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Encouraging content to equip you to be a thoughtful and confident parent

Encouraging content to equip you to be a thoughtful and confident parent


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Encouraging content to equip you to be a thoughtful and confident parent




Parents: Feeling Burned Out? Try This. | Ep. 43

Feeling burned out at the end of the day? Does parenting (and discipline) leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged? If you are feeling "parenting burnout" there is help and hope. Perhaps you will identify with our guests today, Nate and Amanda. This couple joins us to discuss the burnout parents often face in the discipline process with their kids. What does parenting burnout look like? Like so many couples, Nate and Amanda were enthusiastic and confident before their children were...


Are You Parenting From a Place of Fear? | Ep. 42

“My kids will never grow up to be responsible!” “I am a terrible parent, and my child and I will never get along!” Are you parenting from a place of fear? Even catastrophizing a situation? Do you find yourself replaying negative thoughts in your mind about yourself and your child? You are absolutely not alone! It’s easy to let fears about our parenting and our kids grip us and cause anxiety. Toxic beliefs can affect our own hearts, and the hearts of our children. These beliefs are like a...


What to Do When Kids Are Scared of the World Around Them | Ep. 41

Are your kids scared of the world around them? How are you talking about anxiety with your kids these days? In current times coping is harder, and there seems to be more reasons to worry than usual. You may experience tension when your family gathers because everyone views what's happening in our world through different lenses, and with different opinions. Relationships with some of the most important people in your lives seem at risk. It can be hard to talk about things that concern or...


What to Do About the Things Kids Are Scared of At Home | Ep. 40

Mealtime battles, bedtime drama, homework struggles... Can you relate to these anxiety triggers in your home? Often there are deeper emotions under the surface, for both parents and children, that contribute to these conflicts. When we acknowledge and validate the emotions that drive our children’s anxiety, we can better equip them to self-regulate. Validating emotions also helps us avoid anxiety-producing power struggles. This equips us to approach these struggles in a way that empowers our...


How to Teach Your Child Not to Be Scared | Ep. 39

How do you teach your child not to be scared? Bedtime, meals, learning at home, performance anxiety, and separation anxiety can all be sources of anxiety for kids. This is especially true for kids who may be highly sensitive. Kids who struggle with anxiety are often more “on alert” than other children, and don’t always assess danger well. Kids who are anxious can also get their cues from parents. The more we try to create an environment that keeps kids out of a highly-alert state, the more...


My Child is Afraid of Everything | Ep. 38

Do you feel like your child is afraid of everything? Where does anxiety come from in our kids? This is a huge struggle parents often face, especially when tensions are high in the world around us. A survey Connected Families conducted in spring of 2020 revealed that 70% of families in the CF community have reported elevated levels of anxiety in recent months. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone! Kids’ struggles and misbehavior can increase everyone's anxiety and the tension in...


What to Say When Your Child Makes Outrageous Statements | Ep. 37

Have you ever heard an outrageous statement from your child? Outrageous statements come in all shapes and sizes and can often trigger disbelief or even outrage in parents. Perhaps that’s why they’re called outrageous statements! It’s tempting for us, as parents, to respond to these situations with immediate correction or a lecture. However, this may result in unhelpful arguments. Hard emotions are often underneath our kid’s outrageous statements. How can we respond with love, connection, and...


How to Have a Great Summer Without Pestering Your Kids | Ep. 36

Are you feeling anxious about this summer? Summer can be a fantastic opportunity to connect with your kids, but it can also present new challenges. You want to have a great summer, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. Uncertainty and disappointment add an extra level of stress, especially with the new reality of cancelled activities and plans. In this podcast we will explore how to create a sense of teamwork in your family so summer is enjoyable for everyone. We, as parents, may also have...


Are You Tired of Having to Nag Your Kids? | Ep. 35

Does it seem like all you do is nag your kids? Are you frustrated because this is the sixth time you have asked your child to take out the garbage? Nagging and arguing can become the frustrating norm in many of families. Parents have good intentions. We want our kids to grow up to be responsible, right? Our fear and anxiety that our children will not grow up to be responsible adults can cause us to become controlling. This kind of projected negativity has the potential to affect our child’s...


How to Put Screens Back in Their Place | Ep. 34

You want to be intentional about screen time with your kids, but you’ve got an uphill battle! The pandemic isn’t making it any easier either. If you’re struggling with how to be intentional about screens, especially when your kids require them more than ever, this is the podcast episode for you. Join Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, as they dive into the challenges of our kids and their screen time. They discuss how best to approach screen time from a place of...


