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Winnipeg, Canada




WR392: The Lovers

Guitarist Colin Jesson of local outfit The Lovers is on the podcast to talk about his band’s upcoming record, the way their sound has changed from their initial rockabilly/cowpunk days (while retaining those elements). We also delve into his experience in the cover band scene, why he’s still committed to playing music decades after first getting involved in Winnipeg’s music community and much more. This is my first attempt at recording a phone conversation with the new gear, and I’m pretty...


WR391: Gym Tonic

Synth-punks Gym Tonic may be based in Berlin(!) but they have a very strong local connections - two former Winnipeggers and a record out on Transistor 66! They’re in town for a show tomorrow night at The Handsome Daughter with The Sorels and our pals in Agapito,so check ‘em out before they head back overseas!


WR390: Michael Falk

Michael Falk is the artistic director at Jazz Winnipeg, as well as the man behind Head in the Sand Records and the former frontman of Les Jupes… among many other roles in the Winnipeg music scene. We talk about all of that, this year’s Jazz Fest lineup, and much more on this episode.


WR389: WHY

It’s a donut shop sit-down with all three members of long-running alt-rockers (or are they?) WHY! We talked about defining “alternative” in 2019, what success really means, the group’s long history and ‘90s roots, the new(ish), definitive lineup… and much more!


WR388: Chris Micheal

Singer-songwriter Chris Micheal may be new to country music, but he’s definitely not new to the Winnipeg music scene. Chris has spent years fronting rockers Jekyll & the Hydes, and is now splitting his time between that band and his new, solo country project. We talk about being authentic to his own sound, and how he’s going to be that 80-year-old still performing at the bar whether anyone is showing up to listen or not!


WR387: Humous

It’s an interview with 2/3 of local alt-rock trio Humous! Great conversation about their deliberately low-fi sound, the joys of DIY, handmade CD-Rs, spreading their sounds beyond Winnipeg’s Filipino community, and much more!


WR386: Forest Pilots

It’s a conversation with two members of local progressive-rock power trio Forest Pilots about their sound, their plans for the future, the way “prog” is a loaded term… and just what is a ‘Forest Pilot’, anyway? Fun chat with a new(ish) local band that has been generating a lot of buzz. These guys were recommended to me by a number of past guests and social media followers.


WR385: Better Homes for Meaner People

Sean Lewis is a former Winnipegger and the longtime brains behind heavy electronic outfit Better Homes for Meaner People. He was back in town for a local show recently, so we took the opportunity to catch up. We talked about the essential Winnipeg-ness of Winnipeg, BHFMP’s sonic progression over the years, their new 12” EP, and mellowing with age (or not), and a lot more!


WR384: Railroad Tye

If you look up ‘authenticity’ in the dictionary, you might find Railroad Tye’s photo. The hard-living, road-weary singer-songwriter literally lives in a van and plays heartfelt, honest folk songs that he considers to be a form of therapy. Railroad Tie has a big album release show at the end of the month, and it’s the only way you can get his recordings, so get yerself down there!


WR383: Jess Mann

Music photographer Jess Mann (of Jess Mann Photography, naturally) is on the show to talk about a new magazine project, the ins and outs of photographing live bands, and a lot more. On Witchpolice Radio, we like to recognize the music scene-adjacent creators – like podcasters, music writers, poster designers, and, of course, photographers – as well as the musicians themselves.


WR382: Tony Beaudoin

It’s Tony’s Last Stand. Union Stockyards frontman Tony Beaudoin is officially hanging up the mic and retiring from punk rock next month. His last show with the band is June 7, but he sat down for an interview first to talk about the reasons behind his calling it quits, and a lot more. Plenty of ’old man yells at clouds’ on this one.


WR381: Franklin Fernando

Although he may be best-known in 2019 as an acclaimed visual artist, Franklin Fernando has a long history of carrying the torch for reggae music in Winnipeg as the frontman of RasTamils and as a solo artist. We talk about his musical history, his work as a painter, and about the new musical project – Studio Tabu – he has on the horizon.


WR380: Merin

Melancholy power-pop foursome Merin are on the show to talk about their excellent new EP, their first tour – which runs until May 24 – and a lot more. It’s a fun conversation with a band set to do big things in Winnipeg and beyond.


WR379: Acoustically Inclined

It’s been 25+ years since the heyday of Winnipeg folk/jazz/roots outfit Acoustically Inclined, but they’re back for a one-night-only reunion show. Vocalist Mira Black (a past Witchpolice guest in her own right) and mandolin player Kerry Krishna sat down to reminisce about the old days, talk about the challenges in getting the band back together, and much more!


WR378: Nick Friesen

You may know bassist, songwriter, journalist, animator, etc. Nick Friesen from his role in Futurekids or from his Jaded & Elated radio show, but his latest project is something altogether different. Nick is the creator and driving force behind Olivia Sea – a fictional, animated indie-pop artist with a new EP (think Prozaak or Gorillaz) out now, and a lot more content on the way! We talk about the character, who has been a constant in his creative life since the Futurekids days and beyond, as...


WR377: The Rainy Day Apparel

We go live and direct to the teeming metropolis of Carman, Man., to talk to indie-folk singer-songwriter Nathan Strange, a/k/a The Rainy Day Apparel. It’s a fun (remote) conversation about his personal, storytelling songwriting style, about juggling music with a family and a career as a teacher, as well as being an outside to the Winnipeg music scene, but still finding ways to break through.


WR376: Paige Drobot

Pop/psychedelic/progressive… Paige Drobot’s sound is hard to define, but it draws from a number of (coincidentally alliterative) genres – all of which are on display on her upcoming solo EP, Zero Thought. We talk about the record, teaching guitar, being weird, gravitating toward the avant-garde, and much more. There also may have been a drug deal going down while we recorded this in a parking lot. Oh, and you can also hear Paige’s cover of a Johnny Sizzle (!) tune on this episode.


WR375: Apollo Suns

Psychedelic jazz fusion outfit Apollo Suns are back – not that they ever went away. The Winnipeg instrumental act, now ballooned to a 10-piece, has been hustling like crazy since releasing its debut two years ago, and is set to release a deadly new EP, Dawn Offerings with a pair of release shows at the end of the month. This episode brought to you by our pals at The Park Theatre! Thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast thus far. Thanks to supporters like you, we can keep churning...


WR374: Tim Hoover

It’s been eight years since Tim Hoover released the ‘More Napkins’ tape, and he’s set to host a ‘re-listening’ party at an immersive, 360-degree audio/visual experience April 20 at the Planetarium. We talk about what inspired the tape in the first place, why he’s putting it out there again, the difference between ‘Tim Hoover’ and ‘DJ Co-op’, what he’s worked on over the past eight years, and more. This episode brought to you by our pals at The Park Theatre! Thanks to everyone who has...


WR373: Trio Antipodes

Trio Antipodes is a new jazz trio with some old familiar faces. Frequent Witchpolice guest Keith Price has teamed up with his Double Quartet bandmate Jeff Presslaff, along with drummer Graydon Cramer. I caught them on the road from Edmonton where they were in the middle of a short tour to promote their new Upside Downwards record. Their (excellent) music aside, it’s an interesting group in the sense that Keith recently moved to New Zealand, where he’s teaching at a university. We talk about...