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The Amazing Convenience of the Japanese Kombini

There's one thing about Japan that I really miss is the Japanese convenience stores. Here's seven things that you will only find in a Japanese kombini.


7 Random Tips For Living In Tokyo

On this show Anthony talks about his return to Canada and gives you seven random tips that made living in Tokyo just a little easier.On this show Anthony talks about his return to Canada and gives you seven random tips that made living in Tokyo just a little easier.


Update on Renting an Apartment In Tokyo

In this episode we guide you through the process of finding and setting-up your new home in Tokyo. The last time we spoke about renting an apartment in Japan was in Episode 49 of Season 1 - almost five years ago. With a few more Japan-based years under his belt, Anthony shares the best of his knowledge to make your apartment search as easy as possible. Read more at: Update on Renting an Apartment In Tokyo Show Links: Real Estate Japan Get Social: FacebookTwitter


5 Things I Love and Hate About Living in Japan

After nearly five years MIA, Tokyo Podcast is back with Series 2. If you’re one of the listeners who stuck around – thank you! Much of Series 1 is still relevant, but let’s be honest, a lot can happen in half a decade. Our host, Anthony Joh, will be leaving Japan next year, so now seemed like the perfect time to bring you some fresh, updated content. In this episode, Anthony reflects upon his time in Japan by talking about his 5 favourite - and least favourite – things. Read more at: 5...


Tokyo Podcast 50: GoGo Nihon

Starting with a simple domain name and website, Davide Rossi has built Go! Go! Nihon into a hugely successful company that brings students from around the world to study in Japan. On this show CEO and founder Davide Rossi talks about his experience of starting a company in Japan and offers some tips for anyone else who is looking to start a business here. Anthony also announces that this will be the final episode of Tokyo Podcast. He wants to thank each and everyone of the guests who came...


Tokyo Podcast 49: Renting An Apartment In Tokyo

One of the first major hurdles that many foreigners face when moving to Japan is renting an apartment. The idea of finding a place you like, handing over first and last months rent and getting the keys is not exactly done here. Renting an apartment in Japan is a complicated process filled with all sorts of historic regulations and procedures, strange acronyms, and more fees than you can possibly imagine. To help us understand this process I am joined by Adam German from Real Estate Japan,...


Tokyo Podcast 48: Ishinomkai: Then and Now

The small town of Ishinomaki was one of the hardest hit from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which traveled up to 5 miles inland the tsunami destroyed over 40% of the buildings and left the small town devastated. Eight months after the tsunami, documentary filmmaker Paul Johannessen visited Ishinomaki and interviewed a number of residents to find out about the recovery effort. What he found was a strong community who are working hard to rebuilt their lives and their town.


Tokyo Podcast 47: Wheelchair Travel In Japan

How accessible is Japan for someone traveling in a wheelchair? On this show I talk to Ashley Olson who runs the website about traveling around the world by wheelchair. She recently completed her first trip to Japan and she joins me to talk about thoughts on how accessible Japan is.


Tokyo Podcast 45: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary film by Mr. David Gelb that follows the daily life of 85 year old Jiro Ono who is widely considered to be the world's greatest sushi chef. The film is an intimate look at Jiro's philosophies on work and life and his insistence on absolute perfection when making sushi. The film also explores the secondary characters that all contribute to the restaurant, from the fish seller at the Tsukiji Market, to the restaurant staff who struggle to meet Jiro's high...


Tokyo Podcast 44: Japan Architecture Tour

Japan is a country of great contrast with architecture that is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern, east and west. Tokyo is a dynamic metropolis where you will find some of the worlds most unique and fascinating architecture. Kyoto is a city steeped in tradition with an abundance of ancient temples, shrines and gardens scattered throughout a bustling modern city. On this show I talk to architect Robert Day about his 10 day Architecture tour that he runs in Japan. We talk about the...


Tokyo Podcast 42: Irezumi: The Art of the Japanese Tattoo

The history of tattooing in Japan is through to extend as far back as the Jomon period, which is 10,000 bc and even though tattooing has been in Japan for many years and is filled with historic symbolism it still hasn't gained widespread public acceptance that tattooing has in many western countries. To walk us through the journey of tattooing in Japan I am joined by renowned tattoo artist Hori Benny who has been tattooing in Japan 8 years ago, first starting off as an apprentice and then...


