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ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.

ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.
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ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.




What Are Digital Badges, Why Do They Matter?

Digital badges are a new system for managing student mastery across the curriculum. Tune in to learn about digital badges, digital portfolios, and why they matter. Follow: @ASCD @richer_picture @KyleHamstra @bamradionetwork David Niguidula, the author of Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios (ASCD), has been researching and implementing digital portfolio programs in schools for the last 25 years. He is also the founder of Ideas Consulting, which has been...


Understanding the Seasons for Literacy in Grades Three to Five

Join us for a discussion on what it means to nurture students who are literacy strong. Our guest provides a strategy for engaging students and layering deeper learning across the seasons for literacy. Valerie Ellery has dedicated 30 years to the field of education in various roles as a National Board Certified Teacher, curriculum specialist, mentor, reading coach, international educational consultant, and author. Her latest book, Literacy Strong All Year Long: Powerful Lessons for Grades...


Escape from the Zero Learning Zone: Unpacking Our Barriers to Growth

Join us as we put a spotlight on some of our personal issues that too often become barriers to continual learning. Follow: @ASCD @jimknight99 @a_rebora @bamradionetwork Jim Knight is a senior partner at the Instructional Coaching Group and a senior research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. His recent books are Better Conversations: Coaching Ourselves to Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected and The Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should...


Is My School Better Because I lead It?

Our guest encourages school leaders to ask a series of challenging self-reflective questions about whether or not they are making a positive difference. In this interview, he explains how the answers to these questions provide a roadmap to better leadership and better schools. Award-winning educator Baruti Kafele is a leading keynote speaker and best-selling author. His books include Is My School Better a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It?, The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions...


Understanding How Emotions Support Student Learning

We now know that feelings are a powerful driver of student engagement. Join us as we talk about how to design learning experiences that tap into the power of emotion. Follow: @ASCD @jmaness4 @AllisonAPosey @bamradionetwork Allison Posey is a curriculum and design specialist at CAST, the Center for Applied Special Technology. She is the author of Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning That Taps into the Power of Emotion (ASCD, 2018). Host Jusmar Maness is principal of Balfour...


Teaching Empathy in a Self-Centered, Self-Absorbed Culture

Our guest says that today's students are smart and self-assured, but they are also the most self-centered, competitive, individualistic, sad and stressed on record. Her solution is teaching empathy and in this episode, she offers a nine-point model teaching empathy in our schools. Follow: @ASCD @MonicaNeagoy @KyleHamstra @bamradionetwork Michele Borba is an educational psychologist, former teacher, and international speaker to educators and parents. She is the bestselling author of 24...


Helping Students Break Through the Barriers to Loving Math

Our traditional process of teaching often kills students' interest in mathematics. Join us as we look at instructional strategies for fostering a passion and capacity for math. Follow: @ASCD @MonicaNeagoy @KyleHamstra @bamradionetwork Monica Neagoy is an international consultant, popular keynote speaker and author of Unpacking Fractions: Classroom-Tested Strategies to Build Students’ Mathematical Understanding and Five Pointers to Engage Students in Math Talk(ASCD). Her 25-year mathematics...


In Sync: How Teachers and Principals Work Together Effectively

Neither teachers nor principals can improve students' performance alone. Close cooperation is essential. Join us as we talk about the keys to synchronizing the efforts of teacher leaders and principals. Follow: @ASCD @Teachers_Lead @jusmarmaness4 @bamradionetwork Jill Harrison Berg is a leadership coach and school improvement consultant. With Berg's support as a critical friend, professional learning leader, and strategic planning partner, education leaders are able to strengthen their...


Challenging Traditional Ideas about Managing Your Time

What can be said about time management that we have not already heard? Our guest approached the topic with a different lens and challenges us to rethink how we tackle the time issues in our lives. Follow: @ASCD @runnin25 @MCUSDSupe @bamradionetwork PJ Caposey is an award-winning educator and author of six books, including Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You. He is serving in his fifth year as the superintendent of Meridian CUSD 223 in Stillman Valley, Illinois, which has...


Creating a Deeply Caring Community in School and Beyond

Hating, hoarding, and harming are tearing apart our schools and our communities. Our guest takes bullying prevention to another level with her vision for proactively creating communities of deep caring. Follow: @ASCD @mjanatovich @BarbaraColoroso @bamradionetwork Barbara Coloroso is an international best-selling author, and for the past 40 years an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving,...


