his life in Australia, and having worked on building Indo-Australian ties both on the government and business level, We can think of no one better than Mr. Neville Roach to shed light on the current state of affairs between India and Australia. The latest and a significant addition to the already enviable bio is Nevilles recent appointment to the Indian Prime Ministers Global Advisory Council of Overseas Indians.


Point Blank with Pritish Nandy

A poet, a journalist, a sportsman, a publishing editor of Indias premier newspaper, a photographer, a traveler, a film maker, all in one lifetime and still going strong. If this were a quiz question, one neednt require any options to choose from. The name that comes at the top of ones mind is that of Pritish Nandy. In this point blank chat with Aditya, Nandy gets candid on his colourful career so far right from his schooling days where his poems would get him plaudits from accomplished...