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Learning And Growing Together As Game Designers

Learning And Growing Together As Game Designers
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Learning And Growing Together As Game Designers




E7: Designing Wargames With Tom Russell

In this episode Robert sits down with Tom Russell of Hollandspiele to discuss designing accurate and engaging wargames. Tom has designed a number of wargames which he has published through his company Hollandspiele as well as other publishers. Tom covers the importance of historical accuracy within a game's design. He also explains why a designer should be deeply interested in the history of the game they are designing as well as the pitfalls of trying to please every gamer. Finally, Tom...


E6: Creating Better Product Sell Sheets With Dan Germain

In this episode Robert sits down with Dan Germain co-designer of Bad Doctor to discuss creating better product sell sheets. First the two cover what product sell sheets are precisely and why you would naturally use one to pitch your game designs. Next Dan goes into detail about how sell sheets are typically organized and effective ways to instantly improve them for publishers to more easily understand your intended design. Finally, Dan explains the effective use of sell sheets for game...


E5: The Value of Listening to Feedback With James Vogt

In this episode Robert sits down with James Vogt to discuss the fundamental value of listing to constructive feedback about your game designs. Often it's easy to get your felling hurt when hearing negative feedback about your game, but James explains that listening to this feedback can be tough, however in the long run it can undoubtedly help you improve your game designs.


E4: Designing Games That Tell Stories With Travis Hill

In this episode Robert and Travis Hill of Press Pot Games candidly discuss using games to tell stories. Not just any stories but ones that intentionally make us think and question ourselves. Travis eloquently explains that games can be a medium to address larger social issues in a more approachable manner. Through play we can learn more about ourselves and how we can empathize with those who are different from us. With this unique approach to game design we can undoubtedly make the world a...


E3: Organizing Our Thoughts and Ideas With Joe Brogno

In this episode Robert sits down with Joe Brogno of Blok Party to discuss tools and methods they both use to organize their design ideas and design spaces. Even though they have vastly different approaches to organization the two share some of their favorite online tools as well as a organizational methods that can be used and adapted by anyone to fit their individual needs. Finally, Joe shares his progress his design Escape Pod Scramble.


E2: Designing Casual and Party Games With Niall Crabtree

In this episode Robert sits down with Niall Crabtree of Crab Studios to discuss designing games for the casual gamer. Niall explains why it's important to streamline rules for the casual market and the need to limit the description of the key mechanic down to one hundred words or less. Niall further explains that a causal game needs to be intuitive to new gamers and should be easy to pickup and learn. Robert and Niall all also dive into the differences between playtesting a causal game with...


E1: 3 Reasons to Listen to Cardboard Addiction & Design

In this episode you’ll meet the host of the podcast, Robert. Robert’s been envolved in the gaming hobby for over ten years. He’ also dabbled in game design for a little over five years. Robert started the podcast because he wanted to the become a better game designer, in doing so he figured that others must feel the same way too. So he set out to create this podcast as a way for everyone to learn and grow as designers.