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My Kids Won’t Do Their Chores Without My Nagging

Have you ever wondered, "My child can’t manage to even take the garbage out. How will she ever survive in adulthood?" Or, maybe it sounds more like, "I do so much for these kids. Why can’t they do a few simple things to help out?!" Today’s episode is loaded with tools and will give you a lot to think about as Jim Jackson and Stacy Bellward talk with Connected Families parent coach Chad Hayenga and pull apart the question, “What should I do when my kids won't do their chores without my...


My Kids Fight All the Time!

It’s summer and the kids are home from school. Is the constant fighting and bickering more than you can take? This week we welcome Lynne Jackson, parent coach and co-founder of Connected Families. She brings stories and practical solutions you can apply (today!) to the sibling conflict in your home. Your big take-away from this podcast: Enter with big, sincere empathy for both kids (conflict is hard!) and then, as they begin to settle down, guide them toward their own solution. To help make...


I Feel Overwhelmed and Hopeless

Parenting is hard. It takes everything we have...and then some. What happens when we get to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed and hopeless? On this Connected Families Podcast episode, we discuss these overwhelmed feelings, pull them apart, and ask what we can do about them. Our guest today is parenting coach and Connected Families co-founder, Lynne Jackson. Lynne clearly remembers the times she felt overwhelmed and hopeless as she raised her three rambunctious kids. She will bring...


My Child Won’t Get Off Screens

SCREEN TIME!!! It’s a persistent battle in almost every home. And it is one of the questions we receive most frequently. What should you do when your child constantly asks you for screen time? And more screen time? We expand on the following three ideas in this podcast: Get yourself calm. Be clear about expectations, and what will happen if expectations aren’t met. Hold kids accountable to meet those expectations in a way that gains, not loses, kids’ respect. Your calm respectfulness gives...


My Child Won’t Calm Down

“My child won't calm down!” Have you ever said these words? Perhaps even this morning? ;-) On this Connected Families Podcast episode we discuss this relevant parenting concern and provide steps that you can take to move forward with grace and connection. Our guest today is parenting expert, and Connected Families co-founder, Lynne Jackson, OTR. Lynne brings practical tips that you can use and a deeper understanding around the brain science of meltdowns. She’ll help you explore the...


Connected Families Podcast

Welcome to the Connected Families Podcast! We are committed to bringing you content that will challenge, encourage, and equip you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be. Beginning June 19th, the Connected Families podcast will be coming your way! Season 1 explores the question, "What should I do when.....?" . Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Or share your name and email address below to ensure that each and every episode lands in your inbox. Season 1...