What To Do When Kids Interrupt Important Conference Calls | Ep. 33

Working at home can be challenging! And exasperating. In this difficult season where many parents are juggling kids and working from home, our “new normal” is anything but normal. Parents are asking, "How do I stop kids interrupting conference calls?" It’s hard to know how to respond to the challenges of interrupted conference calls. But this can be a great opportunity to help kids feel both loved and successful. Applying the Connected Families Framework for parenting can equip you to...


Is Your Child Refusing to Do Schoolwork? | Ep. 32

Is your child refusing to do schoolwork? What can you do? Many parents are feeling the pressure of “crisis schooling,” and children are struggling to find motivation for their schoolwork. Though doing school at home may have initially been appealing, the novelty (for most) is wearing off. Kids have been cooped up at home. Now that spring is here, they just want to be outside! In this article (also available in video or audio download), learn practical ideas to empathize, encourage, and...


Help Your Struggling Child Grieve His Pre-Coronavirus Life | Ep. 31

Like many of us, your child might be grieving his pre-coronavirus life. This challenging time can bring strong emotions to the surface in our kids (and in us as parents). These emotions can be signs of a child's underlying grief. And difficulty in expressing that grief. Read on to learn why it’s important to allow your children to grieve, and healthy ways to help them process their grief. This article is also available as a video or audio download. Why is it important for our children to...


How to Create a Simple Sensory Diet for Restless, Homebound Kids | Ep. 30

Are you “walking on eggshells” with restless, homebound kids? Do your kids have a case of “Grumpy Child Syndrome”? Your family may need an extra dose of a healthy sensory diet. What is a sensory diet? Why is it important? And how can you incorporate it in practical ways with your kids? Read on. (This article is also available in video or audio download.) In the midst of current uncertainties, we may find ourselves encountering grumpy kids. (We may even admit to experiencing some grumpy...


What You Misunderstand About Your Misbehaving Child | Ep. 29

If you’ve got a child that seems to be misbehaving more than usual, you’re not alone. These are trying times. If your child seems to be acting out all of a sudden, you might have a Stressed, Anxious, or Discouraged (SAD) child. You can be a person of peace in the midst of chaos. You can understand your misbehaving child. The current challenges of staying at home can cause even more distress for a child who is already intense and sensitive. A struggling child can increase tension in an...


Am I a Bad Parent? | Ep. 28

You are not a bad parent. During the pandemic, start learning how to stop parenting out of guilt or anxiety. This content is also available in an audio version. When we’re in crisis, the voices built most deeply in us come out. Sometimes that can be positive. Other times it turns self-critical. Instead of blaming ourselves, we can remind our hearts that we are created in God’s image to do good works. We can be vessels of God’s grace and presence to our families during this difficult time....


“God is Always Up to Something!” | Ep. 27

NOTE: This content is available as a video, a blog post (below), or a 7-minute podcast. We trust this will serve every situation and learning style well. Here at Connected Families we realize this is a tough time for many in our community and in the world as a whole. In response to the current pandemic, we sent out a survey last week to hear, “What is it like to be you?” The response was overwhelming, with a thousand parents responding in just a little over a day. People shared a wide range...


Guiding Kids to Right Their Wrongs | Ep. 26

When your kids misbehave, and you need to discipline them, have you considered what they are learning? Are they learning to submit to angry power? Or, perhaps, are they learning how to get better at hiding their misbehavior and sin? Guiding kids to right their wrongs is no easy task. Most families have one child that demands more of our parenting energy. Is that child hearing an unspoken (or spoken!) message that he/she is a “problem child”? Listen in as Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of...


Mentoring Our Kids in Skills, Wisdom and Faith | Ep. 25

What skills would you like your kids to have when they go out into the world? Should you drop what you're doing to bring them something they forgot? How can you prepare your kids for conflicts they will certainly encounter in their relationships, family, and work environments later in life? Listen in as Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, explore what it means to have a vision for your family and give practical ideas for ways to mentor your kids in skills, wisdom, and...


Connecting With Your Kids…Especially When They Struggle | Ep. 24

You may have heard, “Move TOWARD the struggling child.” This phrase might seem counter-intuitive. Often, when our child is struggling, the last thing we want to do is connect with them. When we show love unconditionally, especially when our kids misbehave, they will then genuinely understand that our love cannot be earned. And that our love is not reserved exclusively for when they are obedient, helpful, or behaving in the way we want. Join Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected...