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ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.

ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.
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ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.




Rethinking Teacher Safety Training: What Works, What Doesn't

Preparing teachers to respond to school violence, natural disasters, and other hazards is a growing priority. Join us as we look at new research about what works and what doesn’t. Follow on Twitter: @ASCD @ @runnin26 @bamradionetwork Dr. Amy Klinger is nationally recognized as an expert in school safety and crisis management. She delivers training and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and abroad. She has more than 28 years of experience as an educator and...


Learning in the Making: How to Create Positive, Powerful, Joyful, Learning Experiences

In this episode, we’ll explore how makerspaces are evolving into positive, powerful and engaging learning experiences and how you can plan, execute and assess makerspace lessons. Follow on Twitter: @ASCD @jackiegerstein @kylehamstra @BAMRadioNetwork Jackie Gerstein teaches graduate-level online courses for Walden, Westerns Governors, and Boise State Universities, and she teaches gifted education for Santa Fe Public Schools. Her background includes a strong focus on experiential...


Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students

There are challenging student behaviors that are unresponsive to standard classroom management strategies. In fact, in many cases, standard practices can aggravate the behaviors. Learn why and how to develop a set of strategies for these special cases. Follow us: @jessica_minahan @ASCD @a_rebora @bamradionetwork Jessica Minahan, MEd, BCBA, is a licensed and board-certified behavior analyst, special educator, doctoral student, as well as a consultant to schools internationally...


The 12 Elements of a Globally Competent Teacher: Why They Matter

The world has changed, the student body at your school is changing, and those changes are showing up in your classroom as a need for a global skillset. What do you need to be a globally competent teacher? In this episode, we explore the 12 elements. Follow on Twitter: @ASCD @atichnorwagner @HEParkhouse @drncgarrett @bamradionetwork Ariel Tichnor-Wagner is a senior fellow of global competence at ASCD. In her role, she advocates for, develops, and implements innovative frameworks, tools,...


A Message to New Teachers: Do This, Not That

Starting back to school as a new teacher can be stressful, with feelings of uncertainty and misdirection. Today’s guest shares his insight into how to rethink your school day in a more positive approach. Follow on Twitter: @ASCD @a_rebora @chasemielke @bamradionetwork Chase Mielke is a writer, speaker, and award-winning high school teacher. He holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and runs He is the author of The Burnout Cure: Learning to Love...


Using the 3 C's of Mindfulness to Increase Concentration in the Classroom

Classrooms and learning can be stressful for students and teachers. Join us for a discussion on the Strategies for promoting concentration, compassion, and calm. Students with ADHD, self-regulation issues and trauma may benefit as well. Follow: @ASCD @Dr_Armstrong @runnin26 @bamradionetwork Thomas Armstrong is an educator, psychologist, and writer. Armstrong is also an award-winning author and speaker with over 35 years of teaching experience from the primary through the doctoral level....


Success with Newcomers and English Language Learners

Join us for a discussion on the best ways to support students who are new to the country or still struggling with learning in English. Follow: @ASCD @CalderonSlakk @drncgarrett Dr. Margarita Calderon and Shawn Slakk are co-authors of "Success with Multicultural Newcomers and English Learners: Proven Practices for School Leadership Teams." She is Johns Hopkins University professor emerita and has served on national preschool to 12th grade literacy panels. She has authored, coauthored,...


50 Critical Questions for School Leaders

As we know, reflection is essential for self-awareness, growth, and effective leadership. In the episode, we discuss the critical question every school leader must be willing to ask themselves to have a positive impact on staff and students. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 Award-winning educator Baruti Kafele is a leading keynote speaker and best-selling author. His books include Is My School Better a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It?, The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for...


Seven Teacher Dispositions That Support Student Learning

Join us for a discussion on the essential qualities of a good teacher as we explore some counterintuitive findings in a new book. Follow: @ASCD @runnin26 Valerie Hill-Jackson is the Director of Educator Preparation Programs and Partnerships in the College of Education and Human Development and a Clinical Professor of Teacher Education in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University. Rachael George is the principal of Sandy Grade School in the Oregon Trail...


The Teens Are Not Alright: Pushed, Pressured, Perfectionists

Our guest sees a growing pandemic of students who are being pushed and pressured to achieve academically at the expense of the overall well being. Have we lost our way? Follow: @ASCD @realhomeworkldy Cathy Vatterott is a professor of education at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. After she presented at several educational conferences, participants began referring to her as the "homework lady." We will be discussing Cathy's article "The Teens Are Not Alright" in the May issue of...


