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Podcast by April Fallon






What Adoptees' Stories Can Teach Us [S5E6]

Today, on this little recap episode of ADOPTION NOW, Reshma’s story is analyzed by April and Noah Fallon. Key Links Last week’s episode featuring Reshma McClintock John DeYoung’s first appearance in Season 1 John DeYoung’s second appearance in Season 3 ---- Because of the complexity of the Reshma’s story and her take on adoption, both hosts wanted to take some time and delve a bit deeper into the topics that were discussed. In This Episode of ADOPTION NOW John DeYoung, a South Korean...


Calcutta is my Mother: Reshma McClintock’s Adoption Story [S5E5]

Today we are joined by Reshma McClintock. She’s a writer, an adoptee from India, and the focal point of the new documentary Calcutta is my Mother. Key Links Information forCalcutta is my Mother:’s website: Her Facebook: Her Instagram page: ---- She sits down with April and Noah to share some of the best, most impactful experiences she’s had with...


Out of a South Korean Orphanage: Glenn Morey's Story About Finding His Voice and Creating a Documentary [S5E4]

Glenn Morey has worked in film since 1981—as a writer, creative director, and a commercial and documentary filmmaker for many years. His documentary “Side by Side” is an Official Selection of the San Diego Asian Film Festival (organized by Pacific Arts Movement), and the Boston Asian American Film Festival, among many other awards. Key Links Glenn's personal story, as an inter-country adoptee from...


From an Empty Car Seat to a Full House: Shawn and Shannon’s Incredible Story [S5E3]

Shawn and Shannon’s story began with multiple heartbreaks, but their desire to create and grow a family persevered past the disappointments, and they are now parents to three beautiful children. After failed fertility treatments left them feeling disheartened, they were told that adoption was the best option. They decided to pursue foster care first but landed on private infant adoption. At the same time, an episode of ADOPTION NOW got them interested in embryo adoption. On this episode,...


A Miracle of Timing: Mike Marsden’s Story of Faith, Adoption, and Resilience [S5E2]

Mike Marsden is an adoptee from Nashville whose story is filled with timing, loss, gratitude, and faith. After being delivered prematurely at only 3 pounds and 2 ounces, Mike spent months in the hospital before finding his forever family. Despite a tragic loss at a young age, Mike was able to move forward and find the courage to reach out and connect with his birth mother, only to suffer yet again. Despite his trials, Mike tells his story with grace, humility, and compassion for...


Destined for Motherhood: A Story of Adoption and Surrogacy [S5E1]

As always, ADOPTION NOW focuses on the many powerful stories centered around adoption and foster care. This episode also includes a topic April Fallon is new to, the topic of surrogacy. Dr. Claire Dumke tells us the story of her two daughters, Ruby and Hazel, and how she pursued both adoption and surrogacy at the same time. As a result of this, her two daughters were born 8 months apart! Key Links Insights Colorado Assessments and Therapy: (303) 935-5307 The episode focuses on the many...


Season Five of ADOPTION NOW!

Season Five of ADOPTION NOW!


Life After Placement: Brandi Miller’s Open Adoption Story [S4E17]

Brandi Miller shares her story of becoming a birth mother at 16 years old. She talks about how she chose her adoptive parents and how she overcame shame after placement. Brandi also shares her advice on transgender in adoption. Her daughter, now called Micah, has opened that conversation up and Brandi shares how she responded.


Reggie Rivers, Former NFL Running Back [S4E16]

Reggie Rivers played six seasons as a running back for the Denver Broncos. He is now the president of his own business consulting firm and a highly successful corporate motivational speaker. On this episode he shares how he and his wife Stephanie did not want children. It wasn’t until Stephanie’s sister had a son and she began struggling with addiction that led him to consider being a father. Reggie shares how they made the decision to bring the little boy home and how he changed their lives.


The Gift of Adoption [S4E15]

Last week we were joined by an incredible birth mother, Laura, who shared her beautiful story of honesty and open communication in her adoption experience. Today we are joined by the adoptive parents, Jen and Alan, as well as my husband Noah, to get their side of the story on this seemingly perfect adoption. After finding each other through love at first sight, Jen and Alan tried to get pregnant through IVF before deciding adoption was right for them. Once Laura selected them as her adoptive...


