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Lee Fields | Episode 28 | Skullcandy

Lee Fields’ career as a soul singer has spanned over 6 decades. It started with a talent show in Wilson, NC when he was 14, and has continued to this day. He’s been everything from a cover artist, to a one man band, a real estate manager, to a Billboard charting phenom, and now a living legend and road warrior with his band The Expressions. Interviewing someone who’s lived so much life is easy, just set up the mics and let them tell their story. Lee had plenty of story to share. Tune in to...


Leikeli47 | Episode 27 | Skullcandy

Leikeli47 is empowered. She’s taken control of her narrative by hiding her true identity. Now critics, fans, and observers are forced to judge her on the merit of music instead of physical appearance. Admittedly a shy person most of her life, concealing her identity has empowered her to be herself in the music. 47 is the rare all-in-one complete package modern musician. Not only is she an impeccable lyricist and song writer, but she displays a masterful delivery whether rapping or singing...


Maxo | Episode 26 | Skullcandy

Maxo talks Lil Big Man, Def Jam giving him full creative control, and the power of timelessness People always ask me how I find new music, and I can never really explain it. Finding Maxo was pure luck. A mere whisper in a Twitter thread amongst music journalists where someone said something along the lines of “Maxo’s new one is so good.” It was enough to barely pique my interest. Lil Big Man didn’t have a grand placement in the coveted “New Releases” section of your favorite streaming site,...


Omar Apollo | Episode 25 | Skullcandy

Omar Apollo is fresh. Beyond being a fresh face in the pop scene — and a heartthrob to boot — he’s taken a fresh approach at creating music. Perhaps it’s humility or self-deprecation when he claims he didn’t have any natural aptitude for music, but his passion to learn created an absolute phenom. He devoured YouTube tutorials to learn guitar, take singing lessons, and pick up production tips. Like many a young artist, his journey into pop stardom started by accident. The first song he...


Travis Thompson | Episode 24 | Skullcandy

Travis Thompson has had a busy couple years. The emerging rapper was on tour with with another Seattle rapper, Macklemore, when I met him in 2017. It was his first time on the road and he’d recently quit his job. The tour led to a collaboration, the collaboration led him to appearing on The Tonight Show. The video we shot upon meeting organically sky rocketed into the millions of views, as did nearly every music video he released after. He released an album that led to a headlining tour,...


Nick Waterhouse | Episode 23 | Skullcandy

Nick Waterhouse’s warm recordings take me back to hearing my dad’s records in the basement as a child, where his vintage Sansui stereo made everything sound like the soundtrack to a Scorsese film. He blends influences from days past to make records that deal with modern problems in a classic way. His latest self-titled record takes everything he’s learned over the last three and perfects into a masterclass of precise minimalism. Nick’s approach is admittedly utilitarian. He purposefully...


EARTHGANG| Episode 22 | Skullcandy

Music makes us feel elevated, and we chose West Atlanta natives EarthGang to represent that feeling. Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been elevating their craft together since their high school days. Having self-released a bevy of records and acquiring a cult following, EarthGang signed with Dreamville in 2017 poised to take their next big step. On the verge of releasing their major label debut, Mirrorland, we sat with EarthGang to talk about how they’ve elevated their style, and remained...


Rico Nasty | Episode 21 | Skullcandy

Rico Nasty was our first and only choice when looking for an artist that embodied the word “bold.” Not only is she the perfect artist to set off our 12 Moods project, but every decision she makes — from her visual aesthetic, to her ear for beats, her lyrics which are often scathing anti-hater incantations, to her fashion choices — all seem to radiate boldness. She has a magnetism that screams “look at me” paired with a disposition that seems to say “but I don’t care what you...


Saba | Episode 20 | Skullcandy

A leader in the expansive Chicago art rap scene, Saba is an open diary. Tune in as he talks recording raps as a 9 year old, the legendary Chicago library open mics, and the stolen bikes of his youth. Stay tuned after the show for discount code offers. Highlights: 14:00 Working a four track recorder at age 8 18:30 Defining the Chicago rap sound 29:20 Saba’s attempts at visual art 36:00 Reading fan DMs


Kweku Collins | Episode 19 | Skullcandy

Gifted rapper and producer Kweku Collins has sprung from the Chicago art scene. Here he talks synergy between music and skating, growing up with a rhythmically gifted father, and how his skill for self-promo emails boosted his success. Highlights: 05:50 Childhood musical influences 14:00 Kweku starts skating 20:00 The pressures of mixed race 32:00 How Kweku gained recognition 39:00 Credits and headphone discount code


Duckwrth | Episode 18 | Skullcandy

Duckwrth fuses his design and music skills to create in-your-face, genre-defying music and even more electrifying live performances. Here he talks with Lee about his childhood and how his visual art helps with his music. Highlights: 09:00 Sheltered home life in South Central LA 18:00 Feeling disassociated but finding your place 27:00 Loving Lupe Fiasco 31:00 Living in a Bay Area artist commune 37:00 Working with a label 47:00 Trap music and the Kendrick Lamar song,...

