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Child's Voice is a listening and spoken language program for children with hearing loss. All Ears at Child's Voice aims to connect parents of children with hearing loss to the professionals who serve them.

Child's Voice is a listening and spoken language program for children with hearing loss. All Ears at Child's Voice aims to connect parents of children with hearing loss to the professionals who serve them.
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Child's Voice is a listening and spoken language program for children with hearing loss. All Ears at Child's Voice aims to connect parents of children with hearing loss to the professionals who serve them.




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Dual Language Learning

Today we talk with Michael Douglas about dual language learning. We talk about how he became interested in dual language learning and the many different ways that families who are bilingual or families who speak a language other than English can approach language learning with their children who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is a wonderful episode for parents and professionals alike! - Find us @childs_voice, @TatumFritzSLP, and @JessicaBrockSLP. Email us at


Sign Language and Cochlear Implants: One Family's Story

Today we talk with Dawn about her experience raising her son, who has cochlear implants and communicates using both sign language and spoken language. She so graciously shares her experiences, things she's learned along the way, and advice for parents and professionals based on her journey. - Find us @childs_voice, @TatumFritzSLP, and @JessicaBrockSLP. Email us at Follow along with the transcripts at - [Child's Voice is a listening and spoken...


Counseling Families On Communication Mode

Today we talk with Theresa Harp of Sound Speech in Watchung, NJ, about her experience counseling families of children with hearing loss as they decide what mode or modes of communication to use with their child (from listening and spoken language to ASL to cued speech). She shares resources for families and professionals across all communication modalities and we talk about owning our bias as a first step to helping families at this important step of the journey. Find us @childs_voice,...


Supporting Children With Hearing Loss In The Mainstream

Today we talk with Dr. Uma Soman about supporting children with hearing loss in the mainstream setting. Uma was a professor of Tatum's and Jessica's at Vanderbilt and is a teacher of the deaf, the outreach coordinator for Carle Auditory Oral School, and co-founder of Listening Together whose mission is to support education and rehabilitation of children who are deaf or hard of hearing around the world through parent empowerment, professional development, and public awareness. Tune in to...


Public Education System, Parents' Rights, And IEPs

Today we talk with Andrea Marwah about the importance of knowing your rights as a parent when your child is entering the public school setting. Andrea Marwah is the president of Illinois Hands & Voices and is a Special Education Rights Specialist. She provides outreach through the Illinois School for the Deaf and is a wealth of knowledge on how best to advocate for your child in the school system. She is also a parent of a child who is deaf and uses cochlear implants. Tune in to learn about...


How Hearing Loss Has Shaped Our Lives

On our last episode of season 1, Katie and Mike Schroeder share their experiences raising two children with hearing loss. They discuss the highs and lows, from diagnosis through early intervention and into preschool. They have an inspiring perspective and a take-action approach, and we were so honored to have them on our show. Tune in and follow along on our show notes and transcripts found at! #hearinglosspodcast #childsvoicepodcast . . . We are taking a hiatus...


Theory Of Mind, The Art Of Making Friends

Today we interview Landon Lacey about Theory of Mind (aka Mind-Reading). Tune in to learn about what theory of mind is, why this is hard for kids with hearing loss, and what we can do to help! (It’s not an un-solve-able problem!) Transcripts can be found at


Self - Advocacy For Children With Hearing Loss

Today we interview Anna Tess and Lucy Espinoza about self-advocacy! Anna has bilateral cochlear implants and is a teacher of the deaf and Lucy’s son Frankie went to Child’s Voice. Self-advocacy is so important, so tune in to find out why, and what you can do to help! Show notes and transcripts at! Find us @jessicabrockslp @tatumfritzslp and @childs_voice! #hearinglosspodcast #ChildsVoicePodcast #earlyintervention #listeningandspokenlanguage #lsls...


What Is Bagless Therapy?

Today we sit down with Laura Straka and Rollen Cooper to discuss a model of early intervention therapy called bagless therapy. We look at some of the historical changes in the field of early intervention, what bagless therapy is, what the challenges and benefits are, and why we believe parents can and should be empowered in therapy sessions as much, if not more, than the kiddos! Show notes and transcripts are at and we can be found on social media @childs_voice,...


Cochlear Implants, Parent Perspective

Today we talk more about cochlear implants with mom and fellow podcaster Colleen Powell. We talk about progressive hearing loss, transitioning from hearing aids to cochlear implants, questions to ask, deciding on which brand of CI, self-advocacy, sequential cochlear implantation, and so much more. You can find Colleen Powell at, us @JessicaBrockSLP, @TatumFritzSLP, and @childs_voice. Show notes and transcripts: We hope you enjoy!


Cochlear Implants, Professional Perspective

Today we interview two Child's Voice audiologists, Dr. Dawn Violetto and Dr. Megan Wernsman, about the cochlear implant process. We discuss all of the steps, including initial diagnosis, surgery, activation, and mapping. If you have any questions about cochlear implants, here is your chance to learn all about them straight from the professionals. We hope you enjoy our conversation! Show notes and transcripts can be found at Follow us @childs_voice, @TatumFritzSLP,...


What Is It Like To Be Raised By Parents Who Are Deaf? Feat. Wendy Deters

In today's episode, we welcome Wendy Deters. Wendy is a speech-language pathologist at Child's Voice. Today she discusses her experience being raised by her parents, both of whom have hearing loss and use cochlear implants. She talks about some of the history of deaf education, her parents' experiences with cochlear implants, and the impact they have had on her life and on her career. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Wendy! We also welcome Dr. Michele Wilkins, executive director of...


Introduction Episode

Welcome to All Ears at Child's Voice! This is an introductory episode for your hosts to say hi. Episodes begin airing August 29! Stay tuned! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @childs_voice @JessicaBrockSLP @TatumFritzSLP