Tokyo Podcast 41: Jazz in Tokyo

While New York is the place to go for jazz musicians when it comes to jazz fans it doesn't get any better than here in Tokyo. These are the words of James Catchpole, a transplanted Brooklyn native who has lived in Japan for 13 years and documents the many cool jazz joints in Tokyo on his website. Anthony joined James at the hidden Samurai jazz bar in Shinjuku to talk about jazz in Japan and why he feels that Tokyo is one of the great jazz cities in the world.


Tokyo Podcast 40: Sayulee

This week Tokyo Podcast is pleased to welcome up and coming singer songwriter Sayulee, has won numerous awards for her singing and songwriting. Last year she launched an interesting YouTube project where she would sing a new song everyday for 1 year. As of this recording she is at number 327 and she joins me today to talk about her YouTube channel, upcoming bilingual Japanese English album and the special event she has planned for the 365th day.


Tokyo Podcast 39: The Return of Sachi

On this show I'm pleased to welcome back Sachiko Takao who was a guest on Tokyo Podcast episode #20 where we discussed her epic bicycle journey from Okinawa to Hokkaido. I asked Sachi to join me today to discuss the book 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと which was written by Ruth Jarman who was also a past guest on Tokyo Podcast episode #34. Sachi talks about the insights she gained into her own culture from reading Ruth's book and the important message that she feels the book has for the people of Japan.


Tokyo Podcast 38: Leona Tokutake

On this show we take a visit to the Appalachian mountain areas of the United States with fiddler Leona Tokutake. Leona is a classically trained violinist from Tokyo who moved to America to pursue her dream of playing bluegrass music. Leona is currently touring Japan to promote her latest CD, 'A New Peace Within' and joins us to talk about her journey from the big city of Tokyo to the mountains of Tennessee.


Tokyo Podcast 37: Kendo: The Way of the Sword

This show is all about sports as we first look at a traditional Canadian sport and then later in the show a traditional Japanese sport. My first guest is Chad Goble who runs the Tokyo Street Hockey Association website. What started out as a rag tag group of hockey loving Canadians has morphed into a weekly game and international tournament. I also talk to Lance Lindely who practised kendo with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and achieved the rank of shodan. He joins me today to talk...


Tokyo Podcast 36: Suicide in Japan

One of the most disturbing records that Japan holds is that it boasts one of the highest suicide records in the world. Some estimates place the number of suicides as high as 30,000 per year and to give you an idea of just how high that is consider that that works out to 82 suicides per day! My guest today is Andrew Grimes who is a board certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist and founded the Tokyo Counseling Service in 1999. He joins me today to talk about the how the issue of...


Tokyo Podcast 35: Bobby Judo

Many foreigners come to Japan with dreams of becoming a TV or movie celebrity, believing in the outdated myth that being a caucasian foreigner in Japan is the easy ticket to fame and riches. Many of these foreigners are in for a rude awakening when they realize that their English teaching job alone isn't going to get them the spotlight they wanted. My guest today is Bobby Judo who hosts his own cooking segment on a local Japanese television network. What is particularly interesting about...


Tokyo Podcast 34: 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと

Ruth Jarman Shiraishi is a long resident of Japan and is the CEO of Jarman International which focuses on business development for nine unique partner companies, ranging from real estate to financial services to eco-friendly energy to publishing. Ruth is the first western woman to hold a Japanese real estate license and has spent the past 20 years working in and with Japanese companies. She has recently combined her knowledge of Japanese business with her love for Japan to producer her...


Tokyo Podcast 33: Forgive Don't Forget

When Japan surrendered to the United Stated in 1945, marking the end of WW2 numerous swords were taken from Japanese soldiers and given to American officers stationed in the Pacific. Paul Ufema is a documentary filmmaker who's grandfather was an officer in the US Navy and was given 3 Japanese swords, which were passed down to Paul's father and then eventually to him and his brothers. For many years the swords sat in the basement collecting dust until Paul decided to team up with fellow...