A Birthmother's Gift [S4E14]

Sometimes a story comes along that makes you question the things you thought you knew about adoption, and today is one of those stories. Laura is a birth mother from California who feels passionately about sharing her incredibly positive adoption experience. After placing her child in an open adoption over three years ago, Laura is still beaming with joy about her adoption process and the adoptive family. She believes that not all birth mothers go through the same grief process, and she is...


Adopting 4 Children from Foster Care [S4E13]

Lori Tapparo and her husband Kenny tried for 16 years to have biological children. After she had an emergency hysterectomy, the couple decided to pursue adoption through the foster care system in Colorado. Within 1 year and 2 months, they had 4 children! Lori shares the ups and downs of their journey and what it is like to adopt bio siblings. She also talks about what she did when one of her sons was unexpectedly reunified with his birth mother. She ended up getting him back with a huge...


Adoption Tell All [S4E12]

Adrienne Elliott has worked in all aspects of the child welfare system including intake, child protection, permanency and adoption. She is now the Executive Director of Adoption Options. On this episode April Fallon sits down with Adrienne to ask YOUR questions about adoption. What do you need to start the adoption process? Should a family adopt an older child and bump birth order? How do you talk to your child about their adoption story? April shares funny stories of parenting moments she...


Birth Parents to Adoptive Parents: A Male and Female Perspective [S4E11]

Jack and Adrian are birth parents who placed their baby girl up for adoption when they were in college. They wanted a better life for her, although later they would find out it wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for. Jack shares from a birth father‘s perspective on how he moved forward after leaving the hospital without his daughter and Adrian shares what it was like as a birth mother grieving the loss of her baby. They went on to get married, have 3 more children together and then they...


Becky Fawcett with [S4E10]

Becky Fawcett is an adoptive mother of two children. As she was adopting she realized the cost was so high that she had to do something to help other families bring home their children. She started, an equality based organization that seeks to reduce the financial burden of adoption by awarding large, life-changing, problem-solving grants. Her non-profit has given over 2.6 million dollars away to adoptive families! She could help you if you’re on the adoption journey❤️


Arrow and Root [S4E9]

On this episode, our featured guest is Mallory Fogas, who started the company Arrow and Root to create modern adoption profile books. Today, you will not only hear how their adoption profile books help adoptive families, but you will hear the story of how these adorable kids became a family! Mallory has a passion and heart for all things adoption because she is half adopted and she has 5 adopted siblings with Down Syndrome. This is a story of how amazing it can be to say yes to adoption!!


Adopting a Baby from India [S4E8]

Nellya and her husband had two biological children and they were fostering a child when they decided to adopt a baby from India. In the process they found out they were pregnant and then said yes to 3 more foster children! Their house was full as they waited to bring home baby Millie. When the agency went silent on updates, Nellya found out some devastating news. On this episode we see a mother’s heart to save a child no matter the cost.


Adopted From Korea - Meg Nyberg's Story [S4E7]

Meg was adopted from Seoul, Korea at the age of 6 months to a family in Northern Minnesota. She grew up shy, introverted and misunderstood by many of her teachers and peers. Although she attached to her adoptive parents, whom she loved very much, she struggled with depression. On this episode Meg talks with April Fallon about the repressed grief she did not know she carried and her journey to find peace with her adoption story.


Cherie Burton: Birth Mother and Adoptive Mother [S4E6]

On today’s episode, Cherie Burton shares her story as a birth mother in an open adoption and an adoptive mother. She is an author, international speaker, and former Mrs. Utah. She and her husband have two biological children together and they have adopted two babies. She talks about the heartbreak and peace she experienced as she did what she felt was best for her first daughter. Cherie also opens up about the challenges she faced while going through the adoption process and what it was like...


James and Noell Blevins' Story Update [S4E5]

James and Noell adopted through the foster care system. They had two biological kids when their family decided to bring home another child...then they got 3!! On this episode, Noell comes back on the show to give us an encouraging update on how their oldest adopted son is doing after being placed in a different home to help address his attachment issue.