Why Behavior Charts Are at Odds with Known Best Practices

The use of behavior charts can be effective for short-term compliance. However, there is substantial evidence that shaming students is counterproductive in the big scheme of educating our students. Follow: @ASCD @leeannjung @a_rebora @bamradionetwork Lee Ann Jung, PhD, is Chief Academic Officer and Co-Founder of ASCD Student Growth Center, which produces GoalWorks® progress monitoring software. She provides support internationally to schools in the areas of inclusion, standards-based...


Effective Homework Practices: Myths and Misconceptions

Homework is an ongoing source of debate and angst for many educators, students, and parents. Our guest believes that homework reform can be a catalyst for total school reform. Join us as we look at homework myths and misconceptions, and rethink the possibilities. Follow: @ASCD @realhomeworkldy @eklundteaches @bamradionetwork Cathy Vatterott is a professor of education at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. After she presented at several educational conferences, participants refer to...


Project Based Teaching: How to Create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences

Project-based learning is on the rise. Our guests collaborate with the Buck Institute to establish the gold standard to help teachers succeed with this instructional method. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 @johnibie @suzieboss@bamradionetwork John Larmer, editor in chief at the Buck Institute for Education, authored and/or edited the institute's project-based curriculum units for high school government and economics and was a contributing author of the Project Based Learning Handbook. Suzie...


Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains

Our guest walks us through the cognitive strategies students need to manage their learning and offers insights on teaching students how, when, and where to use these skills. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 @BrainSMARTU @bamradionetwork Donna Wilson is a leader of the academic team at BrainSMART and the Center for Innovative Education and Prevention, is an educational and school psychologist and former teacher. Co-author of Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains: Metacognitive Strategies,...


Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning

Join us for a fresh look at the essential factors we need to manage to improve student learning and the barriers that often get in the way. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 @bamradionetwork Dr. Mike Schmoker is a former administrator, English teacher and football coach. He has written six books and dozens of articles for educational journals, newspapers and for TIME magazine, including the book, Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning, 2nd Edition. Rachael George...


Teaching Mastery: Never Work Harder Than Your Students

Our guest is committed to helping every educator become a master teacher. In this interview, we discuss the path to mastery as defined in her recently revised book, Never work harder than your students. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 @bamradionetwork Robyn R. Jackson, PhD, author of Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching, 2nd Edition, has been an educator for more than a decade. As a National Board-certified English teacher, she increased the enrollment of...


A 10-point Success Roadmap for Literacy Instruction

In this segment, we look at multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Join us as we talk about how to use MTSS to identify which students are behind in reading, why, and effective approaches to intervention. Follow: @susanhall_EdD @ASCD @runnin26 @bamradionetwork Susan L. Hall, author of 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention: Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools, is cofounder and CEO of 95 Percent Group Inc., an educational company whose mission is to help teachers and...


Assessment: What It Can Do, What It Cannot Do, What Matters Most

What is assessment literacy? Our guest says that understanding and mastering assessment is the most cost-effective way to improve learning. He offers six principles required to achieve assessment literacy. Follow: @AdamBrownEDU @authenticplcs @ASCD @bamradionetwork W. James Popham is Emeritus Professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. He has spent most of his career as a teacher, largely at UCLA, where for nearly 30 years he taught courses in...


Unpacking the Critical Skills for Facilitating Successful PLCs

Our guest is dedicated to developing stronger PLCs. In this episode, we take an incisive look at why some PLCs lead teachers to new levels of performance and identify the key principles for greater success. Follow: @AdamJBrownEDU @ASCD @bamradionetwork Daniel R. Venables, author of Facilitating Teacher Teams and Authentic PLCs: The Human Side of Leading People, Protocols, and Practices, is founder and executive director of the Center for Authentic PLCs. His career spans over more than...


Demystifying the Math Mindset: A Guide for School Leaders

School leaders can play a pivotal role in creating a positive mindset toward math among teachers, students, and even parents. Our guests offer an insightful guide to supporting successful math instruction. Follow: @eklundteaches @marian_small @ASCD @bamradionetwork Marian Small, formerly the Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick, has written or co-authored around 100 publications for K-12 students and teachers. Douglas Duff has been a professional educator for the past 15...