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WR280: Toba Rock Fest

We talk to first-time festival impresarios CJ Loane (The Bloodshots) and Ryan Sorensen (Disraeli Dreamers) about their ambitious new event launching this August: Toba Rock Fest! The new festival features the cream of Winnipeg’s current rock talent, as well the reunion of 2000s local-rock-icons-gone-international Jet Set Satellite, playing their first show in a decade! This episode also features songs by a number of the performers at the inaugural event, including Disraeli Dreamers and the...


WR279: Skylar Bouchard

Folk singer-songwriter Skylar Bouchard is back on the show (in the semi-civilized setting of Robin’s Donuts this time) to talk about the unexpected success of his single “Montreal”, his upcoming tour of western Canada and much more! Skylar’s 2017 debut, ‘Tired of the City’ was on my best-of-the-year list, and by the sounds of things, he has even more great stuff in the works for the future. This episode brought to you by Red Moon Road and Hillsburn at the Park Theatre (April 18) and by Low...

WR278: Ridley Bent

Country storyteller Ridley Bent is back with his first new record in four years, and he sits down to talk about the new album, his band the Killer Tumbleweeds, his impressions on Winnipeg’s music scene as an outsider (albeit one who has been living here for about a decade already), and much more! Head down to the Park Theatre this Thursday (April 5) for the release of the new album, featuring opener Kevin Roy (a familiar name to regular Witchpolice listeners)! This episode brought to you...


WR277: Sorrier

Way back over the Xmas holidays, Winnipeg expat Zac Houston, a/k/a Sorrier, was back in town (briefly) to do the family thing and sneak in a recording session with superproducer Jordan Voth for his second album. We had a chance to meet up and talk about the new songs, playing acoustically vs. loud punk rock, his previous role fronting emo outfit Boys’ Club, and much more! We held off on the release of this episode because he’s about to come back to town for a huge album release show,...


WR276: Broose Tulloch

Two decades after first picking up the microphone, Broose Tulloch is still going strong on community radio. Currently hosting UMFM’s “Beer For Breakfast” program, Broose has been promoting local bands since some members of those bands were in diapers. He’s also the man behind the annual “Brewno” awards – an egalitarian way to recognize Winnipeg’s musical talent that another, similarly-named national award tends to pass over. This year’s Brewnos will be held March 31 at Shannon’s Irish...


WR275: Raine Hamilton

It’s a quick conversation in a mall food court this week with singer-songwriter Raine Hamilton, right on time for this weekend’s release of “Night Sky”, her fantastic new record of lush, ethereal chamber-folk ballads with cosmic overtones. We talk about the new record – which, honestly, is at the top of my list for best local albums in this relatively young 2018 – and this Saturday’s release show, Raine’s interest in including sign-language interpreters into the way her music is...


WR274: Girls With Guitars

March 31 marks the premiere of the film Girls With Guitars, a documentary that focuses on the women who make up a vital part of Winnipeg’s music scene, specifically its punk community. On this episode, we hang out at a Robin’s Donuts with first-time filmmakers (and musicians in their own right) Kalyn Hanuschuk, Cindy Fouillard and Jennifer Norris Wuckert! The screening of the film also includes an after-party featuring live performances by Slattern, Guilt-Trip, Silence Kit, and Katie and...


WR273: Ronnie Ladobruk

Manitoba’s very own guitar virtuoso, Ronnie Ladobruk, joins us for an interview over coffee and doughnuts on the latest episode of the podcast. Ronnie talks about his dedication to his craft, his surreal experience competing on reality TV, and the new band he’s fronting, Ronnie Ladobruk and the Electric. Ronnie has a number of shows coming up, both as a member of Southern rock outfit Wreckin’ So and as leader of the Electric, including a headlining St. Patrick’s Day gig as part of the...


WR272: Gerrit Delaquis

Folk singer and multi-instrumentalist Gerrit Delaquis may seem like a new face in the local music scene, but he’s spent the past four years quietly perfecting his debut album, ‘Calm Cloud’, which will be released March 10 at Le Garage. Gerrit talks about his obsession with stringed instruments, the development of the record, the punk aesthetic (or not) of his DIY music, and much more! This episode is brought to you by 2018’s Manitoba Metalfest, March 16 and 17 at the Park Theatre, feat....


WR271: Young Media

Although I’m usually heard in audio-only form on this podcast, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to appear on-camera as part of the Mom’s House YouTube show, which combines interviews with local musicians with exclusive live performances. For this episode of Witchpolice Radio, I returned the favour and interviewed the filmmakers and music fans behind Mom’s House: Young Media. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear live performances from past (and future) Mom’s House guests, including...


