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Bohan Phoenix | Episode 9 | Skullcandy

In episode 9, host Lee Shaner talks with rapper Bohan Phoenix. Phoenix talks about his Chinese roots, discovering Eminem, and appropriation in hip-hop. Highlights: 3:45 American misconceptions about Chinese food 09:30 China’s competitive schooling 12:30 Coming to America 19:55 Bizarre first meeting with dad 29:06 Discovering Eminem (social cutdown: 29:40-30:39) 34:00 Hip-hop influence and appropriation 45:00 Boom bap, trap, and triplet rhyming 47:00 How music...


Topaz Jones | Episode 8 | Skullcandy

In episode 8, host Lee Shaner talks with rapper/performer TopazJones. Jones talks lunch room cyphers, following in his father’s funk footsteps, and the NY music scene. Highlights: 5:30 Learning to rap at school 10:00 Early blog scene 13:30 Music school connections and networking 20:00 Coming up with rap names 22:45 How you find your voice 26:00 NY music scene 29:00 Opening for Future 31:00 How “Tropicana” became a hit 36:00 New funk music 46:00 Credits and...


Conner Coffin | Episode 7 | Skullcandy

In episode 7, host Lee Shaner talks with pro surfer and musician Conner Coffin. Conner talk about growing up in Santa Barbara, smelling the cows while surfing Kelly’s wave, and a life-altering Rolling Stone’s Concert. Show Highlights: 4:41 Church of Skatan and Conner’s first half pipe 6:00 Learning to surf at age 4 8:30 Brother’s day 09:55 Secret beaches 10:20 Homeschooling 13:45 Surfing bad waves 17:53 First sponsor 20:03 Winning first Nationals event 21:20 Learning to play guitar


Jenn Soto | Episode 5 | Skullcandy

In episode 5, host Lee Shaner talks with skateboarder Jenn Soto. Soto talks her first Street League win, her recent move to Los Angeles, and writing down every trick she knew as a makeshift sponsorship resumé. Highlights: 2:30 Skating for the first time 09:00 Explains how her gymnast background helped her learn how to fall 13:30 Falling in love with skateboarding 16:20 Skating nice skate parks in LA vs rough parks at home 18:00 How to learn about your city by...


King Tuff | Episode 4 | Skullcandy

In episode 4, host Lee Shaner talks with Kyle Thomas a.k.a. King Tuff. Tuff talks about his new record The Other, being the only guy in a staff of women at a thrift store, playing in a band with J Mascis, and his “pet” raccoons. Highlights: 3:30 Tuff talks early musical influences 10:25 Tuff talks about his musical projects before King Tuff and playing with J Mascis 17:29 Tuff talks about touring with Matt & Kim and gaining a larger following 20:48 Tuff talks about recording...


Django Django | Episode 3 | Skullcandy

Episode 3 features Vincent Neff and David Maclean of Django Django. Tune in to hear us talk to Vincent growing up in the Northern Ireland Conflict, meeting Dave while attending art school for architecture, and Scottish pub culture. We talk to Dave about growing up a hip hop head, being a vinyl-only DJ, and learning to loop on cassette tapes.


Kelly Zutrau | Episode 2 | Skullcandy

In episode 2, host Lee Shaner talks with Kelly Zutrau, lead singer of Brooklyn-based Wet. Kelly opens up about her time at art school, rebellious youth, and how writing songs in her bedroom accidentally became a career. Show Highlights - 2:30 Kelly shares what music she’s feeling while on tour 4:47 Kelly talks about how her acceptance into the prestigious art school Cooper Union saved her life and led to a career in music 9:50 Kelly talks about her history with the unusual diet of...


Amber Mark | Episode 1 | Skullcandy

Hear our in-depth conversation with the rising New York based singer / songwriter. Amber Mark has lived in more countries than many will ever get to visit. Born in Tennessee and raised between Miami and New York; by the time she was 12 she'd lived everywhere from a Tibetan monastery to Berlin. Her worldly experience emanates a calming cosmopolitan quality that's apparent in her music and conversation. 2017's 3:33am EP deals with her mother's death delicately. Simultaneously devastating...