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We challenge and encourage you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be.


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We challenge and encourage you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be.




Advocating for Your Sensitive or Neurodiverse Child

Maybe you’ve received a message from your child’s teacher about his behavior at school, or you want to set your child up for a good experience as she begins a new activity. Communicating with teachers, coaches, and other adults about how to support your sensitive or neurodiverse child may feel difficult to navigate, but thankfully other parents have also walked that journey and have some practical wisdom to share. In today’s podcast, Marni Love (former public school teacher, home educator,...


How To Know If Your Child Needs a Diagnosis or Extra Support

Have you ever wondered, “What’s going on with my child? Is this ‘normal’ behavior, or is there something more going on?” If you’ve asked these questions, you may be wondering if it’s worth seeking a diagnosis for your struggling child. All children go through more challenging developmental seasons, but some children are wired differently altogether, also known as neurodiverse. These kids often benefit from the understanding and support of professionals. In today’s episode, Stacy Bellward...


Teaching Kids the Framework | Ep. 121

If you’re reading this, you probably hope to bring more connection, grace, and unconditional love into your parenting this year. And maybe you’re wondering how you can get your whole family on the same page. The Connected Families Framework can help you become the parent you want to be, and teaching the principles to your kids might be simpler than you expect. On today’s podcast, Jim and Lynne Jackson (co-founders of Connected Families) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to discuss ways...


Our Top Podcast of 2022

The Connected Families Podcast continues to encourage and equip parents all over the world. Did you know we recently exceeded 1 million listens? THANK YOU! As we head into another year of podcasting, we thought it would be fun to share our most listened-to podcast of 2022. If you have already enjoyed our top podcast, we are including links to the next four most popular podcasts of 2022. It’s time to pop in your headphones, grab a few baskets of laundry to fold or take the dog for a long...


Grandparenting Through a New Lens

Grandparents, we have something specifically for you today! (If you’re a parent, listen and then consider sharing this episode with a grandparent in your life.) You long to build more connection into your relationships with your grandchildren or to be more supportive of your adult children as they learn to parent. The Connected Families Framework can help you build connection and be the supportive grandparent you long to be. In today’s episode, two Connected Families Certified Parent...


Navigating Family Gatherings

Are you looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family but dreading unsolicited advice from well-meaning relatives? You are not alone. Changes in your daily routines, travel, lack of sleep, and large gatherings set the stage for parenting challenges. Sometimes these difficult situations may be scrutinized by other adults in your family. This may lead to comments or questions that don’t feel supportive. Navigating family gatherings can be tricky! On today’s podcast, Chad Hayenga...


3 Ways To Help When Your Child Refuses To Do Schoolwork

What can you do when your child refuses to do schoolwork? For a variety of reasons, kids sometimes (or often!) are unmotivated to do what needs to be done. You know the importance of schoolwork, so it can feel frustrating when your child digs their heels in and flat-out refuses to do it. You can bring more joy to your child’s educational experience. No matter what your schooling situation is (homeschool, private, public), here are some practical ideas to empathize, encourage, and empower...


Gospel in Parenting Part 2

Today’s podcast is part two of a series on how the gospel informs the Connected Families Framework. Part one explored the gospel in the first three layers of the Framework. Today’s conversation will unpack how the gospel is woven into the final level of the Framework: Correct: “You are RESPONSIBLE for your actions.” Stacy Bellward (podcast host) is joined by Connected Families Co-Founders Jim and Lynne Jackson for a conversation that is rich with scripture and reflection. Together, they dig...


The Brain Impact of Gratitude

with Dr. Troy Spurrill


When Parenting Is Harder Than You Thought It Would Be | Ep. 115

Before you had children you may have held idealistic visions of what family life and parenting would be like someday. For some parents, as their hopes and expectations meet the realities of daily life, they begin to feel disillusioned. Insecurities and anxiety around parenting may surface, and they may ask, “Am I enough? Am I the right parent for this child?” In today’s podcast, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) is joined by Taylor Irby (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) for a...


Pursuing Kids Who Push Away

If you’re here, your parenting goal is likely to have a connected family. But what do you do when you have a child who is pulling away from you? A child who does not seem to want connection? Feelings of disconnection from a child can be painful and challenging for a parent. Even in the most “connected” families, this can happen. You are not alone. In today’s podcast, Chad Hayenga (Connected Families Director of Education & Equipping), and Jim Jackson (Connected Families Co-Founder) have a...


How To Pray With Your Child

Prayer is a meaningful faith practice that you probably want to pass on to your kids, but teaching your kids to pray may feel overwhelming. You may feel unsure how to answer your kid’s questions about prayer or how to incorporate regular prayer times with them into your daily life. In today’s podcast, Stephanie Thurling (author and co-founder of Raising Prayerful Kids) joins Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to talk about teaching children to pray in meaningful ways. Stephanie’s experience...


Daily Sensory Rhythms to Bring Peace to Your Home

Your child is done with school (or preschool) for the day and instead of relaxing, you’re now navigating meltdown after meltdown. Why do the strategies that worked with one child fall flat with another? Do you find yourself wondering, “Will it always be this way?” In today’s podcast, Lynne Jackson (Occupational Therapist and Connected Families Co-Founder), and Amy Nyvall (seasoned mom and past coaching client) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to share ideas on how daily sensory rhythms can...


Coaching Your Kids to “Make It Right”

Do you sometimes struggle to think of an appropriate consequence for your child’s misbehavior? Or dole out punishment only to have your child refuse to accept the punishment? Sigh. Offering consistent and effective discipline can feel like an ongoing and overwhelming challenge. In today’s episode, Chad Hayenga (Connected Families Director of Education & Equipping), and Katie Wetsell (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to discuss what effective...


Why "Calm Down!" Doesn't Work

In today’s episode, Corrie and Alan Thetford (founders of Building Wise Families and Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to discuss how to help our children want to calm down when they are experiencing big emotions. The conversation explores what’s going on in us as parents when we try to make our child calm down, the role of empathy in supporting our child’s big emotions, and what’s going on beneath the surface of our child’s big outburst. In this...


Calming Yourself Before Going Into Discipline

“Why are you so mad all the time?” Do you ever hear this from your child? You probably don’t intend to look mad. You may not even be aware of your furrowed brow or irritated expression. And it’s especially hard to keep your cool in the heat of the moment when your child pushes your buttons. But what message does your expression send to your child? Sure, you could try to put on a happy face and force a polite smile, but it’s not the most effective or long-term solution. So what can you do to...


Kids and Misbehavior: Sin? Or Something Else?



The Gospel in Our Parenting

What difference does the gospel make in our lives? In our parenting? The message of God’s love communicates the unconditional truth that each of us has been made in the image of God. Our connection with Jesus brings hope and transformation to every area of our lives. The love and grace of God is the source of everything we do at Connected Families. One of the things that sets us apart is that we work to make scripture practical for parents. The Bible is our sure foundation and the first...


My Child Freaks Out Easily | Ep. 106

And what can I do to make it stop?


Navigating Compassion Fatigue

Not all families who have been formed through adoption have experienced what is discussed on this podcast. Regardless of how your family was formed, or the challenges you have in your home, there is a wide range of experiences when it comes to compassion fatigue. If you’re struggling to feel joy and hope in your relationship with your child you might be feeling compassion fatigue. Especially if, for a variety of reasons, your child needs extra care and support. You love your child so much,...