Upgrade Your Teaching: Combining Understanding by Design and Neuroscience

Combining Understanding by Design and neuroscience opens up myriad new possibilities for improving instruction. Join us as we explore the implications of marrying the two. Follow: @ASCD @jaymctighe @judywillis @drncgarrett @bamradionetwork Co-authors Jay McTighe and Judy Willis of Upgrade Your Teaching: Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience. Jay McTighe has coauthored 14 books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design series with Grant Wiggins. He is...


Personalized Professional Development: Elevating Teacher Voice

Join us for a discussion on rethinking our professional learning conventions with an eye toward greater personalization for educators. Allison Rodman is the author of Personalized Professional Learning: A Job-Embedded Pathway for Elevating Teacher Voice. She is an assistant principal and director of professional development at Mariana Bracetti Academy, a K–12 Title I school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an executive committee member of PhillyCORE Leaders, a diverse coalition of...


Cultivating Effective Habits of Mind in Young Children

In this episode, we explore the language and behaviors that help young children cultivate the habits of mind that lead to appropriate social and intellectual development. Follow: @ASCD @benakallick @bamradionetwork Bena Kallick and Art Costa are co-authors of Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum: Practical and Creative Strategies for Teachers. They are co-directors, Institute for Habits of Mind, a private consultant providing services to school districts, state departments of...


Talking About Race in the Classroom: Does Shock and Awe Work?

In this episode, we take a candid look at the challenges of discussing race in the classroom with an eye on what works and what does not. Follow: @ASCD @kylehamstra @mattrkay @bamradionetwork Matthew Kay is a founding English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and the author of Not Light, But Fire: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom (Stenhouse, 2018). Host Anthony Rebora is the Editor in Chief of Education Leadership.


The Burnout Cure: Surviving the Ups and Downs of Teaching

Join us for practical tips and strategies to help you manage the challenging realities of teaching that often lead to burnout. Follow: @ASCD @kylehamstra @chasemielk @bamradionetwork Chase Mielke is a writer, speaker, and award-winning high school teacher. He holds a master's degree in curriculum and instruction and runs He is the author of The Burnout Cure: Learning to Love Teaching Again. His work has been featured on CNN and on these websites: We Are Teachers,...


A Real-World Guide for Your Journey to Teacher Leadership

Making the move from the classroom into teacher leadership requires a different mindset and a new set of skills. Our guests provide a practical guide for taking the leap into leadership. Follow: @ASCD @mrsmieliwocki @runin26 @read12me @joseph fatheree @bamradionetwork Katherine Bassett is an education innovator and advocate who spent 26 years in the classroom as a middle school librarian and is New Jersey's 2000 State Teacher of the Year. She is currently the CEO of Tall Poppy. Rebecca...


Rethinking Grading: What Works, What Doesn't, What's Next

Grading practices have been a point of controversy for over 100 years. Researchers have long identified the problems with our current grading systems, but we've yet to solve them. What can be done? Our guests point to a better way. Follow: @ASCD @Eklundteaches @tguskey @bamradionetwork Susan Brookhart and Tom Guskey co-authored What We Know About Grading: What Works, What Doesn't, and What's Next. Susan Brookhart is professor emerita in the School of Education at Duquesne University...


Meet the Interim Executive Director of ASCD

The new interim executive director has a strong leadership background and a clear vision for ASCD and its 100,000 plus members. Join us to understand his priorities and get a glimpse of what we can expect on the road ahead. Follow: @ASCD @a_rebora @RonnNozoe @bamradionetwork Ronn Nozoe, Interim CEO & Executive Director at ASCD; As Associate Executive Director, Ronn Nozoe led ASCD’s efforts to build and strengthen the organization and its relationships with individual educators and...


Leading High Performance School Systems

Increasingly, schools systems are spending less per child on education while producing better academic outcomes. Our guest shares insights and strategies to cultivate higher performing schools. Follow: @ASCD @runin26 @bamradionetwork Marc Tucker is the founder, President/CEO Emeritus and Distinguished Senior Fellow of the National Center on Education and the Economy. Tucker has been a leader of the standards-driven education reform movement for many years. He created New Standards, a...


Bridging the Disconnect Between Technology and Teaching

Our guest argues that we often miss the mark in implementing education technology by starting with a bang but failing to provide what teachers need to succeed. Learn what's needed to bridge the gap. Follow: @ASCD @Catlin_Tucker @bamradionetwork Catlin Tucker is a Google Certified Innovator, bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. Catlin is currently working as an education consultant and blended learning coach while pursuing her doctorate at Pepperdine...