Yuno | Episode 17 | Skullcandy

Yuno is one of Sub Pop’s newest signees and a growing pop powerhouse. Hear us talk about his debut EP Moodie, finding out about punk rock by searching for a Bob Seger song, and how nerdcore rap influenced him. Highlights: 03:45 Childhood creativity 08:00 Discovering music through skating 14:20 My first guitar and learned songs 18:00 “Accidental” racism 28:00 Getting signed to Sub Pop 39:50 Credits and headphone discount code


Mark McMorris | Episode 16 | Skullcandy

In Mark McMorris’ words, “Get it while I’m young, I’ll chill when I’m older.” Check out episode 15 as host Lee Shaner and pro snowboarder Mark McMorris talk how to properly pronounce his hometown Regina (hint: it sounds inappropriate), how good hip-hop is right now, and how people handle fame differently. Highlights: 03:00 Hometown resorts 07:30 Regina 15:30 The current state of snowboarding 23:00 Brotherly competition and being the youngest 26:00 Loving the fans 29:00...


Princess Nokia | Episode 15 | Skullcandy

International rap phenomenon Princess Nokia talks about her activism, artistic progression, and some of her earliest conscientious objections in Catholic school. Highlights: 01:00 Hood 2 La Gente 08:00 My brother the violinist 12:00 Dignified rebellion 25:00 Wavy Spice & A$AP Yams 30:00 Credits and headphone discount code


Lil Zubin | Episode 14 | Skullcandy

Philly singer-rapper Lil Zubin a.k.a. "the SoundCloud Weeknd" discusses Post Emo, accidentally becoming a singer, and his underground breakout Misery EP. Highlights: 05:00 Emo days 09:20 Discovered by Working On Dying 13:00 Who is Ned? 19:00 Post Emo 28:00 Credits and headphone discount code


Ivy Sole | Episode 13 | Skullcandy

Philadelphia-based rapper and UPenn grad Ivy Sole talks about where to get the right cheesesteak, independent artistry, and her new record Overgrown. Highlights: 02:30 Philly bodegas and Gremlin juice 06:15 Independent hustle 101 13:30 Is Philly diverse? 18:00 Choosing your path 29:10 The East & West EPs 38:00 Seeing a therapist 49:30 Credits and headphone discount code


Smino | Episode 12 | Skullcandy

Your favorite rapper’s rapper, Smino, sits down with host Lee Shaner before a show in Brooklyn. Smino tells us how crazy it was to be in St. Louis during the 2000s, growing up with musical parents, and recites a rap he wrote at age 7. Remember to subscribe and stay tuned after the interview for a special Skullcandy discount code. Highlights: 0:05 Growing up in St. Louis 5:25 Smino’s parents preforming music live and jamming together when he was growing up 6:40 Early days of making...


Kyrie Irving | Episode 11 | Skullcandy

Superstar point guard Kyrie Irving opens up with host Lee Shaner about growing up skateboarding, how he got into playing the baritone, and self-actualization outside of basketball. Tune in to Episode 11 now. Show Highlights 1:30 Why we idolize people 7:00 Summers in Seattle, race, and skateboarding 9:00 Childhood musical influences; Lauryn Hill and Rent 12:50 Playing the Baritone 17:00 How basketball became the main thing 34:00 Current books and music on Kyrie’s...


Now, Now | Episode 10 | Skullcandy

Episode 10 features Indie pop duo Now Now. Tune in to hear them talk about meeting as awkward 15 year olds, their first international tour with Paramore, and this one time at band camp. Highlights: 0:20: Now, Now talk about their touring schedule and how they spent their time between album releases. 1:22: Now, Now discuss the impact touring constantly has on their mental health and relationships. 4:40: Now, Now Talk about their roots in Minnesota 6:55: Cacie tells Lee her...


Bohan Phoenix | Episode 9 | Skullcandy

In episode 9, host Lee Shaner talks with rapper Bohan Phoenix. Phoenix talks about his Chinese roots, discovering Eminem, and appropriation in hip-hop. Highlights: 3:45 American misconceptions about Chinese food 09:30 China’s competitive schooling 12:30 Coming to America 19:55 Bizarre first meeting with dad 29:06 Discovering Eminem (social cutdown: 29:40-30:39) 34:00 Hip-hop influence and appropriation 45:00 Boom bap, trap, and triplet rhyming 47:00 How music...