WR270: Chuck Copenace

A conversation with jazz trumpeter Chuck Copenace in a busy mall food court (so forgive some of the background sounds). Chuck has been making a name for himself in the local community for his groove-heavy instrumental sounds as well as his outreach to indigenous youth in Manitoba. He’s also headed to a jazz festival in Guatemala to bring his music to an entirely new audience, but before he goes, he’s playing a set this Friday at Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery. This...


WR268: Stacey James

We dive into the R&B/funk/soul/blues/rock/pop amalgam that is local singer-songwriter Stacey James! Stacey talks about her roots in Winnipeg’s hip-hop scene, her involvement with the annual Women Helping Women fundraiser, her upcoming album, and much more! This week’s episode brought to you by Romes at the Park Theatre with the Wild Homes and Robojom, Feb. 11. If you like this podcast, please support it at patreon.com/witchpolice. Thanks to all of our patrons so far, including our most...


WR267: Quoth the Sun

This week’s a heavy episode, as we sit down with all five members of groove-metal act Quoth the Sun. We dig into their take on the local metal scene, plus their origins (including the name), their upcoming album, and the slow-burn in between. This week’s episode is brought to you by our friends at the Park Theatre, who are hosting the second and final fundraiser for Manitoba Metalfest 2018 on Friday, Jan. 26. The show features acts like Serrated Scalpel, Flash Out, Exuvium, Inhumed and...


WR265: Possessed Records

We delve into the world of DIY tape labels with Sean Kaye of hardcore imprint Possessed Records and its softer off-shoot Little Cowboy Records. Sean talks about being in 15,000 bands at once while running a label on his own, venturing into vinyl, and much more! Plus, hear songs by Possessed bands Nice Cops, Occvlt Hand, Locked In… plus an unreleased track by Ceilings! This episode brought to you by the first Record Sundaze of 2018, taking place Jan. 21 at PEG Beer Co. and featuring Eye...


WR264: Gold Mountain

After a long hiatus, folk-rockers Gold Mountain (a/k/a your mom’s favourite band) are back with a new-and-improved lineup. This sprawling interview with Kris (vocals/guitar), Tabitha (keyboard) and Lindsey (guitar) covers the changes in their look and sound since their last (2014) appearance on the show, as well as much, much more. Since the new Gold Mountain has yet to record, the songs on this episode are from their previous EP and frontman Kris Rendina’s solo work. This episode...


WR259: E.GG and Rayny

3Peat rapper E.GG is back again, seemingly out of nowhere, with the release of his masterful new record, Est. 1873. We talk with E.GG and producer Rayny about the making of the record, its heavy Winnipeg focus, and the album’s ‘winter’ vibe when contrasted with E.GG’s Alverstone. Est. 1873 is seeing an official release Dec. 8 at X-Cues Cafe and Lounge. This episode is brought to you by an upcoming event presented by FanQuest. Come out to Dinos and Drinks with Nyco Rudolph, Dec. 4 at PEG...


WR255: Live at Torque Brewing w/Laura Artus, Nic Dyson and JayWood

On Oct. 1, Witchpolice Radio took to the stage at Torque Brewing for our first live podcast in almost a year. This episode was called Mutual Appreciation Society, and the premise was that we had three local musicians on the show to talk about songwriting and (more importantly) cover each other’s songs! Because the sound equipment for this event was kind of MacGyvered together (huge thanks to UMFM for the mics!), the audio quality is (to be honest) not great, but that kind of goes with the...


WR251: Odder than the Otters

We’re in a pool room* this week with folk-rock foursome Odder Than the Otters, who have a debut EP, ‘The Port of Lopez’ slated for release in early 2018. We talk about the band’s roots, the concept that loosely connects the songs on the upcoming EP, and more! This episode brought to you by the new line of beer soap by local punks The Uglies and Little Tree Hugger Soap! *A garage with a pool table in it.


WR250: Skylar Bouchard

We avoided being murdered when we met up with singer-songwriter Skylar Bouchard in a terrifying, pitch-black park to record this episode. Skylar is on the verge of releasing his debut EP (Thursday, Sept. 28), so he talks about the recording process, his work as a member of Two Socks, and much more. Hear a few advance cuts from the EP throughout the episode!

WR248: Fawnchopper

We’re in the back of a van this week with progressive metal outfit Fawnchopper. The three-piece, which has a new album in the works, talks about its origins as a solo “being a spaz in an apartment” project, its current solidified lineup, and much more. You can catch Fawnchopper live Sept. 15 at the Merch in Selkirk and Sept. 17 at the Good Will here in Winnipeg. We’re also doing a FREE live podcast Oct.1 at Torque Brewing, featuring interviews with and performances by JayWood, Nic Dyson...