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Author and Pastor, Paula Whidden, created this podcast for women who struggle with regular mom stuff but also long to have their kids grow closer to Christ. She has helped children to grow in their faith in Christ for over 25 years and now she's helping moms to raise their kids using the Bible as the foundation for life.

Author and Pastor, Paula Whidden, created this podcast for women who struggle with regular mom stuff but also long to have their kids grow closer to Christ. She has helped children to grow in their faith in Christ for over 25 years and now she's helping moms to raise their kids using the Bible as the foundation for life.
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Author and Pastor, Paula Whidden, created this podcast for women who struggle with regular mom stuff but also long to have their kids grow closer to Christ. She has helped children to grow in their faith in Christ for over 25 years and now she's helping moms to raise their kids using the Bible as the foundation for life.




Ep. 36 - Self-Care Isn't Selfish

When we think of self-care, we often think of something from this list created by the University of Buffalo. On this episode of the Bible Momming podcast, let's look at each of these popular self-care topics while examining what the Bible says.


Ep. 35 - Real Moms of the Bible

From the start of Mother's Day until the present, Moms have been encouraging one another in a variety of ways. In this Bible Momming episode, Paula shares about the lives of two real Moms of the Bible and how we can find encouragement because of their lives. She also shares her book The Value of a Mom. You can get a copy for yourself by going to


Ep. 34 - The Problem of Pornography

Several years ago, I met Deanna. She had been involved in the pornography industry for years, but when I met her she was making major life changes. She was getting clean and sober. She left the industry. She came to know Jesus and He was helping her to change in extraordinary ways. Since our first meeting, she's gone to seminary and gotten married and embraced the new possibilities only God could bring and today she's talking with me about her perspective on the pornography industry. She's...


Ep. 33 - Autism and My Child with Becky White LMFT

A few years ago, we didn't know what autism was and now we hear about it all the time. If you are a mom of a child with autism or you have a friend who is, then you know how often it feels like other moms just don't get it. On this podcast, Paula talks with Licensed therapist and counseling pastor Becky White about her personal connection with autism and how other moms can find support and encouragement.


Ep. 32 - Developing a Sense of Awe In Your Kids

Over the years, I've studied, learned and sought to live with a sense of joy. It's a passion of mine. Our family even spend a year with it as our whole family theme. As a result, I learned that there are certain things we can do to develop more joy in our lives. I call them the ABC's of Joyful Living. Every now and again, I'll create a podcast to help you learn about these skills too. Today's topic is the value of having a sense of awe in our lives and how it can bring us joy. This applies...


Ep. 31 - Depression, Grace and The Gifts of a Dark Place with Melissa Maimone

Many of us find ourselves depressed, so did Melissa Maimone. She found herself overwhelmed with darkness and as she did, she learned something we all need to learn. In her new book, Radiant Midnight, Melissa shares the blessings she found in her personal midnight and in this podcast she's helping us all to learn how to find them for ourselves.


Ep. 30 -Conservative Clothing

After surveying 85 Christian Moms on the topic of modesty and conservative clothing, Paula shares the results with you. Some of them may surprise you. If you have questions or comments, or you want to be added to the survey, you can send an email to


Ep. 29 - Cerebral Palsy Possibilities

In 2018, Nike signed its first athlete with cerebral palsy. His name is Justin Gallegos. On this Bible Momming podcast, Paula talks with Tracy Gallegos, Justin's mom, about finding her purpose and passion as she helped her son grow. She shares the value of community and how falling is just a part of life. You can see videos about Justin at


Ep. 28 - Conversations with Kids

During a Q&A, after speaking at a MOPS group, Paula was asked, "Do you have any tips on having good conversations with our kids?" This episode is a result of that discussion. If you have struggled with how to talk with your kids, Paula provides some handy tips and strategies to get you having conversations throughout your child's life. If you have any questions you want to ask Paula, go to


Ep. 27 - Sharing Your Faith With Your Friends

On this episode, Paula talks with her friend Karen Lee about how to share your faith with your friends. Karen started a growing Bible study for women called God Squad. She and her husband also started some home churches with their friends. Her energy and excitement are positively contagious. Karen is also hosting a Mother and Sons retreat at Forest Home camp. If you are interested, click here for more information.


Ep. 26 - How To Talk To Your Kids About Suicide

In this episode, I'm joined by Counseling Pastor and licensed therapist Becky White. With the increase in suicides across our country, it's getting tougher to avoid the topic with our families. Let's learn together some wise ways to address this difficult topic with wisdom. For more resources, go to


Ep. 25 - Mealtime Mania

If your family is like mine, mealtimes can be challenging because there are so many taste buds with so many opinions. Let me share with you some tips I've learned over the years to bring contentment to this necessary practice and even help you bond better with your family in a way that has a lasting impact. See the show notes for links and recipes at


Ep. 24 - Missions for Families

A great way to help your kids imagine other places in the world and learn contentment in our neck of the woods is to expose them to missions. You can serve here in the United States or take your family to other countries so that they learn about the different types of lives people lead around the world. Today, I'm talking with my friend Lisa DiGiovanni about her organization the Lunch Bucket and how missions have impacted her family over the years.


Ep. 23 - Hope When All Feels Hopeless

I'm talking with Carolynn Reiser about finding hope when all feels hopeless, specifically in your marriage. Carolynn and her husband Bill have been leaders in Celebrate Recovery for years and now they have started their own ministry called The Hope Encounter. If you have been frustrated with your own marriage in the midst of also caring for your kids, you need to listen to this episode.


Ep. 22 - Forgiveness in the Family

No one can get us angry, frustrated, and at our wits end like our family. Sometimes they do it intentionally and sometimes they don't, but we feel it just the same. As Moms, we have to deal with our own issues of forgiveness while also attempting to train our little humans so that they can be forgiving people too. It isn't easy, but it also isn't impossible.


Ep. 21 - Things Adoptive Families Wish You Knew

Many of my friends have adopted children using a wide variety of methods. Often I hear their wishes for things they would love other families to understand. Today, I'm talking with Leslie Hoff, one of the founders of Foster Love L.A. about her adoption journey in the foster care system and what it can be like for other adoptive families.


Ep 20 - Combating Stress

Being a mom is just plain stressful. There is no way around that. We can simply react as we have always done or we can seek out ways to be wise. If you feel guilty about how you handle stress, you don't have to feel that way. You can have joy while raising up other humans.


Ep. 19 - Bible Journalling with Scribbling Grace

Today, I'm talking with Jenna Parde about her ministry called Scribbling Grace. She shares about fun ways to do Bible journalling with paint. She gives tips on how to help yourself and your kids to enjoy the Bible more by using some artistic expression. You can find Jenna on.... Instagram Youtube Facebook Pinterest Etsy Shop:


Ep. 18 - Embracing Weird

We often avoid appearing weird because someone might judge us, but when we genuinely follow the teachings of the Bible many people will perceive us as weird. This can be tough for kids. So, why not encourage other weird habits so that they can embrace the wonderful weirdness only God can give.


Ep. 17 - Happy New Year

Hi, I’m Paula Whidden, your mentor mom here at the Bible Momming podcast. My girls are 14 and 18 and I’ve been testing out things on them for years. Some were great and some were not. let me help you out mommas. You can learn from my mistakes. In addition to that, I’ve ministered to children and teens and their families as a youth and children’s pastor. So the things, my kids didn’t do, someone else’s kid did. I was right there with them crying and praying through it. One of the...